Michael Horn's Rebuttal and Challenge to the Skeptics

This is a reference page for Michael Horn's rebuttal of *Michael Shermer's claims on Coast to Coast AM, Monday, December 7, 2009, as well as to document James Randi's retraction of his own claim that the Meier case was a hoax, and the retraction of Derek Bartholomaus of IIG that Meier used model UFOs and model trees, as he originally claimed in the Special Features section of The Silent Revolution of Truth.

This entire matter dates back to 2001, when I first challenged CFI-West (now CFI-West/IIG) to duplicate just one of Meier's UFO photos and one of his films, a challenge that was accepted by their lead case investigator at the time, Vaughn Rees, as documented here. (Note the mention of Rees' claiming that the two flashing lights in the Hasenbol video were accomplished by scratching the film with a pin, as mentioned in this recent article.)

You'll see from that article that Michael Shermer, who is associated with CFI-West/IIG, was originally among those who had called the Meier case a hoax.

You'll find the following original claim by Randi that the case is a hoax here:

"No one is 'stumped' by the case. A child can see through the **farce, though some adults have a problem with that."

For some unknown reason, Randi's original email seems to have...disappeared from the IIG site. Fortunately, it was preserved in the article that I originally posted in 2003. Of course, these are the same guys who falsified my email.

You'll find Randi's original published retraction here:

"Now, Michael has divined that I called the Meier case a 'hoax'. His powers of perception are REMARKABLE; he finds things where they don't exist! Wonderful!"

Now, if for any reason Randi, and Bartholomaus still want to claim that the Meier case is a hoax - meaning that he used (remote-controlled, battery-powered, lights and circuitry-equipped) model UFOs and model/miniature trees - then now is the time to conclusively prove it, or to issue a public apology to Meier for their false, unsubstantiated and defamatory claims.

Oh, and since both Randi and Bartholomaus have indeed retracted their claims of a hoax, it would mean that Meier's "paranormal" evidence is actually real and authentic. And do I recall correctly that both Randi and CFI-West/IIG had some, er, checks that they were waiting to send to anyone who proved such claims? We won't hold our breath on that one.

Perhaps once we have finally disposed of the poseurs, the disinformation and denial specialists there still may be a chance that humanity will wake up in time and focus on the very critical information designed to assist us to assure our future survival, especially now that the long warned of environmental catastrophes - some of which are unfortunately no longer stoppable - are looming on the horizon.

P.S. Anyone who hears this show, at any time - or who has read this far! - and orders The Silent Revolution of Truth, will recevie a FREE ($25) CD with hundreds of pages of excerpts of transcripts published by Meier...all you have to do is to put the word FREE in your order.

*Actually, my main disagreement is with most of the skeptics OTHER than Michael Shermer. While I disagree with his position that no extraterrestrials have actually come to earth, I must say something that may be quite unexpected, i.e. that overall, after listening to his interview with George Noory, I agree with most of what he has to say on the various, so-called paranormal issues, including religion, that he discussed. Let me go further, my perception of him is that he is a highly intelligent, open-minded, decent and principled person who has a non-domgmatic approach, as well as a good sense of humor. I deeply respect and admire his open sense of awe and wonder about life and the universe. I truly wish that the other skeptics, who bring their prejudices and close-mindedness to the study of UFOs, would take a clue from him. I do hope that Michael Shermer and I will one day sit down and explore the evidence in the Meier case, which may advance understanding of the entire matter, for the benefit of all humankind.

**NOTE: Farce is a synonym for hoax, sham, etc.


Michael Horn

December 7, 2009