Michael Horn, Billy Meier’s
Authorised American Media Representative

Michael Horn is the Authorised American Media Representative for Billy Meier, Meier of course is the Swiss man who claims ongoing contact with Extraterrestrial Humans for over the last 60 years. I have been researching the case for the last 5 years and I recently asked Michael if he would participate in an exclusive interview. Michael has kindly agreed to grant me the interview and it can be read in its full and unedited version below.

AW- I would like to start by asking how things are with yourself and Billy at the moment, are you both well?

MH – Yes, we are both well and fine, thank you for asking.

AW- I know you are currently working on a new film with one of your daughters, which is not UFO related, would you like to say a few words about that?

MH – Our new, already award-winning film, Breaking the Silence, is now available. It documents the lives of five very amazing, courageous, young women who have overcome tremendous challenges and abusive situations in their still young lives. Under very harsh circumstances, they all chose to be victors, not victims, and their stories are very inspiring. I also wrote the song for this film.

AW- Has Michael Horn ever witnessed a UFO? Have you ever witnessed any of the Plejeran crafts and met any of the Extraterrestrial Humans?

MH – Yes, I’ve seen UFOs several times, in Arizona and in California, though I don’t consider it very important because they were most likely secret military craft. I haven’t seen any Plejaren craft, to the best of my knowledge, and even if they were, there’s nothing particularly useful that I can do with that information or experience. And neither have I met any extraterrestrial humans.

AW- I hear rumours that Billy is in bad health at present, and that he now lives as a recluse and a hermit, I also heard that he is broke and penniless and just wants to be left alone, any truth in that Michael?

MH – Billy has had more than his share of health and other difficulties and, fortunately, he has an enormous capacity for recuperation and recovery. He lives as private a life as he can simply because he has very important work to do, which includes writing, family duties, work on and around the property, assisting with the charitable work and, of course, his meetings with the Plejaren and transcribing his contact conversations with them.

As for his being broke and penniless, Billy lives in a cooperative environment, a small community whose focus is not on accumulating wealth but in disseminating the truth, as they know it. Since they do their best to live in accordance with the laws and recommendations of Creation, and in harmony with nature, they experience self-sufficiency and modest comfort, considering the demands of living in a rather high maintenance, rural environment. So, while personal wealth is not Billy’s focus and, demonstrably, never has been, he lives a life of natural abundance, such as I would wish for everyone.

AW- I see that there has not been any new photographic evidence put forward by Billy in over 25 years, can we ever expect any new photographic material or have we had our lot?

MH – Well, in addition to his stunning photographic, film, video and other evidence, there have been at least five other photographers, including a rather unexpected contribution, a few years ago, from a local sceptic. But no, there is no more photographic evidence to be expected, as this has served its purpose, which was largely to provoke the worldwide controversy about UFOs and to, eventually, lead to the end of the cover-up, by various governments, of the truth about extraterrestrial UFOs and their occupants.

AW- What do you say to those individuals who claim that Meier was financed and paid by the CIA and FBI to perpetrate a hoax to spread disinformation and confusion within the UFO community?

MH – Quite simply, it’s illogical, as well as completely unsubstantiated. After all, what other substantial, documented, still ongoing (more than 67 years!) UFO contact case is there for the so-called “UFO community” to concern itself with? I don’t know of a single one myself. It certainly would have been more in the interest of these intelligence agencies, etc. to try to suppress the information about the reality of the Meier case than to disseminate it – which is exactly what happened. The Meier case is indeed, in addition to being the most important story in human history, the most suppressed one as well. But, intelligence agencies, being in the business that they are, were probably the ones who started this rumour and others, knowing that gullible, ignorant people would pick it up and perpetuate it because they’re too lazy and stupid to think their way through the entire matter logically.

AW- How do you explain the controversial photography, such as the photos of dinosaurs, time travel, Dean Martin dancers, etc. I read that Billy accused the men in black of planting all this stuff to discredit him?

MH – First, logic dictates that if the people who were intent on assassinating Billy (there have been 21 documented attempts to date) couldn’t accomplish it, they certainly wouldn’t shy away from trying to assassinate his character. Since either the intelligence agencies, or the presumed men in black, would have the capability to gain access to Billy’s photos and films, because they were always processed through regular, commercial channels and never by Billy himself, such machinations are well within the realm of possibility.

But what the sceptics don’t know is that the Plejaren were well aware that Billy would face the controversy about the Asket and Nera/Dean Martin dancers photos, years before it occurred, as is well documented in this article. And it just so happens that the conversation between Billy and Ptaah included in that article is in one of the Message from the Pleiades books, volume two I think, that we carry and which bears a publication years before the controversy erupted. This is consistent with one of the remarkable things about the Meier case, i.e. that it is ironclad and non self-contradictory.

AW- Could you say a few words about Meier’s ex wife, Poppi Meier who gave an interview to Kal Korff and said that Billy used bin lids to create photographic evidence and that the whole thing is just a hoax?

MH – While I don’t know her, I can say that not only was she among some 17 people who took – and completely passed with 100% truthfulness – lie detector tests regarding the truthfulness of the contacts, she is also in a video recording attesting to the same things…and to Billy’s truthfulness. Further, their own children corroborate not only the facts about the UFOs, and their own sightings, but about Poppi’s trying to drive a wedge between the children and Billy and falsifying information about him. Billy’s son Atlantis addresses this himself in The Silent Revolution of Truth.

It has to be remembered that all of the people involved, Billy, Poppi, the Plejaren, etc. are just that, i.e. only human beings, and therefore subject to various human emotions, problems, jealousies, etc. And where can one most expect to find such unpleasantness if not in a marriage that has come to an end, for whatever reasons?

AW- I see that you met Jeremy Vaeni in New York recently, what was that like and what did you think of his film/mocumentary about Billy Meier?

MH – Well, initially it was uncomfortable, as he is someone who has gone around spreading a lot of nasty, untrue things about Billy, as well as some not too kind words about me. But during our meeting, which included going out to lunch with a number of people, I decided to see him just as the person he is, as a human being like me who is trying to do the best he can with all of his interests, emotions, problems, hopes and fears, etc.  And while there are still things that I think he is quite wrong and foolish about, I actually enjoyed him more and more as our time together progressed. I don’t know that he had the same experience or feelings about me but it didn’t stop me from seeing, and focusing on, the human commonality between us.

AW- Recently you invited me to be your V.I.P guest at several film festivals around the world, sadly I couldn’t attend due to a death in the family. However, you recently extended that invitation and invited me to spend some time in Los Angeles, and in Switzerland with you and Billy. I hope this will happen one day and would you and Billy be comfortable in giving me an exclusive interview on film?

MH – I was glad to invite you to the film screenings, should you have been available, and indeed I’ll be glad to meet if you ever should come to Los Angeles. I do need to clarify that I’m not in the position to invite anyone to meet and/or spend time with Billy. He doesn’t meet with many people, due not only to his aforementioned work obligations but also due to the fact that he doesn’t consider himself to be any kind of guru, master, etc. And, if one thinks about it, one can learn more by devoting many hours of their time to reading the already available translations of his writings than would be the case in a brief meeting, if such should ever occur.

I would be glad to give you a film interview under mutually acceptable conditions and circumstances. I don’t know that we could call it exclusive simply because I have been interviewed before and perhaps will be again, even subsequent to an in-person, filmed interview with you.

AW- What are yours and Billy’s honest opinions with regards to my photographic research into the Billy Meier UFO case?

MH – If you are referring to the various photos and/or videos that you made, I can’t speak for Billy about your attempts simply because I don’t think that he’s necessarily looked at them. And, it should go without saying, that since Billy knows that all of his evidence was genuine and didn’t involve any fakery, models, special effects, etc., I don’t think you could look forward to rave reviews since the comparison is not really possible. As you know, I have given you credit for stepping up and trying to duplicate Billy’s evidence, especially since the top international professional sceptics have failed beyond the point of humiliation and incompetence to substantiate their claims of hoax with anything even remotely comparable to yours (see: The Latest Evidence).

Having said that, not only did I give you credit for trying, and for your honest admissions but both James Deardorff and I made specific comments as to why your own efforts reveal the use of small models close to the camera, as is always the case when someone attempts to duplicate Billy’s evidence using models. As a matter of fact, there’s a free document on my site that gives more information about the actual, scientific analysis of Billy’s photos many years ago that explains how and why large objects a good distance from the camera can be easily distinguished from small objects close to it. For instance, things like atmospheric hazing don’t occur with small models close to the camera, as it does with larger objects farther away from the camera. And, using the same kind of camera that Meier did and no special effects, one simply can’t make capture, or create, the same effect with the small models.

Also, Deardorff’s most recent research and conclusions about the authenticity of Billy’s photos is not only compelling but should end any remnant of the debate, as it would be impossible for anyone with small models to not only take such photos but to take a complete, uninterrupted series of over 30 such photos, as Meier did. The challenges of making the UFO appear appropriately larger and smaller, with the atmospheric hazing, and other necessarily appropriate factors, is demonstrably impossible to hoax using the same equipment as Meier did, and under the same conditions.

AW- It must be difficult being Michael Horn, what with people on your case all the time. What does Michael Horn do to balance that and switch of and relax?

MH – Actually, since I can’t recall being anyone else, at least in this lifetime, I don’t have much to compare it to. Of course, if any of us look back on, let’s say, photos from our own childhood, and times subsequent to that, and remember things pertaining to who we were at the various times, we can see that we’re not now exactly even the same person we once were, hopefully for the better in many ways.

Actually, I find doing my work very relaxing, as well as highly enjoyable and thought provoking. I even enjoy the debating and fighting with the sceptics, probably because the Meier material and all its evidence, information, etc., makes it easy to refute their challenges, pale as they are anyway. I very much enjoy being in nature, places like Kauai and Switzerland are my favourites, and I also like various forms of physical arts, meditation, playing and/or listening to music, etc.; watching children and animals provides some of the best free entertainment that I know of!

AW- Could you please explain why a lot of Billy’s UFO photos seem to show what appears to be the same tree, time and time again, yet Billy claims that the photos were taken years apart. This leaves you and Billy wide open to accusations of using a miniature tree, what do you have to say about that Michael?

MH – I’m enormously grateful that you asked this question. This is the claim that got our friend Derek Bartholomaus, and IIG, trapped in a delightful, self-created mess from which he/they have never recovered . Bartholomaus boldly immortalized his perceptual blunders, and his inability to think logically, by making those claims of “same model tree next to a model UFO” in the Special Features section of our documentary, The Silent Revolution of Truth. His illogical, erroneous statements were propelled by his amazing arrogance, incompetence and ineptitude. Anyone who watches the film, and who looks at the photos that he uses to attempt to support his argument, is struck by the actual, clear, obvious dissimilarities in the trees, making it absolutely impossible that they were the same ones.

As for the trees being models, miniatures, etc., you should know that the inevitable, obviously embarrassing retraction by Bartholomaus of his absolutely silly claims was forced also by his being completely unable to provide so much as a single photograph of any such model trees – let alone of one with a “model UFO” next to it. And, as Deardorff’s most recent analysis shows (see Fig 1), there were five, barren branched trees visible in that photo, and others in that series. Of course, neither Bartholomaus nor any of these other “genius” sceptics have been able to show photos of such barren branched model or miniature trees. It’s so easy to see how faulty these claims are…that even Bartholomaus himself had to retract them.

I should add that I waited until Bartholomaus had signed off and gave us permission to use his segment in the film before I lowered the boom on him. And, just so everyone understands, Bartholomaus wasn’t pressured into making his foolish blunders; his was the only interview that was scripted, by he himself, with several years time over which to prepare for it. I first challenged the sceptics in 2001, so the only other possible reason for his /their absolute failure to duplicate, and/or debunk, Meier’s evidence, in addition to their abysmal blundering, is that it wouldn’t be possible anyway simply because Meier’s evidence is genuine.

AW- Why not just get Billy to put some new photos and films forward, surely this would re-ignite interest in the Meier case, and obviously this is what people want, or is it true, that you and Billy just cant really be bothered anymore, you’ve sort of had your 5 minutes of fame and that’s enough?

MH – There’s really no need for more proof. The best proof in the case is right in front of people’s eyes, ears and noses, if they possess the desire to perceive it and the requisite thinking and reasoning abilities to understand and utilize it, i.e. the abundance of specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information, now spanning over 58 years. The problem clearly is that many people are also too arrogant, lazy and/or stupid to do the necessary homework; too many people prefer entertainment and other distractions to the pursuit of real purpose, in their all too short human lives.

And fame is not something of any importance to Billy or me. We’re not exactly teenagers looking to become rock stars.

AW- You must sit and wonder Michael, just like the rest of us, if the whole thing is just a hoax, and how would you feel if Billy came out tomorrow and told the world that it was all a hoax?

MH – No, that is neither a question nor a consideration for me. I know, with absolute certainty, that the case and its evidence is real and that Billy is a truthful, honourable human being. I don’t know, nor do I say, that everything in the case is true, simply because I don’t know all of the information in the case, nor do I have a way of knowing the accuracy about things that pertain to the still inaccessible far distant past, or the future.

Most of the 25,000+ pages of information are still in German and, regrettably, my German is not yet good enough to read and fully understand it all. But I have not found anything, available in English, actually authored by Billy to be a hoax , deceitful, etc. And of course this goes for the physical evidence as well, as we’ve discussed. But I answer that hypothetical question in our film by saying, “I’d just want to know…how did he do it?”

AW- I have to mention my challenge I sent you 5 years ago Michael, can I ever expect to receive an Extraterrestrial sample for independent scientific analysis, I mean this would silence the whole planet if it came back from the lab with an official tag on it saying ”Extraterrestrial in origin”?

MH – As I indicated above, there will be no more physical evidence presented. What’s overlooked by those who want more of it now is that even if scientists came to the same conclusion as Marcel Vogel did one would be hard pressed to find a respected scientist who would be also willing to state that, therefore, the metal was manufactured by extraterrestrials. They are well aware of the dangers to their reputations – and their funding – should they venture into quaint discussions about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc.

Again, we now need to look in the area where we can gain the greatest benefit from the Meier contacts, i.e. in information that has been generously, lovingly provided to us with the intention of helping us to assure our own future survival…should that still be on any concern to us here.

Of course, a short clip of the beamship sound recordings is still freely available for downloading and a much longer version can be also obtained. Anyone is free to try to duplicate those sounds, even using today’s synthesizers. Of course, when Billy recorded those sounds, on four different occasions, in front of up to 15 witnesses (including an undercover policeman), there were no synthesizers available to him. Nor was there any way to explain how people came, from miles away, simply because the sounds were so loud and captured their attention and curiosity. Naturally, no speakers of any kind, let alone the huge ones that large rock bands use that would have been necessary to create such volume, were available to Billy…and certainly none were to be found in the vast, open meadows where the booming sounds, coming down from high above, were being heard and recorded.

AW- I see Billy claims that he was the target of over 20 documented assassination attempts on his life, and I see he claims that his children were subject to threats of kidnapping back in the 1970’s, has Billy had any recent attacks?

MH – Off hand, I don’t know the actual date of the last attempt.

AW- At the height of his fame, Meier ran a successful cult, what’s happened to all that now Michael, and does Billy still get people visiting him at his Swiss farm?

MH – This is, unfortunately, also absolutely erroneous. In addition to researching this from available information, I have gotten to know, and personally visited with, Meier and many of his associates in Switzerland some 10 times in the last 9 years; I hope to make my next trip in May of this year. I am a little familiar with cults, having known people in them and having even been part of a group, for a very short time, that later became a cult.

Cults have certain very specific rules and restrictions that inhibit the freedom – and the freethinking – of and among their members. They put the authority for the members’ thoughts, feelings and actions outside of the individual, usually on a charismatic leader. (On this one point alone, Billy doesn’t qualify!) Cults also tend to want to separate people from “non-believers”, often, but not always, in subtle ways. They also often require the turning over of personal wealth, property, etc to the cult.

Cults usually actively recruit people too and it’s certain to say that no one has knocked on your, or anyone else’s, door to recruit you, nor has anyone said that if you don’t “believe” in Billy, his evidence, or what he has written that you are “damned”, a “sinner”, etc. There are many other methods, conditions and restrictions that cults have, none of which are in evidence with FIGU, the small group dedicated to the dissemination of Billy’s writings and the spiritual teaching.

For people who point out that FIGU members give money to their organization, it must be pointed out that they are the ones who created the basic rules by which they operate…and Billy, because he is only one person, has only one vote in that organization. It is not under his control, he doesn’t rule over it like a guru, etc. As a matter of fact, since we have described some of the characteristics of a cult, it should be easy to recognize the most high profile ones, i.e. the various religions and churches that abound in our world.

As for the second part, as mentioned before, Billy visits with few people, though people from all over the world are welcome to, and do, visit the FIGU centre, preferably by making an appointment to do so, in order for FIGU members to meet and greet them and answer questions, show them the photo albums, etc.

AW- Could you talk about the model UFO’S that were found in a barn on Billy’s farm?

MH – Again, a non-issue that was put to rest long ago…though many people are still not aware of it, apparently. One or two people gave Billy some models and he also tried to make and photograph a model to see if he himself could duplicate the quality of the photos and films of the actual Plejaren beamships. To further support the truthfulness of what I’m saying, it must be pointed out that the original investigative team, comprised of Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, Lee elders and Brit Elders, had two models made in the special effects department of MGM film studios in Hollywood, which they then took and photographed in Switzerland. They submitted their photos of the models for computer analysis and comparison with Billy’s real UFO photos and the difference, and inferior quality of the models, was easily seen…every time.

In The Silent Revolution of Truth, we show a couple of photos of Billy holding those very same models, and a recent film of one of them being carried around outdoors, so that people can easily compare them with the UFOs in Billy’s evidence and judge for themselves.

AW- What do you say to those individuals Michael who say that if you guess at enough predictions, eventually one or two are bound to come true and that’s all that Billy is doing, sort of hedging his bets and playing with the law of averages?

MH – Well, I have a few things to say. First, the fact is that no one on earth, in all of recorded history, actually has produced anything even remotely close to Billy’s stunning record of unparalleled prophetic accuracy. Since he hasn’t made any erroneous predictions that we are aware of, there’s no relevance to the idea of hedging one’s bets; how do you hedge bets when you accurately foretell specific events, locations, etc. years, even decades, in advance of “official” discovery or occurrence?

And, of course, these sceptics can’t give any examples of Billy’s failures. It’s safe to also say that they haven’t even read all of the available prophetic information. While there’s simply too much to quote here, perhaps these three sentences below, relevant to events of concern that are occurring at the time I am answering these questions, will provide sufficient reason for everyone to research his warnings:

29. Famines will increase, while old illnesses, believed to be eradicated, will return.

45. So new epidemics will appear, and indeed already in the coming eighties, that will demand millions of human lives, and indeed epidemics which will be transferred from animals to people, as in the more distant future times where also epidemics will be brought to Earth from outer space.

46. However, all that, concerning epidemics of animals going out and spreading among people, will be disputed by the responsible ones and they will slander as liars those who are informed about the real truth.

Please also note that the above sentences are to be found in a document that Meier wrote in…1951 (when he was only 14 years-old). And also note that this doesn’t pertain to just one animal-human related illness but rather to some that may also be yet to come. And of course to Mad Cow Disease, which was identified well after Meier wrote his letter.

For those who want even more specific information, there’s tons of it. As far back as 1958, Meier specifically predicted the two U.S. wars with Iraq, global warming, AIDS, cell phones, the Internet and literally dozens of other events and discoveries, some, unfortunately, yet to come.

And he clearly spelled out the existence and extent of the immoral, degenerate, U.S. secret torture policies and programs as far back as 2005, which are only recently coming to light.

So, as was the case with the six other genuine prophets before him, Meier fulfills his unique role, as the seventh and final prophet for earth humanity. And this time, his information and spiritual teaching will not be falsified and turned into yet another mind-enslaving, corrupt, illogical religion, thanks to the ability, during this electronic age, to publish and preserve the teaching in their true, unadulterated form. 

AW- What can we expect from Michael Horn and Billy Meier in the very near future, anything new for us all to get our teeth into, or are you and Billy happy to just plod on, promoting the case as it is, rumour has it that you and Billy are fed up with the whole thing because it just isn’t paying financially, any truth in that Michael?

MH – I think that you can expect us to remain focused on our individual and collective missions.

And since neither we, nor anyone I know of who is associated with this work is in it for the money, there’s absolutely no concern with financial reward. I do my work voluntarily, i.e. for free, meaning that Billy, FIGU, etc. do not pay me for any of my writing, research, film production, radio and media interviews, etc. The only money I make is when someone chooses to buy a product that I sell on my website, or perhaps pay me a speaking fee. And my website, and the ones linked from them, provide volumes of completely free information, sufficient for anyone to not only become well informed but to determine if they even want to pursue further research, etc.

I also just trust that if I just focus on doing what I’m passionately committed to, then the money necessary to transact the business of daily life will come my way.

AW- Is Michael Horn in a happy place at the moment, any regrets about getting involved with Meier, and if so what would you change if you could?

MH – Long ago, I learned to be happy and joyful…for no special reason. I think that this came out of my contemplating just being alive, the miracle of existence itself and all of the wondrous possibilities of life. And of course being consciously aware of the many people and possibilities in my life help me to perpetuate my happiness, and gratitude.

Obviously, we all have things that challenge us, get us down from time to time, etc. so I’m not talking about trying to pretend that one is happy when there is suffering. But I’ve learned a lesson, the same one from observing Billy and also some Russian marital arts teachers, i.e. don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. When I have the “opportunity” to be reminded of the wisdom of this advice and perspective, it also helps to quickly return me to a state of happiness.

AW- I cant understand how fools like Ray Santilli can get a blockbuster movie made about their hoaxing exploits, yet someone like yourself and Billy Meier can’t get a blockbuster movie made about the Meier case, which is far more interesting than the silly alien autopsy hoax, what do you say about that Michael?

MH – The fact is that Billy was offered three different movie deals, back in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Offers were as high as $1 million (which was a lot of money at the time!) and included the use of the special effects departments at the studios. However, since Meier didn’t need any special effects to make his films, and since the offers allowed the studios to change his true story and insert whatever things they wanted, including false stories about romantic relationships with his female contact people, he didn’t accept any of the offers.

And there have been a number of other people interested in making a commercial film since those times. Certainly, if Billy were really interested in just making money, as uninformed people have claimed, he would have accepted such an offer by now. But the real facts about his experiences, and the truthful, accurate presentation of the information are the only things that matter to him in this regard.

AW- Why not just get the Plejerans to put on an alien air show in front of tens of thousands of witnesses in broad daylight, witnessed and filmed by dozens of news crews so we can all see the UFO’S for ourselves, it all seems a bit cloak and dagger Michael, could you comment on that please?

MH – The need for more physical evidence is long over. At this point, it would simply be a major distraction for humanity, especially in light of the ever-increasing numbers of severe problems we are facing, economic, environmental, etc.

Let’s keep in mind that if there really are extraterrestrial human beings contacting someone on earth, there has to be a…reason for it. And the reason has to be something far more substantial and meaningful to all of humanity than dazzling us with light shows in the sky. Now that the Plejaren have gotten at least some people’s attention with their contacts over the last 67+ years, the focus has to be on the reason, i.e. the message and information contained in the Meier material.

The most immediate message, which has been conveyed for six decades now in the prophetic information, is related to helping us to assure our own future survival, as we face the growing threats, largely created by human actions, ignorance, overpopulation, greed, etc. The Plejaren also long ago expressed a simple wish list of their hopes for earth humanity And while some people were quite cynical when these first were published, the pure, practical and very positive suggestions also have a certain hopeful innocence that may reflect the awareness gained by the Plejaren in their own, very long struggles to bring themselves into balance with the true Creational laws, guidelines and recommendations, as they apply to all of the countless millions of human races throughout the cosmos, about which we really know absolutely nothing.

When one compares the real, pressing needs of humanity with the desire for even more “proof’ that other human beings exist in space, the priority is clearly not on providing what would now only be more distractions…as well as possibly lead to even more confusion, fear, psychosis, suicides, attacks, new god worship, etc.

As Meier long ago foretold we are already lost in our self-created distractions and illusions (see number 127), which only compounds the problems that necessitate using clear, realistic thinking to solve. With so many so-called “UFO groups”, channels and other deluded people occupying themselves with utter nonsense, the focus should be on the work at hand, as well as the practical advice and information already provided to us by the Plejaren through Meier. 

AW- One last very important question people put to me all the time Michael is, the photo evidence can be replicated, there’s so much that just doesn’t add up, there’s no hard scientific proof, so why should anyone believe in Billy Meier’s claims, surely you might as well just believe in the tooth fairy and the easter bunny, what do you say about that Michael?

MH – Contrary to that statement, the record is now clear that the photo, film, video, metal and even the UFO sound evidence remains irreproducible, especially with the same technology that was available to Meier at the time.

The substantiation for my statement is unequivocally provided by none other than the failed sceptics themselves, especially Derek Bartholomaus and his cohorts at CFI-West/IIG, as well as by Jeff Ritzmann and David Biedney, two other formerly very vocal critics of the Meier case and its evidence, until their failures to be able substantiate their claims, let alone duplicate even one of his photos (which should have been easy for these “experts”) became known. I should also add that, in addition to Barhtolomaus, the world famous debunker, James Randi, also had to retract his claims that Meier hoaxed his evidence.

And just to put the icing on the cake, let’s remember that Volker Engel and Mark Weigert, the two owners of Uncharted Territory, the Academy Award-winning special effects company (“Independence Day”) said the following, on January 30, 2008 – in response to Bartholomaus’ own request that they criticize Meier’s evidence as a hoax:

"But, to reflect on the statement that's in the film, I also remember seeing a shot on the Super8 reel that showed a UFO circling around a fairly tall tree. According to that shot, we said that we can't conclusively say whether it's real or not, but it seemed impossible to stage that kind of a shot with a miniature (it would have to be hanging on a very tall crane, with wires - but even then the movements would be hard to achieve.) So, yes, in regards to that shot, we mentioned that we could definitely do it today with CG, but at the time these were supposedly shot - it would have been very hard, probably even impossible, to fake this kind of shot." 

Further, there’s an abundance of scientific proof, contained in the thousands of pages of information Meier has published. It certainly has been good enough for a number of very high-level scientists and experts to give their educated opinions in support of Meier.

All of this shows that there’s absolutely no need for anyone to believe anything. We are leaving behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Knowledge and you will find that the Meier case, and all of the material in it, does not rely at all on any beliefs, only on self-responsible research, analysis and thinking for oneself.

AW- I would like to give Michael Horn the opportunity to end the interview with a word or two from him, so feel free Michael to say what you want.

MH – I would conclude by now drawing attention to what is ultimately the most important part of the Meier material, the consciousness related information, the teaching of truth, the teaching of life and the teaching of the spirit. Essential to understanding the teaching is the recognition of what I just mentioned, i.e. the need for complete and total self-responsibility, certainly as it pertains to every thought, feeling and action that each one of us has and takes.

It is only by learning how to live in a truly responsibly manner that we can take control of our individual lives and our collective, communal lives as well, at every level of society and existence. Additionally, by understanding that the laws of cause and effect govern all life forms and processes in the universe, by understanding that there are always consequences, either positive or negative, that will occur as a result of everything we do, on the subtle and grosser levels, will we begin to take back our power from the false leaders of religions, cults, politics, governments, corporations, etc.

And in order to proceed along the correct path, we have to learn how to…think. It is recommended that we learn how to think in a neutral-positive manner. This means that we must learn to see things exactly as they are, in all cases, without ignoring or denying unpleasant thoughts, feelings and things, or trying to apply “positive thinking” over them. Only when we recognize and acknowledge things exactly as they are, in neutrality, can we then choose preferred, positive thoughts, feelings and actions. This is a 24-hour per day process, should we be interested in pursuing it.

Of course, we’re not concerned with unrealistic levels of perfection here. If we proceed in a moment-by-moment manner, we will gradually improve our self-awareness, which leads to being more conscious in every aspect of our lives. This is an ongoing process, a means by which we take complete personal responsibility for our lives, the effects of which extend out and help to slowly transform the world around us into one in which we all can live abundant, loving, harmonious, peaceful lives.

Peace is not a static, weak, boring state of being, contrary to what’s implied in our world today, bombarded and over-stimulated as we are with eye-catching distractions, games and entertainment, encouraged to pursue endless acquisition of more and more stuff, by any means and beyond our means, encouraging both greed and debt.

Contrast the challenges that we face from our out-of-control, overpopulated, polluted world – which we humans alone are responsible for – with the desire for more UFO photos, for example, and perhaps now we can see what the Plejaren and Meier have been trying to help us to see for so long. Fortunately, they have also given us invaluable assistance towards regaining control of our lives, and our world, and pointed out that, second only to the love and power of the spirit, thought is the most powerful force in the universe.

I hope that people find that worth…thinking about.

AW- So that concludes this exclusive and very interesting interview, yes I am sure that there a million other questions that we all have for Michael and Billy, but hopefully Michael will participate in a future interview. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Horn for taking time out of his very busy schedule, and for being so kind as to take part in this interview. No matter what opinions we all have regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, one thing we have to say is that no matter how controversial the Billy Meier UFO case is, Billy and Michael have kept us all intrigued over the years, so we have to thank them for that.

Anthony Wharton, St Helens, Merseyside, UK, 2009