Meier on the Truth about Mohammed

The information contained in the pages embedded below deals with the truth about Mohammed, his mission and his teaching. Sentences 12. - 16. are from the Talmud Jmmanuel wherein Jmmanuel is excoriating the Hebrews/Israelites of the time for their persecution of the true prophets of the past, as well as of him. Meier's courageous task in publishing the true information about Mohammed, and the realities accompanying his mission, may also be a somewhat thankless one. Obviously the information could appear to anti-Islamic parties as too complementary towards Mohammed, while radical Islamacists may consider it equally outrageous for other reasons.

Nonehteless, as the prophet for these times, Meier has never waivered from speaking and publishing the truth as he, and the Plejaren, know it to be. It should also be clear from the following articles that there is no hesitation on Meier's part to state the pros and cons of the situation:


The French Watch Helplessly as Ancient Prophecies are Fulfilled…at Their Extreme Expense

Israel Hastens the Hour of Her Own Destruction

Islamic Rage and Psycho-Sexual Dysfunction

Jmmanuel's Crucifixion, His Later Life in India & the Osho Sect


Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately


So it can be seen that Meier and the Plejaren are masterful at being equal opportunity offenders. And with that in mind, please feel free to peruse the following texts from Those Who Lie about Contacts:



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M 4


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M 7


M 8













Posted: October 11, 2010

Michael Horn