Meier Films in Review


While the focus of our attention on the Meier case is now properly on the prophetically accurate scientific, environmental and world event related information, and the spiritual teaching, the success of the new Michael Horn Show has brought renewed attention to Meier's UFO photos and films, etc.

So, for the benefit of all of the new readers and listeners, we are posting clips of Meier's UFO films from the cleanest source we could find (which included background music and some precise, German language commentary from Meier) so that they can be reviewed and appreciated for their authenticity.

In the first clip below, notice that the craft suddenly appears in the distance just above the crest of the hill. When the film was examined by specialists and experts, it was determined that the craft's appearance occurred within one frame. However, it actually jumped first from the top of the screen, not seen in this clip, but amply described here.

Then it partially dips behind the hill and then slowly flies up to the center of the frame, getting larger as it does. Notice also that when in the distance, the craft is somewhat blurry and becomes clearer as it flies upwards, closer to the camera, though itstill is a bit blurry. This is characteristic of a large object a good distance from the camera and shows that it's definitely not a small model.

Further, as the craft ascends, it has a slight zig-zag motion, which would be impossible to accomplish if it was a model on a line operated by pulleys. And also notice that there is no wobble as the craft ascends, such as would have to occur if the craft was a model suspended on a line.

It must be pointed out that the hapless skeptic, to whom we gave a signifiant amount of time in the Special Features section of The Silent Revolution of Truth, claimed that he couldn't make out if the ship really went partially behind the hill, as it wasn't clear enough for him. Of course, besides his having decided without proof that everything was a hoax - and despite having about six years to prepare his best case - he failed to realize that his comments supported the conclusion that the blurriness was because the object was a good distance away from the camera. This meant that it was a rather large object, as can be further determined as it flies to the top of the screen, becoming both larger and clearer in focus.



In the following clip we see three UFOs hovering in the distance, with tree branches in front, in clearer focus closer to the camera. Pay close attention to the motion of the craft, especially the one on the left hand side. Notice that it not only bobs up and down slightly but that it is rotating. Also know that just beyond the tree there was a sheer drop away down to a deep valley, as was witnessed by the investigative team. Reason alone tells us that a one-armed man would have no way of suspending three objects, controlling their movements, including rotation, from the valley below. The two smaller craft jump away at one point in the film, leaving the larger craft in the center.




The next film is actually the first one that Meier captured, in 1975. The controversy about it raged because of at least two factors. One was that the the UFO initially appears to be suspended on a string. However, the string would have to be impossibly long, which in itself would prevent any kind of controlled movement, such as occurs. The second element is that the tree is no longer on the property, leading skeptics to think that it was actually a model tree.

In order to immediately determine that the craft is not a model, notice is that it is very still and balanced resting above the tree. Then, when it moves off to the left, it can be seen to pause for a moment at an angle. It should also be noted that the initial movement of the craft is absolutely smooth and doesn't exhibit any of the characteristic wobbling that a perfectly balanced object at rest would exhibit as it is set in motion, let alone the erratci movement that would result from trying to accomplish the movement with such a long string, as previously noted. Other factors, such as the way it can change speed and direction, also without the to be expected chaotic movements that a model would exhibit, demoinstrate that this is a consciously controlled, large object. More comments about this clip, from the investigative team and Academy Award-winning special effects experts, can be found here.




Here is another of Meier's films that causes unthinking skeptics to think that the object is a model. But the first thing one should notice is that despite the wind blowing fiercely, the UFO is seen to initially be hovering motionlessly in the distance. When it then flies, wobbling to and fro a bit, into the center of the scene, it suddenly comes to a complete stop despite the continuous movement of the wind blown branches. Had the object been suspended on a line, it would have been unable to be stopped precisely without some back and forth movement. It also demonstrates the ability to stop, on a proverbial dime, while moving off to the left again before returning in a very controlled movement toward the center. These repeated, deceptively simple looking movements are performed effortlessly despite the ceaseless blowing of the wind.



We are including this rather long clip for those who want to study the UFO more carefully. However, within the first minute of this clip a couple of very remarkable things are revealed. As the craft comes in to its closest point to the viewer, it can be seen to be rotating slightly in a controlled manner. It is at around this point that we see the first of several times that lights can be seen to flash, first from the top of the ship and then immediately following from the lower rim. The investigators reported that at first this was assumed to be sunlight glinting off of the craft but analysis revealed that these were two bright, coherent beams of light, emitted in broad daylight, emanating from the ship and not from the sun. By playing the segments where the lights can be seen to flash it is easy to see that they emanate from the ship and are not at all consistent with sunlight, having defined shape. Of course, sunlight would not alternate from top to bottom on an object in this manner and, again of course, had the sun been shing from that diection it would have illuminated the entire side of the craft, not two discreet points on the top and bottom. More commentary on this clip can be seen here.