Jmmanuel's Crucifixion, His Later Life in India & the Osho Sect

Wherein it is explained that Jmmanuel and his family were a propsperous, not poor and struggling family, that the Jewish people as a whole were NOT responsible for his crucifixion (and presumed death), that after the crucifixion (which he survived) he went and lived in India, where he married, had several children, died (at 115) and was buried. Also, details about the Rajneesh, later called Osho, sect, the Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the truth about how American bandleader Glenn Miller actually was accidentally killed by U.S. forces at the end of World War II , and painful personal information about Meier's own love affairs, three of which ended in tragedy and the deaths of the beloved women.


Once again Meier's information preempts new discoveries, theories, etc. While we cannot vouche for the accuracy of this author's claims, please note the similarity in his findings to what Meier himself wrote below - 24 years ago, in 1986 - concerning Jmmanuel, his family life, status, etc., in this article:

Not a carpenter: Jesus 'was the son of a middle-class architect', new book claims

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It's a somewhat different version of the greatest story ever told.
Rather than being born in a stable to a carpenter father, Jesus was actually the son of a successful, middle class and highly intellectual architect.
The claim comes from biblical scholar Dr Adam Bradford, who also says that between the ages of 12 and 30 - the so-called 'missing years' of Jesus's life, when little is known about him - he was studying at religious schools and became the highest-ranking rabbi in Judea.
The radical revision of Christian history would suggest that, in preaching the spurning of worldly possessions for an austere life, Jesus may have been speaking from experience.


This is an unoffical translation by Benjamin Stevens, it may contain errors.

213th Contact (Part 1)
Tuesday, December 2, 1986, 3:17 AM

You have already endeavored for quite some time around the interests of Jmmanuel and also clarified the things around his tomb site. So you know, just like I do, where his tomb site is. Recently, archaeologists and others step into appearance, claiming that they, with great probability, have found the tomb. Does that correspond to the facts?

1. The fact that the tomb, respectively the tomb cave, is sought for corresponds to the truth, but the correct site wasn’t found because some time ago, I had destroyed this by order of the High Council, and to be sure, completely, by what means also the hillside collapsed and buried everything.
2. The reason for this was so that no new Christian cult site could arise from this.
3. This would be the case and would have happened with certainty, if the tomb cave had been found.
4. A new malicious cult would have arisen from this, which would have taken on even worse proportions than what is the case today with the alleged birth place of Jmmanuel in Bethlehem.
5. As you know, the site wasn’t even where today’s Christian cults are held, regarding the alleged birthplace, etc.
6. However, this doesn’t bother the cult superiors, so they won’t accept this truth and also won’t disclose it.
7. But so, it will be that the tomb cave of Jmmanuel will continue to be sought for, and already, a place has been localized, which should serve as Jmmanuel’s tomb site, but inexcusable mistakes and unreal wishful thinking play a very important role in this.
8. But through this, the researchers and would-be researchers make sense of unrealistic facts, which are devoid of any truth, because for quite some time, nothing more is noticeable or traceable on the slope’s terrain, where the burial place caved in as a result of the destruction of the tomb and the slope’s collapse.
9. Nevertheless, false and misleading research will continue to operate, namely into the third millennium, where for a longer time, it will be erroneously maintained that the tomb site of Jmmanuel was actually found.
10. And just concerning this tomb cave, in which you found the scrolls of Judas Ischarioth, a few more things will happen in the coming time – around the middle or the end of the last decade of this century – which will confirm my words.
11. You will become acquainted with a very interesting and enthusiastic young man, who will strive for these things when you inform him about the tomb site and about the destruction of the same.
12. Currently, he is still in his younger years, but in the course of time, he will become a very well-known man with respect to extraterrestrial missiles and all things associated therewith.
13. Also, he will take up your and our contact history and will represent this worldwide.
14. Yet this will only happen with difficulty and on difficult detours, which will be due to your wife, who has already worked for some time in secret as well as in open form against you and your mission and who regularly carries out traitorous things that cause you and the group members harm and strife.
15. However, he will be the man who will also perform investigations in Jerusalem – in connection with the Talmud Jmmanuel and Isa Rashid – and who will also find out that Jmmanuel’s tomb site and the aforementioned hillside are actually destroyed.
16. He will then also record this fact photographically.

Those are some pieces of news again. Evidently, you’ve held rather decent future viewings or even traveled into the future. But may one ask, who this mysterious man will be – I mean, from where he comes and what his name will be?

17. That is no secret.
18. He lives in Germany and is named Michael Hesemann.

Translator's Note: The following is an original English article written by James Deardorff. It appears in this section of this Contact Report in the original German book. The article can also be viewed at



Around 1960, Isa Rashid was prompted (by the same ETs who later contacted Meier) to locate the tomb site where the Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ) lay buried. However, from what Meier later learned, Rashid didn’t then take any action to explore the site or dig his way into it and soon forgot just where it was. In l963, however, when Meier was visiting him and they were walking along outside and south of Jerusalem's Old City, Meier was himself prompted to look out at the hillside and notice a small dark cleft or hole up on the slope, partially obscured by bushes.

According to Meier’s recollection in August l997, this hole was about 30 cm, or a foot, on a side. He reached into his packsack for his flashlight and peered into the hole to notice that it continued inwards. So he proceeded to dig away rocks and earth until the hole was large enough that they could crawl inside. (Meier remembers that a shrub growing next to this entrance was a “Meramiye” plant.)

After more exploring inside the tomb site, they noticed something buried underneath a flat rock, and it turned out to be TJ scrolls, encased in resin, along with a few small artifacts. Meier’s Foreword within the translated TJ document continues the story from there, but gives no description of the tomb, which Meier learned later had been the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, which is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew.

To the best of his 34—year—old recollection, Meier drew the sketch below of a plan view of the tomb. A member of his support group (FIGU) labeled it in English.

[See this Contact Report under the link on the main page for photo.]

The tomb is recollected to have been 3.5 to 4 meters in length; the outside slope of the hill is labeled as having been covered with rock, dirt and bushes. In the rear of the tomb, there was a narrow tunnel leading out to what had once been a second entrance, long since blocked with earth. This smaller, second entrance would have faced out onto the slope around a bend from where the tomb’s main entrance had been. This was the entrance/exit through which Jmmanuel received medical attention from Joseph and some Hindu friends he had sought out, and from which they exited very early in the morning three days later, according to the TJ.

This picture is consistent with guards actually having been posted at the tomb, as in Matthew 27:65-66, to safeguard it from any who would enter in and steal the “body.” The TJ indicates that this posting of the guards occurred a day or two earlier than in Matthew (more in keeping with the Gospel of John’s timing), and so did not occur on a Sabbath when chief priests and Pharisees would have been reluctant to send a deputation to Pilate to ask for the guards. It is not inconceivable that those who helped Jmmanuel recover within the tomb could slip into the secret entrance on the side without being observed or suspected of anything by the guards.

Apparently, this tomb site has not yet been explored by archaeologists. Ufologist Michael Hesemann of Düsseldorf, Germany, editor of “Magazin2000plus,” explored the general area where the tomb was located in July, l998. He retracted the route that Meier and Rashid had traversed in l963, to the best of Meier’s recollections, while in contact with Meier by cellular phone. It is located along the south slope of the Hinnom Valley, not too far from its confluence with the Kidron Valley, and within the Akeldama tombs area, south of the Old City of Jerusalem. This had been a burial ground for foreigners, and Joseph of Arimathea likely was a foreigner, since the location of Arimathea remains unknown. According to an article by Gideon Avni and Zvi Greenhut in Report #1 of the Israel Antiquities Authority, “The Akeldama tombs” (1996): “The confluence of the Kidron and Hinnom Valleys, south of the Old City of Jerusalem, contains one of Jerusalem’s richest concentration of rock—hewn tombs. This area, located in the periphery of the village of Silwan, was one of the main burial grounds of Jerusalem … the use of the south part of the Hinnom Valley as burial grounds for foreigners is mentioned by Antoninus Martyr who visited Jerusalem in about 560 CE.”

Apparently, years after the “Potter’s Field” was renamed “the Field of Blood” (Akeldama), it became enlarged to encompass adjacent areas of preexisting tombs, including the tombsite of Joseph of Arimathea. The Akeldama site is mentioned by that name in Acts 1:19.

From what Hesemann learned from Meier, he had been informed by one of the Pleiadians/Plejarens (Florena) in June of 1998 that sometime after 1973, they had caused a landslide to occur down and over the hillside containing the tombsite. If so, this would be very consistent with their strategy of ensuring that they do not force truth upon people who are not in any way prepared to accept it, and one way of doing this is to allow original evidence to be destroyed while allowing truth in the form of secondary evidence to be available. Hesemann believes he located the landslide/rubble ravine, within the Akeldama tombs region, which marks the approximate location. The photograph below (courtesy of Michael Hesemann) indicates this area, with the probable site lying a little below the heavy arrowhead.

[See this Contact Report under the link on the main page for photo.]

The photo looks due south and was shot from just outside the present south wall of the Old City.

Hesemann was impressed that although Meier has not been back there to view the region, the site he described over the cell phone contained the landslide/rubble ravine. It would seem futile, even if permission could be gained, to attempt to detect what is left of the tomb site underneath the rubble, as all the artifacts inside it had been removed in l963.

[See this Contact Report under the link on the main page for photo.]

[See this Contact Report under the link on the main page for photo.]


I am surprised. And since we are already at it: when I was allowed to travel with Asket back into Jmmanuel’s time and also actually meet him – whereby I could speak with him using the language converter – there, he told me his life story, which was very different from what is maintained in the New Testament. With certainty, it arose from his explanations that he was in no way religious and, therefore, was no religious faith-bringer or religious revolutionary. Actually, he was a revolutionary, he said so himself, but not in the sense of a religious form but rather in relation to the true teaching of the spirit, as this is also clear from the Talmud Jmmanuel. He said that he was very unpopular with the superiors, the rulers as well as the scribes, etc., and that his life was endangered as a result of his revolutionary teachings, for he enlightened the people and advocated for their freedom in every respect. He did this in such a way because on the one hand, this was his mission that he had to fulfill here since ages ago, across different personalities and across different reincarnations of his spirit form, and on the other hand, because this was also the desire of his parents, Mary and Joseph, who did not hold to the old-traditional and falsified teachings. And as I could learn from Jmmanuel, when I asked him about it, the story of the “carpenter’s son” is not correct, for his foster father, Joseph, had not been a simple carpenter but rather the owner of a small carpentry, with various workers who fulfilled his orders for him. Joseph had already learned the craft as a carpenter from the ground up with his father, who had already originally placed a ship-carpentry on the legs. Thus, Joseph and Mary, as well as Jmmanuel and his brothers and sisters, hadn’t been simple folk from the common people, but according to Jmmanuel, they would have enjoyed a degree of prosperity, which also allowed it that father Joseph and mother Mary, as well as all children, could learn to read and write. Thus, Joseph was an independent craftsman with his own business, so to say, and just as independent were also Jmmanuel’s brothers, who pursued their own crafts. And as Jmmanuel said, he, too, was very independent and autonomous, was an expert of reading and writing, and earned his living through the spreading of the spirit teachings, for which he received donations, which he did not administer himself, however; rather, he let these be administered by one of his disciples.

19. Those are issues that are familiar to me.

Aha. Then you should also know that it was in no way the Jewish people who bore the guilt for the fact that Jmmanuel was sentenced to death by the cross. In fact, it was such that the Roman garrison ruled in Jerusalem at that time, and its laws possessed validity. Only the Jewish scribes and the Jewish leaders were actually guilty of the fact that Jmmanuel was sentenced to death; although, a huge misunderstanding also contributed to this, when Jmmanuel was asked the question as to whether the accusation was correct. When he said, “you said it,” he didn’t mean that the alleged accusation was true, but the meaning of his words was that he meant that the questioner said it. And it was precisely this misunderstanding that was the deciding factor for the guilty sentencing. The scribes and the rulers, however, who fought vehemently against Jmmanuel’s teachings, were true Jews, and they were the actual ones who strove to eliminate Jmmanuel, and to be sure, finally and for all time, through an execution. At the same time, the Jewish people themselves had nothing to say here because they were forbidden to interfere in any imponderable court matters, etc. Nevertheless, as spectators, the people, as a rule, were allowed to do so, but as I said, they wouldn’t have had any authority for a verdict. But as always, it was also the case with those who were authorized that under them, there was a certain percentage of the mob that was strongly greased with pieces of silver from the Jewish scribes and elders, as well as from the synagogue big shots, etc., in order to cry out for the death penalty when those who were responsible for sentencing – and, thus, not the Jewish people – were asked for the verdict. Thus, it was the paid-up and fired-up mob that cried out for crucifixion; therefore, the Jewish people bore absolutely no guilt for this. In fact, it was also the case that the actual process was carried out by the Jewish elders, priests, scribes, and other public officials, with the chief priests possessing great power. They were, indeed, the main ones who wanted to dissuade Jmmanuel from his mission efforts, and as I said, by all of their available means. But all of these who were responsible cannot be regarded as Jewish people, who, in many respects, were actually and truly more on Jmmanuel’s side than on the side of the chief priests, elders, scribes, and other public officials, for under these, very many of the Jews suffered. But the fact that the blame for Jmmanuel’s crucifixion is placed upon them is based on deliberately false political, theological and, thus, religious accusations, which should serve the purpose, and which had the intention, of denigrating the Jews and lifting up Christianity high into the sky. And precisely from this arose the hatred of the Jews, to which millions of Jews and Jewish friends fell victim in the Second World War, through the inhumane and degrading madness of the Final Solution. What is still to be said concerning the trial before Pilate probably needs no great explanation, for the whole thing was just a formality, in order to satisfy the Roman right and law. But what is to be said in relation to the first trial by the Jewish officials – who partly consisted of chief priests, scribes, and elders, who influenced the rest – it was, indeed, the case that it was an effective process, even though this has long been challenged by various sides. Sfath taught me all this.

20. You are very detailed, and everything is completely accurate.

Now, in this whole connection, only Jmmanuel’s journey to Kashmir in India is missing and his work there, as well as his death at the age of about 115 years and his burial. It is repeatedly asserted that this does not correspond to the truth and that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the founder of the Islamic sect Ahmadiyya, had told fibs with the story that he had discovered Jmmanuel’s grave in Srinagar, India. As Sfath already explained to me, this corresponds, at least, to a form of reality because the founder of the sect wasn’t actually the discoverer of the tomb; rather, a man named Kanishka Rashtrakuta found the tomb in the year A.D. 746. All this is vehemently denied, however, by all sorts of scientists and would-be scientists, as well as by would-be know-it-alls.

21. That will also continue to remain so, for know-it-alls and wrong scientists, etc. never die out.
22. Nevertheless, what Sfath explained to you undoubtedly corresponds to the truth because we’ve clarified these issues very precisely, and thus, there is no doubt that Jmmanuel had worked in India, was also married there, and fathered several children, of which a son went to Jerusalem during his older years and hid Judas Ischarioth’s scrolls in Jmmanuel’s tomb, where you then found them in 1964, when Isa Rashid led you there.

Thanks for your information. Then something else: the creative spirit form of the person is wrongly designated as the soul, but at the same time, the value of the psyche embodies this according to today’s better understanding and sense. Now, the spirit form – respectively what the person designates as the soul, which is capable of wandering according to Christian and other religious faiths, even the so-called soul-wandering – is denied, especially by medical science and by many other would-be knowledge directions, as well as its ability to be reincarnated. How long will it be until the incorrigible acknowledge the fact, as it is even set forth by the spirit teachings, that the spirit form actually exists and is arranged into reincarnations?

23. With great certainty, the twentieth century will bring no scientific insight relating to this.
24. However, it will look different after the turn of the millennium, as a future viewing of a related form has proven.

Then we’ll see. One asked about Glenn Miller. He was a jazz musician who disappeared one day during the war, without a trace, and was declared as missing. Can you give any information about this? Because to this day, it is still puzzling as to where this Glenn Miller disappeared.

25. About that, I can explain a few things to you, as it concerns a man who was a musician and, thus, one who falls into our art records. Glenn Miller was inadvertently killed by his own people, that is, by allied forces, on his way from England to France.
26. He was on his way to Paris to attend a Christmas celebration.
27. He flew his aircraft very low over the English Channel, as American Lancaster aircraft dropped their surplus bombs into the English Channel, without the crews noticing that beneath them, a smaller aircraft crossed their flight path.
28. This aircraft, in which Glenn Miller sat, was hit by the dropped bombs, upon which it exploded, was torn into the smallest pieces, and then plunged into the sea.
29. The small pieces of debris were scattered hundreds of meters, while Glenn Miller was completely torn apart into the smallest particles.
30. This is the real truth, which has no relation at all to the false story that Glenn Miller, for indefinable reasons, died in the arms of a prostitute in Paris.
31. Unfortunately, this misrepresentation had also been circulating in our archives, which also could have resulted in misunderstandings, to which even our people could be forfeited, if they would only examine a few facts and not the whole complex.

It’s nice that mistakes can even occur with you in such matters, which might be enough to prove that even you are not omniscient or omnipotent. Thus, I am glad to hear your confession.

32. We stand by our mistakes.

A strong feature of yours. Unfortunately, with the Earth people, that isn’t exactly a strength, for they don’t like to admit mistakes; rather, they presume themselves as flawless and as better than everyone else, to whom they point out any mistakes.

33. That is well-known to me.
34. What I would still like to report to you is that I have received copies of your five novels from Ptaah, which I did not fail to read and which I find to be very good.
35. And since I know so many things from your life, I naturally also found out that you’ve included a variety of life experiences and events into the novels; although, you’ve made novel-appropriate changes and wordings.
36. I already knew for a long time, which I also told you recently, that you led a very adventurous and often dangerous life.
37. Also, during your younger years, you were connected with three companions in an open and unofficial alliance… ah, may I talk about this at all?

I have nothing against that, my friend, even if it means that old memories break through, which has already happened as a result of your words and has caused an ache in me. Yet that is normal, and so, I have nothing against it if you want to talk about it. I overcame the suffering and sadness, so only an ache appears when I’m reminded about it.

38. Then I may ask you about it?

Of course, nothing opposes that.

39. Thank you. –
40. I find it difficult to ask the questions.

Simply state these in such a way as you think them.

41. Ah – like – I wanted to ask you… well, it was such that all three companions of your early years were taken from you …

Don’t be so heavy, my friend. Yes, it’s true what you say. For the first time, it happened in Algeria, when I made an open alliance with Samira, an Arab girl, and went through the desert with her, away from her family, in order to return to Europe. Then, in a small oasis, it happened; Samira was bitten by a poisonous snake and died shortly after that. In the small, nameless oasis, there was neither a doctor nor any people, only three palm trees and some bushes, as well as a damp spot in the sand, which I dug out, after which some water collected in the trough. Alone with Samira’s corpse, I excavated a pit with my dagger, in which I then buried my companion. Mourning, I spent some more time at the place, in order to move on after that and return to Europe, where it didn’t keep me for long, nevertheless. Consequently, I traveled along again on unknown paths in the Middle and Near East, so to Arabia and later to India. One and a half years after Samira’s death and burial, in the south of India, I became acquainted with Nadja, an Indian girl who belonged to the Hindu religion, which was a stark contrast to Samira’s Islamic religion. Making a long excursion with Nadja into a mountainous jungle, we became a couple and were connected. After a few days, we rested at a river, where I built a small hut, in which we then lived. Then, it happened – the monsoon season came; somewhere, a severe thunderstorm was raging, causing the river to rise and rage loose within the shortest time, just when I had climbed up a tree on a hill, in order to explore the nearer and further environment. At that same time, Nadja was in the hut preparing a meal, as I saw from the tree how the foaming floods of the river raged near with tremendous gargling and roaring. Obviously having become attentive, I saw how Nadja stepped in front of the hut and uttered a shrill cry. That was the last I saw and heard of her, for two or three seconds later, the roaring waters shot over the small hill where the hut and Nadja were located, overwhelming them and causing them to disappear in the floods. …

42. I did not know these events exactly.
43. It makes me sorry to see you in such a way as you tell me everything.
44. You still feel grief and pain, even if you say that you’ve mastered everything.
45. So you also don’t have to talk any further because it’s enough for me to know that your third companion, Angela, lost her life in a small oasis in the Iraqi desert by a murderer’s hand, as you described it in one of your novels.


46. It’s alright, dear friend.
47. Anyhow, I find it good that you have partially written down these events, even if you partially had to change them appropriately for the novel.

It helped me a lot to process everything since it also isn’t such that I could forget it, like also many other things, situations, incidents, and events. However, I simply cannot become lord over the pain, when my memories surface. So you are quite right when you say that grief and pain are still present, but they are just not in the way as they were at the time of the events, when I plunged into the deepest abysses. And I know that this pain will still accompany me my whole life.

48. Unfortunately, there is much more pain and grief and disappointment to come, for you cannot avoid the coming things and events, the great amount of betrayal and jealousy, falsehood, lies and deceit, as well as breach of trust, breach of love, and other things, like also not your duty, for you have to endure everything in order to fulfill your mission.
49. But I will tell you what you need to prepare yourself for starting from today, so that you are armed and won’t break, for these will be harsh events and issues that you will have to encounter.
50. But for my part, I already know you very well and know that you will get through everything because you’ve acquired the capacity to deal with things rationally and always to confront them with logic and reason, as though they unexpectedly approached you, namely when you know what’s coming in advance.

Translator's Note: For comparison to my independent translation, Dyson Devine's and Vivienne Legg's unofficial but authorized English translation of lines 34-50 above can be read here:

Alright – enough about that. May I still ask you something? The matter is of general interest because it has often been asked of me whether I knew anything regarding the sect guru Shree Rajneesh, also known as Bhagwan, who is actually called God; on my part, I have christened him “Bigwahn.” He functions with his horde sex, with which I mean group sex. “Bhagwan” actually comes from the old Indian word “Bhagavan,” which simply means “God” or “the Almighty,” and this Bhagwan/“Bigwahn” is actually called “Sri Bhagavan,” but to my knowledge, he bears the name Chandra Mohan Rajneesh. Unofficially, his sex-sect, which it is in truth, calls itself the Neo-Sannyas movement. In 1981, “Bigwahn” established himself, along with his sect followers, in Oregon, USA, where he founded the city “Rajneeshpuram,” where he was banished and expelled again last year, however, and since then, he has been searching for a new hideout in different countries. This, after his sect movement broke apart, when his long-standing confidante and mistress, Ma Anand Sheela, whose other name is Sheela Silverman, left Raijneeshpuram and America with a few followers in 1985, so more than a year ago, but after this, she was already extradited to the USA this year and was charged with an offense. The question now: what does this sex-sect wether* continue to do?

*Translator’s Note: A wether is a male sheep that has been castrated before sexual maturity. It can also refer to a castrated male goat.

51. I have concerned myself with this man and his sect and still continue to do so.
52. In this regard, I’ve also held a future viewing, from which it has arisen that next year, so in 1987, Rajneesh will return to Puna in India, where he already worked before.
53. As early as 1969, he let himself be revered by his followers as Bhagavan, which is interpreted in some circles as “Renouncer.”
54. Then, starting in 1989, he will let himself be revered as “Osho” because already in the month of November of last year, when he was deported from the USA, the plan matured in him that he would newly establish his sect.
55. Then, in 1989, the “Osho movement” will arise from this, the so-called “Osho Commune International.”
56. But this movement won’t last for long because already on the 19th of January, 1990, he will depart from this life in Puna, after which the sect will be continued by a clearly defined circle of women and men.
57. So in 1995, there will already be more than 200,000 sect followers worldwide.
58. The new leaders of the sect will systematize Rajneesh’s teachings, which will consist of about 600 written discourses.
59. At the same time, a practice of piety will be introduced, which will also include a calendar of festivals and have a systematic development of a centralized organizational structure.
60. While Rajneesh has been preaching a spontaneous teaching until now and will also do so in the new movement, those who are responsible for the continuation of the sect, however, will make it a form of institutionalized religious community and teaching.

Thank you for your explanations. But now, another question in reference to the GDR. As you once told me recently, the German Democratic Republic will fall in the coming years, respectively be dissolved, as a result of the so-called “Peaceful October Revolution”, as it will be called, as you said. In what year will this be?

61. The peaceful revolution will begin in October of 1989 and will lead to the "Fall" of the Wall on November 9th.
62. On the 31st of August, 1990 the Unification Treaty will be completed, which will lead to the final dissolution of the GDR.

Also dear thanks for this information. But now, again a question relating to a sect: you once told me that along with the Sannyasin sect, yet another sect of Indian origin will become a talking point, but not in a sexist form, as in the “Bigwahn” sect. The originator should be a namesake of the Indian sitar artist, Ravi Shankar. What comes from this?

63. It concerns the Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as he likes to be called, who wants to have had an enlightenment in 1982, but this corresponds to an untruth.
64. Allegedly, he spoke no word for 10 days and, during this time, developed Sudarshan Kriya, a method of relaxation and cleansing, through which, according to his erroneous teachings, 80 percent of all excretions from the human body should take place via the breath, which isn’t true, of course.
65. Nevertheless, the method is good and wholesome, for the breathing exercises have preventive effects; for example, the risk of stroke and the risk of neurological diseases and diabetes, etc. can be reduced by these, but this is the case with all meditative breathing exercises, respectively breathing mediations, when these are carried out in the right manner.
66. So this must be acknowledged as an advantage, but this still doesn’t move the sectarian into a better light at all.
67. A sect remains a sect, and every sect is founded on false teachings, to which unstable and irrational people fall victim, who, unfortunately, are very often found among the academics, officials, and artists, etc.
68. So this means that this sect of the guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will spread itself through such people in the coming time and will be advocated by many followers, who will be recruited from among the business people, movie stars, models, engineers, doctors/medical professionals, government officials and public officials, etc.
69. This sect and its members will act worldwide through a lot of property and will provide assistance in some places, like in the coming war zones in the Balkans, when murder and destruction will rule in Kosovo and in virtually the whole area of Yugoslavia, released and ordered by the criminal Serbian politician, Slobodan Milošević, who will bear the name Death Dictator in certain circles and who will bring endless death and suffering over all of Yugoslavia, but especially in Kosovo.
70. But for this, he will be called to account around the turn of the millennium by the so-called International Court of Justice.

You actually tell me more than I wanted to know. But you haven’t told me where the real center of the sect will be and what it will be called.

71. “AOL,” which means “Art of Living.”
72. The country is India, of course; however, up to the turn of the millennium, about 140 countries around the world must come to terms with the fact that they are overflowed with more than 1.5 million sect followers.

That's a lot. But it’s always so with sects because erroneous teachings draw in better than the truth, logic, and reason. Thus, erroneous teachings are the best props to find followers and believers of all walks of life and to bind these to themselves.

73. You speak a true word, which is absolutely correct.

What is actually with the beast 666, which functions in a form of prophecy as an evil dictatorship, which should come from Belgium?

74. With this old-customary prophesied beast, which will bear the number of evil and negativity, it concerns in the coming time the so-called “European Union,” shortly called the EU, which will be a European-wide dictatorship that will be decided on and established with a treaty on the 1st of November, 1993, with a so-called “Maastricht Treaty.”
75. Then, along with this, there will be created a political and economic union of the Member States of the advancing “European Economic Community,” the EEC, respectively the “European Community,” the EC, whose objectives will be the promotion of social and economic progress, with no internal boundaries existing anymore, and the creation of an economic and monetary union.
76. In addition, what will eventually be strived for later is a common foreign affairs policy and a common security policy of the Member States, as well as a common defense policy.
77. It will also be planned for the citizens of the Member States to create a “European Union Citizenship.”
78. Also the areas of the military and the judiciary, as well as road transport and agriculture, as well as the industrial economy should ultimately be determined by the powerful figures of the EU, which will have its residence of power in Brussels, Belgium.
79. But the whole thing will be democratic in no way but will assume dictatorial forms, where the powerful ones negotiate and make decisions among themselves, by what means many still remaining freedoms of the citizens and countries will be limited or will even disappear.



Posted: March 15, 2010

Michael Horn