Israeli Intrigues, Ancient History & Roswell Androids


The following is an unoffical translation by Benjamin at: and it may contain errors. However, we are very grateful to Benjamin for his efforts in providing translations which, though"not perfect", convey the meaning of the German original. This is surely helpful for all those people who are eager to learn about the Plejaren information.

NOTE: As is ever more often the case, the information from Quetzal, from 1987, regarding spinach genes being transferred to pigs was indeed corroborated in January 2002:

Scientists cross pigs with spinach

Scientists in Japan say they have successfully implantedvegetable genes in a living animal for the first time.
Researchers at Kinki University near Osaka inserted genetic material from spinach into a pig, which they say will produce healthier pork...


215th Contact - Saturday, February 28, 1987, 2:09 AM (p. 254 - 278)

My first question today refers to the massacre of the Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Shatila in the year 1982. We already talked about this once, but on the one hand, nothing was held in writing in relation to this, and on the other hand, your answer wasn’t sufficient enough. The events were horrifying, with which more than 3,000 people were brutally and bestially murdered on the 15th or 16th of September, 1982. In addition, it was never determined as to who the real ringleaders, respectively main perpetrators, actually were, who gave the order for this massacre. Can you now say this clearly and plainly, I mean, who the main responsible person was or who the main responsible persons were?

1. There were 3,468 people who lost their lives in the massacres.
2. There were two real culprits, namely the Israeli Prime Minister at that time, Menachem Begin, and the Defense Minister, Ariel Sharon.
3. Together, these two secretly decided upon the massacre, which Ariel Sharon then arranged with the Christian militias, respectively the responsible persons of Gemayel's Phalangists, with the promise that the Israeli occupation troops wouldn’t intervene, following which the murderous militias could then freely enter the refugee camps and carry out their atrocities.
4. Also with them were members of Hadad’s army, who could likewise pass through the Israeli controls without difficulty and invade the camps of Sabra and Shatila and carry out their murderous work.
5. Begin’s and Sharon’s secret agreement with the leaders of the Christian killer brigades never became known because all those who were responsible have remained silent to this day, and of course, they will continue to do so.
6. But with what happened in the year 1982, it won’t be enough, because Ariel Sharon, who thinks the Palestinians look better dead than alive, won’t halt his murderous deeds.
7. This will especially be so when he arrives at the highest power in Israel, by being proclaimed the head of state in the year 2001.
8. As I’ve already explained to you, he is an unusually aggressive man and a Palestinian-hater, as well as a murderous element that doesn’t shy away from any atrocities, as this is also true of Begin.
9. When Sharon arrives at great power, very much distress will come over Israel and its inhabitants, as well as over the Palestinians, because through his direct command, many open and secret service murders will happen.
10. Through him, Israel will ignore and stomp on all liberties and human rights of the Palestinians more and more, as well as overthrow all political and human rights and rules and spread and arrange murderous terror with enormous destructions.
11. Through Ariel Sharon, very much disaster, evil and pain, suffering and death will be spread in the new millennium because he will be able to indulge uninhibitedly in his murderous and inhumane ambitions, in utter irresponsibility and in uncontrollable hatred against the Palestinians in particular and also against the Arabs, without any great and serious objection being raised against it by the Israelis or by the world.
12. Nevertheless, if such occurs, then it will only be lax and dishonest.
13. Ariel Sharon's actions will occur to the same extent as those of the Americans who, under the guise of the fight against terrorism and the preservation of peace, will run on the same tracks with their global military interventions in the affairs of foreign countries.
14. However, both actions will be the same, so both Israel’s and America’s, namely of a terrorist, respectively counter-terrorist nature, as this will also be the case with the Palestinians and with Iraq, as well as other countries, so also with a variety of distinct terrorist organizations, including those that are secretly driven by the State and those of the secret services of the State.

There, the world can look forward to and prepare for a lot of misery, murder and mayhem, suffering, destruction, hatred and vindictiveness, as well as many other evils.

15. That is correct, for that will actually be the case.

Then to something else. For now, I have, once again, heard of enough evil that the future will bring. – How does it stand, then, with the progress relating to genetic engineering? You’ve already told me a few things, but now, in relation to this, the question arose in our group during a discussion: when will it have come so far that genetic science will merge plant and animal genes together, in order to cultivate plant-animals, respectively animal-plants? Do you have any knowledge about this and does such an action represent the natural scientific evolution of man?

16. The science of genetic engineering is established in the laws of overall evolution; therefore, it also cannot be prevented, even though in the future, irrational ones, who will unite together in whole organizations, will want to destroy such progress by all unfair means, even with lies and with false test reports and impact reports on genetically altered plants, animals, and humans.
17. However, genetic progress can’t be stopped, in spite of all these irrational machinations of the genetic engineering enemies, because the laws of evolution will allow it that even this branch of progress will find its fulfillment through human genius.
18. Of course, genetic engineering will need its time before it can function flawlessly because every beginning requires efforts, researches, and mistakes that must be made, for only through these can qualified and real successes be obtained and can progress be created.
19. But exactly this means that all negating things that will be undertaken in the future by those who are irrational and fearful, in reference to genetic engineering and, thus, to genetic manipulations in plants, animals, and humans, will be wrong and impeding to progress, as well as absurd, unrealistic, stupid, and irresponsible, for such actions will inhibit the progress and the better well-being of the Earth person and, thus, will slow down many vitally necessary solutions for humans, animals, and plants and even make such solutions impossible.
20. Due to the irrationality and irresponsibility of the genetic opponents, it will be that a lot of genetic progress for all humans, animals, and plants, as well as waters and air, and even for all of nature, will be prevented for many years, even though life could be prolonged by centuries through genetic engineering and just through the genetic manipulation of the person, by what means his health could be so stabilized, namely in a few decades, that he would almost never get sick.
21. Also plants, fruits, and vegetables, as well as other food products, could already be so genetically altered in a short time for the welfare of humans that ample benefits would arise from it, but the irresponsible, irrational and, thus, the gene-negating ones will work against this with lies, deceit, and fear, by what means the actual successes of genetic engineering will also have to wait a long time for themselves, for when the first actual successes are achieved, from which the people will benefit – often not even knowing that their food or medicines are genetically engineered and are only actually useful and healthy because of this.
22. But concerning your other question:
23. It will be the year 2002 before a genetic attempt will officially become known, with which plant and animal genes will be brought together.
24. About this, we have acquired probability calculations, which show that the whole thing will report itself in Japan, in the sense that the genes of spinach plants will be transferred into pigs.
25. Nevertheless, this won’t be the first case, for the same and similar things will already happen prior to this in different countries of the Earth from their scientists, as a result of their research; it’s just that the world public will learn almost nothing about this, like also not about the cloning attempts regarding humans and animals.
26. Even in the current time, many series of experiments like these are already running in scientific laboratories around the world; it’s just that these are concealed, and to be sure, with the full authorization of the irrational and irresponsible genetic opponents; therefore, ways of inhibiting progress are thought of by those who, out of complete ignorance and often influenced by sectarianism, try to restrain the development themselves, and to them, all unfair means are right, and this will also remain so in the new millennium, at least in the first two decades.

Idiotic, especially when one considers that the progress cannot be stopped, not even when lunatics rant against it. But so it has always been on the Earth, for there have always been pathological idiots, who didn’t want to allow the progress, who braced themselves against it, and with this, often caused much disaster, by what means often many people lost their lives, who may have been saved if the progressive had been allowed, especially with regard to medicine and food preparation, etc.

27. That is correct.
28. But consider that ...

... foolishness always first precedes reason.

29. I wanted to say that, yes.
30. But how do you know this aphorism?
31. It is well-known to us from traditions...

... from Henoch. I know.

32. Then did either Semjase or Ptaah report this to you, or perhaps Sfath or Asket?


33. That, I don’t understand.

It isn’t important now. One day, though, you’ll understand it. Let’s talk about something else. Guido and I were talking about the prehistoric people, respectively the Stone Age people, and there, the question arose as to when these had actually come so far that they banded together in larger groups and when these or their descendants built the first smaller and larger settlements, smaller or larger kraals or small villages, etc. In addition, we also came to speak of the first real, original-original prehistoric men, if one can actually designate the most distant, original-original forefathers of the Earth people as such. Here, the question, then, is how large they actually were and whether they were already walking upright. Also, we came to the first, respectively the left-over and subsequent animals, specifically speaking of the mammals that occupied the Earth after the extinction of the dinosaurs. The real interest was with the predators and the horses and even the large mammals and so on. What is also of interest to us is when the Earth’s climate basically began to stabilize itself. Since these things also belong to one of your specialties, I guess that you can certainly tell us something about it.

34. The Earth’s climate began to stabilize itself around 35 million years ago.
35. And if I should provide some information about mammals and also predators, which appeared about 65 million years ago after the great catastrophe, then I must speak of the times of the Eocene and Oligocene.
36. As you know, the impact of a space projectile took place on the Earth about 65 million years ago, by what means all major life forms were killed and destroyed.
37. Only small creatures were able to survive, which only weighed up to 10 or 12 kilograms at most.
38. The first human forms, which can already be very well designated in their origin as human beings, emerged around 49 million years ago.
39. Nevertheless, their appearance wasn’t human but rather in the form that the Earth person knows of the early hominid, due to his conceptions, because the first human forms still had nothing comparable with these.
40. In fact, these beings were only about 80 centimeters large, and they partially moved half-upright on their legs, and their excessively long arms partially clambered around in the trees.
41. The development of these beings lasted for a very long time, with the most diverse species following from it, which developed into actually recognizable humans in their first species – even the early hominids, as the Earth person imagines them in their early stages – around 8.5 million years ago, while other species of the same genus appeared 4.5 and 6.5 million years ago.
42. There were precursors to these species, but already 12.6 and 16.7 million years ago.
43. From the more distant descendants of all these human forms, who appeared in various places on the Earth, such as in Africa, Australia, Japan, China, America, South America and in Europe, etc., as you now call these areas, there were already early accumulations of dwellings – settlements, as you say – in which whole kinships gathered together.
44. Such sites are known to us on Earth, and they exhibit an age of 736,000 and of 811,000, 970,000 and 1,200,000 years.
45. Even after the dinosaurs, there were naturally predators that could have competed with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, for example.
46. There was, for example, the family of Hyaenodonts, but these aren’t the ancestors of today's hyenas, yet they were aggressive, powerful predators, whose most distant, evolutionary altered descendants are the moles.
47. A Hyaenodont reached a size of 170 to 180 centimeters, had a set of razor-sharp teeth, and especially the molars were razor-sharp grinding tools, with which even the thickest bones of victims could be easily crushed for digestion.
48. The primitive genetic blueprint of these great predators has been preserved to this day in the mole, whose incisors come from the same evolutionary line as those of the Hyaenodonts.
49. So today's mole is really nothing other than a predator, albeit a small predator that only eats worms, beetles, larvae, and so on.
50. Hyaenodonts, like the mole also is, were rogues.
51. Hyaenodonts were ruthless predators, but there were others that even surpassed these, namely the Entelodonts, to which the endless savannas and hardwood forests offered abundant hunting grounds.
52. These were actually the most powerful predators that lived at the same time with the Hyaenodonts, which disappeared even before the Entelodonts. The Entelodonts reached more than 2 meters in size and weighed more than 1,000 kilograms.
53. These animals were extremely aggressive and exhibited an actual pre-kinship to today's wild boars living on the Earth.
54. They were omnivores and had no enemies – except their own kind.
55. Rogues, like the Hyaenodonts, met one another as a result of their distinct sense of smell, like also the Hyaenodonts, when other animals were seized or when cadavers showed them the way.
56. This led to serious fights with their equals, which were frequently associated with severe and bone-shattering injuries and which also often ended with subsequent death.
57. It goes without saying that these powerful, great predators had no other natural enemies and, thus, were the actual rulers over all life forms at that time.
58. Their only enemies were their own members of the same species.
59. If they encountered each other, then they mutually attacked and maltreated themselves with their up to one-meter-long jaws, which were fitted with razor-sharp teeth.
60. But at another time, there was also the Endrosacus, also an extremely aggressive predator that weighed well over a ton and that was the earliest ancestor of today's sheep and also probably the largest predator that lived on the Earth after the time of the dinosaurs.
61. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the largest animal, for that was the Indricotherium, which exhibited a size of over 7 meters and a weight of up to 17 tons.
62. This animal at that time was the real, first prototype, from which developed the rhinoceros that is well-known to you.
63. The most powerful and most unusual mammal appeared on the Earth a little more than 2 million years ago, the Megatherium.
64. This was a giant sloth that walked upright on its hind legs and ate leaves.
65. Unlike today's sloths that live in trees and that are very slow and ponderous, the Megatherium was too immense and too heavy to be able to climb trees, like also the giant rodent that was the size of a modern cow, which lived 6 to 10 million years ago. Megatherium was as large as a medium-sized elephant, weighing over 4,000 kilograms and measuring 6 meters.
66. Only a few thousand years ago, this giant sloth lived in North and South America, but it was hunted by humans for its great-tasting meat until it was wiped out, as this also happened with the mammoth, which was also largely eliminated by the humans at that time, while the remaining animals found their end through climatic upheavals and natural disasters.
67. And since I speak now of the mammoth, you will surely ask about the elephants, respectively for their actual original-original forefathers:
68. This was the Neureterium, which also lived millions of years ago and which developed, over a very long evolutionary process, into what you now know as the elephant.

You forgot the horse. – And, and how large, then, was the Hyaenodont?

69. I have, in fact, forgotten this.
70. But first, the Hyaenodont.
71. This was about as large as a current rhinoceros.
72. The original-original forefathers of horses were very small and only had a size of just less than 30 centimeters.
73. Then, from these, the Chalicotherium developed at a later time, which was more than 3 meters in size and which had a short snout like an anteater, as well as a long neck; therefore, with a little imagination, it could be compared to a giraffe.

Thank you for your remarks. Then now a question about the so-called Roswell Case. Did a UFO actually crash there? Even though you have already confirmed this once, there are still some things that remain unclear, even with regard to the UFO crew, concerning which you said that they were androids. So what were the occupants really, and from where did the aliens come?

74. The Roswell Case is a reality because the UFO crash actually took place there, but this is denied up to the present day and will continue to be denied in the distant future by the American military and Secret Services, as well as by all government agencies, namely with flimsy, changing, stupid, and ridiculous excuses that will only surely testify to the fact that everything actually happened.
75. With the crashed object, it concerned a beamship from the Reticulum systems.
76. The crew did not consist of natural human life forms but of human androids of a bioorganic nature, which means that they were artificial human androids, which the US-Army also got a hold of, some living and some dead, and these were secretly kept in secret stations.
77. With the bioorganic androids, it concerned effective artificial life forms, so not robots or the like, but independently thinking beings, in every way self-capable of making decisions, made out of living material and living organs, bred in accordance with the human beings who are located in the Reticulum systems.
78. In Earth-human terms, these bioorganic androids bred by the Reticulum people are actual life forms, and as such, they are respected by the Reticulum people and are also appreciated and treated, for the androids are, indeed, artificial human beings.
79. As such, they stand under the command of the real humans of the Reticulum systems, on whose behalf they also carry out excursions, etc. to foreign star systems and planetary systems.
80. And such artificial human forms were associated with the crash, as I already explained.
81. The intelligence of these android beings stems from a bioorganic consciousness of an artificial form, which is just as capable of development as the consciousness of the normal, natural person; therefore, it can also be creative and inventive.
82. The type of consciousness is designed uniformly and collectively in each android, which means that all of the androids have a uniform consciousness form, and so, they are collectively like-minded, and thus, a collective form of telepathic communication is owned by them.
83. The form of consciousness of these artificial life forms is built on an artificial consciousness, which doesn’t correspond to an actual personality but rather to an artificial form, which can think quite independently, act, and decide, as well as develop itself further, but which isn’t arranged into conscious evolution but only functions according to conscious-instinct.
84. This means that there is very well a capacity for development of the consciousness form, through which ideas are created and thought processes can take place, which are creative, inventive, and progressive and, thus, capable of being developed, but all of this just deals with conscious-instinct, and nothing concerns conscious evolution.
85. Either way, the form of consciousness of these bioorganic androids is an artificial-organic element, in which no creative spirit is inherent in any form.
86. The form of consciousness of the androids is formed in such a way that it owns a certain independence, in spite of the collectivity, whereby a degree of individuality is given, which cannot be compared, however, to an actual personality in a consciousness sense; nevertheless, it has its own individuality, which may seem like a contraction to the Earth person because he cannot understand these things in the least part of his mind and still can’t make any conceptions of this.
87. He will only gain these conceptions and the understanding as well as the knowledge relating to such android beings in the distant future.
88. The bioorganic androids of the Reticulum people contain an authoritative programming in their artificial consciousness, which prevents that the artificial beings could ever rise over their designers, respectively their creators, but the time of their lives is limited to 300 years of devoted servitude to these.
89. Nevertheless, they are entirely free and can in every way decide as to what responsibilities they undertake, exercise, or decline and, thus, whether they want to focus on a task or not.
90. So they are in no way subject to compulsion by their creators.
91. In the manner in which they are biologically created, they are incapable of performing sexual acts and also of reproducing themselves.
92. Their own and appropriate kind of consciousness is contained in their artificial brains, and as I already mentioned, the artificial-bioorganic consciousness does not contain a creative spirit form, which would drive and animate this by its own energies.
93. Animation is provided by the artificial brain, which is constructed in such a way that it can absorb and use the cosmic-electromagnetic life energies, so that the existence of life is guaranteed.
94. It is this cosmic energy, by which the artificial life forms are animated and also made alive.
95. All this, however, couldn’t be recognized by all the doctors, surgeons, and pathologists, etc. in the American secret stations, where the crashed android beings were taken.
96. But how could they, since their knowledge relating to this wasn’t in place yet?
97. In fact, it will still take many centuries and even several millennia before the terrestrial scientists arrive at the possibility of creating such beings as the bioorganic androids.
98. Therefore, these beings will remain an unsolvable mystery to them for a very long time, as it is also the case for them with regard to the crashed beings in Roswell.

Now that was really detailed. Thank you for your explanations. But one thing still interests me: with you, I’ve also seen androids, so artificial life forms that can think and act independently. Are these the same as the android beings of Reticulum?

99. On the whole, yes.
100. Only the appearance of our androids is different in nature, for they are created after our likenesses, while the Reticulum androids resemble their creators, who are, in spite of their high technology and various sciences, still very unknowing in terms of really spiritual and creative interests, yet still arranged into a high and liberal culture with expressed human rights.
101. Nevertheless, our directives forbid us from maintaining deliberate physical or telepathic contact with them.

So you have told me once before. Thus, there is nothing more to be said. But now, a question that concerns the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in Italy, on the 24th/25th of August, A.D. 79, which destroyed the cities of Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabia, by which many people lost their lives. Then, there were greater eruptions again in 1906 and in 1944, even though everything went off lightly. We did, indeed, already talk about this during the last conversation. You also mentioned a number to me, regarding the people who lost their lives, and last of all, you then told me that you could be mistaken and, thus, would have to check to see how many there actually were. Have you now investigated this, and what had actually happened at that time?

102. In the catastrophe, 18,976 people were killed.
103. The eruption of Vesuvius produced six pyroclastic flows, respectively clouds, which raced at a tremendous speed down the mountain and across the country and which suffocated all life beneath them.
104. In particular, it was the fourth pyroclastic flow that wiped out so many human lives, while the fifth and sixth just did the rest.

18,976 people. – Monstrosity. Was that the whole population?

105. No, at that time, 25,411 people lived in those areas that were destroyed by the volcanic eruption.

Then there were still about four fifths who lost their lives.

106. That is correct.

What is a pyroclastic flow?

107. It is a rapidly spreading cloud of hot ash, dust, and air.

Aha, then the people suffocated and burned when the pyroclastic flows swept over them, destroying everything under themselves.

108. That is, once again, correct.

Good. Since we’re already at it: what was the reason for the destruction of Petra? I mean Petra, the current ruin site with the rock necropolis in southern Jordan. Petra was the residence of the Nabatean king until the establishment of the Roman province of Arabia Petraea in the year A.D. 106 by Trajan. Petra was also a commercial center in the caravan traffic between Syria and southern Arabia. The city was abandoned after its conquest by the Arabs in the years 629 – 632. To my knowledge, it wasn’t until 1812 that the city of Petra was discovered again.

109. The discovery was made by a certain Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, who was born in 1784 and who already died, at the age of only 33 years, in 1817.

It wasn’t a discovery but a rediscovery. In 1829, so 12 years after Burckhardt’s death, the first excavations were made in Petra. I myself can remember the very ornate facades of the multi-storey grave facilities worked into the rock cliffs.

110. I understand.
111. You were in Jordan for a long time and, among other places, also in Petra.
112. I know the grave facilities.
113. Particularly impressive to me, for example, was ed-Deir, the so-called monastery that dates from the second century A.D.

I remember. It exhibits a very peculiar mixture of Roman-Hellenistic facade architecture and temple architecture, which are connected with the local grave-building traditions. But what, now, was the reason for the destruction of Petra?

114. The destruction traces back to a massive earthquake.
115. But not only was Petra destroyed by this but also many other places around the current Gulf of Aqaba and around the Red Sea.
116. Also the Earth opened up, out of which kilometer-high chunks of sulfur were hurled, which were distributed over the vast country.

Aha. And since we’re already talking about down there: what was up with Sodom and Gomorrah; what actually happened there – how were these two cities destroyed?

117. Several factors are to be mentioned:
118. On the one hand, a meteorite fell to the Earth and exploded high over the area of the two cities, which would now actually be designated as larger villages.
119. This led to devastating destructions of both cities, triggering a massive earthquake, by which the earth was torn open – like in Petra – and by underground volcanic activity, small and larger chunks of sulfur were flung high and across the country, which also naturally caused much disaster, and by this – as also by the exploding meteorite – many people were killed.
120. The remaining part of the total destruction was caused by the megalomaniac and crazy God of the Hebrews, an extraterrestrial who had his headquarters deep under the pyramid of Giza.
121. His punishment for the disobedience of the population of Sodom and Gomorrah against his commands was that he let two small atom bombs ignite over the two cities, which finally leveled everything to the ground, killing all humans and animals.

Can you tell me, as a doctor and medical scientist, how the preferences for flavors and, thus, for certain foods and drinks basically develop in humans?

122. The flavor preference of humans for certain foods and drinks develops, in principle, in the womb of the mother during pregnancy, which means that what the mother eats and drinks is decisive, and in particular, sweet and good, spicy food and drinks are of special importance.
123. However, if there is an excess of certain flavors, which are received via the food or the drinks of the mother and passed on to the growing child in her womb, then an aversion to these particular flavors may very well arise, as this can also be the case if the mother does not take in certain flavors of food during pregnancy and the child is first confronted with such substances after birth.

Then in some circumstances, growing children can become addicted, for example, to alcohol, medicines, or drugs, already in the womb during pregnancy?

124. That is correct.

Aha. – Then another question: what actually causes ice ages?

125. Ice ages result from climatic variations due to fluctuations in Earth's orbit around the Sun.

You said that along with the fact that humans have contributed to the disappearance of the mammoths from the Earth, in the end, also climate changes were responsible for this.

126. That’s right.
127. Humans very well eradicated the mammoth as far as possible, but the final extinction was caused by climate changes.

The mammoth disappeared, yes, about 10,000 years ago.

128. That only partially represents the truth because the last of these animals still lived 3,500 years ago, on an island to the far north of today's Soviet Union.
129. However, it is true that about 10,000 years ago, mammoths were very strongly reduced by humans, who hunted them very much for their meat, hides, and bones.
130. The meat was used as tasty food, while the hides and the bones found use for the building of huts.

Oh, so that’s how it was. But tell me, what do you think of the developmental aid that is operated on the Earth for the underdeveloped Third World countries?

131. This is a wrong work of the Earth people that is incomprehensible to us because it goes against all rules of the self-development of peoples but also of the dignity of all people, from whom all possibilities of self-development, self-initiative, and self-progression are irrevocably taken, as a result of such an irrational and irresponsible intervention.
132. The earthly developmental strategy – respectively that of the developmental aid organizations and their supporters and implementers, regarding the developmental aid for the underdeveloped, respectively Third World countries – is absolutely wrong because this irresponsible intervention in their affairs creates tremendous damage.
133. As a result of this wrong aid, intervention is made in every form and in every branch of the developmental structure of the underdeveloped countries, which means that these countries and their people become dependent in every relation on the developmental aid and on the goods given to them by the advanced industrialized nations, as well as on all of their achievements, whereby they completely lose their independence.
134. Thus, they lose their freedom, as well as the will for their own natural development; therefore, they cannot make any more progress of their own.
135. Against this, directives that are to be strictly followed would have to exist, which prohibit such developmental interventions that are usually carried out by effeminate, over-humanized, and false-humane people of wealthy countries, as well as by adventurers.
136. Developmental aid, as it is practiced on the Earth by the wealthy countries and people, is not only destructive but also inhumane, for through this, the self-initiative of the people of underdeveloped countries is inhibited and made impossible.
137. This is quite apart from the fact that the wealthy industrialized nations and their “development-supporters” are, as a rule, only out for profit, namely in the form that the developmental aid is merely intended to exploit the resources of the developing countries, etc.
138. Overall, developmental aid, in the form that is operated by the Earth people, is destructive, inhumane, as well as progress-hindering for those whom the irrational and irresponsible aid is given.
139. For Third World countries and their people, the advanced achievements of the higher cultures aren’t understandable; they aren’t progressive for them and aren’t beneficial; therefore, they also can’t learn anything from it because they lack the whole career-related development and the associated insights and necessary understanding.
140. The whole development of learning is stifled by the developmental aid; hence, no real progress can be made but only a dependence on the goods and products that are made available by the developmental aid workers and their advocates and organizations.
141. Thus, a real development cannot result, but precisely this is necessary if the person wants to make headway and wants to form his progress by his own responsibility and self-initiative.
142. This is prevented, however, by the irresponsible developmental aid, at least for the countries and all their people who become blinded by the incorrect aid.
143. If there are a few clever ones from these countries and people who are exceptions, then this still doesn’t justify the fact that entire countries and their people are developmentally intervened and made dependent on the advanced industrialized nations and are restrained in their self-development and self-initiative.
144. These are some reasons why our directives prohibit such direct interventions in any human cultures, if these are lower than our own evolutionary state, in terms of consciousness-development as well as with respect to medical, technical, and overall scientific development.
145. And indeed, this refers to the overall development of all areas and sciences and, thus, not just to individual interests.

That is clear and plain. But now, I would like to direct you specifically towards the future. You promised me that you would bring me material from the prophecies of Henoch for the third millennium or that you would give me various prophecies.

NOTE: The remaining information in this contact is to be found in the Henoch Prophecies, posted on this site since since 2002.


Posted: January 29, 2010

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