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Michael Horn


IMPORTANT: Please see UPDATE below!


Earlier this year, an announcement was made regarding a joint production between Kal Korff, and me, Michael Horn. Korff, who had approached me in a seemingly very friendly, cooperative manner, initiated this project. It was to have been a two-DVD set with me presenting the pro-Meier position and Korff the counter argument in the form of answering questions that Korff himself had compiled.


Numerous people had warned me that things would not be exactly as they seemed with Korff, his past record of dishonesty, deviousness and outright lies about the Meier case having been well established. Even among skeptics and critics of the Meier case, Korff is often regarded as an unsavory character for many reasons.


On some level, Korff himself must be aware of his self-created woes. As a matter of fact, when I answered Korff’s concern (as to why he might be viewed in a less than favorable light by people associated with Meier) by pointing out that it was his own causal behavior that gave rise to the effect, i.e. the perception of “villainy” on his part, his response was, “Agreed and brilliant.”


Nonetheless, I decided to take him at face value, i.e. as he was presenting himself to me in a new spirit of friendship and cooperation in wanting to discover and present the truth about the Meier case in our joint production. And by that I certainly don’t mean that I expected him to agree with me, just to make an honorable presentation and, as he himself had said, for us to be able “to disagree without being disagreeable.”


However, on December 2, 2009, I withdrew from this project citing my legitimate concerns over already breached, and/or not fulfilled, agreements on Korff’s part. While Korff had no choice but to accept my withdrawal because of those facts, there was a further impetus for me to terminate my participation sooner rather than later.


I will now explain what that additional impetus was.


First, I should point out that I am authorized to represent the Meier material in the U.S. and English-speaking world and I do so both voluntarily and independently, initiating and producing my articles, DVDs, films, interviews, etc. without needing permission or approval from Meier or FIGU to do so. I do seek additional information and/or clarification whenever I feel it’s necessary and I try to keep them informed about what I’m doing, so that any errors in presenting the information can be detected and corrected early on. In regards to this project I had told them that it was underway and that I’d keep them informed.


On November 19, 2009, I wrote to FIGU asking if they had any particular suggestions regarding this project and, on November 28, I received a reply that Meier had none. Then, on November 30, I unexpectedly received an email from FIGU informing me that Meier had thought about it again and decided to ask Ptaah about it. Attached to the email was the transcript of the 483th Contact of Monday, November 30, 2009, in which Ptaah’s answer was given, as conveyed by Florena. Now, before proceeding, let me acknowledge that for many people, certainly including Korff, the idea that there are extraterrestrials named Ptaah and Florena, who are in regular contact with Meier, is impossible and just a fabulation. Well, perhaps time will tell.


What I am at liberty to say about the information in the transcript is that, based on a penetrating view into the various machinations going on behind the scenes, and easily concealed from me, the Plejaren were able to determine and tell Meier that the project was not at all intended as a cooperative, truth-seeking venture but merely a pretense for Korff who “is slanderously trying with all dishonest means to accuse you (Meier) of lying and cheating, and trying to let the truth of our contacts appear in the same light of lies and cheating” in order to “curse you worldwide again with slanderous claims of lying and cheating.” The advice to me was to distance myself from this issue because “nothing good will result from the whole venture, but only a new and dishonest controversy, as this is in Korff’s mind.”


I should note that all correspondence that I refer to is a matter of record, with easily verified dates and times, so any claims that I am posting these comments after the fact are easily refuted. And it’s only because of Korff’s recent postings of December 4, pertaining to his own forthcoming DVD on what he refers to as the “Billy Meier UFO hoax” that I want to post all of this information for the record.


As Korff himself implies, there are a number of people with whom he is now associated who have worked tirelessly to attack the Meier case and prove that he falsified his UFO photos, etc. It seems that the irony of a bunch of desperate, two-armed, wannabes (some of whom I have been contacted by myself) devoting so much time to trying to duplicate evidence, most of which was presented by a one-armed man more than 30 years ago, has escaped them. And of course the many facts regarding the examination, analysis, etc. by various experts that authenticated Meier’s UFO photos – as well as his film segments, sound recordings and metal samples – will probably also be attacked, etc.


However, at this point there is really no need to create new arguments to refute the latest debunking effort coming from Korff and his associates. The evidence presented in, and linked to, this one article alone should be sufficient for any rational, objective, thinking person to establish the UFO in the photo (from 1976) as a large, unsupported/unsuspended object and the trees as mature, full-sized and not small models or miniatures either. Additionally, the last film clip clearly shows a large, detailed object emitting two separate beams of light, in broad daylight, virtually impossible to hoax for a one-armed man in rural Switzerland in 1976.


It should also be noted that the skeptics and debunkers have spent a lot of time trying to duplicate the UFOs in Meier’s body of evidence and have never presented any of their own, equally compelling, uniquely designed, original creations. In other words there are an awful lot of resources being devoted to trying to duplicate Meier’s evidence (dating back to 1964) without any reflection on the part of the various critics that it’s been his photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples that have set the standard for, and provoked the worldwide controversy about, the whole UFO matter in current times.


Certainly there will also be attempts by Korff and his associates to “prove” that the so-called Wedding Cake UFO is also a hoax. But this analysis of a WCUFO photo clearly shows a full-size object nestled right against the leaves of a large tree; really, was Meier that skillful a “hoaxer” of 63 WCUFO photos and this video?


And while the skeptics still wrestle with Meier’s “too good to be true” physical evidence, the various prophecies and predictions published by Meier, some even decades ago, continue to be fulfilled, in large part due to just the same arrogant, ignorant, know-it-all state of mind that the skeptics exemplify in all of their attacks.


Most importantly, the core purpose of the Meier case is to, once again, bring the teaching of spirit, the teaching of life and the teaching of truth to humanity. Like the six other *true prophets before him, Meier fulfills an enormously difficult and largely thankless task that has put his life at risk, time and time again, because of the still largely ignorant, fearful and often religiously poisoned and deluded masses.


So, in a strange and ironic way, I guess we should thank Korff and his associates for doing their part to bring more public awareness to the Meier case. By my not participating directly in what was intended as a **set-up in the first place, by not dignifying, or endorsing, such a project through direct association with it we can continue to present the Meier material – most of it for free – for those who are interested in it.


And we will continue to let people decide the truth for themselves.


Finally, there are some other things, pertaining to Korff, stated by the Plejaren in the 483th Contact of Monday, November 30, 2009, which may come to light at a future time. And the final irony may be that it will be the accuracy of this information, clearly provable as being published on November 30, 2009, that may bring Korff his long awaited, and quite uncomfortable, “proof”…unfortunately.



On December 7, I received a long email from Korff asking me to reconsider withdrawing from the project. He had not yet read this statement, of December 5, in which I quote excerpts of what the Plejaren told Meier about what Korff's real intentions were. I also said in this statement that certain "uncomfortable" things (for Korff) may come to light that effectively prove the reality of the Plejaren to him.

Well, we didn't have to wait too long for some of that proof...from Korff himself! Here is one of the last, very telling, sentences from his email to me (emphasis added):

"UFO WatchCat will likely now revert BACK to the original plan which was to release several volumes exposing Meier."

So, to make the point as clear and obvious as possible, Korff himself let's the cat out of the bag about the "original plan", about which, as I replied to him, I knew absolutely nothing. But, as I also replied, the apparently for him (at least up until now) non-existent Plejaren did.

While it is extremely rare for the Plejaren to insert themselves into such matters, perhaps the fact that Korff has proved himself to be so unrepentantly committed to various devious, intentionally dishonest and destructive attacks on the truth, despite all honesty, openness and trust extended to him, allowed them to make a small but convincing exception. Of course, Kal Korff has complete free will in all matters concerning his own life and conduct, including pursuing his current course. Perhaps he just wishes to encounter even more of the compelling personal "proof" to which I previously alluded. I can only guarantee that should he continue in this manner he surely will, as is now already quite evident.

Michael Horn December 7, 2009





*The other six true prophets in this lineage are:


Henoch (Enoch)

Elja (Elijah)

Jesaja (Isaiah)

Jeremja (Jeremiah)

Jmmanuel (falsely called “Jesus Christ”)



Further, prophets are always simply human beings, like all others, who should – as the true prophets – never be worshipped, deified, prayed to, etc. There are no gods, angels, saints, saviors, messiahs, spirit guides, etc., and human beings are encouraged to never turn over their individual self-responsibility to such fabulations of human-made religions, cults, false belief systems, etc., nor to any leaders, priests, rabbis, mullahs, gurus, etc., as each human being is solely responsible for their own life, their thoughts, feelings and actions. The spiritual teaching in the Meier case is the same teaching previously brought to humanity by the previous six prophets, all of who lived, however, during times in which a very, very small portion of humanity could read and write. Therefore, the teaching was effectively falsified and made into religions, time and time again by might greedy human beings. But today with a majority of human beings able to read and write, and electronic means of virtually instantaneous transmission of information, the teaching can, and will be, spread and preserved in an unadulterated form, enabling it to be freely studied over the next seven centuries, during which time humanity will, hopefully, transform itself in consciousness and spiritual understanding, ultimately evolving to be what the Plejaren and Meier refer to as…true human beings.



**Apparently, I am the person referred to here that Korff was “playing”, as well as intending to “nail”, “handcuff”, “sue”, etc.



Michael Horn

December 6, 2009