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236th Contact (Part 2) - Thursday, April 26, 1990, 12:03 AM

I actually still wanted to talk to you and ask you some questions about that. But now, you have talked about it in detail, so I really have nothing more to say or ask. – – But something else: can you tell me, which is the oldest and which is the youngest people on the Earth, if one excludes from the Earthlings those who were created on the Earth?

191. The first three peoples who first came to Earth were simultaneously the red ones, the brown ones and the white ones.
192. But even of these, only the ones of normal growth.
193. That was about 22,000,000 years ago, as the Destroyer had done its work of destruction in the Lyran home systems.
194. The ones of other colors only then came very much later to Earth, as well as colossi, giants, titans and the dwarfed, as well as naturally developed beings, as well as dwarves, among others, from which very much later, that is to say, only about 21,000 years ago, their late descendants settled on the shores of the SANURA LAKE and lived there until the embankment broke in the western part of the lake and everything was washed away.
195. The shore upon which the approximately 40 cm [16”] tall dwarf beings lived was located, at that time, exactly there where the Semjase Silver Star Center stands today.
196. The differently colored ones who subsequently came to Earth were exclusively very strongly dark-skinned and established themselves in that land which today is the continent of Africa, from where they then spread out further, some to Australia and New Zealand and others to various other locations.
197. The yellow peoples - the Chinese and the Japanese - are the youngest inhabitants of the Earth, because their appearance on this planet was only a little more than one cosmic age ago, and indeed, seemingly exactly 25,978 years ago.
198. They came here from the planet NISSAN in the neighborhood of LASAN in the Lyra system.
199. But before that - and this was only discovered in recent years - they lived on the other side of the Sun on a planet with the name KUDRA, in a solar system that was named the NISAN system.
200. They came to the Lyra system and to Nisan 2,400,000 years ago because they had to emigrate as a consequence of overpopulation.
201. And they found the way to our original home planet by means of an old Lyran great expedition flotilla, which journeyed to the other side of the Sun and to the planet Kudra in the Nisan System, and there again encountered the yellow peoples.

Aha, and where, then, is this other side of the Sun? If I’m correctly informed, then by the Sun, you don’t mean our Sun, and also not a sun in the old Lyran system; rather, you speak of that sun that we know as the central sun of our Milky Way?

202. That corresponds with the facts, yes.

Our scientists of astronomy say that the central Milky Way sun is about 45,000 light years away from us. But you’ve explained to me that this is an erroneous calculation and mistaken assumption, as the real distance amounts to 10,000 light years fewer.

203. Our distance data are certain.
204. The Sol system, outside the Milky Way, constitutes something like an enclave because it floats as a single system far outside a spiral arm.
205. The distance to calculate from there to the middle of the central sun is 35,002 light years.
206. A distance of 79,471 light years is measured from there to the Nisan system which floats on the outer end of one of the solar systems on the other side of the Milky Way’s opposing spiral arm.

Thanks. One of us has wanted to know these data for a long time already.

207. There is no reason that you must thank me.

Even so. I have yet further questions.

208. Go ahead.

Thanks. – The name Jesus, from what original name does it derive, and what is its meaning?

209. You really don’t know that?

I’m not sure, which is why I didn’t answer this question when I was asked about it.

210. On what supposition, then, is your conjecture based?

I thought that the original name was Jesodos, which means something like “The Fundamental One.” But as I said, I’m not sure of this. Since my breakdown on the 4th of November, 1982, I just have my small difficulties with my memory.

211. That is well-known to me, but despite this disadvantage, you are right in your supposition.
212. The now world-famous name, Jesus, derives from the original name Jesodos, which had undergone various changes over the course of thousands of years; thus, it became Jesod and Jesad, from which then Jesud arose, then Jesa and Jsa and, at last, Jesus.
213. The meaning is actually what you specified: “The Fundamental One.”

Good, then another question: at the beginning of the contacts with Semjase, she told me the facts regarding the destruction of the Earth’s ozone layer via the irresponsible machinations of the Earth people who would destroy this protective shield all around the Earth by the use of toxic chemical substances. At that time, the task was imposed upon me that I should warn the terrestrial scientists about it, which I also did with a newsletter that I sent to many governments, chemical factories, and universities all over the world, but without ever having received a response or even a slight indication from the receivers. But then, some time later, there suddenly appeared newspaper reports, and messages were also broadcast on the radio and on television, which dealt with the destruction of the ozone layer. But the fact that I had made the scientists attentive and had awakened them to this, not a word of it was reported, of course. But now, the actual killer of the ozone layer, which is very well-known on the Earth, is called the chlorofluorocarbon, briefly designated as CFC. At that time, however, Semjase spoke of bromine or of bromine gases, etc., which would destroy the ozone layer of the Earth. But that can’t correspond to the truth because as is evident, it really concerns the CFC, which is responsible for the destruction.

214. Your statement is absolutely correct, but there is still a misunderstanding that, unfortunately, wasn’t considered by us and which I would like to correct, since you've now mentioned this.
215. Thus, it is good that you brought up this word.

Unfortunately, the question didn’t grow on my dung because Guido drew my attention to the fact that with this statement of Semjase, a contradiction apparently arises.

216. You say it correctly; it is only an apparent contradiction because in truth, there is none.
217. At that time, my daughter explained the facts to you completely correctly, but with the thoughtlessness that she mixed up earthly linguistic terms a little with new and ancient languages and, moreover, with ours.
218. The term “bromine” also exists in our language as the word “bromos.”
219. But for us, this has the same meaning that the term “chlorofluorocarbon” has in the German language.
220. In our language, we designate the chlorofluorocarbon simply as “bromos,” which is expressed in the German language simply as “bromine,” but for us, this also has the meaning of foul-smelling gas.
221. This word is also found on the Earth in the Ancient Greek language in the same form as we have it in our language, namely bromos, but with a slightly different meaning, for in the Ancient Greek language, the word “bromos” means bad smell.
222. So at that time, my daughter expressed the facts quite correctly with her explanation, but with the use of a word from our language that she simply converted into the German language, yet into the term “bromine gases,” and thus, a terrible misunderstanding arose, which she didn’t realize at the time and which has first officially made its appearance now, since you directed the appropriate question toward it.
223. For this misunderstanding that arose inadvertently, I ask for forbearance.

There is no reason, for which you would have to ask for forbearance. Misunderstandings can arise now and then. For my part, I still have a multipart question, but you’ve actually already answered it. However, I still think that we should lose a few words over it again because it just somehow seems that this is absolutely necessary. It concerns the matter around Yoshi Kozakura.

224. If you deem further questions as necessary, then go ahead…

Thanks. – Well – I find it somewhat depressing that Yoshi Kozakura is slowly but surely losing her sense of reality and converting to rather bad and crazy ways. She moves further and further away from the truth, biased and blinded by the liars and deceivers who pretend that they would have important information for her, from allegedly higher spirit forms and allegedly from extraterrestrials. Apart from a few misdirected ones, most who are informed know that this just concerns lies and deception and a large-scale swindle. But why, exactly, Yoshi Kozakura falls for this is a mystery to me. But anyways, I wish her all the best and just hope that she will soon open her eyes and recognize the full truth through this, so that she can find her way back to this same truth again and rediscover her begun way of the truth. But now, to my actual question: Yoshi Kozakura is badly influenced in swindler-like, mendacious, and deceitful forms, namely by several untruthful and deceitful degenerates. At least three of these are of some significance with regard to incredible, mendacious, and deceitful influence. As I was told from Japan, one of these persons of lies and deceit is a woman by the name of EMIKO. This liar and deceiver now maintains that she has contact with a life form from the Pleiades, whose name is Alan or something similar. Can you now tell me what this name means, if it exists at all? Furthermore, I know very well that all allegations of this woman Emiko are nothing but sordid and monstrous lies as well as malicious fraud and just as malicious swindle.

225. Your words correspond to the pure truth.
226. All assertions that Yoshi Kozakura and many other people make, in reference to alleged contacts with us or with other life forms than those on Earth, are based on nothing more than incredibly unscrupulous lies and on deceitful, swindler-like machinations.
227. You alone are an exception to the truth of this.
228. This also refers to messages from beings that are foreign to the Earth, which are transmitted to the people of the Earth.
229. Also in relation to this, you are the only prophetic power and the only power at all, who is currently living on the Earth and who is capable of fulfilling this task.
230. This was already explained by the high spirit levels, Arahat Athersata and Petale, who have absolute control and knowledge of all these issues and possibilities on the Earth and throughout the whole Universe.
231. Thus, Yoshi Kozakura also doesn’t have any capabilities for any contacts that would be other than material contacts and contacts with the Earth people.
232. Also, there are currently no other people on the Earth who would have such capabilities, besides those who are known to you.
233. Therefore, Yoshi Kozakura also has no persons around herself or in her circle of friends, who would be medium-talented in a such a way that they could have contacts with any beings and life forms that would be of a different nature than just those that are of a purely terrestrial and material origin.
234. At present, such capabilities are available to no one on the Earth or even in an understood development, except with those whom you know and honor as genuine.
235. Apart from the few initiates, you are actually the only life form who currently has such capabilities.
236. However, this has its far-reaching and highly spiritual reasons, which you can judge and explain better in every respect than I will ever be able to do in my present life.
237. And after you and the few others, some centuries will pass on this planet before the next person on Earth will have come so far that he can step into contact with life forms that are other than material and terrestrial.
238. Now, concerning the name ALAN, or even what this word should be, it is to be understood that this is only a deceitfully invented word formation, which holds no significance or meaning in itself.
239. This word form also can’t be found in our language or in any language known to us, and we know of and have stored more than 3.7 million languages in our entire field of knowledge and understanding.
240. You already informed me of this word formation, ALAN, during my last visit, so in the meantime, I could make sure that it exists in no language known to us.
241. Consequently, a group of specialists in Japan tried to get to the bottom of this, whereby it arose that the word formation ALAN is a pure, imprudent, and mendacious invention of fraudulent and cunningly dishonest Earth people, whose evolutionary states lie within the lower areas of the lowest earthly states.
242. The specific word formation, ALAN, which is used as a name for fraud and swindle, doesn’t appear in the entire Universe that is known to us, but now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that names of similar forms aren’t well-known to us.
243. So for example, the names Alaan, Aaland, Allan, Alann, Aljon, A'Lan and Nala exist in different languages known to us, with this last name representing the reverse form of the crazy word formation, ALAN.
244. The meanings of these names, however, are all very negative, which is why they only find use with humans who live in degeneracy and only exist with peoples whose development and compliance in matters of truth and true evolution are still on primitive levels.
245. Thus, the meanings of the names are also accordingly primitive, just as Alaan means “the One who is Contrary to Truth.”
246. Aaland means “the Twister of Truth;” Allan has the meaning of “the Despiser of Truth,” and Alann stands for the worthlessness of “the Hater of Truth.”
247. The name Aljon has the meaning of “the Destructive One,” while A'Lan means “the Deceiver.”
248. Nala, the name that would result from the reversal of ALAN, has the meaning of “the Liar.”

So all the meanings are of no good value.

249. Certainly, that is so.
250. But now, my friend, we should go away from here and into my aircraft.
251. Time has not stood still.

Right. It has already become rather late. But don’t forget to awaken Eva again out of her deep sleep; otherwise, she’ll be sleeping for the next three or four weeks or even longer, before you appear again. But let’s go now, if you have pressed your little button.

252. That is already done.
253. However, let’s go now, before she wakes up from our conversation.
254. We can talk further in my aircraft.

Yes, let’s clear out. – Out into the bushes or even into the ether. So be it.

255. But now, it is really that time…
256. So, here we are.
257. And as I know you, you still have some questions.

That is, indeed, so. First, I would like to ask about the Pope again, namely about when his true end will come, and the second thing that interests me is when an upswing can be expected in Switzerland again, and thus, the peak of unemployment will be over. Quetzal once said that it would be around the year 2003 or 2004.

258. The upswing will actually begin in the year 2003, but it will first be noticeably perceivable in the year 2004, as is clear from our foresight and if new, unforeseen seen things of a negative form don’t arise.
259. The present Pope should have already parted from this life about 10 years ago, on 5/31/1981, as a result of an assassination attempt.
260. But fortunately, up to that time, the entire international political situation, along with many other things, had changed for the better in such a way that our probability calculations weren’t fulfilled.
261. But what now relates to the actual death of Pope John Paul II, we’ve made a prediction, according to which he will die on _______.

Ah, then he will still remain in office for a long time and still experience some years of the Third Millennium.

262. Yes, but his final years will be a time of infirmity for him, so he won’t have a pleasant old age.

It isn’t to be wished for him. Then I still have another question regarding the so-called spontaneous human combustion, which actually isn’t as spontaneous as is accepted. Can you tell me something about it?

263. I can do that, but to my knowledge, you know about it, so first, I would gladly like to hear from you what you know about it.

Of course, as you wish: my knowledge is that the spontaneous combustion of the body concerns life processes, respectively physiological and functional operations of the whole body, where the basic factors are the consciousness and the subconsciousness, the thoughts and feelings, the emotions, the nerves, the sensibility and sensitivity, and naturally also the psyche. Thus, it is an aggregate physiological condition, through which a spontaneous combustion of the body is triggered, by what means the vibrations, energies, and forces of the aforementioned factors are developed, which also attract certain cosmic energies, together with the fact that chemical reactions are caused in the body, through which gases develop, which spread throughout the whole body and into the individual cells. Depressions, nerves, pain, suffering, delusions, sorrow, deep depression, and schizophrenic factors, along with many other factors, can fundamentally contribute to the process, by giving rise to the aforementioned vibrations, forces, and energies, which will then lead to the spontaneous combustion of the body, in that the produced gases ignite themselves. As a rule, combustion occurs from the inside out, more rarely from the outside, whereby a heat of up to 1500 degrees or more is created. Thus, the spontaneous combustion energies, etc. are generated by the person himself, together with the fact that during this process, he also attracts cosmic energies to himself, by what means a spontaneous combustion becomes final. But this doesn’t mean that in every case, a fatal self-combustion must take place because depending on the psychological and consciousness-related condition of the person, also just external burns on the body and on the limbs can become visible or even mild or severe blistering. In such cases, the self-combustion processes can be stopped if the thoughts and feelings are arranged correctly, but usually, professional and good psychological or psychiatric help is required for this. Concerning a released self-combustion of the aforesaid kind, it is the case, with certain exceptions, that the combustion heat only appears centrally, and thus, the burning in the body only appears and lasts for a very short time, as the body disintegrates into ashes. This means that in general, the nearer and further surroundings aren’t affected by the combustion, respectively by the heat, or are only affected very little. That’s what I know. Now, I’d just like to know, to what extent all of what I said is true.

264. Your explanation corresponds to our knowledge, which I could still scientifically explain more precisely, but I must refrain from this, in order not to violate our directives, because the Earth people must investigate and discover the exact insights themselves.
265. That, which you have explained, cannot relate to our directives.

That’s sufficient for me. Then another question regarding the AIDS epidemic: when will this begin to develop and spread out in such a way that it slowly takes the upper hand and, thus, takes hold in a rapid manner?

266. That will be after the turn of the millennium, but the spreading of the epidemic to a great extent won’t become properly grasped until the years 2003 and 2004.

And what about the indebtedness of the nations? Quetzal once said that the national debt will grow rapidly in practically all countries.

267. Yes, that will be so, for in the coming time, the governments will become more and more irresponsible in managing the national budgets and will drive the national debts to such heights that hardly any or even no possibilities will exist of still being able to avoid the financial collapses of certain nations, let alone that the debts could be amortized ever again.
268. In this connection, the governments will become more and more irresponsible and more criminal, but the people can do nothing about this because on the one hand, the national powerful figures enjoy immunity, which is absolutely wrong, and are hostile and criminal towards the people, and on the other hand, the people are much too negligent and put too much faith in the governments, that they would question the machinations of the governments.

A clear word. But something else: have you already found out that certain Earth people are simply inconvincible in reference to religious faith, concerning everything that is just purely man-made? I am thinking, for example, of rebirth and of what is maintained and erroneously taught in relation to this, that the personality becomes reincarnated; although, this is not the case because after the death of the body, the personality is dissolved by the entire consciousness block and becomes pure energy, from which, through the entire consciousness block, an entirely new personality is created, which is no longer identical to the preceding one. Only the spirit form becomes reborn, respectively reincarnated, and thus, not the personality. But now, there are the super clever ones who deny this and claim that Jesus Christ, respectively Jmmanuel, will be reborn as a personality, but this is utter nonsense, just like the erroneous religious teaching that deceased people, within the scope of rebirth, would become reincarnated as animals.

269. These absurdities are well-known to me, but it is extremely difficult and often quite impossible to be able to teach people who are infected with such delusional beliefs because every religious or sectarian faith enslaves everything in the world of apprehension, the world of thought, and the world of feeling of the person and evokes a certain obsession in such a way that reason becomes turned off and becomes completely devoid of any purpose, by what means any clear logic is nipped in the bud.
270. Religion, as this is common on the Earth among the people, is like a vicious drug, which disrupts and kills both the intellect and reason.
271. And people who have fallen victim to a religious or even sectarian faith are not only unpredictable in their unreasonableness, but they give themselves over and into the hands and responsibility of an imaginary deity, who should direct everything for them.
272. And such religion-believing or sect-believing people are usually also far from a true humaneness, whereby they are addicted to retaliation and also demand revenge for deeds of all kinds that are inflicted upon them or upon any others.
273. These, in complete contrast to people who are knowing in accordance with the creative laws and commandments and who live by them.
274. These are the ones who honor all life and who protect and preserve a true humaneness in dignity.
275. But now, dear friend, I still have to discuss various matters of a private nature with you, so now, you shouldn’t raise any further questions.

Your wish is my command. Then fire away…. No, one moment please, because I still have two or three questions that would be important. If it is still possible that I can ask them and you can answer them for me?

276. Then so be it, but after that, you must hold back with further questions.

Okay. Thanks. – What is actually up with the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls? Quetzal explained to me in 1985, just like Sfath shortly before his departure, that at the beginning of the year 1947, a nomadic shepherd had found ancient scrolls from the time before Jmmanuel’s birth in a cave near the village or place of Khirbet Qumran by the Dead Sea. However, neither Quetzal nor Sfath told me more details about it. Can you tell me more about it? I read somewhere that the scrolls of Jmmanuel or so are ascribed.

277. The scrolls of Qumran at the Dead Sea do not represent the history and teaching of Jmmanuel but rather of a self-appointed, megalomaniacal, and self-glorifying Jewish scribe, referred to as Son of God and highest of all angels, by the name of Menahem.
278. He was a revolutionary who mixed the old teachings of the Bible with new ideas and with his own ideas and – in this context, in a self-proclaimed manner – called himself prophet and referred his followers, with regard to his person, to the testimony of the prophet Isaiah regarding the coming Messiah, whereby he saw himself as this Messiah.
279. As a result of his actions and his delusion, he was rejected by the Pharisaic scribes and was ultimately pursued and threatened with death.
280. Menahem, the self-proclaimed prophet, founded the Essene sect, which was also known at that time as the Qumran Sect.
281. He was their supreme leader and maintained that he was the Son of God, and he related Isaiah’s statements – about the sufferings, the life, the crucifixion, and the alleged “resurrection from the dead,” which was announced by former prophets in reference to Jmmanuel – to himself and disseminated this.
282. Then, he actually became ostracized and pursued, in order to be murdered, then, in Jerusalem by Roman soldiers, after which he was left lying in an alleyway for three days, before he was taken and buried by sect members.
283. He had assembled 160 disciples around himself, who then invented and spread the alleged story of the Resurrection and the Ascension after some time.
284. The false prophet, in an arrogant and megalomaniacal manner, called himself “The Beloved” and “The Companion of the King,” and by this, he meant God-King.
285. Thus, in his delusion, he presumed himself as the chosen Messiah and saw himself seated on the “Throne in the Council of the Gods and Angels,” so therefore, also seated in heaven at the right hand of God.
286. Unlike Jmmanuel, who never called himself Messiah, who also didn’t see himself as such and who forbade his disciples from ever calling him such, Menahem was eager to be regarded, respected, and revered as Messiah.
287. And when, in the future, it will be claimed by those who are ignorant that Jmmanuel had received the teachings of Menahem, which will happen in the foreseeable time, it will not only represent falsehood but also defamation and slander against Jmmanuel and the true teaching.
288. Jmmanuel did not receive or continue on a tiny piece of the self-styled sect leader, for the truth is that the prophet Menahem, out of his own grace and as a stroke of fate, encountered the secret, old-traditional teaching of the spirit, which was reported to him in an oral manner.
289. It was the true teaching, as taught by the ancient prophets, and then also taught by Jmmanuel, in the execution of his mission and also in detail to certain parts, according to the instructions of Gabriel and several others who were involved in the affair.
290. From this, it cannot and may not in any way be said in the coming time that Jmmanuel had used Menahem’s teachings for his own purposes.
291. Such an assertion corresponds to a bad misrepresentation of the actual truth.
292. In the coming time, a large number of books will be written about the Qumran Scrolls, but these won’t contain the facts, unfortunately, but rather untenable theories and assertions, etc. and, thus, not the truth and not the real connections, and these won’t reveal the reality.
293. But back to the false prophet, Menahem:
294. He had succumbed to the delusion that he had reached a superhuman state, where he saw himself as immune to carnal desires and as standing over every possible capacity for physical suffering, and he also said this.
295. A nonsense that he also preached all around, not just within his sect.
296. In equal measure, he also presumed himself as the most glorious in magnificence person and, at the same time, the most despicable person on Earth, but only despicable in the eyes of his adversaries.
297. In his delusion, he also presumed himself as absolutely infallible and as elevated above the whole world, as this is found as a parallel with the Pope.
298. Furthermore, he was so blinded and arrogant in his delusion that he himself described his false teachings and speeches as absolutely incomparable.
299. In very great measure, he glorified himself and saw himself not only as Messiah and Prophet but also as God himself.

So Jmmanuel had no connection at all with the Qumran Sect, respectively with the Qumran Essene Sect.

300. That corresponds to what I explained.

Of course, and what was explained is also sufficient. Then another question: we have often talked about black holes. Someone asked me about them again. To my knowledge and in accordance with your explanations, it is the case that black holes draw in all kinds of matter that are attainable for them, along with tremendous amounts of information. Nevertheless, all the matter and information can’t be completely imprisoned in a black hole but will be partially ejected again, from which new stars, etc. then develop. And if I remember correctly, black holes eventually explode again, from which then – through the tremendous forces, energies, and masses of matter – new galaxies originate. You also said, when I asked about it once, that other dimensions couldn’t be penetrated and time traveling couldn’t be carried out through black holes. Is this right as such?

301. Yes, your explanation is correct.

Then still the last question: over and over again, I am asked about the space photos of my great journey, namely in reference to whether these were traded around and became falsified.

302. You probably don’t mean the paper images but rather the slides.
303. Yes, those were greatly falsified by the machinations of the fallible ones, and I mean all of them, because out of all those that Quetzal took and examined, there weren’t any that weren’t maliciously manipulated, and they ultimately turned out to be shots that correspond to a future film that was produced by our impulses on the Earth.

And how did it happen, then, that the shots resembled the conditions of reality?

304. Because our transmitted impulses were given to the Earth people in the form of impulse-images that corresponded to true, existent things of foreign worlds.

Planets, suns, humans, apparatuses, dinosaurs, and plants – were all these things included?

305. That corresponds what was done.
306. But now, my friend, that must be enough of the questions.

Okay. I’m satisfied. Thank you. Then now, fire away with what you still have to discuss privately…

Please also read this from the Talmud Jmmanuel:

Chapter 35 Cults around Jmmanuel

"It came to pass that Jmmanuel, his mother Mary, and his brother Thomas
traveled on into the cities at the sea in the north. Since olden
times, warrior women inhabited the area, but their descendants were
now peace loving. He preached to them the new teachings according to
his knowledge but had to flee their cities when they attempted to kill
him. Their own teachings, far removed from truth, were from a rigid
religious cult; and they punished with death those who taught
differently. Jmmanuel was treated as an outcast by these people and
persecuted as an agitator against their cult. So he fled. It came to
pass during his flight that he met up with a large caravan. He and his
following joined it and continued inland and into the mountains. They
traveled through the central part of the country for many weeks
whereupon they came to another sea and into the city of Ephesus. But
Jmmanuel was very much afraid, and no longer preached his new
teachings so that no one would recognize him; for in Ephesus were many
people - dealers and merchants, who came there from Jerusalem to
conduct business. Many among them had known Jmmanuel and had not been
well disposed toward him; therefore he avoided them and obscured his
face. The dealers and merchants in Ephesus had spread the story of
Jmmanuel and his purported death, which had occurred two-and-one-half
years earlier. However, after he had been in the city for a few days,
behold, he was recognized by one of the merchants who informed others
of like belief. They belonged to a secret group called the Association
of the Essenes. They brought Jmmanuel to a meeting that was secret,
for they feared the people because their secret society was considered
unlawful. But among them was one named Juthan, the most senior of the
secret society in Jerusalem, and he spoke, saying, "Behold, we know
very well what has taken place in your life, but we do not understand
how you can still be among the living. So, do tell us your secret."
Jmmanuel feared that he would be bound and returned to Jerusalem if he
remained silent in front of the conspirators; so he recounted
everything to the Essenes. And he told them about all that had
transpired and how he had fled from Jerusalem and had arrived in their
region. Juthan, the eldest, said, "Behold, we belong to a secret group
called the Association of the Essenes. Our quest and knowledge are not
attuned to the teachings of the scribes, but to the secrets of nature
and all that is inexplicable to humans. You are great in your
knowledge, and by all measures you have advanced in knowledge far
beyond us and the scribes, Pharisees, astrologers, even the elders and
the philosophers. Therefore, come join our society, be one of us and
teach us your knowledge." But Jmmanuel answered, saying, "Even if I
were to teach you my knowledge, it would not agree with your
teachings, because you follow incomplete human wisdom, whereas I
adhere to spiritual wisdom. Therefore, I think that our different
teachings would be incompatible with each other. It is also not my
inclination to spread my knowledge and teachings in secret, as you do,
since your secret Association of Essenes is unauthorized. But let me
think over the pros and cons for three days, and whether I will then
tell you 'yes' or 'no', because I must first think about everything
before I give you my last word on it." And Juthan said, "Be it as you
say. Peace be with you. Go and give us an answer in three days, if you
want to speak your word then." But Jmmanuel departed from there,
fleeing from the city with his following, and traveled east, far into
the country. And Jmmanuel said to his followers, "Behold, the
Association of the Essenes lives according to an erroneous religious
cult, though its followers gather much from my teachings. Their old
philosophy, however, is not the teaching of truth, knowledge, love,
logic, wisdom and the laws of Creation. Therefore, it is incorrect and
not of adequate or real value. But they have recognized this and are
now weaving my truthful teachings into their teachings of half-truths,
to create from this a new doctrine so that they can demean me by
calling me one of them. They will claim that I am affiliated with
their society and that they had helped me from the beginning of my
life. And they will even say that my teachings stem from the knowledge
of their cult, and that they had saved me from the cross because I was
one of them. They will claim that all my followers were from their
cult, and they will also claim that I am the son of God. But I tell
you that I have never belonged to this Association of Essenes and that
I have nothing in common with it or its followers; thus I also never
received help from them. The Association of the Essenes will not be
the only group to make use of my name. Many cults will come forth in
my name and will thus consider themselves great and will want to
dazzle the people thereby. Similarly, people will establish peculiar
cults and will glorify me in them, so as to be more credible, whereby
the public can be further enslaved and exploited. And so, many cults
will be established in my name, but their purpose will only be to
enslave people in their consciousness and freedom, thereby bringing
the cults great power over the people, the land and the money. But I
tell you that no cult will be righteous if it does not recognize
Creation alone as the highest power and does not live according to its
laws and directives. And no cult will exist that preaches the truthful
teachings, the knowledge or the truth. It will be two times a thousand
years before the time comes when my teachings will be preached anew,
without being falsified. This will occur when false doctrines and
erroneous cults, when lies and fraud, and when deception by the
conjurers of the dead and of spirits, by the soothsayers and
clairvoyants, as well as by all the charlatans of the truth, will be
at their peak. Until then, false cults, as well as liars, deceivers,
charlatans, conjurers of the dead and of spirits, false soothsayers,
clairvoyants, and false mediums pretending to speak for supernatural,
other-dimensional and extra terrestrial beings from the depths of the
universe, will be so numerous that they can no longer be counted. And
such cults will be built upon human blood, hatred, greed and power, on
lies and deceptions, and on cheating, misunderstanding,
self-deception, confusion of consciousness and delusion. But just as
they will have arisen, so will they be destroyed, because the truth
will triumph, for there is no untruth that will not be denounced as a
lie. There is nothing hidden that will not become revealed. Humans
will recognize what is before their faces, and what is hidden from
them will reveal itself when they search for the truth and the
enlightenment of wisdom. But the truth lies deep within the laws of
Creation, and there alone should humankind seek and find it. Those who
seek shall not stop seeking until they find, and when they find, they
will be profoundly shocked and astonished, but then they will rule
over the universe. May humans recognize from this that the kingdom is
within them and outside of them."