Is There a Conspiracy of Interest about UFOs, Aliens, 2012 & All Things Paranormal?


If one spends some time searching the internet, they will find an enormous amount of interest in the UFO topic. Below, I have listed just some of the areas of interest that are perhaps surprisingly getting a lot of attention pertaining to all things about UFOs, ET, aliens, abductions, conspiracy, the Illuminati, 2012, world order (presumably new), greys, crop circles, etc.:

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ufo video
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ufo abduction
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sighting (that some refer to as siting, for some reason)

One has to wonder then just what is the conspiracy of silence in official circles, especially in light of Billy Meier's fantastic UFO photos and footage and claims of contact with the Plejaren. Are there some sort of ET codes to be found, perhaps, that various parties don't want discovered? Are there concerns about 2012 end of the world scenarios pertaining to the Mayan and doomsday, etc., tied in with all sorts of other predictions that worry the powers that be? Just what is so scary about the so-called paranormal (which doesn't exist anyway)? Is the interest in UFOs and aliens on the same level of credibility as ghosts, haunting, spirits, psychic phenomena, houses that are haunted, etc.



Michael Horn

December 18, 2009