An Open Letter To Stephen Bassett and All Concerned


Overview: The Plejaren extraterrestrial human being Ptaah, utilizing a superior vantage point, provided very important information to me via Billy Meier. This information, otherwise unknown and unavailable to either Meier or me, proved to be absolutely accurate and prevented a catastrophe for the overall mission connected to the Meier case and for me personally in the process. I have offered this evidence to Stephen Bassett and his group as the newest, most tangible evidence for extraterrestrial contact, which also supports the singular, unique authenticity of the Meier case itself. My purpose for doing this, as spelled out below, is to call for cooperation in disseminating this important information.



Dear Stephen,

It’s no secret that I have widely promoted my challenge to you to substantiate your claims about “an extraterrestrial presence”, “millions of contactees worldwide”, “alien-human hybrid babies”, etc. So, when I used the occasion, at your lecture on Friday night , to make a rather startling public announcement – and a related offer to provide you with the best evidence of extraterrestrial contact you will ever likely receive – you were understandably somewhat surprised.

Since you didn’t respond directly to that offer, and as this is indeed the first time I am going public with this information, I will spell it out quite clearly for all concerned.

How This Came About

In mid 2009, Kal Korff, one of the most virulent attackers of the Billy Meier case and of him personally, approached me via email. Rather than more overt hostility, which we had both engaged in during our own encounters in radio debates and email exchanges, he suggested that we cooperate in a new DVD project. His idea was that he would produce a video opposing the Meier case and I would make one supporting it. Both of us would answer the same set of questions in his suggested format.

He offered to do all production and packaging of the finished products and other related matters. While I was understandably a bit cautious and hesitant, we continued to exchange emails, from September to November 2009. Korff became even more cordial, referred to me as his friend, and even said that he would no longer use attacking terms against Meier, such as “cult leader”, “hoaxer”, etc. So I took him at his word and proceeded with plans to do the project.

My Personal Evidence

On November 19, I mentioned to Christian Frehner of FIGU that I was doing this project with Kal Korff and I asked him if there was anything in particular that he would suggest, etc. His first response, on November 28, was that Billy had no advice to offer on it. Then, just two days later, on November 30, I received a brief, urgent sounding message from Christian, advising me that things were not as they appeared and that a translation of a contact that Billy had just had about it would be forwarded to me immediately. You can find that information here.

Indeed, after reading and considering the advice from Ptaah, I began to withdraw from the project with Korff, first just saying that I didn’t have time for, nor actually a real need to do, it. Understandably, he was surprised at my sudden decision to withdraw and persisted in trying to change my mind. I then pointed out to him that certain things, such as a basic business agreement between us, had not been forthcoming, etc.

There were further emails from him after I had closed the door on the project wherein he persisted, into early 2010, to try to convince me to reconsider. When he finally realized that this was non-negotiable, the truth behind Ptaah’s warning suddenly made itself manifest on Korff’s site, with a huge barrage of threats, accusations, and attacks directed at Meier and me. In fact, some of it was so vile – including death threats towards us – that I contacted his web hosting company in the U.K. After they had taken a look at it themselves, they told him to remove the death threats. There was still a lot of other ugly stuff and when I pointed it out to them, the company itself took Korff’s site down, informing me of their own feelings for Korff in the process:

“xxxxxx* did not send back edits or in any way endorse the site content. Our only relationship with Mr. Korff is his attempt to apply for Bill's job in the same breath that he announced he was dead, something we found deeply offensive to the life and memory of our Marketing Director.

In light of this further violation of our goodwill and terms of service, I have instructed our technical team that the site be suspended. This will be actioned in the next few hours.”

The site was actually down within 30 minutes of my receiving the information from the company.

Korff then took his site, in a slightly more sanitized version, to two other web-hosting companies, both of which also took it down after my complaints. When he put it up through yet another company, I initially went after it again but then decided to not proceed. The reason for that was so that anyone who wanted to see what this – far milder online – attack looked like could easily find it and perhaps understand just how duplicitous and disturbed this individual is. One can visit his site and enter my name or Meier’s to see what still remains of his threats, defamation, etc.

(*NOTE: I agreed to not publicize the two people’s names at, or the two people at and who facilitated removing Korff's defamatory website. Anyone suspecting a hoax should note that, along with the four persons at these companies, there were a total of eight (terrestrial) people involved, the other four being Billy Meier, Christian Frehner, me and the most unlikely "conspirator"...Kal Korff.)

To be clear, this was done to protect the mission. I am not in contact with the Plejaren and I am not the only person connected to FIGU who has received assistance from them, forwarded through Billy Meier. It’s simply the truth of what happened and which was necessitated by a real threat to the overall success of Meier’s mission on Earth. Korff’s Trojan Horse attempt to use me to disseminate - and effectively promote - his vile lies, unrestrained defamation and propaganda, via a DVD project over which I would have had no final control, could have been very destructive, had he succeeded.

So we got a little help – from the Plejaren extraterrestrials – for the overall good of the mission, which we view as ultimately being the overall good of humanity. As it is, you can expect the skeptics and the know-it-alls on the various conspiracy, UFO and paranormal forums to have a field day trying to attack it but the truth, and clear - well-documented - evidence, is irrefutable.

Why Now?

When these events were unfolding, I didn’t want to give Kal Korff more publicity to fuel his vengeful fire. I also knew that the mindless skeptics, who concoct complex, crazy, illogical “explanations” for real things that violate their own, very religious, belief systems would have further muddied the waters. I also saw no need to insert my personal experience into the mix, since I’ve known, for decades, that the Meier case was absolutely authentic. I came to my conclusions by independently researching the work of all the investigators before me, thoroughly examining all texts that were available to me in English, and by continually noting the ever-mounting corroboration for Meier’s prophetic information.

I came forward with this now, more than a year later, to help draw more attention to Meier's information about the alarming terrorism, wars and revolutions, as well as severe weather and climate change - unerringly foretold by him as early as 1951- that are already fast unfolding before our eyes. There may still be some time for more people to understand, prepare for and possibly even alter what is occurring and what will otherwise occur, in smaller or greater measure.

Your group, Exopolitics, is widespread and represents itself as wanting to be among the leaders in UFO disclosure, breaking the truth embargo, etc. It’s no secret that I have been enormously critical of your group, and you personally, because of your strict avoidance, even suppression, of the Meier case, up until now. However, I decided it was time to give you my evidence, exactly the kind that you seek, and otherwise simply don’t possess.

Certainly this is infinitely more important than UFO sightings, of which I've had six and about which I can draw no conclsuions since there's no way to prove that they were extraterrestrial, or that they weren't secret military craft. In other words, seeing UFOs is essentially meaningless to me. We don't need phenomena, we need to know the reason for any actual extraterrestrial visitations. And that reason is contained within the 26,000+ pages of information published by Meier.

So I am inviting you, your group and other interested parties, to use your network to inform the populace as widely, and quickly, as you can of this information, that all may examine and determine its meaning and value for themselves.

The UFO Community

Billy Meier is indeed the sole contact person for an extraterrestrial race tasked with a certain level of involvement with our world. Any interested, thinking person can discern this for him or her self. The UFO community, which should have long ago recognized and delved deeply into the Meier case, instead effectively became one of its main opponents. The reasons for this include jealousy, egoism, profit seeker, etc.

Since so much of the Meier material is freely available online, in sufficient volume and with sufficient corroborating information, anyone can reason their way through it and confirm Meier’s unique role and contribution to humanity. Despite some 21 attempts on his life, and relentless attacks from foolish skeptics, and defamers and disinformation agents like Korff, Meier has continued his work...without complaint.

By recognizing and understanding the authenticity of Meier's extraterrestrial contacts, and the validity and importance of his information, you and others concerned with the UFO-extraterrestrial matter can stop:

· Pursuing futile, fruitless “political” campaigns and absolutely pointless efforts to force any governments to reveal things that most actually don’t know much about and can’t be forced to reveal anyway

· Focusing on dead-ends like Area 51, Roswell (the government’s favorite, run yourself around in circles UFO case); and all of the huge disinformation and utter nonsense about non-existent “aliens” “Grays”, “Reptilians", etc., supposedly lurking everywhere, abducting people, forcing women to have “hybrid babies”, etc.

· Seeking approval from so-called leaders, etc., when anyone can easily know the truth about the real Plejaren extraterrestrials, far more than any officials - and so-called "UFO experts" - currently know…unless they too have carefully read the Meier material


The Plejaren have made it unambiguously, crystal clear that there will be no contacts, no landings, nor any form of interactions with any individuals, groups, etc., with the sole exception of Meier. The dreamy ideas of “Disclosure” are irrelevant, since the only real and important UFO related matter being “embargoed” that needs to be disclosed is the Meier case and his still ongoing contacts.

Delusional New Age nonsense about “Ascension”, “moving into the 4th dimension”, “leaving the planet”, along with channeling non-existent entities, masters, spirit guides, etc., are also only foolish, escapist nonsense that bring forth only bitter fruit, no matter how nicely it’s presented, as is also true of the “alien abduction” scenario, which isn’t alien at all.

Likewise, all purported trainings to become a “galactic ambassador”, etc. are nonsensical fantasies that only enrich those who charge money to promote them. Since none of these people are in contact with any extraterrestrials, how could they presume to provide such non-existent, exploitative things?

None of us are going to meet these Plejaren people, though some have seen them accidentally, even recently. They most likely were again visiting Meier in the early morning hours of his 74th birthday, February 3, as they usually do.

Further, the extremely dangerous trend towards mind control that is fully underway, and part of the widespread disinformation about UFOs and extraterrestrials, should be recognized and avoided. At this point, like it or not, any announcements by any governments pertaining to revealing the “truth” about UFOs and extraterrestrials must be viewed with the most extreme caution. There is no government that voluntarily acts against its own interests and control is the main interest of every government. The same caution should be given to believing tales about "aliens" working for the government, especially by people who were fully under the control of the government (and available to its psy-ops experts) during the times that they were purportedly working on "secret projects". It’s completely naïve to fail to understand this.

Likewise, we should seek to understand the underlying motivations of well-funded UFO groups, interest from extremely wealthy and powerful organizations in hosting mainstream UFO theorists (none of these people have any proven direct knowledge of anything extrterrestrial) and especially the disinformation willingly provided by the profit-seeking entertainment industry. And I’m saying this as someone who is hardly a conspiracy theorist.

The fact is that we have come to a  – long foretold by Meier – point in our history where so many people have been seduced by, and succumbed to, fantasies and illusions (see: 127.) that they are already living in a dream world and ripe for such manipulation, including ultimately being biochipped (see: 40.).

Turning Point

We must remember that there is nothing “paranormal”, only things which, if they're genuine, exist outside of our current understanding. But all things must accord with the laws of physics, some of which are still unknown, and accord with the laws of cause and effect, about which most people are simply ignorant. This is due in large part to foolish, delusional religious teachings that put the responsibility for the actions of human beings on outside sources, such as imaginary gods, saviors and saints, instead of emphasizing total and conmplete self-responsibility.

And because many of all of our so-called political leaders are themselves also religiously conditioned, they can’t help but harbor unreal beliefs. They, like the New Agers and many in the UFO community, still don’t understand that nobody is coming to “save us” from ourselves and what we’ve created here on Earth. Life, which can be painful enough, will be all the more so for those who, consciously or unconsciously, cling to such beliefs.

The Offer and the Goal

As I offered to you last night but which you may have missed in the shock of the moment, you and your group, as well as any others who wish to do so, are invited to inform their members and other concerned parties of the unique, singular reality – and purpose – of the Meier contacts, i.e. to help us to assure our future survival.

You can point to my own additional corroborating evidence to support it. In fact, it shows that a very negative outcome, once one has been warned about it, can be changed by taking self-responsibility and correcting one’s course of action in time…as is the purpose of the Meier prophecies and predictions.

My evidence needs no embellishment and can be seen as further supporting the genuineness and importance of the Meier material. As I have myself done with various people who have claimed to be “contactees”, you too can now enforce this standard against their claims – as well as against the voluminous amount of authenticated evidence in the Meier case.

Because you and others are connected to a large network of similarly minded people, and because many of you have access to more mainstream as well as alternative media, you can put the information forth in some cases easier than I can. There is no profit to be sought here, no hierarchy; this is not any kind of “political” matter. This is simply a service to humanity and any who participate in performing that service must do so for the right reasons. Therefore, it isn’t to be forced on anyone, yourself included.

Of course the Meier material is volatile, it pulls no punches about politics, religion, etc. So drawing attention to it isn’t for the faint of heart, or for those who simply seek personal fame or some celebrity status. The Meier material is about the truth, and the truth must be sought and discovered by each human being by and for himself or herself. It will not be provided by governments, religions, leaders, etc. Real, true leadership will now mainly come from the ground up. So, in that way, you and your organization can be instrumental in pointing people towards the Meier information, that they can take responsibility for determining its value for themselves.

I will add that your organization currently still has two people who promote a convicted criminal and charlatan. They could rectify this in no time simply by acknowledging their mistake and retracting their support. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is immune from doing so, but taking responsibility for cleaning them up and moving on is the best thing to do.

I Await Your Response

More information is of course available, on my site and on my new blog, which shows the relevance, and prophetic accuracy, of the Meier material to events that are unfolding, even exploding, across the world today. At the heart of the Meier material is the spiritual teaching, a teaching completely devoid of any beliefs, based on self-responsibility and conscious self-awareness. This teaching itself offers major keys to not only our survival but also for our evolution.

So, Stephen, welcome to what you call the "post-Disclosure world". It may not look like you imagined it would because it didn't require any government officials to approve it, or formal pronouncements to ring it in. We, all of us, are ultimately our own leaders and must search for, and discover, the truth for oursleves. I do hope that you, and all concerned can recognize it for yourselves when you see it.

Having said more than enough, at this point all that remains is to receive your response, and the responses from any and all other persons in the Exopolitics groups, MUFON, concerned scientists, - even skeptics and the nice people at SETI (who won't have to search so hard anymore) - who are ready to openly, critically examine and discuss the Meier case for the benefit of all concerned. In this effort, we are all of equal value.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
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