A True Prophet Revealed


But will humanity heed his final warnings in time to avoid destruction?


Claims about prophecies and predictions are, and should be, met with a certain degree of healthy skepticism focusing on the ability of the claimant to produce verifiable proof that their information was indeed published prior to the occurrence of the events allegedly predicted.


Part of the problem though has been the very contentious nature of the discussion between the skeptics and the proponents of Billy Meier’s prophetic claims. While previously arguably necessary in order to generate interest in, and debate about, Meier’s claims, this contentiousness must now give way to careful examination of specific, easily verified proof of his prior publication of numerous, specific scientific discoveries and specific world events.


Therefore, while there is also significant other evidence supporting Meier’s accuracy for the specific information that is alluded to above, and since extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, only the most obvious, ironclad evidence, supported by easily verifiable copyrighted information, is presented below.


And, unless providing such evidence as usually constitutes a legal standard of proof is now suddenly and inexplicably neither required nor deemed relevant, its validity truly must be accepted.


Nonetheless, even those who understand that the evidence authenticates Meier’s claims may have a very difficult time with the information, as it so thoroughly blasts away everything that we think we know to be true and possible, as well as any logical objections to what now must be recognized as the most important story in human history. (It also of course raises deeply disturbing questions as to how and why this information has been so effectively suppressed for so long.)


Another problem is that the term prophet usually has strong religious connotations and nothing could be farther from the truth regarding Meier. As a matter of fact, none of the previous true prophets intended to start, or be part of, any religions. A true prophet is simply someone who fits the job description, i.e. someone who accurately foretells future events.


So, above all, the emphasis must be on finding the truth of any and all considered matters, which can bring together people of many diverse backgrounds, abilities and points of view, no matter what/whose sacred cows may be gored in the process. It is only through this bringing together and uniting in the common purpose of seeking benefit to all humankind, with no exclusions or exceptions based on nationality, race, color, creed, economic status, etc., that the true purpose human life, the evolution of consciousness, will have an actual chance to develop and avoid self-destruction.


And the looming question, as hinted at in the byline above, now is, are we too late?


Verifiable Documentation


Below you will find documentation establishing the publication dates of the information from Meier often referred to as his “prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information”. As you will see, is the Plejaren provided most of this information within a conversational context to Meier. However, you can find other, specifically prophetic and predictive information in this section.


Regarding proof that Meier published information regarding the Red Meteor, now known as Apophis, long before “official discovery”, it can be found in the German language version of Guido Moosbrugger’s book, first published in 1991:


The Red Meteor


...Und Sie Fliegen Doch! Ufos: Die Die Grobte Herausforderund Des 20. Jahrhunderts

by Guido Moosbrugger

Binding: Hardcover 

Publisher: Michael Hesemann 

Date published: 1991

ISBN-13: 9783925248184 ISBN:3925248188


(CORRECTION: I found that the text was not in the above mentioned German book in 1991, though it was first published in German in 1981 and, as mentioned at http://theyfly.com/Red_Meteor.html, available in English shortly thereafter. Of course, the copyright in English, in 2001, is ironclad.)


This information appears on pages 316 and 317 of Guido Moosbrugger's book, And yet...they  fly!  - which was first published in English in September 2001...three years before Apophis was discovered by terrestrial scientists.


And yet they fly!

by Guido Moosbrugger

Publisher: Steelmark; 1 edition (August 7, 2001)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0971152306

ISBN-13: 978-0971152304




The information also appears on pages 265 and 266 of And still they fly! - published in 2004:


2    3



Here is a question and answer regarding the Red Meteor that was originally posted posted on the FIGU online forum one and one-half years before Apophis was discovered:




George Madeyski

Posted on Monday, December 16, 2002 - 10:49 am


Hello Billy,

Is the impending 'Red Meteor' event still on?

(it will rip a gush in Europe from Baltic Sea to Black Sea).

Is it fair to ask you this. When you say 'IMPENDING' does that mean:

within next 20 years, 50 years or what does that word realy imply?

Will this event stop the growth of the food crops for few years and

consequently cause famine leading to war for food sources by nations

who have nothing to loose(desperate)?


George Madeyski


ANSWER: Hi George,

It is still on its way. It has not yet been discovered.

Well, "officially" Billy doesn't know. :-)

Regarding the end question: No, and the Earth will not explode.


NOTE: Both the questioner above and the two translated texts refer to the Red Meteor as striking between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. However, the original transcript from which this is taken states that it will strike between the North Sea and the Black Sea, reflecting perhaps an error in translation into the English versions.


One other significant point is that, contrary to what is stated by the Russians the Plejaren do recommend that a nuclear explosion be used to deflect Apophis from its course.


I first read this information in 1986, and have kept a scanned copy of the book, as it was later again published in 1996, in which this transcript occurs So, here are the cover and copyright pages of that book, followed by the page with that portion of Contact 150 and then an even earlier warning, from 1976, in a poetic form. (Unfortunately the quality of the scans isn’t great.):



4 5









Venus information from Message from the Pleiades Vol. 1


29th Contact             Monday, 7 July 1975          10:37 h












Venus information from Message from the Pleiades Vol. 3


31st  Contact             Thursday, 17 July 1975     10:14 h








NOTE: Here are Wendelle Stevens’ notes that follow the 31st Contact in Volume 1. Number (3), below, refers to footnote number (3) in page 287 above. We have to remember that all of this is happening not only in pre-internet, pre-cable TV, times, but is centered around information being published by a man living on a farm in a rugged, rural location in Switzerland. Further, while Meier didn’t even have a TV at the time, he was also quite far from libraries, universities, newsstands, etc., as well as in the midst of working as a night watchman, trying to raise a family with three children, going to contacts, typing out and disseminating the transcripts of his conversations, etc. and all with one hand:




NOTE: The copyrights in the books, Volume 1 and Volume 3 (for the Mars information below) are from 1979 – 1988. Wendelle Stevens began receiving Meier’s German language Contact Notes, which he had been publishing since 1975, in 1977. Stevens’ English language translations and books (which do contain some errors and are not official translations) were laboriously prepared in pre-computer, pre-internet days, taking months, and sometimes even years, before they were published and made available in English. However, all evidence and logic points to the originals as being written and published as per Meier’s dating of them, especially since the German language originals have been, and still are, in circulation since 1975.



The following  information given to Meier by Semjase can be compared to recently confirmed discoveries on Mars:


Mars information from Message from the Pleiades Vol. 3


59th Contact             Thursday, 8 July 1976       14:03 h







The following information pertains to the two planets beyond Pluto, both of which were discovered after the year 2000. It also contains a brief mention of other predictive information, which was in Stevens’ hands prior to the fulfillment of those predictions. More about that information, all of which is contained in the 115th Contact from October 19, 1978, can be found here and here (where Stevens’ statement about having the information in his possession prior to the occurrence of certain events can also be found):


UFO Contact from the Pleiades A Preliminary Investigation Report




UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report

Hardcover: 542 pages

Publisher: U F O Photo Archives; First Edition (June 1978)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0960855823

ISBN-13: 978-0960855827


NOTE: For those who may wish to question the description of the two celestial bodies beyond Pluto and point out that Meier referred to them as planets and not planetoids, please note the following information (and copyright dates) from http://www.theyfly.com/PDF/NewCorroboration.pdf (emphasis added):


In Meier’s book, Existing Life in the Universe (copyright 1978 and 1992), he said:


"Just as the small planet Vulcano moves in its extremely fast and extraordinarily close

orbit around the sun, the planetoid UNI rushes around the central star in the most remote

reaches of SOL and outside of Pluto's orbit. UNI is so far removed from the Sun that it

hardly reflects any sunlight and, hence, cannot be seen from the Earth, at least not yet at

this point in time. Towards the coming turn of the century, however, or perhaps shortly

thereafter, this solar satellite might be discovered if the improved outer space research

techniques allow for this.


One may not expect too much from the planetoid  UNI, since, on the one hand, it is

practically an ice world like Pluto's moon, Charon (as it will be called,  according to the

Pleiadians), and on the other hand, it is so small that one cannot really speak of it as a

planet but only as a planetoid as this is also the case with the Sun's neighbor satellite,



Comet Toutatis


In 1978, Meier predicted the forthcoming discovery, and subsequent naming, of a comet that would be called Toutatis. In this same book he gave additional, subsequently verified information about a number of comets.


19              20


21             22  



23 24


Please note that the word TOUTATIS is spelled out in the last of the four pages above, as Meier wrote and published it in 1978. (English language translation for reference.)


Naturally, it will be noticed that the copyright dates for the book above are 1978/1993. There is documentation for all of the information from 1978 to 1993.


NOTE: It has recently (September 2011) been pointed out by a skeptic that Mahigitam wrote the following pertaining to his inquiring into proof for the publication of the Toutatis information, “I emailed Christian long time back about this and I got the reply that there is no 1978 edition of the 'Existentes Leben im Universum' . The information from 1978 was present among the various periodicals of ‘Stimme der Wassermannzeit’. I think it would be nice, if someone has those periodicals from 1978 up to 1989 (year in which Toutatis was discovered) in which information about 'Toutatis' was published.”


I received the following clarification from FIGU on September 29, 2011:


“Hi Michael,

In the “Stimme der Wassermannzeit” a first draft of the book “Existentes Leben im Universum” was published as a series. Based on this draft edition (not available as a book, at least if I remember correctly), Billy later wrote the extended version that is now available as a book.
The copyright date of 1978 refers to the first, initial version.



Semjase Contact Block 13The 5,100 Year-Old Iceman


While the information on the 5,100 year-old iceman is not astronomical in nature, it is another ironclad example of Meier publishing very unique, specific, accurate information well in advance of “official discovery”. Here below, as can also be seen in the above linked article, is the image of the cover and copyright page of the published book within which that information can be found and verified:






Additional  Information


There is an abundance of other important information to be found, such as pertains to Jupiter and its moons and to many other specific prophecies and predictions spanning a wide range of topics otherwise well beyond the scope of Meier’s education and possible knowledge, that has been corroborated (most likely unbeknownst to the scientists who’ve been making these “new discoveries”) and which supersedes even the easily authenticated physical evidence, as stunning and impressive as it also is.


It is because this information is so overwhelming and undeniable in its accuracy, and often disturbing in its implications regarding the threat to human survival, that this article, this plea for reason, objectivity and cooperation in recognizing its validity, and encouraging the implementation of the still possibly mitigating recommendations contained within it, is published. 





Michael Horn

January 2, 2009