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The Spiritual Teaching


Everyday Life


Now on DVD! The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life.


The newest, information packed, full-length documentary.


Billy Meier answers questions pertaining to:


Virtues to Develop • Human Relationships • Children & Families • Egoism Pro & Con • Women & the Future • Changing the Prophecies • The Spiritual Teaching & Evolution • The Effects of Swinging-Waves on People • Safety in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres • How to Safely Reduce Overpopulation • Realities of Artificial Insemination • Interracial Relationships • Combating Terrorism & Racism • Understanding Your Dreams • The Might of the Thoughts • The Truth about Mohammed’s Wives • Sinking Islands Due to Rising Seas • Fights & Challenges in the Plejaren Federation • Plejaren Education • Plejaren Use of Drugs & Medication • The Different Roles of the Father & Mother…and much more!


Easy to read English subtitles, German language.







Brand new DVD By Michael Horn


The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday life DVD