Michael Horn Live @ The Flying Saucers Café

Two-Disk Set, Total Run Time 2:40!

This two-disk set was filmed live at the Flying Saucers Café in Santa Monica, California. Michael inaugerated his new, interactive format, where he takes questions - and challenges - from the audience instead of presenting lectures, such as are available in the Meier Case Update series, featured below.

This presentation is the first in a series of presentations Michael is scheduled to make at the cafe. Some of the questions that Michael gives in-depth answers to in this - non-stop, two hours and forty minutes - new series are:

• Why has the Meier case been suppressed by the powers that be?

• Where can we find documentation of the publication of the prophecies and predictions?

• What kind of intervention can we expect from the Plejaren in light of the critical conditions we now face?

• Who were the gods of the past in the various religions?

• What do the Plejaren say about Obama?

• What's the truth about skeptics who now claim to have duplicated Meier's photos and films?

• How does reincarnation work if you were an extraterrestrial, in a distant past life, who came here?

• How and why did we need seven prophets to bring the spiritual teaching to us?

• Why didn't the Plejaren offer of contact with the Jimmy Carter administration, in 1979, succeed?

• What's the truth about the Roswell androids, secret military craft the UFO cover-up?

• How does demonizing "aliens" connect to corporate and governmental plans for gaining complete control over humanity, including bio-chipping?

• Were, or are, there any other authentic contactees?

• What about official "Disclosure"?

• What are the latest prophecies and predictions?

...and many, many, many more in the first of this fascinating new series.

NOTE: This is the same cafe at which Michael also made his groundbreaking public announcement about his own personal evidence that the Meier case is authentic.