The Billy Meier Case

The Billy Meier Case

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The Billy Meier Case


The Billy Meier Case: The Reason for the UFO Cover-up.

In this brand new, nearly one hour long, information rich TV presentation, Michael Horn is interviewed by Garret Moore, a man who knows first hand about Kal Korff's efforts to falsify Billy Meier's UFO photographs.

Michael goes into detailed explanations about:

How people can use deductive reasoning to verify the authenticity of Billy Meier's prophetic information when the original documents no longer exist.

Why there is no connection between the Meier UFO case and the UFO community and industry, which disseminates deliberate disinformation created by the intelligence services to keep people away from the Meier case.

Why the Meier case and the spiritual teaching are the key to our future survival, as Michael's been saying for over 10 years.

The specific warnings pertaining to the megaquakes and volcanic eruptions, including the coming San Francisco earthquake and the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja at La Palma.

How and why the prophecies pertaining to Russia, Canada and the US are now also fulfilling.

The spiritual teaching and how study groups exist, can be formed and function to help spread awareness of this suppressed information.

and more!

This is an excellent program for not only deepening your own understanding of the Billy Meier case but also for introducing others to the information and to help them prepare for the coming times.

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