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as the time fulfills

as the time fulfills is the newest, most definitive documentary on the Billy Meier UFO contacts in Switzerland!

With ironclad, documented corroboration of more than 50 examples of Billy Meier's specific, prophetically accurate scientific information, his singular status as the only authentic UFO contactee, and the prophet for the new time, is indisputably established.

as the time fulfills demolishes any and all arguments from skeptics and other religious believers. It will be equally troublesome for the "UFO industry" that promotes false and irrelevant UFO cases and so-called contactees - as well as studiously ignores the Billy Meier case in pursuit of profits.

as the time fulfills also presents the clear distinctions between the fear-inducing, enslaving religions and sects and the true spiritual teaching.

Filmed in Switzerland, London, Paris, Brazil and the US, with interviews of people from around the world, the film presents the harsh truth about the:

· Apollo 11 moon landing hoax
· Demonstrations against Wall Street
· Worldwide Jewish conspiracy
· Realities of using "free energy"
· Coming Russian military attacks
· Civil wars coming to America
· The Book of Names
· Environmental destruction


· False UFO attack
· Illuminati influences
· Obama and the Plejaren on Obama and Romney
…and the radically controversial truth about who Billy Meier really is!

as the time fulfills Runing time: 75 mins
A film by Michael & Amy Horn

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attf_ SROT 2006 IUFOC SIS Meier Contacts DVD ASTF Interview UFO

The Legacy Collection!

In celebration of the release of as the time fulfills this collection features several milestone products providing extremely important documention of the Billy Meier case. In chronological order from most recent to earliest they are:

as the time fulfills

The Silent Revolution of Truth

The Meier Case Update 2006

The Standing in Spirit Workshop

The Meier Contacts DVD

An Interview With A UFO Contactee

And Still They Fly

...providing you with a comprehensive library of invaluable and highly informative reference material.

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Michael Horn Live @ The Flying Saucers Café - January 14, 2011 - Two-Disk Set, Total Run Time 2:40!

This two-disk set was filmed live at the (soon to be famous) Flying Saucers Café in Santa Monica, California. Michael inaugerated his new, interactive format, where he takes questions - and challenges - from the audience instead of presenting lectures, such as are available in the Meier Case Update series, featured below.

This presentation is the first in a series of presentations Michael is scheduled to make at the cafe. Some of the questions that Michael gives in-depth answers to in this - non-stop, two hours and forty minutes - new series are:

• Why has the Meier case been suppressed by the powers that be?

• Where can we find documentation of the publication of the prophecies and predictions?

• What kind of intervention can we expect from the Plejaren in light of the critical conditions we now face?

• Who were the gods of the past in the various religions?

• What do the Plejaren say about Obama?

• What's the truth about skeptics who now claim to have duplicated Meier's photos and films?

• How does reincarnation work if you were an extraterrestrial, in a distant past life, who came here?

• How and why did we need seven prophets to bring the spiritual teaching to us?

• Why didn't the Plejaren offer of contact with the Jimmy Carter administration, in 1979, succeed?

• What's the truth about the Roswell androids, secret military craft the UFO cover-up?

• How does demonizing "aliens" connect to corporate and governmental plans for gaining complete control over humanity, including bio-chipping?

• Were, or are, there any other authentic contactees?

• What about official "Disclosure"?

• What are the latest prophecies and predictions?

...and many, many, many more in the first of this fascinating new series.

NOTE: This is the same cafe at which Michael also made his groundbreaking public announcement about his own personal evidence that the Meier case is authentic.

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Michael Horn Live @ The ASPE Conference

Michael Horn's presentation at the ASPE Conference in New Mexico, in 2010, is arguably one of his most information rich presentations since his IUFOC series and The Silent Revolution of Truth.

It's also remarkably prescient, as he effectively foretells the dismissal of the "UFO disclosure" petitions by the government, which recently occurred.

In this more than one-hour presentation, Michael clearly differentiates between truth and entertainment in the discussion about UFOs. He sets the tone for a serious look at the absence of evidence for all of the claims in the UFO field - and the overwhelming abundance of evidence for the Meier case.

Michael explores:

Meier's India photos
A rarely seen video of Meier and the tree from the famous Sunlight Photo
Meier's UFO evidence vs. lights in the sky
The cover-up being effectively ONLY about the Meier case
Roswell as the government's favorite UFO case
Genetic engineering of humanity by the ancient Sirians
Reincarnation and Meier's lineage as a prophet
Illusions of the paranormal, "ascension" and New Age beliefs
The reason for the media blackout on the Meier case
...and much more.

Also included, a Q&A session.

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The Silent Revolution of Truth

(NOTE: Sometimes ships as "The Billy Meier Story: UFOs & Prophecies from Outer Space".)

Now also available as an IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD in English AND also one with Spanish subtitles!

In 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS, global warming and terrorism and… he’d already been to the moon.

Is it the biggest hoax…or the most important story in human history?

Now you can decide for yourself!

The long awaited, new, feature length documentary on the Billy Meier case is finally here! Now, for the first time, you’ll see and hear Billy Meier’s life story in his own words!

You’ll see photos and films of:

• Meier handling the infamous laser pistol!

• Multiple UFOs and a UFO hovering…over Meier’s head!

• A demonstration of a recent magnetic levitation invention that proves Meier’s UFOs are the real thing!

• Scientific examination of the UFO sounds and metal samples!

• The apple grown more than 30 years ago…in a Plejaren space ship!

• The secret Nazi UFO…used with devastating results against Allied bombers in WWII!

• The MGM FX UFO model and Meier’s 60+ words per minute, one-handed typing!

• …and never before released Meier UFO photos!

You’ll learn about Billy Meier’s:

• Contacts with the Plejaren, Sfath, which began when he was…five years old!

• Conservative parish priest – and UFO contactee – Father Zimmermann, who helped him cope with his otherworldly experience!

• Early hardships, youth prison and his escape from the French Foreign Legion!

• Travels into the past and future with Asket, from the Dal universe!

• Meetings with world leaders from Mahatma Gandhi to…Saddam Hussein!

• Role as The Phantom in the Middle East, apprehending serial killers and mass murderers!

• Loss of his left arm in a brutal accident in Turkey and the life-threatening delirium that followed!

• Dream that saved him from a would be assassin!

And there’s new information about:

• The discovery of the Talmud Jmmanuel, the 2,000 year-old document, so heretical it threatens the very foundation of all the major religions!

• Who Jmmanuel really was and how the false name “Jesus Christ” was later given to him…with photos of the actual tomb of the crucifixion!

• Spiritual teachings – and predictions – from the Plejaren!

You’ll also meet and hear from:

• Family members sharing what it was like growing up with a UFO contactee!

• Numerous other witnesses, including a retired UN diplomat!

• Other witnesses, some who also photographed the UFOs!

Fair and balanced! You’ll also learn about:

• What a professional therapist has to say about people who say they’ve been in contact with extraterrestrials!

• The analysis of Meier’s and the UN diplomat’s honesty by an expert consultant to the U.S. Army Special Forces – who depend on the same observational skills in life and death situations!

And there’s more in the Special Features section!

• See a professional skeptic take his best shot at Meier’s evidence…and Michael Horn’s rebuttal!

• Learn the history of the human race in the universe over millions and millions of years!

• Hear the story of how the first interstellar songwriting collaboration took place – and hear the song itself!

Feature length: 1:32 Special Features: :38 Total running time: 2:10

Once you see this new film you’ll want to have everything available on the Meier case!

Your Price $25.00!


2008 IUFOC

Michael Horn Meier Case Update - 2008

One-hour, single-DVD

In this sizzling, no holds barred, live presentation Michael Horn reveals the truth about the:

• NEW EFFORTS by failed skeptic that AUTHENTICATE Meier case!

• Roswell and various other UFO crashes

• So-called “alien agreements”

• NEW CONFIRMATION from Academy Award-winning FX experts!

• Budd Hopkins meltdown

• Recent Texas UFO sightings


• Election thefts and Bush connection to 9/11!

• Warnings about parts of continents disappearing!

• New “Pod” people!

• Sci-fi spacecraft designs in last 50 years - vs. disk-shaped UFOs

• Proof of Meier prophecy regarding planets beyond Pluto

• ASTOUNDING 5,100 year-old iceman proves Meier case true!

Plus more about…

• The Disclosure Project, “alien abductions” and even a Help Wanted ad - for aliens!

After the release of The Silent Revolution of Truth, the skeptic who presented his organization’s best but failed case against the Meier material (gathered over at least six years!) retracted his claims of hoax. He then contacted the Academy Award-winning special effects company (for Independence Day) mentioned in the film to try to coerce them to retract their comments about Meier’s evidence. Instead, they published a statement essentially supporting the authenticity of Meier’s UFO film (see it in the DVD)!

Your Price 30.00!


2007 IUFOC

Michael Horn
Meier Case Update - 2007 - new three-hour, double-DVD

Just recorded, just released! This new, three-hour, double-DVD set of the "The World At the Threshold", presented by Michael Horn, at the 16th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival, in Laughlin, Nevada on March 2, 2007.

Highlights of this comprehensive new presentation include:

• The results of the skeptical challenges of the last six years, how debunkers like Kal Korff, Jeff Ritzmann, David Biedney, Royce Myers, etc. met with stunning defeat!

• An unexpected debunking of Michael Salla's fantasy laden "exopolitics" myth of "extraterrestrials walking among us" and his unethical support for the fraudulent, so-called "lifelong Andromedan contactee", Alex Collier, who blatantly plagiarized and distorted Meier's material

• NEW film of the $400 MGM FX model UFO compared to the Meier UFO photos and film!

• An overview of the actual extraterrestrial presence on earth that started 22 million years ago!

• Information about the negative extraterrestrial splinter group, the Bafath, that was based beneath the Great Pyramid for thousands of years...until 1978!

• The connection between the Bafath and Jehova, all world religions, Hitler and world leaders

• Information on the lineage of genuine prophets, from Henoch to Billy Meier

• NEW film of Meier demonstrating his 60+ words per minute, one-handed typing!

• The real, alarming inconvenient truth about the environment and global warming published by Meier...in 1951 and 1958!

• The largest group participation in the Salome Peace Meditation...on this planet!

• Information about the new edition of the Talmud Jmmanuel with the prophecies of Jeremiah and Elijah!

• Jmmanuel's prophecies regarding Israel, Mohammed, nuclear, chemical-biological missiles, environmental damage, etc.

• Jmmanuel's foretelling of his return, along with the "celestial sons" during these times!

• The truth about all prophets and "gods" and how we should regard them

• An introductory workshop in Standing In Spirit and how to use the technique in daily life

...and much, much more!

Your Price $30.00!


2006 IUFOC

Michael Horn
Meier Case Update - 2006 - new four-hour, double-DVD

This is a new, four-hour, double-DVD set of the "Meier Case Update – 2006", presented by lead investigator Wendelle Stevens, Christian Frehner (FIGU representative from Switzerland) and Michael Horn, at the 15th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival, in Laughlin, Nevada.

Some of the highlights of this comprehensive new presentation include:

• CIA foreknowledge of the investigative team’s (Stevens, Lee and Brit Elders) every step (including their "secret" travel arrangements) and CIA knowledge of the authenticity of the Meier case

• The existence of photos of the Plejaren UFOs taken by the CIA

• Meier’s detailed description of the murder of Pope Paul VI and his accurate foretelling of the circumstances surrounding the election, brief term – and murder – of the next Pope (John Paul I), as well as the name and circumstances of the then following Pope John Paul II

• A description of Meier’s 11 photographs of the still-to-occur San Francisco earthquake

• Meier’s meetings with Mahatma Ghandi and with numerous world leaders

• Information about Father Zimmerman, the parish priest who was young Meier’s confidant and assisted him with his mission

• The heretofore unrevealed, Indiana Jones-like exploits of Meier in the 1950s and 1960s, including his activities in the Middle East (when he was known as "The Phantom") where he was authorized to apprehend serial killers and mass murderers

• Corroboration (in 2005) of the murder of Vatican banker Roberto Calvi (told to Meier in 1982)

• A list of the names, ages and planets of origin of over 30 of the extraterrestrial people with whom Meier has been in contact

• The devastating psychological damage to one of the Plejaren who observed atrocities during the first Gulf War

• The 11 year-old Plejaren girl’s unique (competition-winning) description of Meier’s mission

• New photographs of the UFOs taken by other people in Switzerland

• Meier’s recent excursions – to Mars and the moon! – including a trek on a Martian volcano and a description of the colors of the sunrise there

• Information about extraterrestrials from the same lineage as Asian earth people

• The "collectibles" of Earth origin owned by the Plejaren

• The identity of the man said to be the great-great grandson of Gabriel, the Plejaren "angel" who was the actual father of Jmmanuel – known to us as "Jesus"

• A report on the dramatic consequences of Ptaah making his UFO visible to three Swiss men who were openly skeptical about Meier’s contacts

• Information about the spiritual teachers of the Plejaren – their work and role in their society

• The computer/internet specialist – from the Plejaren system! – who assists Meier and FIGU

• The actual number of "alien abductions" and genuine extraterrestrial contacts according to the Plejaren


• More information from both Wendelle and Christian as they reveal details of their unique, first-hand and long-lasting personal involvement with Meier, the witnesses and the evidence in the case.

• A post-presentation question and answer period covering many, many more topics of interest!

Wendelle Stevens is one of the original investigators in the case, along with Lee and Brit Elders, the two private investigators who also funded the investigation and the testing of the physical evidence. Christian Frehner (who has also witnessed the Plejaren UFOs) has been involved with Billy Meier and FIGU since 1982, and both he and Stevens have quite a lot of previously undisclosed, first hand information on this amazing case.

Your Price $30.00!


Meier Contacts DVD

The Meier Contacts - The Key To Our Future Survival

by Michael Horn
This nearly two-hour long DVD Lectu-mentary first establishes the authenticity of The Meier Contacts far beyond a reasonable doubt based upon the abundant, still irreproducible physical evidence. You will see many of Meier's amazingly clear, daytime UFO photos, films and video, as well as hear the UFO sound recording and Marcel Vogel's conclusions about his analysis of the metal alloy samples.

You'll see documentation of the prophetically accurate, scientific and world event-related information published by Meier years, and even decades, before "official" discovery or occurrence. Meier's advance warning of the recent riots and arson in Paris, that he first published in 1981 and then again in 1987, are also foretold on this DVD...well before they occurred!

UPDATE: New proof that Meier's prophecies about the fall of France to Islam are being fulfilled make this DVD a collector's edition!

The DVD then presents still alterable prophecies for the near future and examines some of the core principles recommended as guidelines for human survival and evolution by the Plejaren.

Also presented is an overview of the Plejaren perspective of some of the realities of universal life and Creational laws, along with information on the Salome Peace Meditation as practiced by 3.5 billion extraterrestrial humans within the Plejaren federation, as well as by many terrestrials, in support of peace and harmony for the people of planet Earth.

While The Meier Contacts, which have been ongoing for over 63 years, clearly contain the most authentic and important evidence and information about UFOs and extraterrestrials, they are far more important because of the information that they offer to help us to assure our future survival.

Some of the topics include:

The Creation
Cause and Effect
The Human Spirit
Reincarnation and Karma
The High Council
The Aging and Aggression Genes
...and much, much more!

Your Price! $25.00!



Michael Horn Workshop DVD Standing in Spirit - New 90-minute DVD!

NOTE: The first part of this DVD contains a bonus overview of the Billy Meier UFO case.

As Billy Meier states in the beginning of The Silent Revolution of Truth, "The meaning of life is the evolution of consciousness."

In 1990, Michael Horn created Standing In Spirit, a self-observation, self-awareness technique that he has taught to individuals, groups and professional therapists internationally.

"The work I've done as a therapist and a client seems one-dimensional and limited compared to the experience I've had with Standing In Spirit. I believe it is a leap forward from traditional insight oriented psychotherapy in that it recognizes, supports and utilizes the mind, body and spirit in the goal of growth and healing."

Louise Sevilla-Barr, MSW

Standing in Spirit is a practical and effective means to consciously access, perceive, release and transform the subconsciously held patterns, influences, behaviors and beliefs which, as Prof. Bruce Lipton has said, control 95% of our lives. Michael spontaneously discovered and refined this process more than 15 years before Prof. Lipton published his findings in "The Biology of Belief". Standing in Spirit also has a built in, self-testing component by which the practitioner can objectively and honestly evaluate their own progress.

Michael was invited to teach Standing in Spirit to corporate and government leaders in Europe by a consultant to Princess Diana because of its stress-relieving and clarity-enhancing benefits:

"I am privileged to be asked by governments, corporations and institutions in 16 countries to conduct seminars and workshops on the general theme of communication with specific coverage of conflict resolution...I brought someone along with me who tremendously augmented my services and allowed me to go deeper and accomplish significantly more in a very short time. His name is Michael Horn. After several years of very diligent practice and integration, Michael is stress management."

Richard Greene, Author, international consultant

"I just got done watching your standing in spirit video! I must say that it is truly brilliant! I'm not just saying this to work you over; I truly mean it. I have been doing the same thing on my own for quite some time. Strange that you created this in the exact same manner as I was practicing. The only difference is that you truly defined it wonderfully. I am blown away! Whoever doesn't embrace this is truly missing out as I have been coming a long way with it. Thank you very much for what you do keep it up! You are truly rare indeed.

Take care friend no need to even email me back just wanted to give you praise."

Paul Salazar


See the trailer for Standing in Spirit below:


In light of the often ominous, prophetic information in the Meier case, many people ask what they can do to make a positive difference in the world, individually and collectively.

While many specific global remedies have been recommended by the Plejaren, the real answer is that it still all boils down to the individual. From now on, true leadership will only flow from the bottom up, as people take back their individual power from all forms of failed external authority. And it is only through conscious self-awareness and self-responsibility that we can become effective individuals.

Billy Meier and FIGU have specifically recommended that Michael provide a workshop in Standing In Spirit at the end of his lectures, so that the audience can consciously experience their thoughts, beliefs, fears and inner processes, etc., and regain conscious control over them.

This DVD contains just such an experience. Michael first presents an overview of some of the spiritual information from the Plejaren in the Meier case and then teaches the Standing In Spirit process to the attendees and facilitates a group application of the process. Their unedited responses are included. The process can also be followed on screen as Michael is teaching it. This easy to learn format allows for clarification of the steps in the process, as well as for repeated guidance until one has assimilated, and made the systematic approach their own.

Your Price $20.00!




Beamship “Symphony” CD

Back by popular demand!

Many, many people have requested a longer version of the sounds of the Beamship and now we can finally make it available.

The Beamship “Symphony” CD contains 26-minutes of truly otherworldly sounds, as recorded by Meier on July 18, 1980. This is one of four different recordings that were witnessed by as many as 17 people (including plain clothes policemen), who were drawn to the area from as far as four kilometers away by the sounds of the UFO. (See information about the tesing of the sounds here.)

Skeptics can now attempt to prove that Meier’s recordings of the UFOs were merely “guitar amps and feedback”, as they will now have a significant amount of the actual recorded information to deal with. People who like to meditate to unusual tones and frequencies will also find a whole new aid to such exploration.

It is NOT recommended to play this, late at night, from high-powered stereo speakers in automobiles, while driving slowly, with the windows down, through peaceful neighborhoods when people are sleeping soundly. Remember, please don’t do this...no matter how tempted you may be, okay, do I have your word?

Here’s some information about the actual recording from Contact 132, July 18, 1980:

Semjase: If we cannot perform the desired work today until 5 pm, then we will take a chance at all costs.

Billy: And, what does this mean?

Semjase: You will have to put away your equipment and go home. There you will take a few group members with you and drive to Hintersädelegg, where you will install your recording equipment. The group members shall stand by the barn at the fork (of the road) and shall let no strangers pass when I set free the sounds of my ship and let them reverberate through the landscape. Inevitably, people will come running or driving there from afar, too, because the sounds will be heard for a long distance. It will be the group members' task to hold back the people from you and me.

Billy: Is the sound really so very loud when in full action?

Semjase: You will experience it. Because of the vibration you will tremble/shake when the air is crackling and tearing.

Billy: Then I have to prepare myself for all sorts of things.

Your Price! $15.00!




SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION, BOOK 1: The Preliminary Investigation Report

by Wendelle Stevens

The original Preliminary Investigation Report is of enormous importance to those people who really want to understand the scope and depth of the original investigation. It centers around the testing of the evidence and the experiences the investigative team had that convinced them of the authenticity of the case. Here you will find very detailed information on the extensive analysis of the UFO photographs and sounds, as well as the metal samples examined by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel. There's also a full report on the lie detection tests given to Meier and numerous other witnesses. There are plenty of photos of the UFOs and the landing tracks, plus diagrams of the different models of the Plejaren beamships.

There are also numerous excerpts, from the unofficial translations of the Contact Notes, of the conversations between Meier and the Plejaren (Ptaah, Semjase and Quetzal), and also with Asket, from the Dal universe. You'll even be able to read Meier's own words detailing how his contacts began. You'll also read how two members of the investigative team, who were initially skeptical about Meier's credibility, witnessed phenomena that helped to convince them that Meier and the case were credible.

For anyone who wants to critically examine the varied and abundant evidence in the Meier case, and the extensive (and expensive) multi-year investigation into it, this information rich ebook will lay out the essential details. This straightforward, in-depth account thoroughly debunks the superficial attacks of skeptics, none of whom have ever actually investigated the case or duplicated even one single piece of Meier's abundant evidence.

This ebook contains the entire 542 pages of the original Preliminary Investigation Report, first published in 1982, revealing a very serious and thorough investigation by top level professionals. (The original book, now an out of print collector's item, when it can be found, sells for over $200.)

Your Price $25.00!



SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION, BOOK 2: The Supplemental Investigation Report
by Wendelle Stevens

The Supplementary Investigation Report goes even further than The Preliminary Investigation Report, with Wendelle Stevens recounting many previously unpublished and mysterious details of the investigation and of Meier's life and adventures. Of special interest are Stevens' reports of the ongoing observation of not only Meier and his associates but also the investigators, by governmental intelligence agencies from various countries. Stevens reports how these operatives knew the team's every move and destination and routinely picked them up overseas and interrogated them. He reports how they also copied Meier's UFO photos before releasing the investigators! While the "official" position has been to ignore or dismiss the Meier case as a hoax, the truth - as Stevens and his team found out - is that the case was (and still is) taken very seriously at the highest levels of intelligence.

A five-page letter to Stevens, from a former U.S. intelligence agent, revealing the inner workings and protocols of the intelligence community pertaining to the Meier case, and their acknowledgment of its authenticity, is both disturbing and compelling. This agent's understanding of the political and religious implications of the reality of UFOs, and the Meier case, rings true even today.

The existence of additional information, sufficient to warrant another 500+ pages of reporting by the investigative team, in and of itself confirms their opinion that the evidence exceeds even the most remote possibility of a hoax. And after more than 8 years of investigation, with no collaborators, finances or technology to perpetrate such a hoax available to the one-armed Meier, the Meier case certainly stands as not only the most important, validated UFO case but also the most important story in human history.

This ebook contains the entire 542 pages of the original Supplementary Investigation Report, first published in 1989, revealing a very serious and thorough investigation by top level professionals. It also contains several dozen clear color photos, of up to four UFOs at a time, taken by Meier. (The original book, now an out of print collector's item, when it can be found, sells for over $200.)

Your Price $25.00!


1 2a Vol. 3 Vol. 4

ufo_Sup ufo_Pre 120 New





Your Price $135.00!



Dal Universe UFOs

This CD contains numerous rare Meier photographs of up to eight of Asket's ships from the Dal universe as they hovered above the Ashoka Ashram in Mehrauli, India in 1964. And you'll find transcripts of Meier's conversations with Asket, dating back to 1956, complete with astoundingly accurate prophetic information, descriptions of their extraordinary exploits beneath the Great Pyramid as they observed a group of technologically advanced, negative extraterrestrials bent on world domination and the fascinating account of Asket and Meier's trip back in time to Jerusalem, 32 A.D. This material has been unavailable for nearly 20 years, a must have. This limited edition CD is from the collection of the lead investigator, Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (USAF, Ret.)

Your Price $15.00!



And Still They Fly!
by Guido Moosbrugger

This book - now no longer in print - has already become a collector's item...selling for well over $300!

BUT...we now have it for you in this new, complete eBook version, which also includes the original 37 pages of full-color photographs! It contains information from the Plejaren - published three years before the "official" discovery of Apophis - about the dangers our world faces if we don't prevent its impact. Here is more proof positive that Meier is the only authentic extraterrestrial contactee.

When And Yet They Fly! was first introduced more than two years ago, it set the standard for a clear, concise and readable introduction to the extraterrestrial contacts of "Billy" Eduard A. Meier. In simple and easily understood language, author Guido Moosbrugger brings this largely untold story alive with eyewitness accounts, reviews of the scientific evidence and almost 40 color pages of UFO photographs taken between 1975 and 1979.

Moosbrugger's extraordinary review takes readers directly into the world of UFOs and paranormal activity, offering an unflinching account of Billy Meier and his life as a contactee as well as in-depth information on extraterrestrial life, an overview of their technical capabilities and the reasons for visiting earth. And Still They Fly! is sufficiently detailed as to serve the reader who is contemplating a closer look into the scientific facts of the case, or one who is already very familiar with them.

This second edition, entitled And Still They Fly!, was updated and expanded to include a new chapter entitled the Henoch Prophecies. These prophecies were given to Billy on February 28, 1987 and have never before been released to the public! The Henoch Prophecies warn of a looming World War III and mention by name, the countries that will be involved. With the ever-increasing change in the world situation, these prophecies, as a warning, offer us the possibility to change our thoughts and actions in order to avert a world-wide catastrophe.

...or download here and save at least $14.00!

Your Price $27.00!


Interview UFO

An Interview With A UFO Contactee

Billy Meier answers questions
about his contacts, his mission,
his life and spirituality

This booklet is packed full of some of the most interesting and important information about a wide variety of subjects, including:

· Why are the Plejaren visiting Earth?
· Why do the Plejaren contact only Billy?
· How and why did Billy take so many fantastic UFO photographs?
· How did our universe originate?
· What is Creation?
· Is there really reincarnation?
· What is the truth about gods and angels?

Additional information about contacts with the dead, channeling, the actual number of human races in the universe, why FIGU isn't a cult and Meier isn't its guru, other claims of ET contacts, why there's no open contact or landings on the White House lawn, how "Billy" got his nickname, the true ape-human connection, what happens after death, etc. is also included.

Page for page, this is one of the most concentrated and concise sources of important - and often misunderstood - information, as clearly explained by Meier. Of course, like all of the Meier/Plejaren information, rather than promoting belief, it is offered for thoughtful contemplation and logical evaluation.

Soft Cover, 67pages

Your Price $7.00!


120 New


This CD contains 120 excerpts from the Meier Contacts as translated into English by Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg, formerly of the now defunct www.gaiaiguys.net website.

Dyson and Vivienne provided the only new translations in many, many years and they cover an enormous amount of topics and information, actually too numerous to mention here. And these translations include the original German language texts, as recommended by FIGU, which gave Dyson and Vivienne permission to make “unofficial” translations available.

This is a perfect companion piece to any of the Meier-related materials but especially to the Message from the Pleiades series (Vols. 1 – 4), since the Wendelle Stevens translations, in addition to not being completely accurate as is frequently mentioned here, have been the only ones available until now.

While Stevens’ translations basically cover the period from 1975 -1978, these newer translations are of material from as early as the 1950s, on up to 2007, all of it extraordinarily interesting and informative!





Star Wisdom - Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality by Gene Andrade

NOTE: This book is authored by an independent researcher who has explored aspects of the information associated with the Billy Meier contacts. There may be some errors or inaccuracies in them as they are not official translations of the Meier/Plejaren information but rather the authors' own experiences and interpretations.

At the core of the Meier contacts is a very profound body of spiritual information and timeless wisdom, which has already inspired the following author's commentaries and interpretations:

The great evolutionary progression from primitive cultures to star-traveling galactic empires is outlined and made comprehensible by Star Wisdom. Many books have pointed out the social and ecological apocalypse we are fast approaching, but few present an all-inclusive spiritual viewpoint that explains the why and how of our present predicament and the way out. Star Wisdom provides the reader with tools and insight in order to discriminate what is true and false in the diverse and conflicting religious philosophies proliferating on the planet. It offers confirmation of that which is the best of traditional religious philosophy and spirituality and puts it in the context of a perspective that makes the past, present, and future of human history coherent and comprehensible. Star Wisdom offers a real alternative to the chaotic realm of modern spirituality where the hardened dogmas of fundamentalism are competing with the allure of New Age "pop" philosophies.

"Gene Andrade has captured the true essence of man and nature's relationship to Creation, the central power and force of all that is. This is the key to all real happiness and contentment, and is what is behind the true reality of the beautiful beamships photographed by Billy Meier in Switzerland. This, in a nutshell, is the message of the Pleiadian visitors to our Earth humanity--and is the ever-so-important spiritual teaching that is often referred to by those visitors.

This message should be available in every home and all institutions of knowledge...so that present and younger minds have an opportunity to discover who they truly are. It is the message for a new age that has not yet arrived, and will always reemerge as the truth that it is, until man becomes more aware and understands it."

--Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.), author of UFO Contact from the Pleiades, and Message from the Pleiades

"I'm very glad that Gene Andrade had the desire and courage to write Star Wisdom. It was inspirational reading."

--James W. Deardorff, author of Celestial Teachings--The Emergence of the True Teachings of Jmmanuel (Jesus)

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