Overpopulation - The Root of All Evil

Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest

Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.

To scale, the height of this picture is equivalent to about 180km.

The human population is growing at tremendous speed!


The following are exact figures supplied by JHWH Ptaah of Erra/Plejaren:

7,101,500,011 on the 8th Apr. 2004 (20:04)

7,503,846,002 on the 31th Dec. 2005 (Midnight)

7,684,227,416 on the 11th Dec. 2007 (Midnight)

7'831'814'138 on the 31st Dec. 2009 (Midnight)

8'102'716'701 on the 31st Dec. 2010 (Midnight)

8'199'430'908 on the 31st Dec. 2011 (Midnight)

8'301'283'002 on the 31st Dec. 2012 (Midnight)

8'424'738'019 on the 31st Dec. 2013 (Midnight)


Source: Überbevölkerung - die Wurzel allen Übels


This is a yearly increase of over 160,000,000 human beings!

And a birth surplus/growth of 5 human beings per second!

The view of many modern thinkers, that technological development and advancement mitigates the growing human overpopulation problem and will continue to do so until an balance is reached, is completely false. For a truly balanced evolution in harmony with fellow human beings and nature, human beings cannot be crammed into large cities, which are also scarce or void of fertile land.

While governments continue to deny the reality of overpopulation, what can be done? Please read the articles on overpopulation here and spread awareness to the problem. All articles contained here are free to distribute, so feel free to send this important information to absolutely everyone.

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