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Israel Hastens the Hour of Her Own Destruction

Cause and effect cannot be cheated or fooled.

One of the most touchy, and often untouchable, topics, especially here in the U.S., has been any criticism directed at Israel or, as many of her supporters refer to her, “poor little Israel”. The recipient of countless billions of dollars in unpaid “loans” from the U.S., much of which has gone towards the development of nuclear weapons (some 200 are thought to be in her possession at this time) Israel is again at the center of a major conflict.

Nonetheless, the idea that Israel could do no wrong in her valiant struggle to survive against a surrounding sea of angry enemies is the stuff that legends have been made of and anyone exhibiting the bad taste to dare to question such legends is often dismissively referred to as either an anti-Semite or a self-hating Jew (both of which I have also been called).

As is now clear to all but the most narcotized, self-deluded religious fundamentalists, legend and reality are becoming more divergent apparitions. The long-planned, disproportionate and characteristically brutal assault on Lebanon – and her civilian population – is but a glimmer of things to come if the tiny terrorist state, aided and abetted by Bush (which means us in the U.S.) is continued to be allowed to have her way. Unfortunately, too many of the “decent God-fearing Americans” have already drunk their fill from the Kool-Aid tap, as is evidenced even by the willingness to call themselves “God-fearing”, a presumed quality that has its origins and fearful connotations for good (actually quite evil) reasons, as a reading of the Old Testament will clearly reveal.  

And certainly the Islamic fanatics and terrorists of Hezbollah, Hamas and Al-Qaeda are using the present situation to escalate the violence and move the world further towards an incomprehensibly cataclysmic third world war, as the following unofficial translation, by of very recent contact conversations between Meier and several of the Plejaren, also shows.

It must be emphasized that mutual cease-fire agreements must not be temporary, cosmetic political gestures but real, maintained and internationally enforced states of suspended hostilities.

For the accompanying German language text please see:

And please pay special attention to several emphasized areas of text, and the implicit and explicit directions for extricating ourselves from otherwise terminal disasters, to which they point.

425th Contact, June 19th, 2006


... Now, however, I want to give out a prediction for you of an extraordinary event, as I was commissioned to do by Ptaah: In a few days it will be that Palestinian extremists kill two Israeli soldiers and abduct one in order to press for the freedom of prisoners in Israel.

The Israeli reaction to that will be a military bandit-act, in which a great army conscription will drive into position in the Gaza area, and, from the 27th to the 28th of this month, will start new war-activity with grave results of great destruction against the Palestinians.

In order to humiliate the Palestinians, various Hamas politicians will also be arrested and accused.

The entire thing will lead to new waves of hate and to new malicious riots.


Whereby, naturally, the political, military and terrorist world-situation will again be more unstable and more dangerous, which again spreads angst and terror and brings much vexation for any who make an effort for real peace as well as for freedom and for humanity.


That will unfortunately be so ...

426th Contact, July 8th, 2006


[beginning of sentence not provided] ... when I still have something to do with extraordinary predictions to report to you in regard to events which will occur in the next days. Firstly would ... [remainder of sentence not provided] Secondly, extremists of the Hezbollah organization in the Lebanese-Israeli border area will abduct two Israeli soldiers in order to, on one hand, avenge the war-like, bandit-like Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, and on the other hand  - as with the first abduction - to press for the liberation of Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Through this second abduction Israel feels further strengthened to be active in war because the Israeli military will invade Lebanon and also carry out much harm there which can easily become a widespread conflagration.


Again one more nail in the plank of a general world insecurity in regard to an extensive war, its danger newly enflamed through this act of the Palestinians and Israelis.

If it goes further, then the prophecy of a third world fire in the year 2006 will indeed still be fulfilled, also if that is not to be hoped for.


Yes, at least the danger grows again through all the craziness and lunacy of all camps in the Near East who give their bloody and insane orders and who influence their followers such that these all commit crimes, which can lead to a world fire.

To these crazy warmongers and war leaders, however, also belongs the USA, which terrorizes the population in Afghanistan and in Iraq with its presence and with its atrocities as well as with its military force, (and) sets the various groups of believers against each other and, as far as possible, conjures up civil wars.

Also, the fact that the irresponsible mighty ones and followers of the USA, Great Britain and Germany, and so forth, one-sidedly support Israel, discriminate against the Muslims and deny them all help, also does not lead to peace coming about.

And to be said, in regard to the prophesied third world fire, is that it indeed does not yet appear as such, and as a fulfillment of the prophecy, yet that can change very quickly through the craziness of the responsible-ones in the world, and indeed from one hour to another.


You said that already earlier, yet the question is whether this event will actually happen.

However, the way the situation appears between the irresponsible power-greedy ones on our world, the possibility exists, still long into the distant future, that a third world war disastrously draws over the Earth.

The fact alone, that criminal power-greedy ones always again make an opportunity for wars and other acts of terror in diverse countries - as do also actual terror organizations and individual terrorists with their criminal terror-attacks - shows therein that, sooner or later, one day it can come to a new world war.

Something that would be hindered if humanity finally would stop sanctifying the criminal power-greedy ones, and voting them in as their leaders, instead of already chasing them to the devil before they even only have the possibility of coming to the rudder.

Yet many of the people are stupid and idiotic and scream in support of the power-greedy ones and are themselves of the same criminal attitude as them.

As a matter of fact there is only one possibility to stop the entirety of the worldwide war lunacy, if, according to Henok's principle, a worldwide multinational troop, fighting for peace, would be created which is subordinate to a pure peace-government in which no power-greedy ones would have any kind of power.

The worldwide peace-government must be concerned with acting according to Henok's scheme, in that their troops, fighting for peace, destroy and eliminate all weapons of mass destruction, respectively, all kinds of weapons of war, in all countries, and so a worldwide peace would be brought about and be preserved.

If the people, on one hand, have no power-greedy ones at the rudder any more, and no weapons of war at their disposal any more, and they could also no longer manufacture or buy such, with which they can attack and force down other people, then the chance of a worldwide peace really exists.

Yet such an action requires a proper portion of intelligence which, as a rule, is just as absent in the criminal and irresponsible power-leaders as it is in all the people who are their followers, and who support the state criminals.

As a matter of fact there are only very few individual cases with governments of which it can be said that these lead the people correctly and are actually also concerned about the wellbeing of the people.


Your words have been put into the Earth-human ear, yet that will only remain a wish because most will not want to hear, rather they further live in the delusion that they behave correctly, use their intelligence and do that which must be done.

It will also be these humans who will assert that your explanations are stupid, illusory and unable to be carried out, because their reason and their understanding does not extend to comprehending, recognizing and understanding the realizable possibility of your named measures, let alone that their intelligence extends to being able to imagine the actualization.

Yet, that the actualization of your explanations is actually possible, is proven by the fact that that was also the case with Henok.

The Earth humans have, however, no inkling or knowledge of that, and very much time will still pass before they will even gain only a weak idea of that, being that your explanations can really bring results.

Intelligence is thereby a very important factor in order alone to bring up the necessary understanding for your mentioned Henok system, and intelligence must be still more extensive in order to manifest that which you have named.

Unfortunately, at this time, there are only a few Earth humans with whom reason and understanding reach so far that your explanations fall on fertile ground.

However, none belong to those who make great words and a name for themselves in the world in order to shine before the people - as beams of intelligence, of knowledge and of wisdom, because truthfully they are without light, unintelligent, stunted creatures, without knowledge and wisdom, through whom the people are led into error and held far from true knowledge and the evolution of consciousness.

They, who praise their own common intelligence, are those - and were those since ancient times - through which the harm, frustration, restriction of evolution and progress, as well as war, suffering and need are brought over humanity and the fauna and flora, and were brought since ancient times.


Uh, man, that strikes home.

Already I now hear the bad words of those who must feel addressed and will abuse both of us for big talk and for unjustified condemnation.

But that is all the same to me because what you have said is the truth and the truth now remains the truth and cannot be glossed over through puffed up words. ...

427th Contact, July 9th, 2006


That would be senseless because, if the responsible ones do not react to the official warning, which they will receive, your efforts would also be senseless.

Besides, you would only be ridiculed, as is usual on the Earth with all governments and other responsible ones, which already proved itself, and always again has repeatedly, since that time in the 50s, and also in the 70s, and so forth, of the last century, when you sent your warning-texts to thousands of responsible ones of the governments, newspapers, radio stations and universities, and so forth.

Your efforts would really be senseless, therefore in the future you should abstain from such things because they bring no good fruit.

The Earth humans would rather hear false prophets and sect gurus and thereby would rather make allowances for damage, woe, pain, destruction and sorrow than hear the wise words of a true announcer of the truth.


Unfortunately you are right, still, that is really not so easy to alter.

Also seen in regard to the war in Lebanon by Hezbollah and the Israelis.

That a multinational troop, fighting for peace, according to Henok's scheme, will be finally stood on its legs, through which real peace could be created on Earth, likewise still remains a great dream in the meantime.

Humanity must finally become intelligent and therefore allow understanding and reason to prevail in order to dismiss the false governments and bring such humans to the pinnacle who work for true peace and for the people.

It is namely not done with the idiotic conferences of state powers who lead a great snout in regard to peace and the fighting of terrorism and for the well-being of humanity, because fundamentally it is these themselves who plot terror, death, destruction and ruin on the Earth and spread it worldwide.

The powerful only exercise their power, live after their desires and crazy ideas, on which they satisfy themselves, and indeed it's all the same whether, thereby, millions of humans lose their worldly possessions or even their lives.

The great mass of all peoples is unfortunately, however, stupid and of only meager intelligence because they would rather pray religiously, full of devotion, fanatically and full of expectation to their imaginary gods, who can, however, bring them no help, because these do not even exist.

The great mass of humans of the Earth will simply not comprehend, that there is no God-the-father, no heavenly gods, no angels and no saints who determine and decide over the wellbeing and sorrows, as well as over the being and not-being, of the individual and the entire humanity.

It will not be grasped, that it is the human himself as an individual and as the entire humanity, who determines and brings about his fate in every iota and that subsequently only he, entirely alone, can, and must, bring himself every necessary help.

That is so because the human himself, and quite alone - without some such godhead, angel and saint, and so forth - creates his thoughts and feelings in himself and from that carries out his behavior, subsequently he himself is responsible in every regard for each and every thing in every relationship, and therefore, also, he himself determines his fate, and indeed in regard to the individual humans as well as to the entire humanity.

Were the human of the Earth finally to break loose from his religious and sectarian delusional belief and turn himself towards the named truth of self-responsibility for all things, then he would proportionally quickly turn to the better.

The tyrannical and irresponsible state powers would be bumped from their thrones and replaced by powers which would work only for the wellbeing of the humans and therewith also for peace, and indeed according to the will of all those humans and peoples who demand peace and are willing to build up their intelligence in order to let reason and understanding prevail all around.

Unfortunately it is, however, presently still so that, with the great mass of humans of the Earth, the intelligence is still stuck in children's shoes, and indeed this includes all who function as state powers and bring harm, death, ruin, destruction, war and terror over humanity.

But they all think - the peoples, as also the state powers and their vassals - that their intelligence is greatly developed and that they do not have more to learn regarding this, subsequently they would do the correct thing in accord with understanding and reason, which however does not in the least correspond to the truth, because truthfully they are abyss-deep without intelligence and thereby, thus without valuable reason and without effective understanding.

Unfortunately only a few humans with real evolutional, valuable intelligence, respectively, with pronounced understanding and corresponding reason, let themselves be found on the Earth, yet they are those who make the effort in order that the humans of the Earth, progressing in consciousness, learn what love, peace, wisdom, freedom and harmony is.

And since unfortunately in this regard there are only a few, it will still long continue, before everything evil alters and a transformation comes about for the better.

Yet every individual of all these few humans must daily make the effort to live as a model for all others, because only through that example of the correct way of life, according to the creational measure of the laws, as well as through the necessary discussions, thoughts, feelings and behavior, and through the written words of instruction, is it possible that the humans of the Earth build up their intelligence, respectively, their understanding and their reason.

Only through the ceaseless instruction in regard to the truth through the few truly knowing and intelligent ones, could an alteration to the better come to pass, and indeed also then if only one iota (of truth) remains hanging in the world of thought of the still unintelligent ones.

If, namely, the iota and iota line up together, then something forms from out of it, which constantly becomes bigger and more extensive and subsequently also spreads itself, becomes more powerful and ultimately forms a factor which cannot be overlooked, which can no more be left out of attention.


Actually that is so.

Still, as long as the peoples of the Earth do not themselves become powerful in real intelligence, they will vote for bloodthirsty and might-greedy governments, pay homage to them, and themselves be of the same criminal attitude as these.

Unfortunately the few reasonable ones can accomplish nothing against the mass of irrational ones and those who are slaves to the might-greedy ones, because they are still too few.

Intelligence, namely therefore reason and understanding, must first be diligently worked up by the great mass of all the peoples, and first then it will be possible that then finally rational behavior will occur and the power-greedy will be brought to reason.

Until then, however, very much time passes.

That also means that a multinational peacekeeping troop still has to wait a very long time.


Yes, that will unfortunately be so.

Also no authoritative person will report to me to whom I can explain the significance, the construction and the function, as well as the ins and outs of a multinational troop, which fights for peace.


That will indeed be so.

429th Contact, July 11th, 2006


... On Tuesday, the 25th of July it will come to pass in Lebanon that the Israeli Air Force will bomb a UN post, whereby UN soldiers stationed there will be killed.

This criminal act will be secretly planned and carried out with full intention which will, however, be denied by the Israeli government and the military forces.

The attack on the UN post will therefore result, because the Israeli government and their military force do not want to accept any UN troops who also keep a close eye on them, the Israelis, and the criminal machinations.

With the conduct of war in Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip, Israeli sets itself above all human rights and agreement in regard to a supervised conduct of war, and grins maliciously in the face of the entire world which, aside from big and useless words, undertakes nothing to stop the Israelis, as well as, however, Hezbollah and their supporters and helpers, and to prepare an end to the criminal murder and destruction.

For the Israelis the great criminal proponents and supporters are primarily the US American government, next to the European governments and all those who are of the same attitude as these.

On the other side, with Hezbollah, it is especially the governments of Iran and Syria as well as their "fellow travelers", and the Al-Qaeda terror organization, some Hezbollah-friendly Arabic countries and some special groupings.


It is really unbelievable everything that any criminal of Israel can execute, who exercises his bloody trade in the government and in the military positions.

However, as long as the world is silent over it - also in regard to the terror machinations of Hamas and Hezbollah - it will become calm in the Near East even less, as it will also not in the Middle East.

Especially as long as the US Americans do not end their bloody terror down there and disappear - also out of Afghanistan and all other countries where they have settled in - there will never be peace, rather only further murder as well as torture, rape, terror and destruction.

It has shown itself already for a long time that there, where the US Americans, in the form of their government and military, rip open with their great snout, all evil of the world comes about.

Aside from that it must be said that it is not surprising if Israel, with its war-politics, murder-politics and criminal-politics sits in the nettles more and more and produces more and more enemies worldwide in the Islamic world and in their circle of friends.

It must thereby actually be the Islamic world, and not the Arabic world that is spoken of, because, since the Arabic people are Islamic, the Islamic believers worldwide feel attacked when criminals and degenerates act against the Arabic countries and their populations.

What will be murderously, criminally and irresponsibly plotted through Israel there, for war on Hezbollah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon, is a very dangerous situation and can, where possible, lead to a widespread conflagration through which quite especially Israel can properly fall on its snout.

That, quite especially then, if the Islamic world suddenly openly unites against Israel and razes it to the ground, as it has been brought to expression in various prophecies since ancient times.

If the enemies, Israel and the Arabic countries, and therewith also the Islamic believers and Jewish believers world wide, as well as their followers, do not change their behavior and deeds towards one another and do not dissolve their reciprocal hate and their murderous deeds and behavior, for the benefit of a peaceful coexistence, and indeed in a foreseeable time, then the prophecies actually can still be fulfilled.

Yet how does it go regarding this: In Jerusalem the few still living people will wade in ankle-deep human blood.


You tell the truth with pointed words. ...

430th Contact, July 12th, 2006


... Two hours ago I received a telephone call whereby a man complained that I thereby abused the neutrality of the Swiss and had trampled it with feet, because in my bulletins and in our contact reports I do not remain neutral, rather I say my opinion in regard to politics, the punishment practices and the war machinations as well as terrorist machinations of especially the USA, Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas and Al-Qaida, and so forth.

The man, a Swiss, was of the opinion that I should hold my "snout" regarding this because the neutrality of the Swiss demands that, subsequently a "ripping open the snout", as I do, injures the neutrality of our country, damages it and brings our land much harm.


That is nonsense and a misunderstanding of neutrality.


Indeed I think that too.

For my part I am of the view that, quite especially, in the exercising of neutrality is anchored the obligation that one is not permitted to be silent in regard to politics and punishment practices, as well as war and terrorist machinations, rather they must be talked about and the actual facts must be named clearly, openly and in a strikingly hard manner.

In my opinion, keeping silent does not mean neutrality, rather tolerance and the promotion of the political, punishment-related, religious, militaristic and terrorist atrocities.

Every human who knows these things, and thereby the truth of the facts, and is silent over them, makes himself guilty of irresponsibility and of a crime against all humans who come to death or damage through political, militaristic, religious, sectarian, war-related, criminal and terrorist behaviors and actions.

Neutrality means, therefore, also to be active in relation to bearing responsibility in regard to the open naming and denouncing of the existing facts and the wrong ways of behavior of all those who govern the world, as, however, also all their myrmidons and vassals who carry out their orders in ways of war, terrorism or other ways unworthy of humans.

Silence is never compatible with neutrality, because this requires that the effective facts of war, terror of destruction, murder, torture, wrong punishment-orders and rape, and so forth, become openly and clearly named, and indeed in regard to all contracting parties and persons.

He who is silent is not only cowardly and not neutral, rather also absolutely irresponsible.

Neutrality obliges talking, and the open and clear naming of the effective facts in every relationship, and regarding every party, subsequently one (party) is not permitted to be given preference and the other disadvantaged.

Therefore neutrality obliges that political, religious, sectarian, militaristic, punishment-related - to which also torture and death penalty belong - and terrorist machinations and crimes, are openly pointed out and denounced, and indeed it's all the same which governments, authorities and countries are entangled therein.

However, all that has nothing to do with politicizing, thus thereby that a political actuation would come about through the naming of the effective facts, because, fundamentally, it only thereby concerns the free expression of opinion, which must be the human obligation if he wants to bear his responsibility.

In particular, this free expression of opinion and the bearing of responsibility is, however, necessary in regard to the maintenance of neutrality, because this does not mean silence, rather talking, and indeed talking in the form and manner that the effective facts of all contracting parties and parties, and so forth, which are a stumbling block, become named, and their machinations must be named clearly, openly and without whitewashing.

That, however, first rightly means to maintain neutrality, which obligates the showing of the facts and the demand that war, terror, torture and other crimes and atrocities, as well as the murderous infliction of punishment, and so forth, are attributed and abolished for the benefit of a true peace, or at least a peaceful co-existence.

 - That, my friend, is my understanding in regard to neutrality, which is not permitted to simply alone be impartiality and its restriction of not actively interfering in political, military, terrorist and war-related behavior, and also not in religious, sectarian and world-view denominations of other states.

Neutrality is very much more, because humanity is also anchored in it as well as human dignity and reverence for all life.

And what I still want to say to that, is that I rip open my "snout" because I know my responsibility as a human and as a neutral Swiss citizen, as, however, because also that is my right, as in article 19, "Freedom of Opinion and Information" in "General Explanation of the Rights of the Human" as stands written in the following:

"Every human has the right to free expression of opinion; this right extends to the freedom to adhere, unhampered, to opinions, and to seek, to perceive and to spread information and ideas with all means of understanding without consideration of restrictions".

The primitive-stupid saying that many Swiss people maintain the use of, "I have no opinion because I am, as a Swiss person, neutral" has nothing to do with neutrality, rather with cowardice and irresponsibility.

What do you think of my opinion?


I am completely in accord with what you said.

There is no more to say on that.


Short and concise.

Then I still have essentially only one question regarding Lebanon. Do you know what the Israelis actually have up their sleeve there?


On one hand they want to conquer Hezbollah, and indeed it’s all the same what it costs in human lives and material, and so forth.

With that they want to prove themselves as an unconquerable power and thereby frighten the Arabian countries.

On the other hand they want to bring the southern areas of Lebanon under their control whereby it is also important to them that they can advance far into Lebanese land.

The abduction of the two Israeli soldiers through the Hezbollah was, for the state powers of Israel and the mighty military ones, only a mendacious pretext in order to be able to expand into Lebanon.

For their purpose they do not shrink in horror from either any kind of war crimes, or from knowingly killing children and women through well-considered attacks of the air force and ground troops, which they, however, deny in every case, and meanwhile describe the entire thing as oversights and the like.

Today I stayed in the Lebanese war area and, with horror, had to recognize the real truth, which is not recognized by the world and also is kept secret from the Israeli people.

What is also to say in the same breath, however, regarding Hezbollah, relates in the same measure thereon, that these behave in the same criminal manner with their rocket attacks on Israel as the Israeli armed forces, because even this so-called freedom organization murders innocent humans through their rockets, even if not precisely in the monstrous measure as happens through the Israeli aggressors.


And that entire matter naturally further advances hate on both sides.

Also the hate of Israel by the Arabs of all Arabic and other Islamic countries grows naturally without bounds, which ultimately can lead to Israel yet still being attacked by united Arabic armed forces and razed to the ground.

I can thereby vividly imagine that in the first position the Iranian State President, Ahmadinejad, will grasp the word in regard to this and let loose corresponding bating tirades in order to fight Israel and destroy it.

His bating is indeed known, and his hate-talk that Israel should be erased has carried evil fruit in some places, as you told me, when I recently asked you about that.


Unfortunately that is really so.


The world should really listen and act, instead of being silent and passive.

The false diplomacy, as well as the false humanitarianism, the blatant cowardice and angst, however, impede a multinational troop, which fights for peace, being put together as quickly as possible, in order to prepare an end for the criminals of Israel and Hezbollah, as, however, also in order to pull to account those who agree with the deeds of the contracting parties and who still supply and protect them with weapons.

However the intelligence of the responsible ones of all countries as well as of the peoples of the Earth does not yet extend to behaving in this logical way, and the small crowd who possess the necessary intelligence is scattered worldwide and has no power to do the right thing.

For the present they are only callers in the desert because the people do not want to hear them, and only think of their own wellbeing and allow the fellow humans to die miserably.


That is the alarming truth.


I am also one of the callers in the desert, yet in spite of its monstrous vastness and aridity I will further call out and indeed as long as I still have a spark of life in me.

So I will yet again produce a Special Bulletin and present our conversation in it that we have led together in regard to all the things in Israel, in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon.


That will be good because you thereby carry out your obligation as also all core group and passive FIGU members who are involved in it through their co-operation and financial help and thereby also observe their responsibility in order to fulfill your difficult mission.

They are all the first bearers of the perception of their responsibility and, out of their help, will emerge that it therein transforms all evil and makes a suitable place for the better and good.

The Earth people of today as well as of those of tomorrow and in all the future can, and may, be thankful to all who show the way to progress and to peace as well as to freedom and harmony.

That is, if I may speak with your words for a moment.


Against which there is no objection.

The following information about Israel is from earlier contact conversations, some more than 25 years ago.

150th Contact, October 10th, 1981


207. Your words express helpless rage, my friend.

209. Rage about the fact, that you preach the truth to Earth humanity in vain and that because of it, this criminal wannabe politician continues to murder right before the eyes of Earth humanity and can make its goals reality, namely, to increasingly grab hold of the dominion of the entire land.

210. But you actually can not and are not able to do anything in this regard by spreading the truth, because the murderous death power of the heavy criminal, demanding human blood, has grown too big already, thus only the fulfillment of the prophecy can bring a change to the bloodthirsty greed for power and might of this degenerated one.

211. His land, Israel, as is said in a prophecy, will be annihilated by the countries from the East in the far future by war and death, when the warriors from the East will knee-deep wade in the blood of the human beings of Israel.

212. And all this only due to the fact, that the responsible ones of all world governments are just as blind and cowardly as are the people of many nations of Earth, in order to demand a stop to the wannabe politicians and criminal politicians of Israel, pursuing human blood in criminal and murderous manner.


The world will have to experience what kind of a snake they nurse at their bosom.


211. This will be so with certainty, but only when everything has become unavoidable.

212. The megalomania and the denial of truth will allow Earth humanity to recognize the truth when, unfortunately, it will be too late.
Islamic Rage and Psycho-Sexual Dysfunction

While the primary purpose of this site is to provide information from and about the Meier contacts, in light of the focus here on matters specifically related to Israel’s current and past situations, which are clearly viewed in a negative light, it should also be pointed out that there is much that is not widely known about the horrendous past and present institutionalized barbarities of some, perhaps much, or even most, of the Muslim world. (It should be said that religion itself is the spiritual neuro-toxin that paralyzes true, logic, love, reason, morality, empathy, etc. and ultimately leads to the deadly antithesis of its purported higher purpose.)

One writer that I recently heard interviewed on a talk radio show, Phyllis Chesler, has written much about her own experiences and research into this very troubling area. You can read her work at:

Here is another powerful article, written by Robin Grille, which speaks to some of the same horrendous issues:

I am reproducing the last paragraph of her article since it says so much about the entire situation:

“George Bush’s ‘War Against Terrorism’ will be a failure in the long term because it misses the mark. The foundation for international violence is and always has been child-abuse, regardless of what political machinations are guessed to be the cause. Unless measures are taken to eliminate violence toward children in the strongholds of fundamentalism, bombing will only shift the problem from one place to another. Too often, bombing fails to discriminate between the innocent and the legitimate targets, which helps to make violent extremists more popular. In the long run, terrorism will not be stopped by American or Israeli combativeness, but by reforms to gender relations, and reforms to child-rearing and education in societies where backward religion dominates government policy. Just as democracy is defined by strict separation between religion and State, education must also be freed from religious control. Lasting and worthwhile change can only happen at the level of culture, that is, in the domains of family relations, child-rearing and education. Gender-egalitarian societies raise their children less violently, and until such societies become the norm, international disputes will be managed via the gun.”
From the Talmud Jmmanuel

And consider this, reflecting as it does on our current times, from the Talmud Jmmanuel, due for release in September (see:

Defamation of Jmmanuel
Prophetic Declaration
The Crucifixion


1.         The governor's soldiers agreed with the chief priests and the elders and, dragging Jmmanuel with them into the court house, they brought the entire crowd in with him.
2.         They undressed him and put a purple mantle on him.
3.         They made a wreath of thorns, placed it on his head, put a reed into his right hand and, bending their knees before him, said,
4.         "We greet you, great King of Wisdom of the Jews."
5.         And they spat on him, took the reed from his hand, and beat him on the head with it until blood ran down his face.
6.         When he was wretched and bleeding, Caiaphas, the high priest, asked, "How are you doing now, great King of Wisdom?"
7.         But Jmmanuel was quiet and said not one word.
8.         Then they hit him again on the head, and he moaned in pain and began to speak, "Indeed it is the truth that I am the king of wisdom of the Jews, as it is written by the old prophets. Thus, I am also the true prophet of all humankind on Earth. But in all truth, I am not the prophet of those confused Israelites who call themselves the sons and daughters of Zion.
9.         "Truly, I say to you, just as you beat and mock me, you shall be beaten and mocked by those whom you, since ancient times, have enslaved and whose land you and your forefathers have plundered.
10.      "And the time will come in five times a hundred years when you will have to atone for this, when the legitimate owners of the land, whom you have enslaved and deprived of their rights, will begin to rise up against you and fight against you on into the distant future.
11.      "A new man will arise in this land as a prophet, and he will legally and rightfully condemn and persecute you, and you shall pay with your blood.
12.      "This man will establish a new religious cult specifically for the forceful preservation of the truthful teachings and will have himself recognized as a prophet. Through these actions he will persecute you for all times.
13.      "Although according to your claim he will be a false prophet, just as you slanderously claim of me, he will bring you new teachings that will seem false to you. Nonetheless, he will be a true prophet, and he will have great power. He will have your people persecuted for all times.
14.      "His name will be Mohammed, and his name will bring horror, misery and death to your kind, just as you deserve.
15.      "Truly, truly, I say to you, his name will be written for you in blood, and because of your offences the hatred against your people will be endless.
16.      "In this way, he will be a true prophet, even though you will claim him to be a false one, and he will bring you teachings that will in part seem confusing and unintelligible to you. His emerging religious cult will eventually end when his and your followers lay the foundation for a bloody conclusion. His teachings, too, will be distorted and falsified, and will result in an evil and confused religious cult."

The Prophecy

1. And Jmmanuel walked out of the temple, and his disciples came up to him because they wanted to show him the temple's structure.

2. He, however, spoke to them, "Look at all this. Truly, I say to you: Not one stone here will remain upon the other without being broken.

3. "The god-believers trespass against life and truth, and they built this city on the blood of the people. This people, since time immemorial, is divided, and the people who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, are god-believers, with whom I do not identify and who want to kill me, and who, therefore, are misled believers of their cult, and to whom I bring the teachings of truth, as I do to all human races on Earth.

4. "The god-believers have plundered this land through rapaciousness and murder, they have killed their friends with whom they had drunk wine, and they have deceived and misled their fellow believers of the Jewish cult, who are truly not knowing ones but god-believers.

5. "Thus did the god-believers betray their own friends and murdered them because of their greed, but it will likewise happen to them on the part of the rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their rights and subjugated since ancient times."

6. And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him and said, "Tell us, when will this take place, and what will be the sign?"

7. Jmmanuel answered, saying, "Two thousand and more years will pass, but in the meantime Israel will never find peace because many wars and much evil threaten the unlawful owners of this land; but see to it that nobody will lead you astray.

8. "Many deceivers and false prophets will come in my name and say, 'l am Jmmanuel, and I am the sign of the time,' and they will mislead many.

9. "People will hear much about wars and war cries, and they shall see this but not be frightened because this must happen; but it is not the end yet.

10. "Because many a nation will rise against its government, one nation against another, and one kingdom against another, there will be times of great need, earthquakes and tremendous storms and floods all about.

11. "All of this is the beginning of enormous calamities.

12. "Soon the people with the knowledge will be exposed to distress and be killed.

13. "They will be hated for the sake of the truth in their teaching and the wisdom.

14. "Many kinds of cults will rise up against one another, and much blood will flow.

15. "Then many will succumb to the attacks, and betray and hate one another because they remained small in consciousness.

16. "Love will grow cold in many people because ignorance will take over.

17. "Hatred will rule over all the world and evil will reign,

18. "but those who persist in the truth will survive.

19. "This lesson will be preached in the new age throughout the world as a testimony for all peoples, and then the end will come.

20. "When the people see the horror of destruction in Jerusalem, of which the prophets have spoken, the end will come.

21. "Whoever is in the land plundered by the god-believers at that time should flee to the mountains.

22. "Those who are on the roofs should not climb down to get anything from their houses.

23. "Those who are in the fields should not go back to get their coats.

24. "Woe to the women who are pregnant and those who are nursing their babies at that time, for they will suffer much grief and death. And there will be many of them.

25. "There will soon be greater grief than there has ever been before since the beginning of the world, and never will there be such grief again.

26. "If these days were not shortened, no one would remain alive; but these days will be shortened for the sake of the spirit and of life.

27. "This is for the sake of the people who serve the truth and the laws.

28. "There will be howling and chattering of teeth when this time comes, because of people's lack of understanding and greed.

29. "They will build machines of metal for use in the air, on the water and on land, to kill off one another.

30. "They will throw heavy projectiles out of these machines of metal, across the land and the cities,

31. "and fire will come out of these projectiles and burn the world so that not much will be spared.

32. "They will put the cornerstones of life and deadly air into the projectiles to kindle the deadly fire and destroy land and life.

33. "If at that time powerful people did not appear as did the celestial sons long ago, in order to stop the uninhibited delusion and the deadly activities of the erring dictators, truly, I am telling you: No human being would survive.

34. "Since the human races will at that time comprise far more than ten times five hundred million people, great parts of them will be eradicated and killed.

35. "This is what the law ordains, because people have violated it and will violate it again into the distant future.

36. "When at that point someone will say to the people, 'Behold, here is Jmmanuel, who is the sign of the time,' they should not accept it to be true.

37. "Because many a false Jmmanuel and many deceivers and false prophets will rise and do great signs and miracles it becomes possible to lead astray not only those who seek, believe and err, but also the scholars and knowledgeable people.

38. "Behold, I have told you so beforehand, and so it will fulfill itself.

39. "Therefore, when deceivers and those led astray will say, 'He is in the desert,' people shall not go there, and when they say, 'Behold, he is in a chamber,' they should not accept it as the truth.

40. "Since I will certainly return at that time, I will let them recognize me.

41. "This is how the law and destiny want it, and that's the way it will be.

42. "Just as lightning reaches out and radiates from its rise until its setting, so will be my coming in the future, when I bring the teaching anew and announce the legions of the celestial sons, when I will have a renewed life and will again be accused of deception and blasphemy across the breadth of the world, until the teaching of truth will bring about perceptivity and change in people.

43. "People of all times, beware: where the carcass is, there the vultures will gather, so watch out for them.

44. "Soon after the grief of that time, sun and moon will lose their luster, comets will fall from the sky and the powers of the heavens will start to sway.

45. "The structure of the Earth's sky and air will be disturbed, and the land will burn because of the black oil of the Earth, ignited by people's craving for power, and the sky will darken because of smoke and fire, which will rage for a thousand days; and everything above the burning land and far beyond will be covered with black soot; and so the weather will break down, and severe cold and much death will come over people, plants and animals all over the Earth, as a result of the power senselessly developed by the people who live in the greed for power and mania and vices.

46. "Then there will appear signs in the sky, and all races on Earth will cry and come to see the signs in the clouds of the sky that witness of great power and strict judgments against irrationality.

47. "Since god is lord over three human lineages, the laws and commandments of Creation will be valid in all eternity through which, as representation of Creation and human irrationality, people will judge themselves with anger.

48. "People owe their existence to god, who is the ruler over them, so they have to follow his commandments and respect him as the greatest king of wisdom.

49. "He will send his guardian angels with loud trumpets that will gather his trusted followers from all directions, from one end of the Earth to the other.

50. "Do learn a parable from the fig tree; when its branch puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near.

5 1. "So it will also at that time when the people see all of this, they will know that the end is close at hand.

52. "Truly, truly, I say to you: This is how it will be.

53. "This species will not perish until all of this has come about.

54. "The heavens and the Earth will pass, and so will the universe; but my words will not pass, because they are words of truth within the laws of Creation.

55. "No one knows the day or hour when all this will happen, neither the guardian angels nor god himself, nor I, Jmmanuel, but only providence and destiny through the laws and commandments of Creation, which possesses the greatest wisdom.

56. "Creation alone stands far above all human races, and it alone deserves honor and praise, just as it renders honor and praise to the absolute power above it.

57. "If people respect and honor god and if above him recognize, honor, esteem and acknowledge only Creation as the supreme power, then they act rightly in accord with the truth."


Inevitable Realities

The consequences of the immoral, illegitimate and insane attack on Iraq by the U.S., as well as the current incendiary situation in the Middle East, have long been forewarned and are now becoming more apparent. The recently disrupted terrorist plot against several airliners, and thousands of innocent individuals, is only the most current manifestation and glaring example of the real lack of understanding of the laws of cause and effect and the inevitable, compounding burdens that will be unfairly borne primarily by the innocent, as stupid bureaucratic measures, like shifting the responsibility onto travelers by not allowing them to carry on board drinking water, baby bottles, eye drops, etc. are put in place.

It has been pointed out that the majority of people who have access to planes, airports, tarmacs, cargo, etc. are actually under enormously less scrutiny and regulation than the passengers. And with the known resourcefulness, and cancerous anger that foments within many of our enemies (many of whom are creations of our own policies) the pathetic charade is no assurance of safety at all to anyone who considers these vulnerabilities – similar to the still existing ones involving the U.S. borders.

Because the U.S. government and its leaders were irresponsibly, ignorantly clueless (and uncaring) as to the potential disasters that they were unleashing on the world by their power-hungry, greedy, bloodlust – masquerading as a war to protect us from Saddam Hussein, to spread democracy and all the rest of the utterly stupid sewage that a great majority of the American public, and its representatives, willingly gulped – the same mentality that got us into this mess is now in charge of trying to get us out of it. Good luck…to all of us.

And do note that there is a faction in power here who thinks that a “mini-third world war " over there is a great idea, one that has Israel and a number of other countries at each other’s throats, which would leave open the door for the U.S. to enter as, ta-da, a policing agency that will, coincidentally, be in position to control and exploit the energy and other resources in the Middle East. So don’t be surprised that there is resistance to imposing (as should have already happened) an immediate cease-fire and stationing of international troops in the area. Of course, as stated above, only a true Global Peace-Combat Troop Force would be effective in quelling the fighting and controlling the situation.

For those who always gripe that they want “new prophecies” to prove that Meier isn’t just backdating information, please refer to, and remember, this from the Henoch Prophecies ( “The USA will set out against the Eastern countries ahead of all other financial states and simultaneously she will have to defend herself against the Eastern intruders. In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism she invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousand-fold deaths to the populations. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalization, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.

And this will point towards the possibility that a Third World War could develop from it, if human beings as a whole will not finally reflect upon reason, become reasonable and undertake the necessary steps against the insane machinations of their governments and military powers as well as their secret services, and call a halt to the power of the irresponsible who have forsaken their responsibility in all areas.”

In case the point hasn’t been made sufficiently as to just what kind of characters are currently perpetuating the momentum towards just such prophesied events, this excerpt from should clarify the Plejaren perspective:

374th Contact, January 25th, 2005


"She (Rice) is the most dangerous element on the side of the US President, because she is formed in the same measure as George Walker Bush in regard to power and the engagement of force. Both are fallen to megalomania and are deluded that they act in the direct commission of God and must free the world from terrorism. In their paranoia, they may no longer recognize that they, in their delusion, bring the greatest disaster over the world, and exercise the greatest terror. Next to this paranoia they also both yet have grave and prominent psychopathic damage, which they express in an abnormal life of feelings and psyche, with grave behavioral disturbances. Both are in no way conscious of the monstrous significance of their thoughts, feelings and behavior worlds because, in this regard, they live in a confused, illogical and reality-strange world - a state that is also nourished out of a sectarian confusion, as well as through desires for exercising power, and arrogance, as it is also an expression of an unquenchable megalomania." 

And here’s an interesting quote from another researcher:

"I would not argue against one word that Michael Horn said...I find it absolutely fascinating that Billy Meier is getting information from ETs that dovetails exactly with what I have uncovered in my own investigation."
Jim Marrs, author, responding to information presented to Billy Meier, in 1989, regarding the complicity of Bush, his associates and members of the CIA, in 9/11.

So, are we tired enough yet of being stupid, ignorant, entertainment addicted, consumerism driven, know-it-alls…that we might just want to heed the wake up call that we’ve been offered, for the last several decades, and help ourselves out of this mess?,192,280-282.htm

Prophecies: Russia, China, England, Iran

While many of you who are just becoming familiar with the Meier and Plejaren material may think that the main targets of criticism are just the U.S. and Israel, you may be surprised to know that much of the prophecies pinpoint the actions of, and damage to, other countries. The following is but one example of the poetic style of prophetic information transmitted to, and/or authored by, Meier, which, in the passages below, has references to events concerning England, Russia, China, and Iran. Other such poetic style texts mention disasters coming to many places, including Switzerland (yes, Switzerland), Japan, Italy, South America, plus the impact of the “Red Meteor” and many other unwelcome events that, we are told, are largely the effect of humanity’s continued, longstanding, erroneous actions stemming from delusional cultic religious beliefs. 

Saturday, February 7, 1976, 03:50 a.m.

A-shaking is the island kingdom
up in the North, in the Atlantic Pond,
During the year of the evil, black time,
when death lies ready by the masses,
to extinguish large and small,
making the Earth to be a death shrine.
The crown shaketh as evil reward,
for works and doings of the cult religion,
but also politics play a role,
which destroy the good island home.

The crown falls and breaks, it is all over,
the House of the Windsors has broken apart.
Shaking is the island kingdom;
bones are brittle now and pale;
the kingdom - it has fallen;
only legends of it will be told.

The land with the robbed peacock throne
is now a-shaking, hard in evil reward,
in the year of the round thousand star times,
in which now avenging many deaths are marching.
Breaking the Shah-in-Shah’s divinity,
his glory disappears into oblivion;
it is the reward for an evil deed,
for murder thousands of years old and wars ruin.
The kingdom breaks down in death and assassination,
through revolution and large war hordes,
the sword-lion thus findeth his master,
evilly beaten by death-consecrated spirits.
Thus the judgment strikes down the Unfailing one
the people of robbers - the Mago-barbarians.

Man danger threatens you from the North,
where the wolf arms for murder;
he plans a weighty violent crime,
to break into the nations westwards.
Be aware, be watchful and on guard;
break the Sibir-cold with your embers,
which slinketh upon you, deep-dangerously,
bloodthirsty, greedy, quite murder-mad.
Upon you he slinks, death from the giant nation,
world-ruling, as red death band.
Power greed defieth in quite raw brains,
panting, searching for betrayal whores,
who pas the fodder to the evil wolf;
from republics on up to the kingdoms.

Mighty swells the chest of the wolf;
danger; watch for the red sickle-dagger.
The red hammer already begins to fall,
in equal measure to the yellow dragon claws,
which from the east hurry to tear up the world,
and to tear mankind into a bloodbath.
Open is the yellow dragon throat
through a very fanatic power bond,
to tear them all in murderous crushing,
while in the heavens hell-fires blaze.
Danger threatens you, oh Man of Earth,
strive therefore, that peace may be,
or else death will strike you shortly,
as your truly last insanity spice.
So arm yourself for peace at this time,
or else you shortly have war-fighting.
From North and East now lurks the murder;
sickle and dragon prepare death for your;
by steel messengers, by sun-embers,
in these your life is extinguished, your courage.
The time of reason is limited for you,
before you run into your deadly destruction,
if you do not change your thinking soon,
and you at last honestly deal in peace;
if you, Man, do not follow this advice,
the beginning of the devils-fire you catch;
which extends itself to the world-wide fire;
works of your thinking, bloody death-hand,
You still have time now measured in months,
to change your thinking and your actions
or else the evil will begin to fulfill itself,
when your blood trickling runs into the earth.

How You Can Help

Not unlike the regular news of the day, this newsletter is quite full of rather dire and disturbing information. But it’s important to note that Meier and the Plejaren are not the source of the trouble, they have simply been warning of what is coming to us if we don’t wake up, pay attention and take intelligent, positive action.

There are a number of specific suggestions and directions that have been made and offered to us from these sources, as well as by many of our fellow dwellers on the planet. I will suggest a couple more things that may help.

I heard an interview with Dr. Geroge Friedman of Strafor ( Predictive, Insightful, Global Intelligence). This professional intelligence expert is the first one I’ve ehard who, while he was a backer of the attack on Iraq, now concedes that a military victory is impossible and that “the troops should be pulled back to uninhabited areas within Iraq.” My suggestion would be that, once you familiarize yourself sufficiently with the Meier material, you contact his company and – politely – direct him to the free information here, and invite him to discover the superior accuracy of the “Predictive, Insightful, Global Intelligence” of the Meier/Plejaren information. Truly, if enough people (including you) will bother to contact people like him and those in his organization, we have a much better chance of getting some of the actually intelligent members of the intelligence community to exercise their intelligence in service of our survival.

You may also want to contact such unlikely sources as can be found at: and read this article to see echoes of what has also been said in the Meier material: 

There is no implied political endorsement in my suggestions, as a matter of fact, I recommend contacting people like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Larry King, etc. I’ll be more than happy to deal with them but I sure could use your help! I’m not shy about doing this, as I think you may know by now, but some step-up-to-bat energy would be much appreciated, especially since this is about us, not Meier, the Plejaren or me.

And just for the record, since I actually get criticized on this when all else fails, this is a voluntary effort on my part. That means that I am not paid for my time or my representation of Meier, the case, this site, my radio interviews, articles, etc. The only related income comes from sales of the products and from occasional paying lectures. Oh yeah, I also accept donations to keep it all going. My work on this averages 6-10 per day, 6-7 days a week. And that’s not a complaint! Since my personal mission is to help prove the prophecies wrong I don’t think it’s too much trouble at all to put my time, energy and money where my mouth and heart are. If you want to offer your help, support, contacts to the media, donations, etc. they are all much appreciated.

Another powerful (and basically free) way to help, as recommended by the Plejaren, is to practice the Salome Peace Meditation (see:
Testimonials for New DVD

I’ve already received several testimonials for my new Standing In Spirit DVD ( and, while it’s primarily a consciousness/self-awareness tool, the technique can also be successfully applied to some physically-related problems, as I have done in the past with clients, and as one of the writers below suggests:

"Michael Horn's new DVD, 'Standing in Spirit' provides not only a helpful English language introduction to the silent revolution of truth that is already in progress, but also the simple first steps to becoming part of that magnificent revolution of spirit and consciousness as laid out in Semjase's 1975 'Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings'.

'Standing in Spirit' is thus a companion for, and informative and entertaining extension of, Michael's first DVD, 'The Meier Contacts: Key to Our Future Survival', and, as his title suggests, also initiates the viewer into a method for redirecting attention inwardly to the source of our universal enlivening force, as opposed to outwardly to traditional disempowering and imaginary supernatural entities.

Michael's quick and easy technique supplies, to those who seek the truth, a pointer to that ancient and long-hidden realm revealed by Billy Meier, and to what we all REALLY are deep down inside, and how that powerful and elemental power of truth, never before openly accessible to all of us, can and will empower those who make the effort, and transform our lives forever.

The Golden Age of Knowledge brings, to all who desire it, a long-overdue END to the horror and terror caused by our ignorance; an ignorance which has been malevolently encouraged since prehistory. This Golden Age offers in its place unimaginable joy, peace, freedom, harmony, unity, spiritual poise, knowledge, wisdom and love."

D & V, Australia

"Hello Michael,

Once again you did it. I'm not here to bolster your ego, although it wouldn't hurt considering the true level of respect (or lack thereof) that exists for the Meier case and the peace supporters. I am here to give you a genuine compliment about your DVD. I ordered it right after I got the email update and it touched me deeply. I ordered it right before I went through a bad car accident and it has helped me understand my personal feelings better but don't worry no one was hurt. Who would've thought it was simply the attention on the matters which loosened them up to dissolve. I was thinking a specific frequency generated by mind and spirit and always tried to find the perfect mind setting. It works sometimes, but with you guiding through, it really helps. I have been really spirited and up-beat for the situations that I've been facing these past two weeks.  It couldn't have come at a better time!

Thank You and we all do what we can, when we can!"

T.J., Ohio

And for those of you who wrote requesting a link to the video I made regarding the information I received from Meier, during my meeting with him in May, here is the link:

While we’re on the subject of videos, here’s one where Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center buildings, describes the decision to “pull” (perform a controlled demolition of) building seven.

As far as I can determine, the preparation for pulling a building takes a number of weeks. Isn’t it funny how he was able to have that done in a matter of hours – apparently without any preparation – and how, how shall I say it, similar it looks to the way the Twin Towers fell?


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