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UFO Newsletter - December, 2007

New Feature Length Film on Meier
The long awaited, new feature length film on the Billy Meier UFO case, The Silent Revolution of Truth, is now available for pre-orders, with an official release date of December 1, 2007. Please keep in mind that in the holiday season mail delivery often takes longer than normal. And, despite this professional production being quite costly, we are offering the DVD of the film at only $20, so as to reach as many people as possible. You can find more information about it at:
Stunning Information on the Faked U.S. Moon Landing!

UFO Newsletter - November/December, 2006

Sfath’s Explanation to Meier

Here you will find the first part of the English language translation a most remarkable explanation, by Sfath (Meier’s first alleged extraterrestrial contactor/mentor) to an eight year-old Eduard Albert Meier, regarding Meier’s life, his long ago self-chosen mission and the immense difficulties that he would encounter in his adult years.
For the interested, and intelligent, reader, a glimpse into the circumstances, reasons for, and preparation of the prophet for these times will be most informative. Among many things, Sfath points out that – contrary to the accusations of debunkers and know-it-alls – Meier must not seek to accrue wealth, or allow himself to be seen as being special or above other human...

UFO Newsletter - August/September, 2006

Israel Hastens the Hour of Her Own Destruction
Cause and effect cannot be cheated or fooled.
One of the most touchy, and often untouchable, topics, especially here in the U.S., has been any criticism directed at Israel or, as many of her supporters refer to her, “poor little Israel”. The recipient of countless billions of dollars in unpaid “loans” from the U.S., much of which has gone towards the development of nuclear weapons (some 200 are thought to be in her possession at this time) Israel is again at the center of a major conflict.
Nonetheless, the idea that Israel could do no wrong in her valiant struggle to survive against a surrounding sea of angry enemies is the stuff that...

UFO Newsletter - May/June, 2006

The Laser Pistol
There has been much controversy around the photographs and story that Meier allegedly put a hole through a tree using a laser pistol loaned to him by the Plejaren, who claimed that it was actually a very old weapon of theirs (see: And Still They Fly, color plates 49-52 http://www.theyfly.com/products/products.htm#fly). Reproduced below is Wendelle Stevens’ own written account of the enigmatic episode:

“When I first saw these laser pistol photos I had serious misgivings about them and the whole story of this so-called “ancient weapon”. But then Eduard Meier took me to the place in the Frecht Nature Preserve, near Hinwil, where he had tested the first...

UFO Newsletter - March/April, 2006

Did 19th Century Serbian Foresee Meier?
In the January-February issue of NEXUS magazine (PDF Download) you can read the very interesting story about Mitar Tarabich, a 19th century Serbian seer, whose prophecies and predictions proved to be quite accurate. Here is the sentence that some people have already pointed out may well refer to Billy Meier: “Among people of a nation far in the north, a little man will appear who will teach men about love and compassion, but there will be many hypocrites around him so that he will have many ups and downs. Not one of these hypocrites will want to know what is real human grace, but his wise...

UFO Newsletter - January/February, 2006

This is going to be a somewhat lengthy newsletter with a variety of items of information and, hopefully, interest. By now, those of you who’ve hung in and actually reviewed all of the material available in the Meier case (there’s still only a small amount in English, though it continues to increase thanks to Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of www.gaiaguys.net) understand that this is no “alien abduction” case or some dopey New Age channeled nonsense but rather a genuine case that’s been ongoing for 64 years and that has attracted some rather intense scrutiny as well as opposition.
While the harshest opposition has taken the form of 21 documented assassination attempts against...

UFO Newsletter - November, 2005

The recent unrest in France regarding Muslims rioting and setting fires in a Paris suburb (http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=13975354) seems to indicate that the prophetic warnings, published by Meier in 1981 and 1987, may be slowly fulfilling themselves, unfortunately. Here are the two excerpts:

November 23, 1981
"Italy and France will be shaken, due to revolutionaries, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution, while Italy also falls due to massacres ..."

UFO Newsletter - September, 2005

Plejaren Prophecies: The Hurricanes and Floods
The recent tragedy in Louisiana, Mississippi and other parts of the south is having, and will have, devastating effects that radiate out far beyond the misery and suffering being currently endured by the in those areas.
It may be that some things come into the collective warnings before they occur in real life. Look at the spate of disaster movies and so-called reality shows that have proliferated in the last few years. It occurred to me some time ago that they might be forewarnings in them of events to come. And it’s ironic that the reality shows, which offer people the seemingly irresistible opportunity to debase and torture themselves for the two most exalted of contemporary...

UFO Newsletter - August, 2005

This will be a rather lengthy and most likely controversial newsletter in some ways. Let me just say up front that, for anyone who goes apoplectic over it, your most productive response (instead of hitting me over the head with the flag or thumping me with the Bible) is to unsubscribe rather than waste your good time berating me for my opinions, uninformed as you may presume them to be. And, of course, you’re certainly welcome to continue to receive and/or view my newsletters and articles.

Now, in order to set the stage for all that follows, allow me to post a few more corroborative pieces of information that support the credibility of the Meier case:
New Corroboration
1. Contact 251, Feb.3, 1995, Meier...

UFO Newsletter - July, 2005

A Puzzle Where All of the Pieces Have to Fit
I often find myself engaged in debate with people in online forums who are skeptical about the Meier case and/or downright hostile to it. I usually start out by presenting certain facts and pointing them to where they can do their own serious research in order to determine for themselves the authenticity of the case and not rely on hearsay and debunkers, who themselves have already been sufficiently debunked and shown to be prejudiced, incompetent and plain wrong.
It often happens that the people online that I’m engaging are not responsive to the actual material that I present or point them to and I find myself being critical of them, often harshly (and thusly often ineffectively...

UFO Newsletter - June, 2005

New Physical Evidence

The accompanying photographs, three that I took that show Billy with producers from a TV production company in England filming a documentary for the Discovery channel, and three photographs by Claes Elmberg of the hand and fingerprints of two alleged extraterrestrial visitors to the FIGU center in Switzerland, with the hands of two people (Billy Meier and Claes Elmberg) included for comparison. The prints, which show each hand having six fingers and a thumb, appeared on the hood of the car owned by Atlant Bieri late at night between June 25 and 26, 2004.
Other residents discovered them a few days later, as Atlant was in Tasmania at the time. The prints have remained visible since that time despite the harsh...

UFO Newsletter - March, 2005

New Confirmations of Meier's Information

Many of you have already checked out the links on www.theyfly.com regarding the four “news” stories that Meier had preempted by years and even decades. Now there’s more to report and for you to consider and evaluate for yourself. One of the problems in dealing with professional skeptics is that they always want to raise the bar, meaning that they like to say something like, “Oh yeah, well anyone could have said that, tell us something else!”
Now, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, the problem with that sophomoric challenge is that, while they claim that a mythical “anybody” (which never seems to include them) could have said that, it’s impossible to find...
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