Top Skeptic RETRACTS Hoax Claims - Helps Prove Meier Case Real! 

Investigator had claimed that Billy Meier used model tree and model

 UFO to hoax famous, still irreproducible UFO photos and films


LOS ANGELES, CA - In a stunning development, Derek Bartholomaus, a lead case investigator for CFI-West/IIG, the Los Angeles based, international professional skeptics organization, has retracted his claims, featured in the new film The Silent Revolution of Truth, that Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier used a model tree and model UFO to hoax his still irreproducible UFO photos.

Bartholomaus’ claims, which are the foundation of his presentation in the Special Features section of the new film, The Silent Revolution of Truth, posited that because some of the trees that Meier photographed with the UFOs were similar they must be the same, model trees.

Shown below is the composite of three of Meier UFO/tree photos that Bartholomaus used to try to substantiate his claims that they were proof of the same model tree. He drew the red and green lines to try to illustrate the perceived similarities on the right side of the trees, which, upon close examination, are not at all exact or clearly indicative of the same tree. And, in his carefully scripted presentation, he also ignored the glaringly obvious dissimilarities on the left sides of the trees, never mentioning them at all.



And, at no time over the past seven years, has Bartholomaus or his organization ever presented as much as one photograph, or any other evidence, of the existence of such model trees…anywhere. It has already been established, by six different professors of forestry, that the trees shown in Meier’s numerous photographs, films and video, are mature, full-grown trees (see: 

After going on record with his unsupported and unscientific conclusions, Bartholomaus made this surprising, historic concession:


“I will also agree with Horn that the photograph section of the short version

of my lecture was the weakest part of my presentation.”

Derek Bartholomaus, lead investigator CFI-West/IIG


Such an admission by Bartholomaus effectively demolishes the foundational premise for his and CFI-West/IIG’s claims that Meier indeed used both model trees and model UFOs to fake his photographic evidence. It should be all the more disconcerting in light of the rather unceremonious firing of Vaughn Rees, the former case investigator who originally claimed that Meier’s evidence was “an easily duplicated hoax” (

In his interview in the new film, Bartholomaus now tries, a different, more evasive approach by saying that only the person perpetrating the hoax can say that it’s a hoax. Unfortunately, such disingenuousness is contradicted throughout his presentation by his claims that Meier used model trees and model UFOs, which are unambiguous, thinly veiled accusations that Meier perpetrated a hoax.

It is also certain that none of this confusion and backtracking will  please his own organization, or fellow skeptical associates, such as James Randi (who had already long ago withdrawn his claim that the Meier case is a hoax), Dr. Steven Novella and Michael Shermer, whose own attempts to debunk the Meier case were even flimsier.


More Unsubstantiated Claims

But Bartholomaus, obviously flustered by having to refute his own claims, committed another faux pas when another skeptic suggested that he might have grounds to sue the producers for including him in the film without his written approval. Bartholomaus then wrote, “Actually, it is a written agreement,” and then, undaunted by the existence of two agreements that he signed approving his presentation for the film, he falsely and perhaps also libelously, stated, “And yes, by removing it from the body of the main film and only including it as a special feature they are in violation of the contract.”

Next, Bartholomaus tried, once again, to make the same “similar means the exact same thing” argument, this time for the unusual golden suit seen in numerous photographs of Alena, an alleged extraterrestrial in the film. Here’s one of the photographs that Meier took of Alena holding the beam-type laser weapon:



Bartholomaus then offered another unsubstantiated “theory”, this time about Meier’s ex-wife, and yet another unscientifically arrived at it’s-got-to-be-the-same-thing conclusion, complete with a photo to support it:

“I have a theory that the ‘alien’ in the ray gun photos is actually Meier's wife, Kalliope. I still need to research this further, but in the new DVD there are images of Kalliope. These are the first images of Kalliope that I have ever seen and she has a similar hair color, length, and style to the ‘alien’ in the photographs. It is quite obvious that the original photo included the face of the person, but the face was redacted when first published. I think that it is due to the face being of someone recognizable. Again, this leads to the possibility that it was Kalliope. Also the costume being worn is what is known as a ‘solar suit’. This was an exercise outfit that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. It trapped the person's body heat so that they would sweat more and lose more water weight. Here is an image of a solar suit that I found:”


While Bartholomaus states as fact, not opinion, that Alena’s “costume” is a “solar suit, he ignores the obvious differences in the garment, such as its color and the absence of a metallic cuff. He also fails to substantiate the existence of such a “solar suit” in gold, its availability to Meier in 1977, or any proof at all that Meier in fact had obtained such an item. Bartholomaus also ignored previously published information reporting on the futile attempts of the original investigative team (or anyone else) to find, or establish the existence of, such a suit or the laser gun itself. And he is probably unaware that there are over 1,300 pages of information contained in books published about the investigation and the case itself. (Had he researched these materials he may have avoided making many of the erroneous assumptions that he puts forth in the film.)


Making the Case…for Meier

Then, in what ultimately turns out to be an unintentional, solidly convincing contribution to establishing the truthfulness of Meier’s claims, Bartholomaus declared that he had debunked one of the images in The Silent Revolution of Truth, a photo that Meier claimed was of him standing within a circular discharge of static electricity created by the (unseen) UFO of the extraterrestrial, Quetzal, trying to record, using a hand held microphone and cassette machine, the sounds created by the phenomenon:



Bartholomaus confidently declared, “…in the center of the ring of light you see a man standing with his arm above his head. He then added, again as if it was fact and not opinion, that, “He is creating the ring of light and sparks by burning steel wool and then swinging it over his head. “

He posted these comments along with the following photograph to support his penetratingly insightful theory:

“And here is clear picture as to how this is done by a person.



“…Here is what is done.

“Take some steel wool and put it into some type of metal cage attached to a rope or chain. Then light the steel wool with a match or lighter. Yes, steel wool will burn that easily. Then twirl the cage containing the burning steel wool over your head and make sure that no one is standing within range of the burning steel and slag as it flies around.”

Then, in an attempt to administer the coup de grâce, Bartholomaus, posted a blow up of Meier’s photo with the caption:

This is an enlargement of the above image showing the man in the center of the ring more closely.”



But, once again, Bartholomaus’ desire to debunk and destroy the Meier case (instead of objectively examining its contents to find out what the truth of the matter is) leads to unexpected, and enormously important, consequences. For Bartholomaus has inadvertently revealed convincingly clear and conclusive evidence in support of Meier’s truthfulness.

First, notice that, despite the whirling circle of static electricity around and above him, Meier’s hand is perfectly still in the photo (unlike the blurred hand of the man whirling the steel wool) and can be clearly seen holding a microphone, which supports exactly what he said, and which is explained, with further details, here by Christian Frehner of FIGU:

Regarding photo #925: Quetzal let his beamship hover and rotate about 10 meters above the parking lot, while burning static energy which also had a rotating effect (just like the ship). Billy is standing in the fire ring and is holding a microphone above his hand. He tried to tape record the crackling noise of the burning, but the recording was not successful, unfortunately. The photo was made by Quetzal with Billy's Olympus camera, which did not allow any longtime exposure. It was an instant shot (I don't know the correct term). I hope this helps. Salome, Christian”

Here, for all you photo buffs, is a photograph of the camera that Meier used.

September 6, 2011: Now skeptics have taken issue with the following that I had stated after the word "used" above," which, importantly, also doesn’t have a time exposure feature". They have pointed out that the camera indeed does have a time exposure feature. So the question will be if the feature was working on Billy's camera, which Christian seems to indicate it wasn't. Assuming it was working, for the sake of the skeptics, it seems to me as a layman that it still doesn't enhance their contention that Meier was swirling his arm in the air.

And perhaps I should also post this information from here, "There are two variants of this model. Both are as described above, but one variant also has a battery check button, while the other has an overide button for the low-light limiter that normally prevents the camera from operating in low-light conditions that would cause exposure time to exceed 1/15 of a second. These features seem to be mutually exclusive: neither variant has the other's additional feature." Again, any further clarification will be updated here.

Of course the evidence and corroboration of Meier's prophetically accurate scientifc information is so overwhelming that this point about the camera - solely relevant to this one photo as far as I know - could be the easy escape route for them to summarily dismiss the case. To understand the full

extent of the degenration in human thinking, you can read the information that begins with, "The Earth human’s sense of effort towards seeking the truth has disappeared," which you can find here.

Now, to introduce the camera, here, for all you photo buffs, is a photograph of the camera that Meier used:



In addition to this information, it should be pointed out that, unlike what is clearly seen in the photo of the man with the steel wool, there is absolutely no evidence of any “burning steel and slag” hitting the ground, and bouncing around dangerously, in the photo of Meier.

Finally, in a display of frustration, a lack of ethics and plain bad sportsmanship, Bartholomaus posted links to illegal online videos of the entire film and Special Features sections on one of the skeptics’ forums.


The Agony of the Wrong Distance Runner

So, once again, Derek Bartholomaus goes the extra mile – in the wrong direction – something that has become the hallmark of the professional skeptics, whose ultimate achievement, quite diametrically opposed to their original intentions, has been to validate the evidence in, and the truthfulness of, the Billy Meier UFO Contacts.

In clear recognition of his already admitted failure, Bartholomaus has said that he’s creating yet another “new and improved” presentation, to try to salvage his very damaged credibility and support his attack on the Meier case. However, the truth of the adage, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” couldn’t be more apt here, especially since CFI-West//IIG have been making their futile attacks against the case for over seven years. Perhaps it’s time that they all took up another, more benign and less intellectually and ethically demanding line of work.


Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for The Billy Meier Contacts

and the Producer/Writer of The Silent Revolution of Truth. For more information please see: