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FIGU Special Bulletin #30

October 2006, pages 14 -19

Readers' Question:

What is the SOG team which allegedly exists with the USA secret service, and is it true that the CIA is more powerful than the government of the USA?

If all that has been heard and written about that is true, how does that fit together with the Christian religion to which indeed also Bush belongs - does he undertake nothing against that?

Do you know something about that, and can you provide a detailed answer in one of your bulletins?

A. Peter, Switzerland


The so-called SOG TEAM (Special Operations Group) of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) actually exists, and that is a damned unpleasant matter of fact, because neither the SOG team nor the CIA shy away from any murder.

The CIA is the actual secret USAmerican world government, whose headquarters, respectively, head office, is located in Langley, in the US state of Virginia.

The primary mission of this secret organization, that functions as a secret service and is a superpower in a super-nation, is espionage, for which the US government pumps in billions of US dollars.

It can be said with a clear conscience that the CIA practically has unlimited power at its disposal and does not shy away from any crime, nor from any inhumanity.

What the "license to kill" is for the English Crown in the James Bond films, is absolute reality for the CIA, because it has a government license for unlimited mass murder.

Essentially nobody knows how many humans thereby work for the CIA, because everything is strictly secret, whereby also torture and murder are employed unhesitatingly to protect that secrecy.

Anyone can come into the crosshairs of the CIA, even the most irreproachable, because with this, the biggest of all espionage organizations and indeed also the biggest secret terror organization in the world, basically every human is suspect and his life is not safe.

Yet that is not all, because no government in the world is in a position to protect its citizens from the monstrous and criminal machinations of the CIA.

The CIA's SOG team is a secret army that is equipped with every imaginable weapon, and indeed also with ones that even the US Army can only dream about.

The SOG team consists of elite soldiers recruited from the regular Army, the Air Force, as well as the Navy and the Marines and so forth, and are trained to be murder and destruction robots.

They are constantly monitored on duty during secret operations - through encoded satellite connections.

If, anywhere in the world, crimes occur through the CIA, or attacks and wars against any countries, then it is the secret army of the SOG which thoroughly prepared every attack.

Should the attack against Iran, planned since the year 2002, actually succeed, then this would therefore be secretly prepared though an SOG team in Iran, as was also the case in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

The CIA is more powerful than the entire government of the USA, which consequently in no way knows what the secret service actually does.

Not even the US President is ever notified about all that which the secret service, which has become a state-within-a-state, really undertakes and everything that is associated with that.

The power of the CIA was already established with its founding in the year 1947, consequently it only took until the year 1953 for it to be freed from the applicable law disclosing its goals, and later it would also be explicitly ordered, by the government, to kill.

Along with the order to kill, respectively, murder, the CIA also has permission to break every law in the whole world - only not ones of the USA.

Yet the CIA also distances itself from this prohibition, because when it serves their goal, then they also do not shy away from murdering in the USA.

The attack on the World Trade Center came on the 11th of September, 2001, and only six days later, on September 17th, the monstrosity occurred that, up until now, is unique in every democratic country in our world and therefore, as such, has never happened before: George Bush, the completely irresponsible, sectarian who tyrannically exalted himself above the world as God's avenging angel, established a charter for the CIA with his signature, whereby this authorized, even with only the vaguest suspicion, that humans be incarcerated, respectively, kidnapped and physically abused with interrogation methods which are beyond every human right, every human dignity and humaneness.

That applied to Al Qaida fighters, as well as to humans who were simply suspected of terror or endangering the country, and so forth, which therefore applied to clear-cut as well as conjectured persons who had arranged terrorism, or simply were suspected of being terrorists or enemies of the state due to informing or espionage.

And the CIA is not required to provide justification for these machinations, and indeed neither in front of the US President, or the Senate nor publicly, because the CIA is so powerful that is stands perfectly over the government and even steers it.

And to think that the CIA is only one of fifteen USAmerican secret services - however the most powerful, which has even cast its net over the other secret services and the FBI and the police collectively, and has these under control.

So the CIA is not only the secret service that governs and controls the USA, rather the entire world.

And whoever does not obey their rules is, quickly, tersely and brutally struck down.

To this end, the SOG team, respectively the SOG army, is thereby the most radical weapon, which is unique in the history of every secret service in the world, and their elite soldiers are numb and pitiless killer-robots, which, when they are merely obeying their orders, murder out of delight for killing, giving not a thought to law and order, rather go about blindly murdering.

As a matter of fact the CIA is a world power, and its list of crimes is so long that it cannot be measured.

Along with innumerable other crimes, the overthrow of governments also belongs to their line of work, consequently, among others, in 1953 they overthrew the Persian, respectively, Iranian government, in 1954 that of Guatemala, after which followed Chile in 1973 and Turkey in 1980.

The CIA was not concerned that several of these governments had been democratically elected by the population, because it was only significant to them that these governments did not fit into their goal, since they did not cuddle up to the USA.

So they also murdered many politicians or allowed them to be delivered to kingdom come by paid assassins, as with, for example, Che Guevara, and so forth.

Had the CIA succeeded, then also Fidel Castro would have died, yet until now that could not be accomplished, consequently he is, as ever, still on the CIA's hit list.

But the CIA's intrigues still go very much further, consequently all of their crimes can never be uncovered and only few can be named, as, for example, that they supported and paid so-called freedom fighters as well as brutal dictators, with money, weapons and military training and guerilla know-how - and they continue to do that, as was the case with Saddam Hussain and Osama bin Laden, among others.

Through the help of the CIA, Saddam Hussain was able to rearm enormously, thereafter in 1979 he led a coupe against the top of the Iraqi government.

Already, as he studied at the University of Cairo, he made his first connection with the CIA, who, as he came to power, reached out to him with full hands.

Also Osama bin Laden was built up through the CIA together with the US government.

Between 1978 and 1992 the Afghan Mujaheddin Parliamentary Party, in battle with the then USSR, was supported with weapons and money, and far more than 100,000 Afghan fighters were trained in special tactical situations, that were brought about with the help of the CIA.

Project "Operation Zyklon", which had principal string-puller Osama bin Laden as Managing Director, cost the USA a total of more than 23 billion dollars. [US$23,000,000,000.00]

The background to that was, on one hand to force the USSR to its knees, and on the other hand to gain influence in Afghanistan.

Neither the US government nor the CIA worried about the entire matter that the Afghan government called in an old treaty with the USSR for help in the country for the purpose of establishing order.

And it should be quite clear that then, thereby, also George H. W. Bush Senior - on his part just as much an irresponsible war monger, war criminal and US President as his son, George W. Bush - likewise played a very inglorious role.

The CIA was not only responsible for the preparations of the martial overthrow of Afghanistan and Iraq, rather also for the acts of war in Nicaragua, San Salvador, Iran and Viet Nam, and so forth, in addition to the worldwide crimes in regard to the abductions ["renditions"] of terror or other kinds of suspects regarding the alleged endangering of USAmerican state security.

In secret locations, the abductees are held tightly in torture prisons, and tortured in various forms and ways, obeying all the rules of the art, and indeed, as a rule, in such a way that no visible traces are left behind - or if traces of torture appear in spite of that, then the tortured are simply liquidated, as that also otherwise occurs in various cases.

And it is already proven that such torture prisons exist in different countries of the world and are used by the CIA and their torture-myrmidons.

Even the war-criminal-natured and completely irresponsible, as well as human-distaining, Evangelical-sectarian, US President George W. Bush had to publicly confess, on September 7th [2006], that these torture prisons exist in diverse other countries outside of the USA.

And the US President's entire war-criminal-natured and human-distaining affected mannerisms - this may be fully stated - correspond precisely to the way of acting and "love" as well as "justice" and "brotherly love" of the Christian religion, as the entirety has been practiced since time immemorial.

That especially by the Catholic Church, the Pope, his vassals and enslaved menials, and so forth.

George W. Bush also belongs in the same frame, who, as Evangelical sectarian, falsely believes himself to be "God's avenger on Earth", and is in the delusion that he must step forward as the protector of the world.

And to that end, for him every evil and murderous as well as criminal and human-distaining means is just as good and right enough, as also, for him, stepping over masses of corpses is not more and not less than a means to fulfil a purpose, without mercy and without being moved to pity, as it also was with his father and other presidents, and will continue to be so.

Yet further with the CIA and their torture prisons, that are to be found in diverse countries and specialize in special interrogation methods, as, for example, Jordan, where there are hard and brutal procedures, as also Syria, where malicious tortures are the order of the day.

And it is a farce, anyway, that the CIA is represented in Syria in regard to the torture prisons, because the USA has officially condemned Syria as a terrorist state, and continually threatens it.

In the Arabian area, Egypt is also to be named in regard to torture prisons where the abductees are tortured to death and physically abused and never again live to see freedom.

If torture is carried out in the name of the CIA and USA through the torturers of the pertinent countries, then, so it is falsely believed, the USA and CIA keep "clean" hands.

Nevertheless, however, the US's enslaved menials also torture, which, however, is not astonishing if one thinks that 1996 Washington, as a result of a USAmerican legal decision, released seven handbooks in which interrogation techniques are exclusively presented, as well as even how abductions, tortures and extortions of humans are carried out.

It is naturally also clear that, in a secret manner, also research is driven forward for newer, more effective, brutal and inhumane questioning and torture methods which do not leave a trace, whereby, naturally, in respect of the so-called "white torture" - a psychic torture - which leaves no traces behind, especially the CIA is authoritative, and invests millions of US dollars for that.

These cruel "white torture" methods indicate effects like electric shocks, noise, silence, glaring light, absolute darkness, sleep deprivation, beatings, being stuck with fine needles, or forced postures, and so forth.

One cruel method of torture is also that in which the human to be tortured is tied tightly to a board, and a plastic bag or plastic film is pulled over the head or laid on the face and he/she who is to be tortured has running water poured over him/her, which leads to an uncontrollable fearful imagining of having to drown.

This method, named "water-boarding", is especially favored for torturing, which is so cruel, similar to the ancient Chinese water method of constant drips, whereby the victim is tied tightly to a tree or a stake and, over hours on end, continual drops of water out of a container drip down on his naked shaven skull, which finally has the effect of hammer blows, and drives people insane.

Now, officially because of public protests, some determinations were repealed whereby torture was meant to be prohibited, yet from the side of the government, that was only for show because all kinds of loopholes remain through which torture is further guaranteed, as is par for the course also in the American legislation generally with all kinds of other criminal and felonious behavior.

So, in the USA, even the contracting out of punishment is possible through legislation, disputed by delinquents, defense lawyers, federal lawyers and judges.

And so it is also possible, through the US legislation, that everything that the CIA can merely wish for is possible, so therefore also torture, which can lead from pain of a physical or psychic kind up to enduring and serious health-related damaging of important body functions, and thereby the health, or can even lead to organ failure and to death.

The unrestricted brutality and human-distaining of the CIA knows no bounds, and whoever falls under their suspicion and into their traps - its all the same whether they are a man, woman or child, suspected or guilty - must reckon with the worst, and all that in the name of the USA and its alleged state security.

The CIA headquarters, respectively, the actual centre of power of the Central Intelligence Agency is to be found, as already explained, in a small city named Langely, which is located in the vicinity of Washington DC.

It is a centre of unimaginable power, and the USA's most secret stronghold, whose several million square meter circumference extent is hermetically secured and strictly guarded.

Surrounded by threatening fences and fitted with surveillance cameras and movement detectors, as well as satellite surveillance, also masses of sentries are in the entire area, as also numerous dog patrols do their rounds.

Penetration into the grounds, or even in the power complex, is as good as impossible, and whoever dares in spite of that plays with his life.

If that succeeds however, in spite of that, for example, through enemy agents, then he finds himself in a termite nest in which everything is arranged in such a branching and confusing manner that he can find nothing that could be useful to him.

Principally, everything is namely arranged in this centre of power so that, firstly, everybody mistrusts everyone, and secondly, that one person does not know what the other person does.

So one cannot speak of a CIA family because the entire system, and everything which is bound with it, is nothing more and nothing less than a gigantic network of intrigue, in which, already for a long time, nothing is simply worked on anymore for spying on enemy countries, or simply foreign countries as well as their agents, rather, fundamentally, it is indeed only for controlling the entire world and bringing it under USAmerican rule, as that also lies in the mind of the US government of the day.

Like a fat spider, the CIA sits in its giant network of intrigue, whereby also all the other US secret services are thereby entangled, and whereby from this, in the first instance, everything - including the CIA - is aligned not only to spy on, and listen to, the USAmerican citizens, rather the entire world and every single human on the Earth, and indeed not only directly, as with neighbors, acquaintances and friends acting as informers, rather also over the telephone, over radio transmissions and the Internet.

For this, the CIA presides over the so-called Carnivore software (meat-eater) with which presently, around five million E-mails, telephone calls or chatrooms are simultaneously supervised.

Practically every laptop and computer's system is constructed such that the drive system, respectively, the software, functions in a way that everything can be controlled by the CIA.

If the software in this relationship is damaged, then the computer does not function anymore.

Through the entire thing it is possible, world wide, for the CIA to smuggle false information, respectively, false texts and so forth, into computers.

The CIA's Carnivore computer searches, uninterrupted, through the available data in the entire world, in order to find key words, as for example, assassin, Bush, terror, or whatever else it may be.

So the reader may know with certainty, when she or he reads these lines, that my words have already been registered and evaluated by the CIA.

Now, if the Carnivore computer spirits out several terms which appear suspicious to the CIA, then the originator of the terms is already graded as suspicious and is taken under the magnifying glass more precisely.

This procedure, however, is not by any means restricted to the USA, rather it occurs worldwide, whereby also even kidnappings to torture prisons are involved.

Worldwide the CIA also maintains the most varied front businesses which, from the outside, are of a purely commercial nature, and even the secret services of foreign countries have no idea that it thereby concerns CIA stations.

Yet such firms exist even in the USA itself, as for example, the previous America Online, respectively, AOL, a world undertaking, which plays a pre-eminent role in regard to the Internet industry, and indeed as a kind of "commercial news service".

The Head Office of the firm is Dulles, Virginia, therefore, so to say, a suburb of CIA headquarters in Langley, and it is no accident that this firm resides at this place, and thereby in the vicinity of the CIA stronghold.

The location is named after the US politician Allen Dulles (born, Watertown, NY, April 7th, 1893, died, Washington DC, January 29th,1969), who, in the Second World War, led the USAmerican news service from Bern, Switzerland and who was the boss of the CIA from 1953 to 1963.

It is also interesting to know that the CIA Director, George Tenet, was a member of the board of directors of AOL during the years 1997 to 2004.

Naturally it is thereby disputed that there is no other connection between the CIA and the worldwide operating provider.

But the undisputed fact of the matter is that the provider AOL collects secret data about its customers worldwide, and with it, even creates profiles of which customer clicks on which sites.

Therefore the Internet provider AOL is, in this regard alone, already an ideal partner for the CIA for exercising espionage worldwide on the Internet - not to mention the manipulated hard drives, and so forth, of laptops and computers.

It is however really also no secret that the CIA has not only installed its Carnivore program with AOL, rather also with many other providers worldwide.

The CIA does not only lead a secret war to achieve world control and world domination for the superpower USA, rather also in regard to petroleum, because one of its efforts consists of snatching as many oil fields as possible under its control, and under the control of the USA.

Also to this end all intrigues and other such machinations, extending to murder, are par for the course.

Through such intrigues and photo falsifications of an alleged armored deployment of Saddam Hussain's on Saudi Arabia's border, they seduced the then Saudi King Fahd, to allow "disbelievers", respectively, US soldiers, in the country and in the vicinity of the holy state of Mecca so that they could attack Iraq from there.

And naturally it came to be as it had to: once the US Yanks were in Saudi Arabia, then they also stayed there, which has remained that way until today.

Yet that was not enough, because since 1990 the USA not only controlled the oil fields in the re-conquered Kuwait, rather also those of Saudi Arabia, whereby the control of the oil fields in Iraq came in the year 2003.

Therefore, only missing in this circular dance of Orient-oilfield-countries is Persia, respectively, Iran, for which plans for a military takeover have already existed in the USA since 2002.

And there is no doubt that that is also being worked out today because the CIA as well as the government of the USA wants control, under all circumstances, over all Arabian oil fields, no matter what the cost.

Thereby, namely China could have the oil spigot turned off if it should dare to want to raise itself as a superpower, and as a matter of fact one such crisis is coming about.

As the USA is the biggest terror-country on Earth which acts worldwide and wants to bring all terrestrial resources and countries under its sword, whereby every filthy means is quite good enough, the CIA, worldwide is the biggest, state-sanctioned, respectively, legalized, criminal organisation which ever existed, and which does not find its equal, on our globe.

And because, on September 11th, 2001 in New York, the Al Qaida terrorists attacked - sped with two highjacked passenger aircraft into both towers of the World Trade Center and released an inferno, next to which, that a further aircraft was steered into the Pentagon and a fourth was brought down in the state of Pennsylvania - the power of the CIA grows immeasurably.

New anti-terror laws were created, through which practical charters were prepared in regard to the terror search.

The press was muzzled and the CIA was given freedoms which are so unbelievable that a normal citizen of the country cannot conceive of these.

That could only happen, however, through the Al Qaida terror act, which shows that this was quite consciously allowed to happen.

It is a matter of fact, namely, that the CIA, through its spies and informers, was just as fully informed about Osama bin Laden's oncoming terror plot as was the irresponsible US President George W. Bush; yet neither he nor the CIA, nor ones from the other secret services, undertook something in order to prevent the harm.

That has several reasons, because on one hand the terror attack had to serve to provide yet more unrestricted power for the CIA, and on the other hand, through its actualization, the USAmerican people could be duped with threadbare and filthy lies, and the war in Iraq could be launched.

In addition to that, the anticipated terror attack also guaranteed that the CIA and the other secret services, as well as the US government, had to be given, along with more power, a greater financial blessing, which then also actually happened as the terror act was actualized and demanded more than than 3,000 human lives which the CIA, as well as US President Bush, coldly took into account.

Also a reaction did not then even come from the side of the secret service and from Bush or from the CIA boss, George Tenet, when on August the 30th and 31st of 2001, in Minneapolis, a suspect named Zacarias Moussaoui was arrested who, as it turned out, was a substitute assassin in regard to an airplane hijacking.

CIA boss Tenet did not react to the warning that terror attacks were to be carried out with hijacked passenger machines, whereby he also even hid important information from the FBI, through which it would have been possible to arrest all the terrorists who were entangled in the terrorist disaster.

But, for money and power, everything is possible for the USA, for the US President, as well as for his dependent vassals, as well as for the criminal secret service CIA and all other secret services.


Notes from your translators: In reference to Billy's above sentence, "Project 'Operation Zyklon"', which had principal string-puller Osama bin Laden as Managing Director, cost the USA a total of more than 23 billion dollars." It is instructive to note that students of history instantly associate the German word "Zyklon" (cyclone) with the very nadir of NAZI atrocities. From the Encyclopędia Britannica -"Gas chambers (eventually employing the virulent Zyklon-B) were established [by Hitler] ... used to exterminate concentration camp inmates from throughout Germany."

It is also worth mentioning that even Australia suffered a constitutional coupe on 11/11/1975 at the hands of the CIA.

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Username: Alan  Registered: 06-2006  Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2006 - 08:12 pm:  Hi Billy,  what can you tell us about what the U.S. did in the (setup) 911 attacks that no-one knows yet, which may help the people investing the case bring the case and people involved to justice?

Answer  It is not possible to bring the case and the people to justice because this will be prohibited/prevented by the CIA and the most powerful U.S. secret sect “Skull and Bones”.