The Billy Meier 'Hoax' Exposed?

Part Two: The Phony Lawsuit


Michael Horn

From time to time, people send me emails inquiring about internet sites, or articles they find online, alleging that the Meier case itself is a hoax, that there’s a lawsuit against him for fraud, that the so-called Wedding Cake (WCUFO) UFO photos are an obvious hoax using models, etc.

First, there was, and there is, no lawsuit against Meier. The one referred to was a phony attempt to discredit Meier and the case by a rather dishonest company called Underground Video, and its cowardly owner, one Glen Hoyen. The truth of the matter, according to Lee and Brit Elders, the owners of Genesis III (and two of the original investigators in the case), is that Hoyen was mad because they refused to sell him anymore of the videos that they produced (see: because he had failed to pay them for the products that they had already shipped him. This was confirmed to me by Tim Crawford, the owner of, who had formerly been associated with Underground Video.

I am inserting my responses to the article about the alleged lawsuit below, with UV for Underground Video and MH for my comments:


UV: Recently Underground Video began an in-depth inquiry into the most sensational UFO case in history. Our investigation first began as a supportive effort to verify the known fact of the Meier case to present the truth of alien-human contact to skeptics.

With the assistance of members from the Hollywood special effects team of the UltraMatrix Corporation we studied the Meier photographs and claims made by Meier's Talmud Jmmanuel, Genesis III Publishing, Light Years by Gary Kinder, The Pleiadian Connection by Randolf Winters, and the movie Contact. We also spent considerable time tracking the claims of "computer expert" and "Ph.D." Jim Dilettoso, as well as claims made through Michael Hesemann by Guido Moosbrugger from Meier's FIGU cult in Switzerland.

MH: I have been unable to locate, or confirm the existence of, the UltraMatrix Corporation. I am unaware of any so-called “FIGU cult” and, not surprisingly, no evidence for one has ever been presented.

UV: After six months of intense inquiry, with the assistance of cinematographers, physicists, and computer analysts from TotalResearch, we found the claims of the representatives of the Meier case to absolutely untrue. We discovered miniature models, and a variety of deceptive methods used to create this hoax. Additionally, an undercover "hidden camera" investigation penetrated the Meier cult in Switzerland, revealing irrefutable scientific evidence of FRAUD.

MH: TotalResearch is the now defunct front for Kal Korff, a professional debunker, and notorious liar who has the distinction of, twice, having to go on the Art Bell radio show to apologize for spreading lies about Bell. Korff’s attacks on the Meier case, including his so-called “‘hidden camera’ investigation”, are thoroughly refuted and rebutted at: and

And the only models ever “found” in the case were the ones deliberately made – by a special effects studio in Hollywood – for use in photographs shot by the investigative team for comparison with Meier’s, and one model made for Meier by an aficionado of the case and given to him as a gift.

UV: Underground Video was one of the foremost defenders of the Meier material. We are DISAPPOINTED to now learn the ENTIRE case is a hoax.

MH: Notice that absolutely no substantiation for this claim is provided.

UV: Representations of any authenticity with regard to this case made by alleged scientific examination has proved to be totally unreliable and misleads the general public into believing a carefully fabricated lie. The persons who authenitcated the Meier case are not credible scientists nor investigators.

MH: Once again, notice that absolutely no substantiation for this claim is provided. The scientific examination that authenticated the Meier evidence is not “alleged”, it exists (see: The unreliable and misleading allegations are solely Korff’s.

UV: Any previous representations of authenticity of the Meier case in the Underground Video catalog should be ignored. Our findings will be presented to the Attorney General for possible prosecution for a Consumer Class Action Suit for Fraud. Underground Video will continue to make the Meier material available to investigators and the general public who desire to study the hoax and how it had been sold to the public for nearly 20 years.

MH: So, it’s a fraud, according to Underground Video, but they will continue to sell it and make money from it…some integrity!

UV: Anyone who had previously purchased any Meier materials may write Underground Video to be included in a CONSUMER CLASS ACTION SUIT.

Underground Video

Meier Class Action Suit

PO BOX 527

Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0527

MH: Hopefully, some common sense and clear thinking will now prevail so that people will focus on the really important content of the Meier case, such as:

Please read No. 6 in that document, very carefully, and consider that if the U.S. wishes to avoid what is specifically also foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, “Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes, which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning…” then it must withdraw from Iraq and all other lands where it has military forces.

The Meier case is about our future survival. And people, especially in the U.S., need to see through the efforts of debunkers and skeptics who want to maintain the status quo of blissful ignorance, if we are to have any chance of waking up in time to what is otherwise coming our way.