The Billy Meier 'Hoax' Exposed?


The Wedding Cake UFO Controversy




Michael Horn



There has been almost no end to the attempted debunking of the photos of the so-called Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) by what, frankly, can only be called inept, illogical skeptics. Now Im not being harsh on people just because they are critical of the case or the evidence. I am being harsh on those people to whom much evidence has been given, and of whom many important questions were asked, who have absolutely failed to do their homework – but nonetheless continue to make completely unsubstantiated attacks on Meier as a hoaxer.


For comparison with Meiers WCUFO photos that follow, here is the best effort of professional model maker/photographer Jeff Ritzmann, a (formerly) very vocal critic of the Meier case and the WCUFO photos and video in particular:


.............. Photo has been removed ....................


NOTE:  Jeff Ritzmann effectively retracted his claims of having duplicated any of Meier's UFO photos by requesting that his model UFO photos no longer be posted in comparison to Meier's real UFO photos. Further, after this article was originally posted, Mr. Ritzmann accidentally revealed that he has been a cultivator of miniature trees for the past 14 years. These are the same kinds of miniature trees that he has long claimed that Meier used in photos with model UFOs to create his photos, films and video, “I have duplicated and even surpassed Meier's beamship photos, mine don’t need a bonsai/model tree to hold it up.”

Mr. Ritzmann's defeat is all the more humiliating since he never submitted even one photo showing a model UFO next to one of his miniature trees to back up his claims...and tried to hide this glaring failure while continuing to defame Meier.



Ritzmann took four months to produce this model, forever effectively debunking his own cake pan theory, and has also failed to present his video version of the WCUFO craft that he also boastfully promisedsomewhere back in 2005.


Compare his model to the detailed object photographed by Meier, first in nighttime conditions:





As James Deardorff ( pointed out regarding the above photo, Notice how out of focus that bush is in front of the WCUFO and compare it with how much less out of focus the car is in its photo. But if it were a model car, to make it appear so big, it would have to be a lot closer to the camera than the bush is.




And here are Deardorffs candid comments about the photo above, The one that's been the hardest for me to explain is the WC craft at night with the out-of-focus car in front of it. I tend to assume that Billy had the diameter wrong -- it was the 14m craft, not the 7m craft. Then it would be about twice as far away from the camera than the car, and if the depth of field was narrow, as with a nighttime photo with nearly wide-open lens, that might explain the WC craft being in good focus and the car in very poor focus.





I am the first to admit that the WCUFO UFO is unusual to the point of extreme strangeness, and that some of the nighttime photos of the craft look like it must be some kind of a model, as many of the skeptics allege. And while the skeptics are quick to scream, model car, model tree, model UFO! there are many problems with such accusations that they have simply refused to address.


To begin with, here is an excerpt from a recent email I received from Wendelle Stevens, the lead investigator in the case, regarding one of the technological challenges of Meier – or anyone else - making the WCUFO:


I thought, if one was trying to make such a model, it would take a master welder to get all those shiny balls in perfect alignment, because they have to be welded "out of alignment" so that when they cool the balls will be drawn into perfect alignment, and one would have to agree that the alignment is flawless. Certainly, Meier with one arm and no other equipment could not possibly have done the job. If there was another artisan involved, sooner or later he will be identified and blow the story. In 30 some years none has ever been identified.

It is true that that model is not my ideal of a spacecraft, but that does not make it any less real.

Now look at these very clear close-up photos of the WCUFO UFO, taken during the daytime, where the ship is a distinct silver color, as opposed to having a golden color at night:













In the above series, we see several angles of the WCUFO and progressively more of its structure, including the bottom or underside of it. Please also notice that, had this been a model, the camera and cameraman would have been visibly reflected in the metallic balls.


Now here are two recent photos, taken with a modern digital camera, at the same location but at a slightly different angle and position:


Michael Horn


The man in this photo is about 6 tall. Now look at the photo below where the box (which is about 30 long) is in the foreground and sitting on top of another box:


Michael Horn


I am not a professional photographer or photographic expert but it certainly appears that the WCUFO is considerably larger (higher, wider, longer) than the box and, even considering the slightly upward angle of the WCUFO photos, closer in height to the size of the man/men in the recent photos above. You can only imagine how well Ritzmanns model would look in any of these environments – because he failed to provide photos backing up his assertions that he could duplicate Meiers WCUFO photos and video.


Here we see the WCUFO high up in front of a tree:




This photo was taken from a little farther away:




Then from some 300 – 500 feet away (as seen in the video):


WCUFO 10. Genesis III/FIGU


For anyone who rationally contemplates the difficulties a one-armed man would face in actually making and suspending a 14 diameter clearly metallic object, and in doing so completely unobserved – for even one photograph – no further comments should even be necessary. But since the skeptics have been so persistent in their accusations, and so abysmally stupid as well, here are some of the questions that they must credibly answer about the model premise:


1. Where was the model made and concealed?

2. Who in Meiers area possesses the specialized skills required for this precision level of manufacture, at any size?

3. What is it made of?

4. Where were the materials obtained?

5. What was the cost of these materials?

6. Who paid for it?

7. How long did it take to make? (Remember, a two-armed model maker took four months to assemble his inferior model.)

8. What does it weigh, assuming even a 5' diameter metallic object, as suggested by one debunker?

9. How was it suspended at 30' by a one-armed man? (Setting up just one special effects shot with a 5' (let alone 14) object requires numerous people and lots of time. Meier took over 60 photos of the WCUFO, plus the video.)

10. Where is the model now, what happened to it, would something of this complexity - and value - just disappear?

11. With all of the photos, both day and nighttime, how could Meier have accomplished all of this unobserved and without accomplices?

12. Why hasn't ANYONE come forward to show that they made and/or now have it?


All of these questions, would have to be answered, not hypothetically, but with substantiated, factually proven information. The pictures arent theoretical and neither must the arguments against them be. And Wendelles statement above regarding the necessity of a perfect, and enormously complex, welding job must not only be answered but the object and the photos/video duplicated, using the same technology – and using only one hand – something that no skeptic has been able to do in the past 26 years!


In addition, the skeptics and debunkers have either overlooked, or deliberately avoided, the stunningly conclusive video that Meier took of one of the WCUFO UFOs. In this broad daylight video, Meier himself is seen setting up a camera on a tripod in front of the video camera that is running. In the distance, in front of a full-sized (30 – 40) tree, we see the WCUFO craft hovering motionlessly. Then Meier zooms in (we even hear the old-fashioned zoom on the early video camera) some 300 – 500. (WCUFO 10. above is from the video and photos that Meier took at that contact.)


There is absolutely no way that Meier could have faked the video, or that the object could be a model, as some of the brain dead skeptics would likely assert.



WCUFO 11. Genesis III/FIGU


WCUFO 12. Genesis III/FIGU



For more information on the authentication for photo 11 (12. is a cropped, lightened version) by forestry experts see:


For a CD with over 60 photos of the Wedding Cake UFO see:


For the Meier Contacts DVD containing the video of the Wedding Cake UFO see:


Please also note that Meier took all of his UFO photos, films and video before the availability of home computers, PhotoShop, digital effects, etc.


Hopefully, some common sense and clear thinking will now prevail so that people will focus on the really important content of the Meier case, such as:


Please read No. 6 in that document very carefully and consider that if the U.S. wishes to avoid what is foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes, which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning then it must withdraw from Iraq and all other lands where it has military forces.


The Meier case is about our future survival. And people, especially in the U.S., need to see through the efforts of debunkers and skeptics who want to maintain the status quo of blissful ignorance, if we are to have a chance of waking up in time to what is otherwise coming our way.