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New Confirmations of Meier's Information

Many of you have already checked out the links on regarding the four “news” stories that Meier had preempted by years and even decades. Now there’s more to report and for you to consider and evaluate for yourself. One of the problems in dealing with professional skeptics is that they always want to raise the bar, meaning that they like to say something like, “Oh yeah, well anyone could have said that, tell us something else!”

Now, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, the problem with that sophomoric challenge is that, while they claim that a mythical “anybody” (which never seems to include them) could have said that, it’s impossible to find anybody who actually did say all that and everything else that Meier accurately published before it happened. And, beyond that, it seems that Meier’s info keeps getting corroborated, as I will soon again demonstrate. I may have said this before in a newsletter, we are like the proverbial frog in the pot of water on a stovetop who is slowly boiled to death by small, progressive increases in the temperature. The main difference is that we (humanity) is also the collective hand turning up the heat on ourselves while we play dumb as to what’s going on.

So it is with the skeptics who stand far more than shoulder deep in denial.

Now, for the first of the latest corroborating info in the Meier case, I’m going to reproduce selected sentences from Contact #136, October 14, 1980 during which Semjase tells Meier some interesting things about Mt. Vesuvius. Please note that this is the same contact in which Meier received information re Ronald Reagan, picking up here only five sentences after the conclusion of that portion of the information.

By the way, for those of you who are new to the Meier information and the blunt, undiplomatic, non-politically correct language used by Meier and the Plejaren, should you be offended by the comments regarding religion, America, earth people, etc. please don’t bother complaining to me about it. I didn’t write it, it’s either true or not true and you are free to unsubscribe from the newsletter, which is changing its manner of distribution anyway, as shall be explained later. I have emphasized the specific portion of information that I will later refer to but I decided to leave the rest of the information in despite its possibly offensive and/or controversial content because, well, like I indicated before, we’re big boys and girls and we can deal with it any we choose to:


157. The severe quake around Vesuvius, namely, indicates only the beginning of a series of similar catastrophes in Italy, as well as the starting point of the coming eruption of the volcano itself, which in the not so distant future will begin its destructive work.
158. But the eruption of the volcano itself represents a sign that the third world-fire, the Third World War has come into close proximity and without a possibility of being averted, and will begin and carry out its work of destruction.
159. Two thousand years, mankind has been reminded of these coming events by the prophecies, but he only laughed about it and blew all advice to the wind.
160. But for this he must now bear the coming consequences.
161. The events in Italy are and, therefore, shall be a sign of this coming time, because from this nation the most horrendous crimes have been committed against earthly mankind since times of old, namely through Catholicism, for which especially the ‘Holy See’ is responsible.
162. Already at the beginning, when the papal seat and the Vatican in Rome were founded and called into existence, the most negative place on Earth was chosen for the residence of the Pope in unconscious manner, the City of Rome, where the State of the Vatican was formed, from which throughout nearly two thousand years, murder, enslavement, exploitation spread, the leading astray and every possible crime across the earthly world, of which even other worlds in the universe and in distant and strange galaxies were not spared this shameful, murderous and religious-deadly doing, because blameless extraterrestrial visitors, who came to Earth, were confronted with the insanity of the religion-cult of the Vatican and with it with Catholicism, and falling for this false belief and, after their return to their home world, infected the people living there with their acquired false belief, until religious wars broke out, and due to it entire planets and even gigantic galaxies were destroyed.
163. These facts mankind should seriously consider and realize there from how deadly the earthly religious cults are in truth.
164. And Man of Earth should also think about, why in times of old, the most negative place on Earth was unconsciously chosen for the establishment of the Vatican, and why especially from there again, as numerous times before, the sign of death is set for the world, when the volcano, Vesuvius, will spew forth its lava, and with it announce the Third World War.
165.    These are facts, which would be worthwhile if Man of Earth would think about these.
166. But as usual, there will be the know-it-alls and the cult-religion-faithful, who will say, that volcano Vesuvius neither lies in or close to Rome, but near Naples.
167. These know-it-alls, however, do not know the conditions inside the Earth, as the respective scientists do not know either.
168. Therefore, they do not know that the major activity of the volcano is not situated and takes place directly underneath, but quite deep and directly under the City of Rome, as well as in those regions, which by the end of November will be shaken by the coming quakes, which are partially caused by erupted magma-, water- and gas -chambers and partially by tectonic movements.
169. This needs to be said regarding the coming quakes in Italy, that they will find their beginning at the end of November of this year and will never end.
170. But to name the coming events in chronological order, I have to deviate from it now and later come back to it again.
171. Namely, before further major quakes follow in Italy, several other and for earthly mankind weighty, or simply important and moving things will occur.
172. As the earthquake catastrophe in Italy will die down on Man’s lips, the next event will take place, which will deeply move millions of people.
173. Namely, it will happen in New York, that during the second week of December of this year, a man will be murdered with a gun, who is known by the name of John Lennon.
174. He is a musician by profession and he previously belonged to the Beatles group.
175. He will be murdered by a religious fanatic by the name of, Chapman, who suffers from insane ideas, called forth by error-religious teachings, as this occurs increasingly in extremes in America, which has lapsed into a religion-delusion.
176. A further event will occur in regard to the climate which, however, is in its preparation since October and affects especially the northern hemisphere of Earth.
177. I already explained to you previously that, as a special case, Europe will slowly turn into a swamp area.
178. But furthermore, the climate changes drastically in that icy cold will befall this region of Earth, because a new glacial period unavoidably approaches, by which the total surface contour of Earth will again be changed.
179. Already in the North, birds which are at home there all year, begin to fly to the warmer South for winter, and already within a hundred years, these feathered animals will not be at home in the North any longer.
180. Many animals, presently living in northern regions, on the other hand, also migrate toward the south, or they already begin to change their entire anatomy etc. to accommodate themselves to the newly approaching climate of the glacial period.
181. As can soon be discovered by earthly scientists, many species will begin to mutate into different forms, by which they can exist then in the new climate.
182. Thus the picture of the animal world will change again, and new faunic life forms will populate the Earth, while Earthman also will have to submit to many changes and cannot escape the newest changes.
183. The signs of the time increase steadily, while these signs, unfortunately, are always only of a negative nature.
184. These are the signs as they have been given in the prophecies of old, but to which Earthman pays no attention.
185. Many of the evil events he could have prevented, had he attentively followed the prophecies and taken them to heart.
186. However, he always disregarded these and disturbed the entire becoming and passing away of the planet as well as of all other life forms of Earth.
187. For this the reward comes, which will be quite bitter.
188. The time has come, when all negativity gets out of hand and the prophecies begin to be fulfilled to the letter.
189. The guilty ones specifically will be held accountable and be removed, but before that they create still greater trouble.
Okay, so if you got through all that and noted that I emphasized the information regarding Vesuvius and the, purportedly unknown to terrestrial scientists, extent of the magma chambers and potential threat to Rome, here’s an article (published 22 years after Meier’s contact) that my friend Jose Barretto in Brazil directed me to. I’ll comment on it afterwards. Again, I’ll emphasize certain portions of the transcript:
January 2002
Peeking below Mount Vesuvius

For close to 58 years, Mount Vesuvius has sat relatively quiet above the city of Naples, Italy. The active volcano trembles every now and then with small earthquakes and may even vent low-temperature gases, but Vesuvius has not erupted since World War II. Volcanologists expect that its next eruption will be explosive, although they cannot predict when the event will occur.
Now, some Italian and French researchers say that a massive magma layer beneath Mount Vesuvius may hold the key to understanding the historic volcano’s past and future. Reporting in the Nov. 16 Science, Emmanuel Auger and colleagues used seismic data to locate a magma reservoir 400 square kilometers wide that sits 8 kilometers below Mount Vesuvius.

[At right, Mount Vesuvius as seen from the city of Naples, Italy. Mt Vesuvius is perhaps best known for burying the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum with hot lava flows and debris in A.D. 79. The volcano also erupted in 472 and 1631. More frequent, less explosive eruptions occurred between 1631 and 1944. Courtesy of Paul Gasparini.]
Researchers were surprised to find such a large amount of magma under Vesuvius, says Auger, a researcher at the Università di Napoli Federico II in Naples.  “We believe it is a regional item and that it is probably present beneath the nearby Phlegrean Fields volcano. No estimation of the magma layer’s extent had been made before.”

Locating the reservoir does not help scientists predict the volcano’s next eruption, but it does identify areas that could provide seismic clues. “If deep seismic events were detected at 6 to 8 kilometers, it might mean that magma is rising,” Auger says. By creating a clearer picture of the way the magma below Mount Vesuvius interacts with the crust, researchers can better understand the volcano’s pattern of expected activity and ground deformation.
Using seismic tomography, Auger’s team probed beneath Mount Vesuvius, gaining glimpses of the crust’s structure. They created explosions to generate seismic waves, followed the waves’ movements through the crust and then gathered data on the speed and direction of the waves arriving at 25 stations. To create the explosions, Auger’s team used 1,800 shots from 16-liter air guns on a ship in the Bay of Naples.
The team estimated S-wave velocities between 0.6 and 1 kilometer per second and P-wave velocities of approximately 2 kilometers per second. “I think the most important finding is the quantitative estimation of the S wave velocity in the low velocity layer: the very low value is a very strong indication of the presence of a semi-molten material. We can now say it is magma,” Auger says.
Past research hinted at the existence of such a magma reservoir. In 1994, Aldo Zollo and others detected an area of low seismic wave velocity within the crust below Mount Vesuvius. Seismic waves travel slower through a liquid than a solid, and wave changes most often occur at a boundary between two different geologic layers. Therefore, the conversion and slowing down of the waves implied the possible presence of a deep melting zone.
This latest research strengthens those past results and adds a new layer to the model of Mount Vesuvius’ magma feeding system, Auger says.  “The scenario for the Vesuvius magma feeding system now has two magma reservoirs on which all geologists agree: a large, deep one, the magma layer; and a shallower, smaller one,” Auger says. The tomographic images indicate that the magma lies flat and parallel to the crust’s layers. Denser and more buoyant than the surrounding rock, the magma rises toward the crust and reaches neutral buoyancy with the rock, floating in a trapped layer.
Auger says that isotopic studies of the material ejected during the strongest eruptions also support their model. Isotopic ratios in Neapolitan volcanic magma show signs of significant mixing with the surrounding rock, suggesting the reservoir might look more like a sponge, with the magma seeping through fractures in the rock. The magma has a two-fold origin, Auger says, where the 400-square-kilometer magma layer feeds into several smaller layers closer to the surface.
 Another volcanologist, Tobias Fischer of the University of New Mexico, says that the resolution of the study does not elucidate whether the magma is completely molten or partially molten. Still, Fischer adds, a partially molten body of magma in a dendritic fracture system of rock seems to be a plausible interpretation of what is happening below Vesuvius. He adds that Auger’s observations are consistent with and supportive of the idea that magma below Vesuvius remains at mid-crustal levels for a long time and interacts with the crust.

 “In terms of forecasting a future eruption, I do not think that the findings can be directly used to forecast the next eruption.  The findings, however, are critical for the interpretation of seismicity and gas emission data that may lead up to the next eruption because they constrain the depth and extent of the magma body below the volcano,” Fischer says.

Lisa M. Pinsker

And this:
Kenneth Chang NYT

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
To get a better idea of the plumbing below some of the world's most worrisome volcanoes, scientists have made what are essentially sonograms of the earth.

At Mount Vesuvius in Italy, scientists set off a series of small explosions around the mountain and then precisely measured the seismic signals. The carefully monitored mountain has been quiet of late, but the data showed a large magma chamber exists about six miles below the mountain.

"This is quite large," said Marcello Martini of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Naples. "The problem is we don't know how deep this goes. We know the top level of this magma chamber."

Okay, I’m back and I’m sure you noticed that scientists have begun to discover some new and potentially disturbing facts regarding the extent and implication of the magma chambers beneath Vesuvius. According to Meier, they have not yet discovered the rest of what Semjase warned him about. It is advised that they keep looking.

It is up to you, of course, to decide if this appears to confirm specific information from Meier and the Pleajren long before “official” discovery or occurrence. It’s especially interesting to me that we have here what, if Meier is correct, is not yet the whole extent of the situation. Should that prove to be the case, it will conclusively, again, confirm the accuracy of the information – and the incontrovertible reality of the contacts – but, unfortunately, it may be too late for precautions to be taken if, as seems to be the case consistently, people will deny, defy and want
more proof. That proof, in this regard, could coincide with the eruption of Vesuvius and the possible destruction of Naples and Rome. Let us all fervently hope that, in this case, the Plejaren and Meier are, uncharacteristically, incorrect.

Now here is another interesting item sent to me by Chris Lock. Chris is a researcher who is familiar with the Meier material and noted a specific prophecy from Contact 251 (see: “Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt”) that he thinks was indeed fulfilled. Again, you can decide for yourself how accurate the information, and his conclusions, are. The point here isn’t to try and make things fit like a shoe that is too tight, it’s to bring to light that which seems to validate the information and then critically examine it. Here is Chris’ letter to me:

Dear Michael,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not think I have read within your excellent work on Billy's fulfilled prophecies that the "Rat Catcher" prophesied by Billy Meier was Shoko Asahara, whom Time or Newsweek named "Prophet of Poison" on their cover page back in 1995. I was reminded of this when looking at the prophecy in a recent FIGU forum posting. This prophecy has also been fulfilled in horrific, graphic detail.

The prophecy (contact 251 or 235?) starts with events in 1995 and earth upheavals. The prophecy obviously begins with events in 1995 that center on Japan. For Japan was indeed the center of news in 1995. Of course, this was the time of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, commonly called The Kobe Quake, which actually covered a far greater area and took the lives of over 5,000 people. This was also the year that Asahara's mesmerized devotees made their sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system just outside the Japanese administration's central nervous system killing at least 26 and injuring thousands, of civilians. Quoting from This month's Kansai Time Out magazine which has a 10th anniversary article on this seminal terrorist attack on the public of March, 20, 1995:

"Although the attack wasca reaction to the reputed police  raids [on its communes], it had immense symbolic significance. The trains in which the sarin gas was released converged at Kasumigaseki, the subway station in the area where numerous government ministries are located, and the nearest to the National Police Headquarters. "

Asahara had a complete and mesmeric control over his devotees just like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. He mesmerized many Japanese youngsters who had graduated from the most prestigious universities in the country and convinced them to give everything they owned over to his organization. This meant tracts of land, properties and all valuables. This was basically how Aum, or Aum Supreme Truth, expanded financially and in power throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The group's members were very lacking in any critical or independent thinking, even more so than most religions. They were an exceptionally right-brained oriented group. Rather than using logic to recruit members they would just try to assimilate others into their group by feeling, intuition, and emotion. At the time I felt the analogy of an amoeba was apt: they just tried to invade one's personal space/zone and swallow people up into their group mind. Actually Billy's term of Rat Catcher and Pied Piper are perfect descriptions of them, and especially their leader, guru Asahara.

The following quote again from this month's KTO stresses the importance and significance of this Pied Piper and his followers on and for the people's of our world:

"Its attacks on Matsumoto and the Tokyo subway are widely seen as the first lethal attacks on a civilian population by non-government agencies using weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and as a result, the movement came under intense scrutiny and study by intelligence agencies around the worldc.the Aum case continues to be seen as an example of a modern development in terrorism, namely, the rise of religiously-inspired terror and the public use of WMD on non-combatants, and to be studied by intelligence agencies in the U.S. and Europe. Equally, Aum's mode of attack remains central to Western governmental thinking and contingency planning: When the British government's security services carried out a mock enactment of a major terrorist incident in London recently in order to test its contingency planning for such events, the scenario it used was a sarin attack on the subway system. Other capitals in the West have seen similar exercises. The Aum example, in other words, has set a templa

It is virtually certain to my mind that this prophecy refers to the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth and specifically to its leader Shoko Asahara. Interestingly, before him in the 80s in Japan, was the infamous cannibal Tsutomu Miyazaki, who killed and ate a little child. Miyazaki said a number of times after his arrest that "The Ratman made me do it." It is unclear to this day to what he was referring. He's not sure himself, he says, and it could be the ravings of a mad mind or an attempt on his part to shirk his responsibility for what he did. One thing is certain the Rat man, and Pied Piper who led astray the youth lived in Japan, the latter coming to the fore in 1995, and currently the Pied Piper of Aum Shinrikyo (Aum Supreme Truth) is awaiting his execution while the world continues to learn sober lessons from his horrendous precedent-setting actions.


Reader, Ian. (Mar. 2005). "Ten Years On." Kansai Time Out. Kobe: S. U. Press. p7-10.

Hope you can use this Michael. The timing is just right. KTO's website is If you say you could give them a plug or mention they might send you a copy of this month's issue containing the article.

Plejaren information regarding Asian tsunami

According to the Plejaren, the death toll from the Asian earthquake/tsunami, as of January 2005, was approximately 370,000 people, a great number of whom will never be found or accounted for. This, they told Meier, was due to so many people being swept out to sea and gone forever and the lack of sophisticated record keeping regarding the populations affected. Also, many people have taken, and others may yet take, their own lives out of the overwhelming helplessness, shock and despair of losing their entire families in a split second. The Plejaren also reported on the widespread extent of the sickeningly degenerate pedophiles and slave traders, and even some of those who were supposedly aid workers, who have victimized the already disastrously affected survivors of the tragedy. Some of this has also been noted in news reports.

Plejaren warning regarding tsunami to hit U.S. east coast
In a rare case where it appears that terrestrial scientists do have an idea of a possibly impending disaster, the Plejaren confirmed to Meier that when the La Plama volcano collapses and trillions of tons of rocks are suddenly dumped into the ocean the foreseen tsunami will actually occur.
(See: and do a search on La Palma volcano for more information)

But there are differences in the projections of the made by the scientists and the information given to Meier by the Plejaren. While they won’t say when this event will occur, presumably they know the date, they did say that unless the U.S. government starts to prepare for this certain to occur event, the death toll will be between 20-30 million Americans. Now, I have been researching this case for 26 years and seen one after another prophecy or prediction fulfilled, and like all of us I have seen the death toll from the Asian tsunami (as well as what the Plejaren claim are more accurate figures) but I have trouble conceiving of something this huge and devastating.

Meier was told that the waves could actually reach several hundred meters in height and come in at supersonic speeds, which may be possible if I understand the information in the article referred to above, penetrating as much as 10 miles inland along the eastern coast of the U.S. With rare exceptions do we hear about this possible apocalyptic event. It is said, however, that the majority of the population of the U.S. lives fairly close to the coasts, both Pacific and Atlantic, and many people live too close to lakes and rivers. And my Swiss friends reminded me that I was also an idiot to live so close to the ocean here in L.A. So, while I am publishing all sorts of information and warnings in this information, I find myself quite possibly in denial about the realities of living within striking distance of tidal waves or tsunamis. Part of human nature, if not human intelligence, finds us always thinking that these things happen to the euphemistic “someone else”, a very flawed perception.

New Radio Appearances
I have had the opportunity to reach some new audiences on radio stations FLY, in Albany, New York; DRQ, in Detroit; with upcoming appearances on WGN, in Chicago and KLOS FM in Los Angeles and in five different states (Friday, March 4, 9:00 am PST), with some other shows in the works.
Another Contribution from A Researcher

Please see this page, diligently compiled by David Chance, for an archive of questions to, and answers from, Meier: This is a very extensive piece of work from David.

New Book Now Available!
I mentioned the new book Through Space and Time, which is a 117-page photo journal containing the most stunningly clear photos of UFOs taken by Meier, some you’ve seen before, others you haven’t. But they have never been reproduced with the size, clarity and detail that they are here. In addition to the photographs, the topics covered include: Contact Conversation, The investigation, The Witnesses, The Investigation, Metal Analysis, Sound Analysis, Life Forms in the Universe, Overpopulation, Types of Ships, Technical Data, etc.

Because of the size and quality of the photographs it should be understandable to anyone with photographic knowledge that they are looking at genuine photos of actual UFOs. This is reinforced by two simple but honest facts, the photos were taken by Meier in the 1970s before the availability of home computers and special effects, Photo Shop, etc. and the fact that the top international professional skeptics have been unable, after more than four years, to duplicate even one of Meier’s photos, let alone his 8mm films. One other factor may be considered, an Academy Award-winning special effects studio in L.A., specializing in sci-fi/spaceship effects, admitted that if they could duplicate Meier’s photographic evidence it would require computer generated imagery, which we’ve already established was not available to Meier.

Regarding ordering the book, it won’t be added to my product page until late next week when my webmaster can do it. However, you can order by check, money order or by credit card via the phone. The price of the book is $59.95 plus $4 shipping in the U.S. and Canada, $18 shipping overseas. But wait (as the TV commercial says) here’s a....Special Offer Clarification

Special Offer Clarification
In my last newsletter I announced the release of my new CD and offered free shipping to list members for a limited time. Several people asked if that included other products ordered at the same time, which wasn’t my original intention, but did seem like a good promotional idea. So, here’s the offer, if you purchase my song CD and any and all other products that you might want (DVD, CDs, books, etc.) at the same time I will absorb all of the shipping costs in the U.S. and half the shipping costs internationally but only if ordered as indicated above, i.e. by check or money order or credit card info phoned into my assistant. Please calculate international shipping orders carefully!

See product page for prices, mailing address, phone number, etc. (Note Webmaster November 2005: This offer has expired)

New Newsletter Format Coming
As you can see, if you got this far, there’s a lot of work involved in putting out this free newsletter and I’m going to simplify it starting with the next one by posting the newsletters on instead of mailing out to my list. It’s easier because I don’t have to go through returned emails where addresses have changed, deal with the formatting and set-up for the newsletter or load your email box with yet something else that you have to go through. If it’s on my site you can go there anytime you want. But I will keep my list for the main purpose of sending advance promotional info regarding new products or something that I mainly want to share with people who’ve expressed a specific interest in the case. As always, I will not share or sell the list to anyone, I will not charge for access to the site, the newsletter, etc. I just want to simplify it a little for myself since I have two other careers that also occupy my time.

Also, I regret that I haven’t returned emails to many if not most people who have written, I’m just unable to in most cases. You will find that most of the “important” questions are answered somewhere in the available material, an article on my site or at: Please don’t be offended, it’s nothing personal.

Miscellaneous Information
Meier’s words now echoed by Goss

For those of you who’ve followed the news in the past several weeks you may have noticed that CIA Director Goss commented that our Iraq policy was resulting in increasing recruits for Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. So, with such a high-ranking member of the U.S. intelligence community now basically saying what Meier (and many other people) have been saying for a while, perhaps those people who have screamed “anti-American” at Meier will either also include Goss and all other officials who agree with him, or drop the epithets and wake up to the real result of our unprovoked military aggression.

Further along these lines, you might wish to read the Henoch Prophecies in And Still They Fly (or linked for free from my site) that describe an eventual coalition of foreign nations rising up against the U.S. and inflicting great destruction here. This can already be seen to be forming among certain European nations, and perhaps Russia and/or China, as recent news indicates. Do some online searches regarding these items and you’ll see what I mean.

Once again, let me point out that prophecies are the likely negative outcome (effect) of causes set in motion, unless people deliberately change a dead end, negative course into a more positive one. And, in case anyone’s missed it, the Plejaren have been saying for decades that the military policies of the U.S. will bring upon us “unprecedented destruction, devastation and annihilation” unless we do wake up, recognize the depth of our self-created troubles (as well as any gratuitously created for us) and make the necessary changes.

If you think that’s “anti-American” I ask you this, is it worth it to find out if it’s accurate, whether you like the information or not? And if it’s accurate, don’t you think positive change is in order?

The Peter Jennings UFO Special

As I expected, it was a waste of time from the standpoint of offering anything substantive regarding UFOs. As I mentioned before, I offered the producers full cooperation with Meier’s evidence and information and they flatly declined. There’s one main reason why they did. They simply have no intention of dealing with the most important story in human history, one that will certainly upset their corporate sponsors and for which they have no glib answers. So-called specials like these are little more than opportunities for a number of people to make their house payments. Nothing more needs be said by me about a waste of two hours of airtime.

National ID

I feel that this is worth passing on about Ron Paul's post on the national ID it at:


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