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New Physical Evidence

The accompanying photographs, three that I took that show Billy with producers from a TV production company in England filming a documentary for the Discovery channel, and three photographs by Claes Elmberg of the hand and fingerprints of two alleged extraterrestrial visitors to the FIGU center in Switzerland, with the hands of two people (Billy Meier and Claes Elmberg) included for comparison. The prints, which show each hand having six fingers and a thumb, appeared on the hood of the car owned by Atlant Bieri late at night between June 25 and 26, 2004.

Other residents discovered them a few days later, as Atlant was in Tasmania at the time. The prints have remained visible since that time despite the harsh weather. The explanation given to Meier by Ptaah was that the two extraterrestrials, named Sistana and Ypral, hairless humans, approximately 1.10 to 1.25 meters in height, decided to leave a little evidence of their visit. Meier was told that the two had a unique body chemistry that makes substances in their skin somewhat corrosive to certain earthly materials.

Upon close examination, one can see the papillary lines clearly etched into the finish of the car. The lines can be seen in the finger and handprints, as well as in the impressions of the lower arms where they made contact with the surface. Naturally, at first glance this would appear to be some kind of a hoax but the clarity of the lines (in most of the prints) were, and still are, perfectly clear.  Billy agreed to let scientists analyze the prints and efforts are underway now to find credible, qualified experts to do the analysis.

If they are simply a very clever hoax it should be easy to detect and they should be easy to reproduce.  Of course, one has to figure out what kind of a process was used that would allow these prints to be cleanly and clearly etched into the paint finish and to last for almost a year throughout the various seasonal conditions. And it would seem that some kind, or kinds, of model or template would have to have been created that also could be used to transfer the impressions to the car’s finish.

I think it would be quite interesting, in addition to having an analysis of the prints, to have an anatomical scientist examine them to study the structure and dynamics of the hands.

I’m just guessing but I would think that there are ways in which an expert in anatomy could determine, by the lines in the prints, the various angles and relationships of the fingers to the hand, etc., if the prints were hoaxed or from a previously unknown source with six fingers and a thumb.

Interesting as this is, the obvious problem with a presumed finding that it’s not a hoax is that no one could say for sure that the prints are extraterrestrial in nature, only that they are from an unknown source. Nonetheless, even such a conclusion would contribute to the already enormous body of unusual and irreproducible physical evidence in the case.

Linda Moulton Howe, the well-known investigator and journalist, saw the photographic evidence when I did my presentation at the Nexus Conference in Amsterdam and has said that she will also try to find qualified scientists to examine the actual physical evidence.


While we are fascinated with the idea that there are extraterrestrials with highly advanced technologies and abilities, one thing that Meier confirmed was that, no matter how advanced a civilization may be, ultimately all of its members have to perform their work and duties, including the growing of food, manufacture of clothing, educational studies, etc.  Even with time and labor saving technologies far beyond what we have now, a certain amount of physical labor is required of all members of societies like the Plejaren, including their leaders. This helps to dispel the notion that just because someone comes from “somewhere else”, or has a higher position, he or she is immune from the responsibilities, duties and demands of daily life.

This can help to put into perspective the whole notion of other beings somehow being better, etc. simply because they have attained the technological abilities and equipment that enable them to travel through space and, in some cases, through time. Everyone (for as long as they are in physical form) has to exist somewhere, on a planet or in a spacecraft that is akin to a small, self-sustaining planet. And so they have to contribute to maintaining their world.

If, as the Plejaren told Meier, there indeed are 40,353,607 human races, of various size, height, etc. descriptions, with 343 different skin colors (in this universe) we might realize that we are all just “somewhere in outer space”, subject to universal realities that apply to all incarnate beings. And, if it’s also true that there are over 50 million humans (whose spirit is) of extraterrestrial origin who incarnate on Earth (not all at the same time) then we might also not overly idealize extraterrestrials as being synonymous with “special”, “angelic”, “godly”, etc. or any other manmade ideas as fostered in myths, religions, etc. (According to the teachings regarding the laws of reincarnation, a person reincarnates on the planet on which they died. So, since in the course of time millions of humans have come here from other unknown worlds, for various reasons, and lived and died here, they will continue to incarnate here until we are capable of space travel and living on other worlds.)

Understanding this, we can then focus on the real meaning of the Meier case, i.e. not only is it to help us assure our future survival but to also help us awaken to the true nature of existence, the Creation, spiritual truth and evolution.

UFO Sightings
Meier also said that while there are occasional extraterrestrial craft that appear, the vast majority of UFO sightings are of terrestrial origin, from the U.S., Canada, Russia, France and China. He also didn’t rule out the possibility that a false “alien invasion from outer space” could be enacted to solidify greater control over the populace, presumably by the U.S. This is not a certainty at this time but a possibility. A recent article on the internet lent credence to Meier’s assertion regarding the terrestrial origin of many so-called UFOs, as it related a person’s reported sighting of instructional English words on the surface of a triangular UFO. (See:
The Salome Peace Meditation
You will also find information on the Salome Peace Meditation and the full-color Salome Peace Symbol on the site. This meditation is said by the Plejaren to be the single most important thing that we can do to help bring peace to our world. Of course, this would require the participation of far more than the relatively few people who now participate in it. There are said to be 3.5 billion extraterrestrial human beings participating in the peace meditation on our behalf, to help to diminish the immense negativity surrounding our planet. You can read more about it in the Salome article.
Radio Interview

Listen to Daniel Ott’s very interesting new interview of Michael Horn on The Edge radio show:

Part 1:

Part 2:

New Confirmation of Prophetic Information:

Additional confirmation of the prophetic accuracy of the information given to Meier by the Plejaren includes:

172nd Contact, July 4, 1982

Meier told that Vatican banker Roberto Calvi was strangled (not a suicide as first reported), not to talk about it for 20 years.

Confirmation: Arrests were made in 2005, police allege Calvi was…strangled

215th Contact, February 28, 1987

Quetzal: “It will be the year 2002 when officially a genetic technical experiment/attempt will become known in which plant and animal genes will be combined. About this we have made probability calculations, which attest that this all will happen in Japan, and indeed in the sense that, spinach genes will be transferred into pigs.”

Confirmation: News reports of January 2002 confirm that Japanese scientists have indeed implanted spinach genes into pigs.

And the following information is courtesy of David Chance:

In the new FIGU Bulletin #52 there's an article that reaffirms the validity of the Meier contacts. In Contact 220 on December 2, 1987, Meier was informed by Quetzal of a gold cauldron sunk in the Chiemsee lake in Bavaria. A diver discovered the cauldron nearly 14 years later, in September 2001. The FIGU article (in German):

There are some photos of the object here:

Magazine Article
There’s an article called “Faking it…” in the June issue of Fortean Times magazine where the author describes his attempts to reproduce Mieer’s UFO photos.
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