The Latest on the 2012 Doom and Gloom Conspiracy


Excerpt from the 533rd Official Contact conversation of Saturday, January 5, 2012.

German to English, unofficial translation by Larry Driscoll. German text copied from the internet website in order to translate to English. Date: June 17, 2012                      


Billy … Just now we have the year 2012, and already the conspiracy theories begin because the Maya calendar causes a sensation to a great extent. Just tonight on Swiss television was a program broadcast regarding this, though this was naturally quite Swiss-banal and thus was not of great value, in order to actually make an important explanation about the insanity of conspiracy theories. About the year 2012 certainly is to say, that it is a matter of an entirely normal year, as this was also the case regarding the passing of the bygone year two thousand, whereas those, the many of them faithful humans, again and again end of the world predicted and relating to this all sorts of conspiracy theories, were made half crazy, and were even driven into suicide and crime. Esoterics, star astrologers, clairvoyants, vision havers, Jehova witnesses, sect gurus, Armageddon and other end time faithful, as well as all kinds of other gone crazies have however again boomed, whereupon many of them make horrendous profits. Naturally, it can not be denied, that for years and presently as well as in the future enormously growing climate-and nature catastrophes appear, such as gigantic floods and rock falls, powerful volcanic eruptions, devastating earthquakes, as well as seaquakes, which cause enormous tsunamis. And it is true also, that nature with its fauna and flora through the needs and insanity of the gigantic mass of humanity always more is destroyed and that primeval storms bring enormous destruction. It is indeed to say, that according to your information, 25 percent of all catastrophic events do trace back to natural consequences, however 75 percent of all catastrophe incidents in nature and with the planet itself must be blamed on overpopulation. And if all of this is considered, then the whole thing has nothing to do with conspiracy theories, but only with the stupidity of Earth humanity, which like a wild herd of rabbits has bred an incredibly evil overpopulation, through its growth, needs and nonsensical things, actions and acts has exploited the Earth and in many and diverse ways does destroy everything. According to exact information from you Plejaren, 8.2 billion human beings torment today the climate, nature, the planet and all of the life on it, entirely contrary to the statistical estimation of the Earthlings, that today in the year 2012 there would be only 7 billion. Yet as well this has nothing to do with the conspiracy theories, which cannot be more senseless, because the world does not come to an end and all so is to remain, as it is, even though, that through the overpopulation masses and their total stupidity the whole thing in the next years and decades still is to exacerbate. There comes thus neither angels nor a God, or Jesus Christ, in order to bring about Armageddon, as well also no dark planet, comet, meteor, or asteroid, etc., is approaching, as a result of which is to be signaled the end of the Earth. Also no extraterrestrials come, in order to attack the Earth and enslave or eradicate humanity. It is a fact however also, that no special planet constellation brings disaster over the Earth, if for example, the Sol planets come to be aligned in a row like a string of pearls, for also then this would have no influence on the Earth and on all of its life. In relationship to the sun are all the planets together only like just a few particles of dust, which never mutually would set off such a power, that from them could originate a catastrophe for the Earth. Such planet constellations, with which the Sol planets were aligned like in an exact line, have there already been many, in fact without as a result that any catastrophes or other changes would have been caused on the Earth. In the year 2012 also no apocalyptic riders come, who would bring death and destruction, as well as also not the pitchfork man, who flatly is only a fantasized devil of the delusion faithful, who begins to give the orders on the Earth. Thus, it proves to be, that all, which arises in the year 2012, are to be purely events and incidents, which on the one hand are caused in their origin purely and alone by nature, or which in greater part are forced by the enormous mass of human being overpopulation destroying of nature and the planet, as a result of which they register with enormous and many and diverse catastrophes. And finally is the discussion still to bring on to the sun, because regarding this for the year 2012 idiotic conspiracy theories circulate, like for example, in the way, that it begins to glow and in such a way hurls out its powerful radiations, that they cause on the Earth heatlike apocalyptic conditions and humanity would be exterminated. A further thing regarding this nonsense means, that electromagnetic radiation of the sun would put out of power all power stations and electric as well as electronic apparatuses, equipment and machines, etc., on the entire Earth, as a result of which would originate an Armagedon, etc. The fact is however, that also regarding this everything is only based on conspiracy theories, which in no way whatsoever exhibit truthful content and only are oriented on them those, who give fright to the insane faithful, in order then to be able to financially exploit them. Regarding this stand all of the sect gurus of end time sects at the very front, as however also those, who profit seeking in their pathologically, stupid books and papers write them full of conspiracy theories, however in their shrewdness earn horrendous money from them. Regarding all of the idiotic claims, which apply to apocalyptic occurrences on the sun, is to say that also in this respect nothing unusual occurs and as well on December 21, 2012 no end of the world or similar is to occur. Thus the Maya calendar also regarding the sun does not refer to an end of the world, respectively, on an end of the world. What can be, is the fact, that with the sun, its eleven year cycle fills out, when the activity of the sun again is to reach a high point, as a result thus the eruptions of the sun are again able to increase, which during the last 10 years were much smaller. The fact that, in the autumn of 2012 and in the spring of 2013 the activity of the sun again should increase, has thus an entirely natural origin in the eleven year, rhythm of the activity of the sun. Through a strong increase in the activity of the sun it indeed can occur, that on the earth through electromagnetic influence from the strong break out of the sun, respectively, eruptions of the sun, can electric and electronic working processes be harmfully influenced and put out of service. However this will, if it so should be, occur only in some areas, however not over the entire earth. Greater failure regarding electric and electronic facilities could indeed probably lead to catastrophic conditions, whereupon worldwide communication ability would become affected, precisely, especially through the breakdown of communication satellites. Here, much of the electrical current is dependent, like even also cooking preparation of food, so can with some prevention this problem becomes removed, for example, through a wood stove or a gas cooker, etc., which causes not to much cost. Should such an area from the electrical breakdown be affected, then can thus at least in this respect something be provided for. This, however, is only a preventative measure, though however is to understand, that an extensive and catastrophic similar electrical breakdown just is not expected, for if the sun with its eleven year cycle actually, which is doubtful, raises again to an increased activity, well then so it will be as usual, without that an end of the world or similar end time associated enormous catastrophes become evident. In the eleven year cycle increases or decreases the number of sunspots like also the activity of the sun. The eleven years are on the other hand half of a twenty-two year other cycle regarding magnetic intervals, within which the poles of the sun circle around once. So have I learned of this from you recently in a private conversation. You have also said, that in the coming autumn and at the beginning of the spring of 2013 the end of eleven year cycle perhaps can be classified into a quiet phase, because of the not appearing streams of radiation and the reduced activity of the sun in the vicinity of the poles of the sun both would suggest, that the sun comes to approach a longer pause. Although, up to the end of 2012 the 24th actual sun cycle approaches its expected maximum, so have you explained, proves by this, that in the interior of the sun and on the surface of the sun as well as in the corona the activity during the next, the 25th cycle of the sun will be greatly reduced. The cycle may under certain circumstances even entirely fail to appear. The conspiracy theories regarding the sun, so too the fear and catastrophe scenarios of an up to now unsuspected and enormous activity of the sun in the year 2012 or sometime around this year, could actually turn out to be the opposite. Were this to occur, then could - explicitly could - a minimum of activity of the sun lead to a ‘small ice age’ on the earth, wherefrom this demonstrates, that “three completely different facets of the sun in the same way show”. This, as you have explained, may be a sign, that the cycle of the sun enters into a pause. So one can therefore puzzle, whether the present decrease of the activity of the sun eventually shows itself as a so-called “Maunder Minimum”. Opposite are “solar maxima” with several relatively short years, though they however mostly come with enormous eruptions of the sun. “Solar minima”, in which the activity of the sun is greatly reduced, may last on the other hand many years or even several decades. The well-known example of this is the ”Maunder Minimum” in the 17th century, which lasted a full 70 years and was accompanied by the highpoint of the so-called “Small Ice Age” between the 15th and 19th centuries. Yet, what you have explained was, that up to now still no indication of the 25th cycle is to be recognized, which all of this suggests, that this cycle may be delayed up to the years 2021 or 2022, though is even possible, that it does not begin at all. You have also detected a long lasting trend, the lessening of sun spots, from which you indicated, that during the next cycle of eruptions of the sun will be so weak, that there will be hardly any or no sun spots at all.

Ptaah This corresponds to all of my words, explanations and statements, as I have given them to you last time in a private way. You are actually a good listener and able to repeat all such, as it was told to you.

Billy Let us wait and see, what is to come. What to me now however still of interest is, to what extent actually the Earth aliens, who indeed apparently are divided up into three groups, who behave themselves contrary to you, in fact at the moment you do not want to cultivate contacts with them?

Ptaah In accordance with our directives we have up to the present kept ourselves away from them and will do this as well in the future. As we shield ourselves against all terrestrial position locating apparatuses and position locating equipment of all kinds, if I am permitted to say this in such a simple form, so we do this as well against the Earth aliens. The protection shields of our aircraft are designed such, that they in no way can be penetrated and our aircraft therefore cannot be positioned. This is also so, if we keep open the sight shield of the aircraft, hence they are able to be sighted. This is however never sufficient, in order to take a bearing on our aircraft or even to be able to register it. So were able up till now the in terrestrial space operating Earth aliens who despite their three divisions constitute a unity, up till today find no possibility, to be able to establish our existence, because their overall technological achievements are not sufficient for this and are far inferior to ors. This applies naturally to the overall relating to the terrestrial technology as well, which is arranged still very far below that, which the Earth aliens use. Here they, like also the Earth humans, however through the terrestrial media like television, radio, newspapers and magazines etc., know about the fact, that you maintain contact with us, because this so was reported, and you came to be observed, by both the Earth aliens as well as also the terrestrial military, authorities and secret services for a long time, certainly in the hope, that they themselves as a result would be able to prove our existence and our contacts with you. This were they not able to do however up to the present point in time, as however as well it is never to be accomplished by them, because they are of such a not powerful enough technology and as a result they, are unable to bring into alignment the regarding existing discrepancies. As all of their efforts concerning discovery with regard to our existence by them are fruitless and useless, so it will also remain.

Billy Then could various of the over decades observed unknown aircraft, which we have seen over our center as well as in this surrounding area, thus in exactly the same way have been of these Earth aliens, as this also already was the case at my earlier place of residence in Hinwil and surrounding area.

Ptaah This was actually many times the case, and if you accordingly would have asked us, then we would have been able to give to you information about them also, like we this also have always done, if our aircraft in the area of the center or also somewhere about was in operation, was observed and you then had enquired.

Billy Here I indeed knew nothing about this, that these Earth aliens observed me and as well kept a look out for you, it did not come to my mind accordingly to ask. Actually it would have been indeed also by you, to inform me about them.

Ptaah There was no need for that, for such existed always only then, if you asked questions regarding any matter, or if we think, that you must be informed about certain and important events and occurrences as well as with regard to particular importance. What if anything, arises in matters in general conversation, this is again another case.

Billy  Naturally - always the same. If something is not important for you, which is to be openly spoken about it, then it has also not to be important for me.

Ptaah However, you were aware of this fact yourself.

Billy Then, let’s forget about; what is it then to explain this, that we, myself as well as Earthlings have observed, simply the diverse militaries and secret services as well as those groups in South America, which have emerged from escaped Nazi-engineers, who have built in Germany and then later in the USA and South America flight discs? Of them I know indeed, yet there is here still something of worth mentioning, particularly, whether still today such flight discs are made and circle around the world.

Ptaah About everything up to the present nothing has changed, as well nothing on the matter, that certain states continue working in the same context and that still have continued to work on the through the war victor captured Nazi aircraft technology, like this the many descendants of the Nazi-engineers do as well, who are trained as engineers and likewise work on the Nazi-technology regarding flight discs etc, and are able to demonstrate good success.

Billy Mainly in South American space, but not just in one state, is that correct?

Ptaah That’s correct.

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