King of Travelers

Author Edward T. Martin has visited the Semjase Silver Star Center in Switzerland and studied the writings and photographs of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier. He claims to have had an experience with an E.T. craft, which he describes in this book. Most important for you to appreciate, however, is that Ed Martin sold his home in Texas to finance the first edition of this book, which is about his lifelong research into the missing years of Jesus, before and after the crucifixion. He sacrificed for his work, his research and his beliefs. He came into irresolvable conflict with his church (a fundamentalist Church of Christ in Texas) because of his conclusion that Christ was in India for part of his life. He is no longer a fundamentalist Christian. After repeated visits to India and studies of all the available literature on the subject of Christ in India, Ed Martin makes a convincing case that Jesus left Judea at age thirteen with a caravan of traders headed for India, and he returned to Judea only after many years living and studying among both Hindus and Buddhists. And he also delves into all the arguments that the historical Jesus in really buried in the Tomb of Yuz Asaf in Kashmir, India. This book is a second edition, published by the director of the film JESUS IN INDIA. A companion book to this one has also been published called JESUS IN INDIA: KING OF WISDOM - inquire with us if you'd like to follow up on that too.