Drinking Water Alert!

Michael Horn, Multipure Independent Distributor, ID# 171547

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With growing problems from water pollution, and the high cost of bottled water, you can now have the highest quality drinking water, save LOTS of money and help reduce the burden on the environment from mountains of plastic bottles.

I've personally used and sold the most effective water filters in the world for more than 30 years. They're rated a BEST BUY by Consumers Digest and they have a Lifetime Warranty!

I've created a promo code here that will give you discounts on your system that YOU will receive back as YOUR discount!

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The best all around unit, the MPAD - Aqua Dome Countertop Unit is only $259.95, plus tax and shipping. It's even less with the discount code that I offer you here. That's about $.25 a gallon for the first 750 gallons of water...the same amount of bottled drinking water costs up to $1200!

And your costs drop to about $70 for the next 750 gallons ($.08 per gallon!) when you replace the filter cartridge...vs another $1200 with bottles!

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Multipure Benefits:

You get a discount on all drinking water systems!
You can buy on their installment plan and still get the discount!
You get pure drinking water at $.08 per gallon!
You can earn money selling or referring!

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Multipure is a long term green company and very community conscious. And you get enough pure water from just one replacement filter cartridge to eliminate the need for 12,000 8 ounce water bottles!!! Some places in the U.S. are even considering banning bottled water, good areas to promote this smarter alternative!

NOTE: You can also sign up to be a distributor. There's no obligation to sell products to get the discount. If you want to build a business, go for it - they have the number one products, great commissions and phenomenal support. And everyone who cares about their health will want and need the best systems available. (Their bath and shower filters also remove chlorine!)

Also see: Town Considers Banning Bottled Water

For the first time in history our govenrment highly suggests that every family now use a water filter.

This article further justifies my concerns that "everyone will need one of these".

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Drinking Water Alert!


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