Michael Horn Live @

The ASPE Conference

Michael Horn's presentation at the ASPE Conference in New Mexico, in 2010, is arguably one of his most information rich presentations since his IUFOC series and The Silent Revolution of Truth.

It's also remarkably prescient, as he effectively foretells the dismissal of the "UFO disclosure" petitions by the government, which recently occurred.

In this more than one-hour presentation, Michael clearly differentiates between truth and entertainment in the discussion about UFOs. He sets the tone for a serious look at the absence of evidence for all of the claims in the UFO field - and the overwhelming abundance of evidence for the Meier case.

Michael explores:

Meier's India photos
A rarely seen video of Meier and the tree from the famous Sunlight Photo
Meier's UFO evidence vs. lights in the sky
The cover-up being effectively ONLY about the Meier case
Roswell as the government's favorite UFO case
Genetic engineering of humanity by the ancient Sirians
Reincarnation and Meier's lineage as a prophet
Illusions of the paranormal, "ascension" and New Age beliefs
The reason for the media blackout on the Meier case
...and much more.

Also included, a Q&A session.