A case of very poor judgment by Hulls

by Andrew Bolt

Sunday Herald Sun 31 October, 2004

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ANOTHER new law, another danger to worry about, thanks to the Bracks Government.

Judges and lawyers are worried as we all should be - by a radical plan by Attorney-General Rob Hulls to hire temporary judges. Hulls says he wants to get rid of a backlog of court cases by hiring lawyers as acting judges. Once the backlog is gone, so will be these judges - back to their old jobs. It sounds so practical, doesn't it?

In fact, it's a menace, particularly when the man who will do all this hiring and firing of temporary judges is the highly political Hulls, who has already given us a Koorie court and an affirmative-action plan to appoint more female QCs. Our judges have always been appointed for indefinite terms and been made almost impossible to sack - and for a good reason.

It is too dangerous to have judges depend on the Government for their job, particularly when the Government prosecutes criminal cases and is involved in a quarter of the civil cases, too.


How safe would you feel taking on the Government in court,

knowing the judge's job may depend on pleasing the Attorney-General?


And that's the trouble with temporary judges. Their future as a judge may very well be seen as depending on pleasing a Rob Hulls.

Would temporary judges dare criticise affirmative action in a discrimination case, for example, when Hulls is hot for it? Would they dare rule against Aboriginal claims?

Hulls' Bill to appoint acting judges is expected to be put before Parliament this week. Let's see if our politicians vote for judges who are fearless, or ones they can scare.


Andrew Bolt has captured in his article the spirit of our times and given our society a glimpse of what is already happening right under our noses.



The Story


You don’t have to go very far to discover the serious problems and conflicts of interest prevalent within a legal system that such appointments as is envisaged by this proposed bill creates. One such institution in Victoria has been running this very scenario for years without anyone picking up on the glaring self evident problems. That institution is called the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal commonly referred to as VCAT.


Since it’s inception VCAT has been contentious; it decides on town planning issues, hears disputes involving landlords and tenants, and is the principle port of call to have decisions made by the government reviewed. A lawyer can apply to become a sitting Member of VCAT. The writer has been told that a brothel owner/solicitor successfully applied some years back.


However if the government wants to cover-up, it makes sure that the people [The Network] that know about the crime are able to be controlled in some way. They must also keep these people under close scrutiny so that they can monitor at close hand that they are doing what they are told, to be rewarded and punished when appropriate, etc.

i.e.  Yeldum J, Franka Arena, etc.


VCAT in Precedent Case


In 1995 a precedent case before VCAT was bought by a father to review a decision of the Department of Human Services in respect to decisions (or the lack of) made not to protect his child from what appeared to be paedophile/satanic abuse perpetrated by the child’s mother and her associates including employees of DHS.


The father was told by experts that his child from age two was being physically and sexually abused by his mother and then from three and a half possibly undergoing sexual abuse by multiple offenders, being drugged, tortured, and sodomised. Added to this the child says that he is forced to eat feaces, drink blood, and seen a child being killed! The child Exploitation Unit investigator at the time told the father that after conferring with colleges she believed that the boy was involved in some sort of ritual sexual abuse (sometimes referred to as satanic abuse).


After attempts by DHS and VCAT to derail the hearing, wrongly stating that VCAT had no jurisdiction to hear the case, eventually the hearing begun two years later in November 1997 where part time member Mr. Robert Davis presided on this first case for child protection in VCAT. Davis also acted as a barrister in the Family Court. Part time member Davis was suspect from first encounter and the father wrote to the Tribunal declaring no faith whatsoever in the member because of his extraordinarily biased behaviour.  Davis dealt with the fathers concerns on the first day of hearing by simply dismissing them without discussion.


Thirty Day Hearing aborted


In the VCAT hearing DHS gave evidence first and admitted that they had no case against the father; even their only expert Professor Robert Adler turned on them saying that the father had valid concerns and that DHS misinformed him and withheld vital information when they first requested his report. Tribunal member Davis handled this dilemma by continually interrupting proceedings to housekeep his appointment schedule. He would also censure David Perkins of counsel from asking any probing questions of DHS witnesses, rather he protected them, stating that they had better things to do than to waste time in VCAT. The actions by member Davis from inception can be described as nothing short of a perversion of justice unseen before and in the second week in February 1998 he unlawfully closed the fathers case mid way through the first of six experts to testify that the child was at serious risk of abuse. The father was in shock but together enough to take out a Supreme Court injunction from member Davis proceeding further. The father was then informed that VCAT would hand down their decision nevertheless. On the 17 March 1998 the father wrote to member Davis that to hand down his decision on that day while an injunction in the Supreme Court was on foot would possibly abort the case. Davis went ahead and in contempt of the Supreme Court frustrated the fathers attempts to protect his son by handing down his fraudulent decision.


VCAT’s plan worked though, as the delays that this would create

would certainly allow the child’s unscrutinised abuse to continue.


To exemplify ‘governments evil intent, DHS wrote in their final written submission that if the Tribunal ruled that the boy was at risk they would ignore any order to protect the child because the Secretary of DHS refuses to change his mind. It appears from this that the Network has infiltrated DHS right to the top. That may explain that when DHS were notified of an international paedophile in 1994 rather that notify the police they employed him. And when you witness first hand the evil goings on in the Children’s Court such a submission to a court would not surprise anyone.


Decision on Internet – with Names


While the Supreme Court injunction is in force VCAT then post the judgement on the internet on 9 June 1998. When in October 1998 Balmford J. in the Supreme Court decided that member Davis was wrong in what he did, she had no other choice than to order the matter to be re-heard entirely before a different Tribunal member because Davis’s actions aborted the case. Three years were wasted in legal mumbo jumbo while the child was being raped tortured and sodomised, and Davis and the government knew it.


The decision that was posted on the internet by Davis is the antithesis of what occurred within those thirty hearing days, and in true dishonest form, Davis cowardly includes a section dedicated entirely to smearing Mr. Perkins who acted entirely appropriately in the case (the file and transcript is available from VCAT or the father upon request). VCAT not only post their fraudulent decision on the internet but allowed all names including the child’s to be published. Yet how can this be so? Disclosing names of children involved with allegations of sexual abuse is illegal isn’t it, and what about the secrecy provisions of s.121 of the Family Court?


If a Satanist/paedophile was searching the internet for a

possible victim, he or she, would find this case appear!


Many times the father has objected to this illegal

internet posting but he has been simply ignored.



VCAT as Coward, Bigot, Craven, and Dishonest


When the father’s counsel Mr. David Perkins came before Tribunal member Davis on another case in October 2000 it was by no accident; the satanic/paedophile Network kicked in to continue their agenda of evil by creating an untenable situation where Davis would have to recuse himself because of his unlawful and illegal actions and clear personal bigotry he showed towards Mr. Perkins in the child protection case of 1998. Mr. Perkins told Davis in his submission for the member to stand down, that he was a coward, a bigot, craven and dishonest for what he had done, and that he had no trust whatsoever in anything he said or did.


The choice words that Perkins used was an accurate description

of the behaviour of the Tribunal member and VCAT as a whole.


VCAT have since falsely stated in writing to the father that since the decision handed down by Tribunal member Davis in March 1998 they no longer have jurisdiction and the case is closed. What about the Supreme Court’s decision for a rehearing?  Unbelievable. And when the father asked for his documents to be returned for an investigation under the provisions of the Whistleblower Act in 2001, VCAT flatly refuse to return then. One can only conclude that the intent behind such behaviour is dishonesty and cover-up and a continued perversion of justice.



Case History within the Department of Human Services


It took the father some years to realise that the very organization that was meant to assist him with his protective concerns was the same organization that associates with and harbors paedophiles, sexual deviants, and child abusers.  Every day some tragedy again hits the media, but nothing changes. The writer would be surprised if the government knew where more than 10% of their charges were at any one time; these and the rest are off sniffing inhalants or taking drugs, being raped and sodomised, or selling themselves on the street to survive.


Documents from the government files have gone walkabout over the years but the father has placed copies in numerous locations so that the incriminating evidence from their files are exposed when the case finally is addressed. Altering reports, fabrication of evidence, and other criminal activities are commonplace within this evil organization that will protect it’s own rather than the children it has been mandated to protect.


Six weeks after the father’s contact is stopped DHS inform the father that another notification had been received; the child this time (4 ½ yo) is found sucking on another child’s penis stating he had been taught this some time back by a ‘big person’. DHS conclude it to be normal childhood play.


Another serious independent notification is received by DHS another month later but they do not inform the father; he finds out from government documents produced in VCAT over a year later. Notifications stop because the mother relocates to a north-western country town, incidentally an area known for activities such as secluded forest rituals and satanic abuse.


Between 20-30 notifications were lodged with DHS but they covered up because their own staff and associates were involved in the abuse of the child.


DHS have stated in writing that even if the mother was killed

they would not allow the child to be with his father.


Case History within the Family Court


In fact the Family Court work hand in hand with DHS to inflict the government agenda of destroying families by taking away the innately protective biological father. Family Law barristers who act as Tribunal members seems to be ok for those that can assume independence when the reverse is the reality [Renata Alexander and Robert Davis please stand up]. Statistically approximately 40% of child abuse occurs where the biological father is not present, 2% when present; what a great way for the government to prime children for paedophilia by removing fathers through these agencies. The writer believes that the Family Court is used as a safe house for gender benders, sexual predators, paedophiles and the like and there is no greater pool of these lost souls within DHS. Our society today is a product of our governments misguidance


The results of the 11 year history of the case is that the Network ie Courts, judges, lawyers, court staff,  government, etc are in control so that no hearing will ever take place! But if you don’t know; the Family Court has a written agreement between DHS and themselves to snooker any chance of fair play or justice in any case involving child abuse. DHS simply gets in the ear of the Family Court staff prior to any documents being filed to dictate their and the governments agenda on any case before the court.


It is the perfect protection network for government as they have enormous power behind the scenes. In fact the writer believes that a Family Court Judges brief is to not question the government in child welfare matters. The case involved a boy child alleged to have been raped, sodomised, and tortured while in his care of his mother, with DHS supporting the mother inspite of the extensive evidence to the contrary. It was obvious that DHS were concealing Satanist/paedophiles. This came to a head in 1996 when DHS were notified through Monash Hospital’s Sexual Assault Clinic after the child was found to have what appeared to be diminishing bruising to his anus. DHS, who have unfettered power within many organizations to wield their evil, intervened in the Family Court proceedings (to protect the abusers?) falsely alleging the father was emotionally abusing his child.


DHS and the Family Court were quick to do their work and put a stop to the child’s long term therapy, and remove the father from having contact with his child falsely alleging he was emotionally abusing his boy.


In 1997 the Court ordered that the fathers contact continue to be suspended pending the finalization of all other jurisdiction. That was argued by the father in court a year before when contact had been suspended but the senior judge refused.


In the Family Court there are only discretionary decisions

made in this jurisdiction, the rule of law does not apply.


Now that one suspect paedophile Mr. Lyndon James Walker psychologist,, <see  for profile> is employed by the Family Court’s mediation centre in Moorabbin as counsellor/psychologist it should give every parent comfort to know that in this diabolical networked system they should expect little or nothing at all.



Victoria Legal Aid


In 1994 Renata Alexander was a key connection in the Network. She had vast experience in Legal Aid so whatever needed to be done to further her man hating distorted feminist agenda she was a good pick. It is believed that she conspired with DHS to fabricate evidence against the father who was a witness in another case in the Family Court. Ms. Alexander can be seen working around the traps and now, considering the networked, government agenda and control program, she has been also awarded with a knighthood (or should that read knithood?) by a coming up of ranks as a part time member in VCAT. Well done.


In 1996 when the Family Court kept adjourning the hearing to determine whether the father could get legal representation thru legal aid, VLA held up the fathers application pending new guidelines that would preclude him. When the father asked for a review of the decision he was told that his file had been shredded.


In VCAT hearing even part time member Davis recommended legal aid for the precedent case, VLA replied that DHS never get it wrong so no funding. This was the same argument DHS used in the Supreme Court against the father in 1997.


VLA have been also targeting the fathers solicitor for years and have had Access Law’s legal funding revoked. This is after VLA falsely charged Gabriel Kuek with mishandling of cases (while, of course, engaging Mr. Perkins as counsel).


Even a senior lawyer who advised Kuek to withdraw off a case in 1996

committed perjury before VLA Tribunal when he then stated otherwise.


Incidently, the VLA Committee consists of judges, lawyers and lay people – a good place to have the Network placed to enact their intended evil.



Victorian Psychologists Board


The father has also lodged a number of complaints against psychologists who he believes have acted fraudulently in this case. Unfortunately he has not received fair treatment and his concerns were never investigated except for one time when the Board agreed that fraud had been committed. This was because former chief judge of the Family Court Alestair Nicholson intervened into one investigation involving a court appointed psychologist in order to stop an investigation from proceeding. The psychologist discovered in the course of being cross-examined in VCAT that her sessions with the father had been taped so the father was able to prove his allegations, so the Network had to devise a way for her and themselves to be protected. Or could it be because the present chairman of the Victorian Psyche Board is the former supervisor of one of the suspect professional satanist/paedophiles?


It certainly would be convenient to have a Satanist/paedophile

minder on top of the heap as it would ensure all sensitive

matters can be handled discreetly.



Munchausen by Proxy - MBP


When this diagnosis was coined the psychiatrist recognized what seemed a rare disorder in mothers but it has since been used as a diabolical and destructive poison upon many unsuspecting innocent mother because of misdiagnosis. Fortunately the expert in Australia of  the disorder is none other than Professor Adler (DHS expert witness who backed father in VCAT) who appeared clearly to the father to have now been coerced to continue the fraud and cover-up by diagnosing the father to have MBP even though the Professor in 1998 had evidence from government files confirming the paedophile cover-up and what the father stated was true.



Other Agencies involved


Karen Hogan from the Children Hospital Gatehouse Centre for child abuse tried to stop the release of the hospital file to court. The hospital also stated that the photographs taken of the child’s bruising when he was two and a half have also disappeared. Did Hogan have anything to do with this? Professor Adler is on the Hospital Board and was chief child psychiatrist for years. You would expect these professionals to do the right thing but maybe something else is happening – The Network


A great way to get children early is to infiltrate child care centres so that a steady flow of victims are available. The child attended Norfolk Street Child Care Centre and was sexually abused there also. But the child care centre was run by DHS so everything could remain hidden – The Network



VCAT, the Victorian Bar, and the Legal Practices Tribunal – The Sting


One of the most effective ways to disempower a whistleblower is to annihilate his legal team and supporters through threat and intimidation. This has been continual since the seriousness of potential exposure loomed in 1995 and 1996 due to the startling evidence at the time. One solicitor chose to quit the profession and the fathers current legal team has been at the end of the hammer of the Network ever since they took on the task in 1996. That is Gabriel Kuek of Access Law and David Perkins senior counsel who has represented the father over the many years that this matter has remained unresolved.


Since taking on the case both have been the target of various state government run agencies who have the ability to use intimidation and manipulation of the law to get their required result and that is to destroy them so that the father has no ability legally to defend himself. David Perkins is presently facing disciplinary proceeding where it is reported the Legal Practices Tribunal may disbar him. The whole matter rests on these trumped up contempt charges for telling the Tribunal member that because of what he did in perverting justice was inexcusable.


The VCAT Act says that you cannot insult a member as it could place you in contempt of court. Tribunal member Davis could not bear the truth of Mr. Perkins statements in October 2000 and probably together with former bully Kellam J (who was VCAT president at the time) issued proceedings against Perkins to charge him with contempt. The contempt proceedings in VCAT December 2000 were a farce in that nothing was inquired of the Tribunals behaviour to have warranted such a submission made before a judicial officer. Insults aside; it was true! But it gave the network a golden opportunity to wield their evil intent against Perkins to try to finally eradicate him as he cost the government millions of dollars in penalty court payments for discovering their corrupt and bullying ways, and now representing a father who has the potential of exposing the networks corruption in a satanic/paedophile cover-up, he needed to be attended to finally. Perkins was never into ‘clubbing’ with the legal fraternity so on the outer of other lawyers and their mate judges so in 2003 the Victorian Bar decided to do their part in ridding their ranks of this danger by also charging Perkins with misconduct under their code and further the process by placing it before the LPT to hammer the final nail in the coffin.


The LPT has already decided on Perkins guilt on all counts and handed down it’s penalty

on Wednesday 1st December 2004.


Given that the Tribunals reasons read like a childish mixed up assessment clumsily trying to justify an agenda to inflict their underlying evil purpose it is no surprise that in the middle of the hearing at LPT when a Tribunal member forgot to disable his mobile from ringing, embarrassingly it rings with the tune, “The Sting”, Oh how poetic! I’m sure Tribunal lay member Farcas can recall his embarrassment.


Gabriel Kuek of Access Law is awaiting the hammer in a decision yet to be handed down in the Supreme Court of Appeal. Typically government VLA submitted to that court that they intended to pursue Kuek relentlessly and at all costs.


The network is now well established. The courts give lenient if any sentence to sex offenders including pedophiles. The 10,000 strong demonstration in June 2004 on the steps of Victorian parliament house regarding these serious anomalies in the system in regard to sentencing is testament to the level of dissatisfaction we have in just in our State alone.


The father has not had any real contact with his son for over 8 years; he has been under medical supervision to enable him to at least cope with the situation but has not given up his fight for his son. His child is over 13 now and still with his mother attending a Steiner school where many of her long term friends school their children. Interestingly Rudolf Steiner was associated with key people within the satanic movement.


Only a Public National Royal Commission into this corruption can save our children from further evil


Victoria is no longer the garden state it is now the paedophile state.

Government, DHS and the Family Court system

prime children for paedophilia.


Child Sexual Abuse Program (CSAPP) ( )

Persons Against Ritual Abuse - Torture

Munchausen Syndrome

< Home of Fathers 4 Justice - Victoria, Australia >





These two above clippings are merely representative of the extent of press coverage given the earlier phase of Dr. Michaelson's case.






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