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The 63 WCUFO Photos & Explanatory Text

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Now that the WCUFO is proven real and authentic, get this Collector's Edition of Billy Meier's 63 WCUFO photos!


This eBook CD contains all 63 of Billy Meier's color photographs of the controversial - and now proven, by expert analysis using state-of-the-art technology, to be absolutely authentic - Wedding Cake UFO, commonly known as the WCUFO. It also includes the series of photos of the WCUFO that Meier took at treetop level, the authenticity of which has also been established in the new photo analysis and video.

The eBook includes Wendelle Stevens' reports on the WCUFO photos, spanning from October 1980 to August 1981. And it includes maps of the actual locations, which can help anyone using Google Earth to get a real sense of the terrain, etc.

With the new photographic analysis of these photos, and of course the amazing WCUFO video, it's ironic that it would indeed be the most unusual, and controversial - as well as the closest and clearest UFO evidence ever presented - that would prove to be the best, and most conclusive proof of the authenticity of the Billy Meier case.



Yes...it's real!