Swiss Skeptic Photographs Plejaren UFOs!



As if the skeptics don’t have enough trouble and humiliation to deal with, they can now add to their problems seven recently published photographs of Plejaren UFOs, because these photographs were taken, several years ago, by…a Swiss skeptic!


Actually, we should say by a former skeptic and defamer, a man who lives with his wife in a village near Meier. This man who wishes to remain anonymous (because he doesn’t want his very religious, skeptical wife to find out what happened!) explains how they both had considered Meier some sort of hoaxer at best and, at worst, some kind of a “nutcase”.


His own, first hand experiences, during which he had the opportunity to take the clear photographs of the Plejaren UFOs (or more accurately, beamships) forever changed his mind to the positive about Meier. Remarkably, not only was the experience profound, and his state of mind brave and flexible enough to allow and accept it, but he actually went and met with Meier and learned, first hand, of his experiences with extraterrestrials, etc.


The link below will take you to the German language report on the story (which has not yet been translated into English) where you can learn more:


While the quality of online translators may very, one thing for sure is that you’ll now understand and know that there’s one less skeptic to attack the Meier case and, most importantly, another person who knows, from his own unique experience, what many of us have known for decades…the Meier case is real.


Michael Horn