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The Sit & Get Fit “Regenerative Movement” program for the upper body is now available on DVD. Regenerative movements are movements that are primarily circular in nature, resulting in increased circulation, joint mobility, flexibility and resilience without any difficult or dangerous linear stretches.


This is the same, doctor recommended program that I’ve taught for over 16 years to participants of all ages, including many who were well into their 80s, 90s…and even over 100! The gentle movements in Sit & Get Fit are also especially helpful for people who sit a lot, who may be recovering from accident, illness or injury, and for people who spend long hours at the computer.


Derived from the best of Eastern and Western techniques that I’ve studied and practiced for over 40 years, Sit & Get Fit also promotes natural deep breathing that completely avoids problems of hyperventilation, overexertion, dizziness, etc. This is accomplished through a very relaxed means of increasing the exhalation, instead of the inhalation. Breath capacity and oxygenation is increased – effortlessly – effectively reducing stress and unnecessary tension.


Quiet pauses in between each set of the Sit & Get Fit movements produce a pleasant, somewhat meditative experience, so the effects and benefits of each movement can be felt and appreciated.



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Michael Horn

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Sit & Get Fit



· Doctor Recommended Fitness Program for People of All Ages


Š Easy to Follow, Gentle & Safe


Š Especially Good for the Spine, Back and Neck


Š Safely Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion


Š Increases Circulation without Overexertion


Š Increases Breath Capacity and Blood Oxygenation


Š Gradually Strengthens and Tones Muscles


Š Helps To Relieve Stress And Tension





"We are grateful to have people like Michael support our wellness programs here at Xerox. As you can see from the 100% overall satisfaction your program was a great success."

Celeste Scheer

Fitness Director, Xerox Corporation


"Michael Horn is one of those rare people who is what he teaches...Michael is stress relief."

Richard Greene

Consultant to Princess Diana, author, talk radio host


"Sit and Get Fit is a video that has provided my patients a framework to start an exercise program that emphasizes flexibility and strengthening in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Michael Horn has thoughtfully incorporated Eastern and Western exercises that benefits a wide range of ages. I especially find this most helpful for older patients who are de-conditioned due to illness or younger patients who have difficulty motivating themselves to follow handouts to treat shoulder and neck tension."

Nina Trinh, MD


"I went through this whole video and for almost anyone this is not too strenuous. He has a wonderful exercise on this where you simply take your fingers and you bend them back slightly and I hadn't even thought about that. Think about it for a second, how many times do you stretch your joints in your fingers backwards? Now why should that matter to you? Well it matters to you because over time, people as they age, develop arthritis in their fingers and part of that almost certainly is by

the fact that they've lost range of motion. By habit and lack of motion, what happens is, you're slowly decreasing your range of motion in every joint of your body. And through very simple, very pleasant, not strenuous at all exercises Michael Horn has a video that will show you how to keep your body, your legs, your back, flexible and strong. The video is very easy to follow and very good. This is not a commercial, I don't make a penny, we don't charge for people to be on the show, so I'm just telling you that if you're a person who is worried about things being too strenuous for you, and wants to maintain strength and flexibility, it's a wonderful video."

Peter Brill, M.D.,

Host of "The 3rd Age", KEYT News Radio


"Your videos are superb, they're very nice, done very, very, very well. I find them very simple, effective and useful, and very practical. And also I like the testimonials, all the people who talked in the beginning and also at the end there was tremendous change in their facial expression and liveliness. I think you've got something very good on your hands."

Norman Narchi

M.D. Neurologist, Center for Well Being, Westlake Village, CA


"Techniques for senior citizens which we Europeans can only envy.  The exercises benefit bone strength."

Dr. David Purdie

Hull University Center for Metabolic Bone Disease


"I really liked it and I don't really like to exercise too much... I have to sort of force myself... and this was great. Before I sat in a chair I sat in bed and did it. I'm a very lazy exerciser, but it had another aspect to it, which I sort of need in my life, I'm very hyper, I'm running, I'm doing multi-tasking, doing need to slow down and focus. And this had a very calming, nice way, nice focus. There's a little kind of a meditation thing that happens in between the segments and it was a beautiful way to start

my day. This is a video I'd put on first thing in the morning, it's like having a personal trainer/meditation in the box. Thank you."


TV Producer, Santa Barbara, CA


"Experience more energy, greater endurance, more stability, better balance... feeling alive and walking better."

Margie Dickens

Teacher, Studio Royale Retirement Home, Culver City, CA


"I want to personally thank you for your participation in AARP's first national annual member event, Life@50+: A Celebration of You that took place in Dallas last month. You led hundreds of people through exhilarating, low-impact exercises that got their day off to a wonderful start! You were also a hit in the Health and Fitness Energy Center in the exhibit hall. I heard

people saying how much they enjoyed you! We really appreciate your positive spirit and know that you helped contribute to the enormous success of this important event."

Cori J. Goodhart

Internal Consultant Member Events Management AARP


"You're a GOD! For the first time in family history, my elderly aunt and uncle worked out together. Both in their 80s, married for 60 years and they both want to live forever. I pray they do. They called to thank me for the Lower Body workout and requested the Upper Body video as well. Thanks so much. I'm glad I followed my gut feeling and took a chance in buying it for them."

Julie, Oak Park, CA


"The class was great! Thanks you so much for sharing your multiple talents. It was mind expanding and enlightening and very powerful stuff."

Rod, 51


"I love your class. I have a back problem and when I do your exercises I feel better."

Wissal, 21



Note: This program was originally released, on VHS, in 2003. The DVD contains the same complete 48-minute program. To reduce unnecessary waste, we will offer this and many of our other DVDs and CDs in jewel cases without printed inserts.


To order Sit & Get Fit, send $25 (includes shipping) to:


Michael Horn

P.O.B. 2391

Flagstaff, AZ



...or through PayPal (Choose: Send Money, Friends & Family option ) to: