The Truth about the Pyramids and Stonehenge


From FIGU Bulletin no. 11, August 1997

Question: Is the sphinx older than the pyramids of Giza and was the sphinx previously a lion? Some claim that several chambers and tunnels exist below the structure. How old is the Sphinx and was it built by refugees from Atlantis? Angelique Royers, Switzerland

Response: I will answer this question with an excerpt I took from my conversation with Ptaah during Contact 256, May 13, 1996:

Billy: ...I would like to ask you something about the pyramids, which are not only found in Egypt but all over the globe. Asket told me once during a contact, that the pyramids were constructed under the direction of extraterrestrials. At the time, in 1956, she stated that the pyramids were built two times 36,650 years ago (from 1956)Ñhence, 73,300 years ago. Forty years have passed since then, which would put the pyramids' time of origin at approximately 73,340 years. And yet, scientists profess something altogether different. They place the construction time much later, just a few short millennia before the birth of Jmmanuel.

Ptaah: I am familiar with this misrepresentation and miscalculation. When you calculate back from today, the pyramids were indeed erected approximately 73,340 years ago. This includes not only the pyramids found in Egypt, but also all others located around the EarthÑwhose distance from the sun amounted to 152.5 million kilometers [95 million miles] during the pyramid's construction era. The pyramids were covered on the outside with a solid layer of limestone and lime mortar, and they were accordingly higher than they are today. In those days the Cheops pyramid measured 152.5 meters [500 ft] in height, representing 1 meter per 1 million kilometers of the Earth-to-sun distance at the time. Over the course of millennia, the outer limestone layers were removed as were parts of the actual pyramids themselves due to erosion or when the material was removed by people to construct other buildings and the like. The pyramids' purpose changed repeatedly as well. In their last function they served as tombs, but in other locations they also served as cult temples. The pyramid structures and the many interconnected, subterranean rooms were constructed under the direction of humans of extraterrestrial origin who had come to Earth in those ancient times from the Orion constellation. For this reason the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to replicate this constellation, while the sphinx points toward the Leo constellation. The utilization of the pyramids as tombs and the likeÑalong with the hieroglyphicsÑdate back to more recent periods ranging from just prior to Jmmanuel's days, some 2,000 years ago, into the past of a little more than 13,000 years ago. Extensive subterranean spaces, components of each pyramid complex, became subterranean villages of varying sizes where their human inhabitants hid from the looming terrestrial dangers and threats from outer space.




Steve M.

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Hi Billy,

I hope you have been well.

This may seem mundane to you.

There is still much controversy & uncertainty on how the Great Pyramid was built.

Could you please shed some light on exactly how the Great Pyramid was built.(i understand it was built aprox 73,000 years ago)

Were other Megaliths constructed using the same methods ?




ANSWER: Hi Steve,

Only a very small part of the work was done with the aid of telekinetic devices/forces. Most of the work was executed by about 200,000 slaves (plus animals) over a time period of many decades. A huge number of the slaves died during this process. (Altogether a very impressive work!) The Megaliths were also constructed by human being's hand labor.



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Hi Billy

In Baalbek of Lebanon, there are three colossal stone blocks that are the largest in the world, the famed Trilithon, sited at the ruin of the Temple of Jupiter. These stone blocks that make up the Trilithon weigh around 1200 tones each, over 50 times the largest limestone block in the Giza pyramids. I would think that human labor would not be good enough to transport and install such kind of heavy weight stone blocks. Do you know the history of these huge stone blocks and/or if it was the work of extraterrestrials?

Thanks :-)




They were chiseled in a quarry and then drawn to their actual place, by terrestrials, not extraterrestrials (as has been the case with the pyramids in Egypt)!


For more extensive historical information on the pyramids and their previous occupants see:







The following is an unofficial, unapproved and poorly translated page (using online translation) of an article that is originally to be found in German at: It is merely presented below, in obviously inferior form, simply so that one can get an idea of the actual brutal and barbaric circumstances pertaining to the unfortunately glorified Stonehenge monument in England:



Stonehenge, the mystical place?

Cult belief Stonehenge Lanzendorfer H.-G.

or: ... if glory is based on error, ignorance and assumptions!

Like every year, around 21 June has turned up according to press reports in 2003 again many Stonehenge-Verehrer/innen the summer solstice in southern England.

30,000 people celebrated Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

21/7/2003 Stonehenge (AP) With drums and songs celebrated on the night of Saturday thousands of people in the prehistoric stone circle of Stonehenge, the summer solstice. Nearly 30,000 Druids, New Agers and Partylustige gathered for the spectacle. The visitors were especially lucky, because unlike previous years, the sky was clear this time and offered a clear view of the sunrise. "Everyone has a lot of fun," described the 61jŠhrige teacher Eileen Horner, the mood at Stonehenge.

The English Culture Foundation, is part of the Stonehenge, had announced last year a financial plan to rescue the stone circles. ) With 57 million pounds (82 million euros, the Foundation intends to close one highway in the vicinity to build a tunnel for a second road and a less conspicuous visitor center. The stone circle of Stonehenge was built from 3000 to 1600 years before Christ, although its precise determination is still unknown.

At the sight of the masses, is to visit every year the old place of worship, for me personally, the question of whether these <friedliebenden> people themselves as Druids, mystics New-Age-AnhŠnger/innen or teachers to see the city continue to would seek if they knew about the veritable and bloody background of this site. In the opinion, visit a magical and <kraftvollen> place, they flock every year with their ideals in masses in the area of Wiltshire.

There is no doubt that this place has at least as a witness to the past, a very fascinating appeal and attraction. It is the unknown and mysterious, the mysterious, the seemingly immortal and exceptional design to let the people go through the superficial in its spell.

By mistake on our planet are often the <gute, time> old and bygone eras honored as ideals of social life and admired <sehnsŸchtig>. Previously, it means that everything was better and pleasant, peaceful and harmonious. The relics and stone witnesses of these past times, therefore, be sought out as places like the <Besinnung> and supposed <Erleuchtung>. Whether these are old runes tombs, ruins, stone circles or alleged places of power, such as old churches, caves, stone circles, or acts is dependent on the disposition of the school of thought or cult religeous orientation of the faithful. In the Christian culture shrines such as Lourdes, Kevelaer, FlŸeli-Ranft or Wollaberg etc. are booming.

Old and long past cultures often revered as a symbol of unity and harmony. Especially if they are considered mysterious and elysinisch, like the Mayans, the Celts and the Etruscans. In some modern and esoteric circles it looks like a reincarnated druid, priest and actresses, princes, princesses, and as alchemists or magicians of past eras.

Aware of the trailer and actresses of old cultures, the deeply barbaric cults and human sacrifices and wahnglŠubigen slaughter of those groups and peoples, however, often simply hidden or glossed over an alleged or suspected occult mysticism. Thus, for example, by many American Indian tribes marketed ideals and maintained even though in reality in many ancient Indian tribes, the women suppresses as working animals and wildlife have been abused and has been wantonly damaged by a catastrophic Jagdgebaren. Many also lacked any reference to their environment, and nature was for them a foreign word. Contrary to popular belief, even meaningless Jagdten simply for pleasure and the pleasure were carried out to kill. Even the highly praised the Mayan culture was characterized by human sacrifice and sacrificial cults, even if those facts do not like to be heard and accepted.

The veritable histories of many backgrounds are often in the dark and hidden in barbarism. Our history is full of traditional mistakes, lies and deliberate distortions that have often been upgraded for reasons of prestige.

In the 285th Social exchanges of 2 July 2000 was in a conversation between <Billy> Eduard A. Meier and extraterrestrial contact person Florena <Stonehenge> deals with the subject, but she gave the following explanation:

Florena The megalithic complex of Stonehenge, I really concerns me. In the area of Wiltshire in southern England lying site was built in several phases, with the original ditch and into a wall ring with a radial projection nearly concentric circles of massive stones were added. It was actually the first place, 30 jewels, as you said, in the outer ring. This consisted of 4 meters high stone pillars, through Decksteine respectively, by horizontal beams, as you call them, were connected. In this ring respectively. Kreis was a horseshoe-shaped setting, which consisted of five large gat Trilithons. In the center of both parties was actually a structure, a large carved stone, respectively, both as an altar, as well as a place of sacrifice and a central monitoring and evaluation point was used for astronomical calculations. The altar was such a cult of sacrificial stone. Continue the same altar and the cult of sacrificial stone was also used as a guiding stone, which means that it is not only human sacrifices were offered, but also executions took place in respect of those sentenced to death.

Billy then the whole thing was a place of worship and astronomy center, and blood places at once.

Florena That's right, not forgetting, however, is that there was also taught about right and wrong and therefore also decided over life and death.

Of course it is not aware of many of today's visitors and actresses from Stonehenge, that they admire and revere a place where death Wahnglaube, murder and massacre of people on the agenda. Whether we are dealing with convictions or to victims of human Wahnkultes can be excused the killing of people not just with the early culture or with the supposedly great and yet unknown knowledge of the time. The unspeakable suffering, had to undergo the sacrifice of the people today is neither understandable nor to describe. Tied up and defenseless are led to the altar, to be brutally slaughtered as a sacrifice to any gods, is neither venerable nor admirable. With absolute certainty is neither on girls, boys, children or adults are considerate. Others were responsible for any acts that may have been unjustly condemned to death and subsequently executed at Stonehenge, and deprived of life. It was not a place of evolving values and creative knowledge, even when taught in small groups might have been the smallest areas of creative insights.

The same people who worship today out of ignorance and admiration the place as <heilig>, may have been executed at that time than other people and sacrificing himself. Let us turn back the wheel of time, and thus participate in Stonehenge in human sacrifice rituals: The people are wild, combative and wahnglŠubig. They fear the forces of nature and human life can be quickly lost by another hand. Although some of them studying the stars and follow their paths, people are living in deep Wahnglauben to any opferfordernden deities. The people are clever none-evolutionary-aware, conscious creative laws or concerns. Reverence for one's neighbor is relatively small, and blood feuds are fought. People live in fear and anxiety, faith and worship in the cult, and they usually bloody rituals. In a consciousness, rational and intellectually sophisticated culture that recognizes the creative and legality of charity are not brought human sacrifice to any imaginary deities.

Civilized, reasonable, respectful and reverent people would not stand it when smothered her children, daughters and sons for a barbaric and imaginary deity on the altar, stabbed, slashed or would be bled dry. Today's Stonehenge-Pilger/innen would be shocked by these events, if they were transported back to those times in order to be present during the rituals. They were glad they could leave the place immediately again. No one would probably to himself or his children to give friends, loved ones or relatives, volunteer in the hands of the sacrificing priests. However, these former acts and the very purpose of the place to be overlooked and revered as mystical. How to be a place of torture and murder revered as holy? The mere fact that were studied astronomy at Stonehenge and the laws of the universe, does not excuse the other, and barbarous usage of the facility.

On the other hand have on our world, many inhumane practices have always been given: the world every day, thousands of people tortured, raped, beaten, imprisoned and eventually brutally murdered. For example, had at that time, the active use of Stonehenge, the human rights organization Amnesty International has already given, then this place is as violating human rights would be passed into history, and none of the members would have it in mind to cultivate a cult around this place or maintain. 
Stonehenge and other related <Kraftorte> are witnesses of an often rude and hostile to humanity and Wahnglaubens epoch of barbarism and dar. Therefore, they should meet only as witnesses of past times their task. In fact, however, they have no evolutionary or creative educational values, which would emulate the modern man of importance. The man needs for his spiritual conscious evolution, and no stone cult buildings still supposedly mystical places, neither churches, chapels or shrines, stone circles still not monoliths. The entire creation is witnessed his creative activity and creative power enough. His own consciousness is the most valuable tool to carry out its task, the real meaning of life, so that is the conscious learning for the improvement and evolution of creation.