Population Growth Without Limit?  

An End to a Taboo Subject!  



For more than 30 years, the members of FIGU have endeavoured to bring awareness to mankind — especially to the governments — that the rapid population increase on earth poses an immense danger and must be stopped immediately, and that a reduction must take place to a mass that is tolerable for the planet. (According to our calculations at that time, this tolerable mass was calculated to be 529 million people — a population total that can guarantee all resources would be available in abundance, that nature’s ability for regeneration is preserved and that large areas remain where the animal and plant kingdoms could develop undisturbed.) We feel obligated to throw light on this because we have realised that the fate of humanity rests on whether or not this most pressing of all great problems of our time is solved. Overpopulation is really the determining problem-factor, because the more people that live on the Earth, the greater all the other problems become and the more the demand exists for not only energy resources like oil, natural gas and uranium, but also fresh water, living space and food, etc.

As the population and purchasing power grow, so does the rubbish, exhaust fumes, waste from energy production and noise, and formerly fertile land disappears beneath asphalt and concrete or becomes too salty and dries up. Speaking of energy resources on Earth: It undoubtedly makes a significant difference whether 7 billion 500 million lunches are prepared daily instead of 500 million (with wood, gas or electricity), whether “only” 50 million fuel-consuming and exhaust-producing vehicles, airplanes and heating systems are in use instead of 2 billion , or whether 2 billlion or merely a few dozen million people are using water in arid regions. The situation is so easy to understand that one has to ask oneself why the issue is not prominently featured in the media every day, and one cannot avoid the impression that the overpopulation problem is being suppressed. The conclusion is obvious and this neglect in considering the importance of this problem and the urgency of an appropriate solution actually amounts to a culpable negligence of duty to provide information.

Dealing with the topic of overpopulation can be compared to an ocean liner that heads full speed into a group of icebergs, meanwhile:

· the crew and the passengers argue that the ticket prices should decrease and the employee wages should increase.

· there is criticism that the engine has the wrong colour, or that not enough fuel was acquired and it will run out before reaching the next gas station; after which reassurance is given that the problem will solve itself with a little trust in God because someone will certainly find a new source of fuel on the way.

· inside the wheel house it is discussed whether the crew must be made up of an equal number of representatives from different countries, whereas one faction absolutely insists on having the right of veto on every decision.

· journalists on board write articles on liaisons between passengers whilst some among them though are worried about the discovery of an unusual increase in the number of icebergs within their range of sight.


And meanwhile the ocean liner travels straight ahead with undiminished speed. This preposterous situation corresponds in this instance not only to the actual state of the countries and governments of our Earth, but also to that of the bulk of the mass media.

If one deals more specifically with this plight/calamity, inevitably the question arises, why these circles, organizations and political parties, which espouse the cause of protecting the environment and who vociferously plead for a sustainable use of natural resources – quite often in an theatrical manner – and who shout out loud for measures against climate change and its impact, why do they avoid talking openly about the basic evil of all problems of our time, just as the devil avoids the holy water?! On a large scale money is collected for the protection of dolphins and sharks from industrial fishing, for the protection of moorlands, lean pastures, rainforests and bird species, for the construction of water wells in Africa, but also for food-aid in regularly occurring droughts, as well as caring for stray dogs and cats, etc. etc. And if we examine more closely all the many brochures and appeals for donation that land in our letter-boxes, we find out that barely ever even a small clue can be found therein about the fact that most of these problems could become so urgent and force countermeasures, only because the human population number downright exploded on our planet during the last 300 years and continues to do so at an exorbitant rate. And if in the rare case the overpopulation issue is broached, the reference to practical and concrete measures against this tremendous menace for our civilisation is always missing!

Unfortunately, the human being has the tendency to close his “inner eyes” to the real misery of his fellow-men, which is quite often placed, manipulated and served bit by bit flashed in TV images, and he often prefers to bury his head in the sand, in the hope that all problems will be solved automatically. But in vain! While a headache may have vanished or anger may have abated after sleep, unfortunately, this does not happen in the same scope on a global scale. When an oil well has run dry, it is unrealistic to expect that it will be filled up again after one year, and that the obviously increasing number of disasters triggered by severe weather isn't getting smaller, only because the people living in potential floodplains wish or hope it would be this way. The refusal of many people, after recognizing a deplorable state of affairs, to allow appropriate responsible action to follow, leads to the fact, that either they are rushing through life with blinkers on or they are immersed in the illusory world of the “living-room altar” (=television sets) where the people, through the well-known “bread and circuses“ palliation method allow themselves to be lulled, and often either deteriorate into physical or consciousness dullness or into destructive aggressiveness. However, this is not only the case in industrial countries, but equally in large areas of the so-called “developing countries”, where the world often is perceived through the “spectacles” of escapist TV-series; combined with appropriate frustration when the discrepancy between the ”dream world” and real everyday life penetrates into the consciousness.

One of the primary reasons for the fact that the hot potato “Stop the population growth” is not grasped in all countries – perhaps with exception of China, or India a few decades ago (however with unsatisfactory results) – is the fact that the effective and concrete measures are closely linked to a taboo topic, namely with sexuality and, associated with it, the – justified – protection of human privacy. Every measure against overpopulation inevitably affects the use of the genitals, and hardly anyone is willing to allow any interference into one’s own sexual activities, not to mention by the government! And so human reproduction is running along still at full speed in many countries. Nature and environment break down, whilst the majority of people in the corridors of power (in politics, economics and media), the so-called elites, are still pouring oil into the fire of irrationality with their prayer-wheel manner of shouting “growth, growth, growth”. Nothing is against growth, if it is a question of quality of life, or about intrinsic values like love, peace, harmony and wisdom. And nothing is against growth in the sense that there are better crops because the plants are more robust against pests (and if additionally thereby the taste and the mineral content would also increase). Unfortunately and as a general rule, there is no demand for this kind of growth, but instead the constant increase of the stock markets (Note: Quarterly results, connected with the corresponding short term view), the increase of wealth as well as the increase of consumer markets, so that the consumers always buy more dubious and truly useless products, which again needlessly accelerates the consumption of precious resources even more. The Result: Ever cheaper products of ever worsening quality and with less durability. Profit maximization, extra dividends and exorbitant payment of wages, which bear no relation to the efforts, lottery winnings, second and third homes, luxury, living the high life: pure materialistic growth, wherever we look, even in the so-called third world countries, where only a small social class parasitizes and lives like the maggots in bacon at the expense of the poor population. The motto: benefits as high as possible, with the lowest possible input.

It‘s a shame that the governments of the countries, but also the political parties in general, as well as commerce cannot, or will not, acknowledge “the signs on the wall”, i.e. the overpopulation problem and the interconnected threat to our future, and therefore they do not grapple with at the root of the problem. Additionally, the electorate (those who vote) are acting in a similarly disgraceful way when they elect these incompetent politicians to their offices. The few exceptions to the rule are really exceptions and almost have to be searched for with a magnifying glass. And the fact that most of the so-called environmental protection organizations, as well as the main religions and their sects, shy away from becoming active and recognizing and clearly naming overpopulation as the main problem and multiplier/disseminator for the other big problems like famine, climate change, migration, wars, epidemics, criminality, etc., is extremely scandalous. However, we FIGU members are not afraid to deal with the taboo subject “population reduction” and to rub peoples’ noses in it, and hit them around the ears, with concrete countermeasures for the whole of mankind, that have been under their noses for so long, until all governments wake up and begin to act in a concrete manner, and until the population number has decreased to a number that is digestible or compatible for our planet. And this compatible size for the planet Earth ranges somewhere between half a billion and one billion people, because the optimal total population figures are dependent on the climate, the available resources and the fertile land etc., and this has to be definitively determined in due time. We FIGU members and our friends have great perseverance and we are aware of the fact that this is a task that will challenge us over centuries.

Before starting to explain the concrete measures, I have to make a digression to something very important: The fight against overpopulation is only one of many important issues that are pursued by FIGU or its members, and presented to the public. One the one hand, the focus of our activities lies on the fulfillment of one’s own self-responsibility in connection with performing and developing one’s own intrinsic values and realizations (virtues, character, striving for the truth, etc.), and on the other hand on the dissemination of writings and information (the so-called “spiritual teaching”), that allows people to identify the true meaning of life, veiled and falsified by the religions, and to free oneself from beliefs. Although we have nothing in common with religions and sects, we respect the right of every person to become blessed by his own belief, at least when no fellow-human beings are harmed and when, e.g., no misdirected suicide bombers are trying to send those of different faiths into the hereafter, because they live in an idiotic delusional belief that virgins galore are waiting for them in heaven. (The belief in the existence of virgins in heaven, who soon won't be virgins any more, would require a lot of explaining, but is not the focus of this article. Such a belief belongs in the same category as the image of eternal harp-playing on the heavenly clouds, or that billions of deceased souls are sitting at God's feet.) We FIGU members demand of ourselves to avoid the fields of belief, illusion and delusion and to always search for the truth behind all things. Furthermore, we let people share in the valuable information that is transmitted to us from highly-developed human beings from other worlds (extraterrestrials) via their Swiss intermediary “Billy” Eduard A. Meier. This information is extraordinarily helpful for understanding our position in the universe, to avoid unnecessary errors and to eventually achieve freedom on Earth. And last but not least it is extremely important to point out the fact that the human being does not live once only, in order to then vanish into a heaven or a hell for all eternity. The realization of the fact that all of us incarnate again and again in new bodies over millions of years, on the planet where we have died, is very important for the understanding of the justice of our proposed measures which are explained later in this text.

If it is recognized and accepted that – after our death – we human beings will incarnate with a new personality in a new body and will then find before us the world and those conditions that we have left to our children and children’s children, then the urgency of these measures unexpectedly may look quite different! And the fact that the gender of people will not remain the same over different incarnations, but rather that a former man can be born as a woman sooner or later, and the other way around, may possibly allow one to be attuned thoughtfully to one or the other; this may be especially the case if it is a question of living together as man and woman, and the related expectations, attitudes of thought and abusive actions. Anyone who is interested in this matter may find much information (in German, and some in English and other languages) in our books and booklets, and on the Internet (www.figu.org). 


At the beginning of the nineties of the 20th century, in booklet Nr. 1 on the subject of overpopulation, Billy Meier proposed radical, but nevertheless humane measures to get the raging overpopulation and its resulting effects under control as fast as possible. These measures, the application of which successfully and definitively solved the problems of overpopulation on other worlds tens of thousands of years ago, lead back to the old prophets Nokodemion and Henok. Billy Meier’s radical and concrete proposals may offend many people and in many people may provoke a “thinking system breakdown”, including an “inner outcry”. This, however, can only be the case with people whose reason and sense of responsibility is insufficiently developed, or with those, who have no knowledge of the profound hidden values. To close this gap of knowledge, it is necessary that the system and the many connected measures are explained in detail.

Besides, it is to be considered that time is running away, and whilst reading up to this passage in this text, already thousands of children have been born. Consider: While at the end of 1975 exactly 3,889,992,910 people were living on our planet, this number has nearly doubled in the meantime (status at December 11, 2007 = 7,684,227,416 people). These numbers, provided by the extraterrestrial scientists from planet Erra, disclose that the estimations by the terrestrial “Population experts” amount to about 6.5 billion people, which is about one billion lower than reality. The result of this is that the overpopulation disaster is even much more substantial than is officially assumed. According to a study by the UN, which was published in spring 2005, a population of 9.1 Billion people is calculated for the year 2050. It is obvious that this time horizon must be shortened considerably.

While reading this expanded version of Billy’s propositions, it is important to keep in mind that the measures are designed to be simultaneously introduced world-wide in all countries (with a possible exception of primitive people – if they still exist – who are self sustaining in remote and isolated areas). In addition to this world-wide implementation it is an absolutely necessary requirement that those in high positions in all countries – the politicians, scientists, aristocrats, billionaires and members of the clergy etc. – may not enjoy any exclusive rights, but rather are on equal terms with the other people without any exception! And of course it is completely self-evident that – besides the main measures demanded by Billy – there is yet a multitude of other actions necessary to resolve all the serious problems and evils of our time. But more on this later in this article.

Explaining the system


The ultimate aim of all these measures is to effectively slow down the population growth to a standstill, to be followed by a decrease. To close one’s eyes and wait any longer worsens the situation each day for huge human masses and is extending the time of any measures taking effect. But sooner or later such measures have to be taken, if humanity does not continue to sit back and do nothing, and if all consequences are not accepted in a fatalistic way any longer. The effects caused by overpopulation have already been long in progress and will even become intensified, because – according to the law of cause and effect –a continuous over-exploitation will be followed sooner or later by infirmity and death. (An analogy may serve to prove the fact that if a human being is locked up in an airtight room, which is equipped with food and water in surplus, he will sooner or later die of lack of oxygen.)

After a transitional period and a halt in the growth of the population figures at a high level, caused by the fact that the younger generations are becoming older and older, and because of the increased life expectancy in many countries, the number of births should sink below the level of deaths, which will start the process of a shrinking population number. The generation of offspring will be tied to obligatory conditions that have to be imperatively obeyed. A graded system with seven-year phases of “permission to procreate” and “no births allowed” provides a relatively fast brake-effect, and important factors, like the preservation of the generations, or maintenance of economic sectors and educational systems, will be taken into account. Through a world-wide education campaign, the understanding for the necessity of the measures will grow in all sections of society of all countries, just as it is the case with the necessary power of endurance during the several hundred years of the transition period into a peaceful future.

The measures


As has been mentioned in the introduction of this text, effective measures against overpopulation do not begin with the symptoms, but at its roots, i.e. in human private life, of sexual intercourse between man and woman. Since sexuality in human life is entirely natural, nobody has the right to restrict its practice, just as this should also not be the case regarding the intake of food, or the urge to be on the move, etc. This non-interference also applies regarding the practice of masturbation, as well as with regard to those people who are attracted to the same gender. But there must be restrictions with regard to the practicing of sexuality however, if the freedom of will of others is restricted, if the health and the freedom of fellow-human beings are threatened directly or indirectly, and if the healthy psychological development of children is affected. With regard to the introduction of the birth-stop measures, this means that people are still free to maintain friendships and associate with acquaintances that include sexual activities, as long as these relationships are voluntarily and mutually started by the partners and if no illegal pregnancies result.

When a couple (a man and a woman) have found themselves to be in love with each other, and when both have the desire for their own child, they have to comply with the following procedure:

They submit a request to the public authorities and let their union be registered officially. This step may be taken only if both partners are totally free in their decision and are not influenced by any other person, any external traditions and pressure or repressions.

The minimum age for the arrangement of a registration application is 25 years for the woman and 30 years for the man. (Decisive is the year, in which one has been born. For a woman, who is born on the 31st December of the year 2000, the 1st January 2025 is the earliest possible date for a registration application. If she is born one day later, on the 1st January 2001, the earliest date is the 1st January 2026.) The difference in age between man and woman arises from the fact that the process and standard of becoming mature, with regard to the psyche, is occurring at different speeds. (It is interesting to note that in Switzerland – on average – people who marry are within this age range.) Besides, the age limits are deliberately fixed at this level so the people have enough time to learn one or more professions, to sort things out clearly about the direction of their future path of life, and to complete the process of growing-up. Furthermore, in that way both partners have several years time to be gainfully employed and to save enough money so that good materialistic conditions are available at the beginning for a family-to-be. Whether this union shall be confirmed additionally in a Church or sect, is left to the couple’s discretion, but it has to be made sure also that no constraint and distress is exerted on the couple. In the three years following the marriage, the married couple has the obligation to devote much effort to the development of the partnership/relationship, to prepare themselves for the demanding role as parents and to build a home of their own. These are requirements that will grant to the child the highest possible chance to grow up in material safety and in a loving environment.

When those three years have expired, the partners reach the so-called “procreation age” (female = 28 years, male = 33 years) and have the right to submit a request to the state for the permission to conceive a child. The permission process must guarantee that the following prerequisites for conceiving a child have been fulfillled:

· Both marriage partners have taken advantage of the time and come to the mutual realization that they are really suited to each other, that they love each other and that they want to spend their future lives together.

· Both have a good reputation, a good name, which e.g. means: to be hard-working, not to accumulate debt, not performing prostitution or criminal activities, and also not indulging as a parasite (= to live off the state or other people).

· The married couple proves their independence by leaving the parental homes at a time before their marriage, which means that the married couple settles down on their own, has founded their own household and are living together under one roof. To be independent and breaking away from one’s parental home is a basic requirement for the development of a true, healthy and durable marriage.

· The married couple must learn to make all decisions independently and/or together, and they are challenged to reject or repulse any interference from the relatives, including the parents. This, however, does not mean that there should be no contact with the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, etc., and that no advice etc. can be sought.


It is a generally accepted fact that the experiences during a human being’s first years are formative and are shaping the character. Neglect or maltreatment, respectively, very often cannot be corrected (perhaps with very sparse exceptions) and, therefore, leads to very bad consequences for children and children’s children. With this in mind, it will be a duty to any self-responsible person to prepare himself for the coming challenging task prior to the conception of a child. Among other things, this means that – before procreation – the prospective parents have to intensively study the basics of child education, which also means to train in self- development (Eigenerziehung). This could mean, e.g., that a tendency for a violent temper has to be worked on, or that counter-measures are taken against a tendency to be full of self-pity and tearful or complaining (Wehleidigkeit), etc. Furthermore, at least some real love should exist between the prospective parents, because this creates a high probability that the family will last, and it will offer safety and security to the future earth human. Another important aspect of the capability to educate a child is the requirement that both partners have experienced at least six years of schooling and that at least one of the two partners can read and write well. Both partners must master the main language of that country in which they are living or will live. This is absolutely necessary for good integration as well as for an understanding of the cultural, socio-political and social conditions of the domicile or home country, respectively.

With the exception of the above-mentioned indigenous/primitive people, it should no longer be allowed that illiterate people conceive children, which – by the way – will considerably improve the situation especially for the women in many countries!

Since each human being has a creational birthright to physical, psychological and consciousness-related health, this means that children have a right to parents, who avoid everything before and after procreation that could harm the growing human being in the womb, and later on as well. Consequently, the fulfilllment of this basic birthright means that a person capable of procreation has no unconditional right to have his own children, even if there is no overpopulation problem. It can be concluded from this that certain specific conditions have to be fulfillled for the procreation of a child, and the six most important prerequisites are presented below:

1. Evidence of a highly probable guarantee regarding nutrition, finances, housing and work, etc.; the family shall not live in need, because parents must devote themselves full time to the child, at least in the first years (for biological and psychological reasons it is the mother who is most suited for staying home and caring for the children during their first years).

2. Evidence that both parents neither suffer from a psychological illness (e.g. depression and/or mania = so-called bipolar disorder), nor a so-called ”mental disease“ (e.g. schizophrenia) or even from a degenerative illness (e.g. early stage dementia).

3. Evidence that both parents are not limited to any extent with regard to intellect and consciousness etc. so that they are not capable of living an independent life and need considerable help from other people (which, unfortunately, is the case with most of those people who have to bear their fate as being “mentally handicapped”).

4. Evidence that no parent suffers from an hereditary disease which could be transmitted to the child, like e.g. haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, etc. For this purpose medical and genetic-technological research has to be continuously promoted, with the result of ever better and more sophisticated, diagnoses, and on the other hand to develop better and better remedies as well as methods to disable or to remediate defective diseased genes.

5. Evidence that a parent did not suffer from an addiction within the last three (better seven) years that could/will harm the foetus; this must be checked through regular blood tests during the first three years after the marriage. Addictive substances include, e.g., alcohol, heroin, marijuana and synthetic drugs, but also nicotine, certain drugs as well as anabolic steroids and narcotics. Moderate and regular intake of alcohol must not necessarily be an addiction in each case, of course, but the parents must be aware that the man and the woman must refrain from drinking alcohol a certain amount of time before conception/procreation, and the woman also during pregnancy, because it is a fact that alcohol damages the genetic substance of the embryo or fetus more or less.

6. Evidence that the marriage partners do not belong to extremist or subversive groups, because – due to their mind-set – members of such groups are not able to grant their children a neutral education. They are not able to accept or to recognize the necessity of law and order and to let their children grow up as free-, neutral- and independent-thinking citizens. This also applies to people, who belong to sects etc. and/or who consider the life or value of other people as inferior because of their skin colour, belief, race etc. or who elevate themselves above the masses (“the chosen one/s”), who grant themselves a special status and/or are propagating violence against fellow-human beings.


All the above-mentioned conditions have to be conscientiously controlled by governmental authorities, i.e. by specially trained administrative representatives of impeccable character, who have good experience as parents. The entire check-up must be done in a neutral form and without bribery/corruption, without favouritism/nepotism and without racial discrimination etc., and when all terms are fulfillled, the permission to procreate must be granted. This permission allows the married couple to procreate a maximum of three children, and this permission applies to the current marriage.

A maximum number of three children (their own and/or adopted or foster-children) ensures that all children of a family receive enough attention, and attention must be paid of course to that fact that no exaggerated care or spoiling occurs. Furthermore, it is an advantage for the psychological development of children if they can grow up with children of the same age, no matter if from the same family or the neighbourhood.

Here the reader may object and be of the opinion that only one or two children per marriage will lead to a reduction of the population and that the permission of three children per marriage would stand in conflict with the achievement of the intended goal. To answer this: It will be a relatively rare occurrence that parents make use of the permitted number of three children per marriage, because many people don't want to have more than one or two children, and many simply cannot fulfill the conditions. Furthermore it is desirable that parents, who have very good abilities and capacities in child education, shall be able to give the chance to grow up with love and security to more than just one child.

Since a certain divorce rate has to be expected on earth for the time being – despite the above-mentioned detailed clarifications, or in the case that a spouse dies – it will occur that divorced or widowed spouses want to enter into a new marriage, with an accompanying desire to have children. Therefore, the limit of three children will not be restricted to one marriage, but is valid for and relates to a woman. It is obvious, however, that twins or even triplets are counted individually; that’s why a woman with triplets has reached the final number of offspring and is not allowed to conceive more children. And it is also clear that after a new wedding, a new three-year trial period with all associated requirements has to be fulfillled, before a further procreation may occur.

Another problem, which brings much grief to ever more married couples (but is also lowering the birth rate), is the increasing infertility of man and woman. It can indeed be said that nature has begun to protect itself even in the human reproduction sphere against overpopulation and the connected destruction. Of course this doesn’t happen through our planet’s symbolic scratching of its body, because the clusters of people (cities) and industrial areas are spreading like skin ulcers over our planet; and as well it doesn’t happen by the order of any kind of God. Nature’s “defence action” is rather a natural result of the law of cause and effect, mainly triggered by the increasing poisoning of the environment and food through chemicals, electric-smog and radioactivity, etc.

Of course it would be absurd to introduce worldwide birth control, and, at the same time, trying to overcome infertility problems through great medical efforts (e.g. artificial insemination or procreation in a test-tube). Despite the great psychological strain on the affected couples, in vitro fertilization has to be prohibited, and fertility problems have to be confined to natural methods, as for example a healthy diet, avoidance of stress, lowering of the testicle temperature and reduction of the exposure to radiation, etc. If a woman ultimately doesn’t get pregnant, the couple has to bear this problem calmly, because life is absolutely worth living also without children. Besides, infertile couples with a valid permit to procreate may apply for adoption of some other people’s child. Especially in the beginning and transitional period of such birth-stop measures and because of the connected penalties (see below), there will certainly be many children in need of loving foster-parents. As a side note: It is obvious that the disgraceful surrogate motherhood, which degrades the child to an object, must be prohibited.

Concerning adoption and foster-care it is necessary to mention that children, who are to be adopted, should stay in their own country/cultural area whenever possible, where they are looked after by people from the same race and mentality.

Now is the moment to start explaining the birth-stop system I already mentioned above:

The limit of three children per woman will be combined with phases of seven-year periods, during which procreation is allowed or not allowed, respectively. Apart from the fact that the conditions for procreation already represent a big change in the present understanding of freedom, combined with great psychological problems and learning performance, these seven-year cycles can’t take place simultaneously, at least not during the introduction phase. Instead there must be a gradation of stages (Staffelung), because otherwise the social and economic problems would become too great. If no more children were born during a seven-year period, whole economic sectors would shrink and much know-how would get lost (teaching professions, apprenticeships/trainings, products for small children, delivery rooms in hospitals, midwifes, etc.). That’s why the introduction or enforcement, respectively, of the birth-stop phases should take place in graded stages (staggered manner).

In FIGU’s overpopulation pamphlet Nr. 3, I proposed that the permission to procreate or rather the seven-year cycles be associated with the first letter of the family name, but since this might waste too much administrative energy and lead to too much uncertainty, I suggest the following system: Definitive for the permission to procreate is the woman’s date of birth. All women on Earth will be divided into two categories, namely those who are born on an odd day, for example on the 1st ,17th or on the 31st of a month, or on an even day, for example on the 2nd, 18th or 30th of a month. This makes it a requirement that all births on the planet are correctly registered and that each child is assigned to an exact birth date. Starting with the introduction of the worldwide birth-stop measures, seven-year phases/stages of permission to procreate and procreation prohibition will alternate. Example: By the 1st January 2015 those married women, who have been born on a day with an even number, will receive permission to conceive one to three children during a seven-year period. On the 31st December 2021 this right will expire, and starting the next day, it will be turn of the wives with an odd birth number for the next seven years. (Of course the duration of the seven-year period is reduced depending on the date of marriage and the date of the permission to procreate). These seven-year periods are repeated until the terrestrial population number has decreased to the target value.

After this, the terms of permission to procreate will stay in force, but the seven-year cycle is cancelled. Due to the fact that the system is based on the birth number, fairness for all people is guaranteed, even when the effects are varied because of the progressive phases/stages. In any case it is possible for any woman to become pregnant, starting with the age of 35 at the latest, assuming that the marriage and the permission to procreate have occurred early enough.

The desire for a baby will be declared as fulfillled if the infant survives and does not die in a natural way within six months after birth. (On this occasion it should be mentioned that it is beneficial for the wife to observe a three-year regeneration period between the births.) If – in the most “favourable” case – a married couple has seven full years at their disposal to procreate children, much stress is omitted, which will have a positive influence on the ability to conceive and generally will improve the quality of life. 

It is quite understandable that the introduction of the birth-stop measures will not arouse joy and enthusiasm around the world, because many people will have to remain childless for life. The number of those, who will revolt against it, will be huge, because it cannot be expected for a long time that a sense of responsibility, compassion, logical thinking, foresight, detachment from religious-sectarian constraints, as well as peacefulness will be anchored to a considerable extent within the masses of earth humans. There will be plenty of those who are of the opinion that – because of their social or political position, their large net assets, their aristocratic descent or their religious aspirations, etc. – they have the right to be viewed as an exceptional case, and they will try to lay claim to their alleged right. Right from the beginning rigorous measures must be put in place to refuse such foreseeable claims of injustice. Therefore, the introduction of the birth-stop measures must be accompanied with adequate harsh but just sanctions which have to be announced to all people and which have to be rigorously applied.

However, before listing the penalties, there are two insights and one claim to consider:

· After the successful introduction of the procreation regulations, there won't be any unwanted children or so-called “accidents” any more.

· Each child will have the guarantee that he/she was wanted, at least at the beginning of his/her life.

· Each child has the right to know who his/her biological father is.


This knowledge must not be withheld by the mother and, therefore, the genotype of each newborn child has to be compared to those of the parents.


Control or penalty measures


Anyone, who does not obey the birth-stop measures as soon as they have been introduced world-wide, clearly demonstrates that they don’t give a damn for the long-term well-being of children and the children’s children. They live according to the stupid saying: “I don’t care what happens after I’ve gone”. With their lack of understanding, such people clearly prove that they don't possess the required sense of responsibility, which is necessary for the healthy education of offspring.

If a woman gives birth to a child without having received the necessary permission, then the baby must be taken away from her after birth and given into the care of foster parents or released for adoption. The guilty woman and the father of the child will be sterilized and, depending on the situation, forced to pay up to10 annual wages, for which they have to work hard for many years. On the one hand the fine will be used to financially support the foster parents and to invest money in a savings account for the illegally procreated child, and on the other hand it will serve to accumulate a national fund, which in turn serves to reduce cases of hardship that arise from the birth-stop measures. Of course any violation of the birth stop measures must be examined in detail to prevent injustice. Likewise it is also the responsibility of every woman to immediately and at an early stage report to the administration as soon as she is diagnosed with an unauthorized pregnancy, so that there can be an abortion at an early stage. If she can convincingly prove that the contraceptive measures have failed or that she was raped (which must be reported immediately), severe measures do not apply, when the violation occurs for the first time. The reason why special attention is given to the woman regarding the birth-stop measures is based on the fact that it is she who is becoming pregnant, and not the man. But at the same time this also means that the woman alone decides whether or not she wants to become pregnant, or whether or not she wants to have an abortion. (If the pregnant girl has not yet reached adulthood, it is the parents or guardians who have to decide, though the young female must be listened to adequately.)

In the case of rape (it doesn't matter whether by man or woman) and violation (which includes sexual abuse of children as well as the abuse of people as sex slaves) the guilty persons must be sterilized and expelled from society. The same measures apply to sodomites (Zoophily), i.e. those men and women, who are abusing animals to satisfy their sexual urge.


Because an offence against the birth-stop measures is connected to severe penalties, it is the duty of all governments/states to make available sufficient and reliable contraceptives and to teach the people their correct application. As a means to control the compliance with the measures, each girl and each woman, who is capable of becoming pregnant, is obliged to undergo a pregnancy test at least every three months. This also applies to those women, who have permission to procreate but are in the seven-year phase, where they are not allowed to become pregnant.

If a woman – who has no permission to procreate – gets pregnant, either an abortion has to be carried out immediately, or the baby must be given away for adoption or foster parents. When measures against overpopulation are in force, an abortion represents an act of self-defence and is not considered as murder, which quite contrarily would be the case if, e.g., a foetus is aborted because it has an undesired (= female, as a rule!) sex/gender.


What now?
Most countries on Earth are burdened by heavy debts, and after payment of huge amounts of interest there is hardly any money left to put a stop to a further increase of debt, let alone to discharge it. This trap and threat may be taken as an analogue to overpopulation, because the higher the number of people, the longer it takes until the reduction can reach a healthy, bearable size, assuming that counter-measures are taken at all. Even after a worldwide introduction of birth-stop measures according to FIGU’s method, which may be called an ”express method“, it would still need several centuries until the terrestrial population would have decreased to half a billion, the optimal number for our planet.

Unfortunately, the chance that the “introduction” as mentioned above will occur is extremely low, nearly zero. There is absolutely no indication in sight that the governments or the majority of the people will summon up the insight and the courage to get down to the root of the overpopulation problem and to accomplish an effective birth stop, whether it would be by the FIGU method or some other system. This is understandable, because a great number of additional measures are necessary to be taken and accomplished. To list them all and explain in detail would expand this text to thousands of pages. (I will leave this task to the scientists of all fields to formulate the necessary actions.) Nevertheless, a few points and tasks shall be mentioned, to show that a tremendous amount of thought and educational-work must be performed. We are facing a problem that makes the so-called “Marshall Plan” after the Second World War look like a trifle in comparison.

The following list is neither complete, nor sorted according to priority. All points are equally important and have to be successfully implemented.

1. The United Nations (UN) has to be replaced by a new organisation in which all countries have the same rights and duties and whose representatives are directly elected by the people.

2. The Security Council, in which a few world powers have the right of veto, must be abolished.

3. A multinational peace combat troop must be created, consisting of soldiers from all countries. These combat units – together with the police forces in each country – will have a monopoly of weapons and exclusively consist of people who are committed to high ethical values. They will be subordinate to a commando that was elected from the UN’s successor organization and must be provided with clearly defined authority and tasks. (Further information may be found in several articles of FIGU members.)

4. In return, all armies from all countries must be dissolved. In each country only police forces will remain to guarantee the observance of the local laws and order.

5. All weapons of mass destruction will have to be destroyed immediately.

6. In the future, the production of weapons must fulfill the following two conditions:

a) They can be used by their owners only (personal encoding and adjustment to their individual personality frequency), and b) they contain an additional function to put someone out of action without killing them.

7. The terrestrial penal systems must be unified and severed from religions. The death penalty must be abolished, and zones have to be delineated (e.g. islands, remote areas), to which the delinquents will be deported and where, depending on the degree of severity of their offence, they have to stay for a certain amount of time or even the rest of their lives, without the possibility of a successful escape attempt. The delinquents must be provided with educational material and suitable equipment etc., with which they can support themselves. Great care must be taken to make sure that it is impossible for the delinquents, their guards as well as non-offenders etc. to mix with each other.

8. All political parties and religious groups must be dissolved and only capable persons of impeccable character may be elected into the governments. Those men and women shall be selected and elected, who have the well-being of the country and all citizens in mind, and who don't crave for power and wealth.

9. The members of the government will be directly elected by the people, for a period of office of at least 20 years, with the option of a re-election. In this way it is possible to pursue a long-term policy and not to waste energy every four years with electoral campaigns and ballots.

10. The state and church/religion are to be strictly separated in every country. Religion-related expenses (building and maintaining of churches, synagogues, temples and mosques as well as the priests’ wages etc.) must be paid by the believers themselves.

11. Qualified, skilled people must be trained and committees must be formed, to acquire the necessary knowledge in practical psychology, spiritual teaching, education, ethics, healthcare, etc., so they become capable to instruct the prospective parents, the children and the entire population, and to carry out assessment in connection with the permission to procreate.

12. The efforts to research alternative energy sources, e.g. to tap and make use of the inexhaustible electron energy, have to be furthered with high priority.

13. Genetic research must be furthered, especially with regard to prenatal diagnostics, so it is possible to recognize illnesses and damages in the embryo and fetus, respectively at an ever earlier stage of development. This shall guarantee to a great extent that only healthy children see the light of day.

14. Genetic engineering must also be furthered in the areas of health and food, so that it will be possible, for example, to culture/grow meat in order that keeping animals in masses will some day be a thing of the past and that the people will still be supplied with the animal proteins which are necessary for their healthy development.

15. Addicts must be given assistance by the state authorities. From this it ensues that the traditions and customs of whole cultures and populations have to be reversed to positive pathways, like e.g. in Russia or South American countries in the case of abuse of alcohol and drugs (opium, coca leaves etc.).

16. Regarding actions connected with a security risk, as e.g. operating transportation vehicles, etc., a zero tolerance must be enforced for the consumption of drugs and alcohol. There may be no mitigation of punishment if criminal acts have occurred under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; quite the contrary: the penalties must be more severe.

17. The genital mutilation of girls and women must be abolished immediately. Contravention must be punished with a lifelong expulsion from society.

18. Because of an increasing high proportion of elderly people and increasing numbers of couples who have no children, the present systems of provisions for old-age are coming under pressure, even beginning to topple. Therefore it is the task of the government and especially of the social community, to guarantee elderly people a worthy life. Among other things, this should occur through the “duty of voluntary help”, when the governmental system is overtaxed due to a lack of wage-earners and employers who are paying/contributing to the pension system.

19. The immigration of young manpower from poor countries into higher developed countries as a means to increase the amount of payers/contributors to the pension system must be stopped.

20. When young people from emerging countries are going to do job training in industrial countries (Universities etc.), then these people have to go back to their homeland after the training, to make their contribution in the development of their native country. This also includes refugees, who in the case of a personal (= individually made to the person concerned) life threat, may very well take refuge in another country, but have to immediately return as soon as the personal threat does not exist anymore.

21. Famine relief, i.e. delivering food in regions that are overpopulated, must be stopped.

22. International help, or help in general, always has to be orientated according to the motto “helping people to help themselves”.

23. Absolutely safe contraceptives must be developed and produced, which on the one hand don't show disadvantages to one’s health, and on the other hand are easy to use and to control.

24. Children have to be informed about the use of contraceptives and about the procreation requirements even before they reach the age of procreation or ability to conceive, respectively.

25. Regions and countries, where the use of contraceptives is not promoted on a large scale and where no effective educational campaign takes place relating to this, may not receive any financial/economic or food aid from other countries.

26. The interbreeding of national communities and races on a large scale must be avoided. The degrading “import” of “marriage partners” from foreign cultures has to be stopped, just as the misuse of marriage to attain citizenship of a foreign country.

27. Each country is obligated to ensure order in its territory and, when this isn't done, to bear the corresponding consequences.

28. The exploitation of resources (metals, mineral ores, oil, etc.) must occur as environmentally friendly as possible, and it must be ensured that a fair price is paid for it which corresponds with the buying power of the buyer (country). The proceeds must be of direct benefit to the respective population, for example towards the improvement of the educational system.

29. Corrupt regimes have to be isolated and deprived of their power.

30. All inhabitants of the countries have to work and earn their living (with exception of mothers of minors as well as sick or handicapped people). If this is not possible because of unemployment (lack of a paid job), the people concerned have to render a service to the community (for example caring for the elderly, doing cleaning work for the community in the city and surrounding area, assist those people who, because of handicap and illness etc., are not able to earn their living). Anyone who refuses to contribute his efforts, won't receive any money from the government, but will merely be paid in kind, so that food and modest accommodation is guaranteed (so-called survival assistance).

31. The wage/salary system must become fair; there must be an upper limit to one’s salary. Each person must be able to earn his living with his own hands and head, if there is a full commitment/effort.

32. The people have to be informed about the fact that frequent changing of sexual partners entails big health risks, which is clearly shown with the example of the spreading of AIDS. To a great extent it is the children who are suffering, either because they are sick themselves or were born sick, or because they become orphans. (The wish to decimate humankind through the spreading of terminal illnesses may serve the purpose, but is, from the humane point of view, absolutely reprehensible. The reduction of the human population must solely occur on a basis of insight and common sense.)

33. The teaching of humankind on the values of the spiritual teaching and the knowledge associated with it is of fundamental importance, because as long as people are the slaves of false doctrines from religions, it will be impossible that in the individual countries the correct and lasting measures will be embraced. Also peace between people and nations will not be possible, as long as the religions make people dependent and subordinate to them or to a God or Gods.

34. Since the writings of the spirit teaching are deliberately written in German, and since no other language on Earth allows all nuances to be explained in such details, the German language shall become the common world language. Next to it all the other languages shall still be used, cared for and preserved, of course.

This is just a short list of measures, all of which are necessary to carry out the fight against overpopulation successfully and humanely. A very condensed list, behind, which is concealed a great many thoughts and steps to be taken, will inevitably lead to the question: “How and where shall we start?” Well, since time immemorial and for all eternity it is, and continues to be, the duty of every reasonable and responsible person to begin with every kind of change and improvement with themselves. Each person, who has recognized the emergency and danger of the overpopulation problem, is called upon to observe the proposed measures with one’s best ability (with the exception of the 7-year-cycle). This appeal is especially directed to all persons in responsible and influential positions, so that they become aware of their responsibility and are working towards a steady increase in understanding and acceptance for the birth-stop measures.

Consider this: With every billion people less, the quality of life will increase, and through insight into the necessity of the worldwide and long-term measures, the chance increases that the global community will develop a “sense of unity” (sense of “us”). In a world without overpopulation, the people will be happy again to meet fellow-human beings, because they aren't living crammed next to each other and above each other anymore like in beehives, which leads to indifference towards the problems and worries of other human beings. It’s in the hands of the people of Earth to decide which way they want to choose: the one forced upon them (through hunger, misery, catastrophes, etc.), or the one deliberately chosen (through the use of common sense, insight and self-responsibility).

It is imperative now to not let oneself be intimidated by the outcry of all those narrow-thinking and unreasonable people, who don't recognise the gravity of the situation or don't want to recognize it and are wallowing in egoism or false humanism, all of which will inevitably lead to distress and misery. Such people don't recognize that the measures we are proposing are really humane,

· because they have a uniform validity for all people;

· because they make it possible to reach a goal in the shortest time possible, which is in the interest of all the people living on Earth now and for the future generations;

· because a gigantic educational campaign is associated with it, which will enable all people on Earth to become mature and responsible adults and citizens;

· because it won't be accepted in a fatalistic way that billions of people will vegetate in circumstances beneath human dignity (slums, extreme poverty, poisoning, etc.);

· because the right to live is not contentious for anybody who has been born.

The narrow-thinking and unreasonable people do not recognize that – if we do not act now – we will be threatened by inhumane measures in the future, because – due to the constantly increasing effects of overpopulation – the climate is continuing to act more and more in a crazy way, and the supply of every day goods to the people becomes more and more difficult. The social structures will continue to break down, as an ever growing number of people have to struggle for bare survival in many places. Based on a prophecy it cannot be excluded, unfortunately, that governments will start to impose radical and inhumane measures and enforce them with violence. Such measures could even include the imposition of the death penalty for the illegal procreation of offspring, a terrible prospect. Therefore we really should do everything so that such a terrible degeneracy never will come true.

Each person is called upon to think on his/her own about that which has been presented to you above, and to keep one’s eyes open so as to become aware of the slowly developing changes associated with population growth. Pictures of mega cities or smoke-filled industrial zones etc. are to be recognized as what they really show: Ulcers and disease patterns of our civilisation, where people are losing sight of taking care of their inner growth in the rush of everyday life. We have to realize that hard and difficult years of privation are approaching, because we have to do some rethinking in many matters, and many restrictions have to be endured. But if we always keep in mind that we are doing this for the well-being of the planet, the fauna and the flora, and derived from this also for the well-being of our children and children’s children, then everything becomes bearable and endurable. And that is where the circle becomes complete, because let’s remember: Some day we will walk over Mother Earth as our children’s children and be confronted with the fruits of our efforts of today – hopefully in a positive sense!

Christian Frehner, Switzerland


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Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.

To scale, the height of this picture is equivalent to about 180km.
The human population is growing at tremendous speed!

The following are exact figures supplied by JHWH Ptaah of Erra/Plejaren:

7,101,500,011 on the 8th Apr. 2004 (20:04)

7,503,846,002 on the 31th Dec. 2005 (Midnight)

7,684,227,416 on the 11th Dec. 2007 (Midnight)

This is a yearly increase of over 160,000,000 human beings!

And a birth surplus/growth of 5 human beings per second!

The view of many modern thinkers, that technological development and advancement mitigates the growing human overpopulation problem and will continue to do so until an balance is reached, is completely false. For a truly balanced evolution in harmony with fellow human beings and nature, human beings cannot be crammed into large cities, which are also scarce or void of fertile land.

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