Meier Beneath the Great Pyramid…in 1953!

UFO Contactee beats British explorer to Pyramid discovery by more than 50 years


Michael Horn


British explorer Andrew Collins recently created ripples in the world of archeology when he announced that he had found a series of underground tunnels and caves beneath the Giza plateau in Egypt. And while Mr. Collins was able to only proceed a relatively short distance, due to bats, spiders and various hostile conditions, Billy Meier recounted his experiences, in 1953, of going underneath the Great pyramid, far below the surface, and into a city-like compound that had been utilized, for thousands of years, by a renegade extraterrestrial group.


It was this group, the Bafath, that was largely responsible for the existence and perpetuation of the various religions and cults, many of which exit to this day though the Bafath were removed from the earth about 30 years ago. They were also a force behind Hitler, operating through the Thule society, strongly influencing him to become the exceedingly evil, negative leader that he tuned into. It was also said that this group was planning a false “Second Coming” so as to effectively gain worldwide control over all of humanity, long conditioned for enslavement by the religions.


Here you can read Meier's own account of going beneath the Great Pyramid.

And below you can read excerpts from a longer article containing other information from Meier’s Contact Reports on the history connected to the Bafath and their headquarters underneath the Great Pyramid:

Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 1

February 3, 1953

Pages 312 & 313

186. For thousands of years they deceived the Earth human with religious “miracles” and “visions” of every kind, in order to maintain, and to yet further increase, the religious delusion.  

187. Out of these grounds they have also created a mighty station under the Pyramids of Giza, in order to guide, from there, the religious delusional events of the Earth.

188. Self-evidently, they had to bring their great space ship into security, so they constructed the underground hanger where their ship has already been stored for thousands of years.

189. They direct and lead everything from under there that serves the purposes of religion and serves the religious and sectarian enslavement of the Earth human. 


Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 2 38th contact Thursday, November

13th, 1975, 9:36 AM Pages 490 - 492


32. However, also Kamagol the First could not assert his position of power because, after he had created for himself a centre and a headquarters deep under the surface of the pyramids of Giza, he was overthrown and disempowered by his own son, KAMAGOL the Second. (More about Kamagol and the Bafath)



Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 2 70th Contact Thursday, January

6th, 1977, 00:01 AM Pages 406 - 410


153. Deep in the interior of the earth and deep below the pyramids, they established themselves securely, whereby they converted the rooms and constructions deep below the present pyramids of Giza, as a center for their wicked purposes, from where they and their descendants since then tried to realize their tyrannical plans, but as of now without noteworthy success, although their way of obtaining the goal of deceit, lying and intrigues was by wrong teachings and the leading astray of the uncorrupted Earth humans through religious teachings of madness and cults, and many kinds of other evil machinations.