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Michael Horn

You are about to be presented with, and perhaps even confronted by, clear and incontrovertible proof that the UFO photo and film evidence in the Meier case is authentic, unfalsified and irreproducible with the technology known to have been available to Billy Meier at the time that he presented his 35mm photographic, 8mm film and other physical evidence. It is also still irreproducible today, even with the best digital effects.

Whether you are a sophisticated photographic and visual/special effects expert, or simply a layman, the use of common sense alone will be sufficient for you to understand the authenticity, and importance, of the evidence that you will see. And, as already suggested, an honest application of technological expertise will reveal, and result in, the same findings.

The Skeptical Argument

The skeptical argument against Billy Meier's stunningly clear, "too good to be true", UFO photographs, films and video has been that Meier used model UFOs and also model, or miniature, trees to create his evidence. This was the original claim made by CFI-West/IIG, in 2001 when they accepted my challenge to duplicate just one of Meier's UFO photos and one of his films. Naturally, that is a challenge they have never been able to meet.

Their claims that Meier used such models to create what they referred to as "an esily duplicated hoax" were presented by their current lead investigator, Derek Bartholomaus, in his carefully scripted presentation in the Special Features section of our film, The Silent Revolution of Truth (now being released as The Billy Meier Story: UFOs and Prophecies from Outer Space). Subsequent to the release of the film, Mr. Bartholomaus was forced to retract his foundational claims regarding models, since he was completely unable (despite years of preparation) to produce any evidence for them, without so much as one photograph of a comparable model tree to support his assertions.

Further, his attempt to get Academy Award-winning Uncharted Territory to retract their statement regarding the virtual impossiblity that Meier used model UFOs was not only rebuffed, they clearly restated their same evaluation. So frustrated was Mr. Bartholomaus, when other examples of his incompetence and false claimes were revealed, that he then took to falsifying emails from me to try to distract from the implosion of his own demolished credibility.

A Final Attempt

The last individual to try to debunk Meier's photographic evidence, British skeptic Tony Wharton, tried to duplicate the photos and film/video with small models, predictably unimpressive as they are. But at least he tried.

Wharton chose one particular photo, known as the "Sunight UFO", in his final attempt at debunking and duplicating Meier's evidence. You'll notice that the last photo on that page shows a man standing next to a tree, which we say is the same tree in Meier's photo. In Meier's photo the tree is barren-branched, since the photographs were taken as winter was ending, in 1976. I should also point out that the photo is one of 34 in the Hasenböl series, which also includes stunningly clear photos of the UFO in earlier daylight hours, several of which can be seen here. Clicking on the photos, like this one, reveal the intricate detail of this craft.

See for Yourself

So as to present the final proof referred to in the title above, we first present this photo of the Sunlight UFO next to one of the barren-branched trees:



(You may also wish to see James Deardorff's precise, detailed examination and analysis of this photo that establish the proximity of the UFO to the tree.)

Now here is a video clip from the film "Beamship - The Movie Footage" (courtesy of Intercep/Genesis III, copyright 1985) that shows Meier and Jun-Ichi Yaoi, a director and investigator for NTV (Nippon TV) discussing the famous Hasenböl photos. Yaoi and Meier are shown, next to the trees,while visiting the actual, easily identifiable location where Meier took his photo series, years before. Please note that not only are the trees, which are now in full leafy bloom, exactly the same full-sized trees, but the mountains in the background are also seen to be exactly the same ones that appear in the photo:


Once again, please remember that everyone who has attacked the evidence in the case, from Kal Korff to CFI-West, from Derek Barholomaus and his associates at IIG, to James Randi and Michael Shermer, have all steadfastly claimed that Meier used both model UFOs and model trees. It should now be abundantly, irrefutably clear - to even the most hardcore skeptic - that those claims are now shown to be completely false and unsubstantiated. And, by establishing the trees as full-sized, it's clear that the UFO is not only not a model, it must be around 21' in diameter, as Meier has long maintained.


Now that it is clear and obvious that the trees in the Hasenböl photo sequence were indeed full-sized, and that Meier didn't use a model UFO, we'll ice that cake (for those who still need it) with the following excerpt from a film of the Hasenböl UFO that Meier took on the same day that he took the photo series. Once again, this has been hidden in plain sight for a long time. In this clip you will see that the UFO emits two separate beams of coherent light - in broad daylight - something that would have been impossible to hoax. When I showed this film segment to the owners of Uncharted Territory, I told them that Vaughn Rees (the original case investigator for CFI-West/IIG, in 2001) had said that the light was "an effect created by scratching the negative with a pin".

This was soundly rejected by Volker Engel and Marc Weigert as clearly not being the case at all. They stated that they were, of course, quite familiar with that rather primitive technique but that it didn't apply here and they stated that the UFO itself was also not a small model. (Let's remember that both Engel and Weigert are also UFO skeptics!) One would be very hard pressed to find a compelling example of a similarly convincing special effect in a film segment from any space or science fiction movie up to that time - or even up to today. Note that most so-called spaceships/UFOs shown in films appear either at night or in simulated space scenes. Meier's film was taken during the daytime and includes a close-up of the UFO, showing its highly detailed construction.

Wendelle Stevens reported the following, on page 284 of the Preliminary Investigation Report:

“The analysts examining the movie footage from this last event were amazed to find that what at first looked like a flash of reflected sunlight from a part of the rim of the ship and an area of the dome, was in fact a projected beam of bright coherent white light from something. The beam is clearly seen and it is sharply distinct and does not spread out as it leaves the ship.”

Here then is a short clip from Meier's Hasenbol film so that you can clearly see the two white lights alternating flashing from the UFO.




While the overall quality of the clip isn't great, some of the lack of clarity of the UFO is due to it being a large object a good distance from the camera. Efforts by skeptics to duplicate this and other Meier films results in them having very sharp, clear images because they are using small models close to the camera.

As was stated here (where you'll find additional evidence for the authenticity of the Meier case): "Motivation seems missing for an unknown hoaxer in 1976 to have gone to the effort and expense to have remote-control technology be built into a never-discovered model UFO of complicated design, complete with lamps, battery and circuitry, just to flash its lights briefly."


Where Is the "UFO Community"?

The main question that remains is: why the terrible silence about the Meier case from the so-called "UFO community"? Even more to the point, why the deliberate suppression of the Meier case's authenticity and unparalleled importance by these groups, such as the Disclosure Project, PRG, "Exopolitics" and even MUFON? In truth, defeating the skeptics was a simple matter, as the evidence speaks loudly for itself. It only needed to be organized and presented and opportunities creatrops ed for the skeptics demonstrate their prejudice, incompetence and outright failure. But as it turns out the real enemies of revealing the truth are the ones who have created the most vocal - and self-serving - presence, the ones who carry on endlessly about "the extraterrestrail presence", "forcing the government to reveal the truth about UFOs", "alien abductions", etc., etc. - all without an iota of actual evidence, a shred of proof, to back up their nonsensical, delusional claims.

But one must remember that this has become an industry, an easy place for hucksters and opportunists (if not deliberate disinformation specialists) to ply their trade and prey on very willing, gullible people. With no real standards, with no real evidence except for the Meier case, which they avoid because they perceive that it would threaten their livelihoods and fame-seeking to acknowledge it, the noise makers run around exhorting people to "send a million faxes to Washington!" and to listen to delusional, mentally ill individuals who pretend to be contactees for extraterrestrials.

The Truth

The tragedy here is that the most important part of the Meier case, the spiritual teaching, the scientific, environmental and world event related information is delayed in reaching the inhabitants of earth for whom it is intended, to a large degree because of these selfish, petty and very envious individuals who do everything in their power to prevent its dissemination, including passively ignoring it though they know full well that it is there.

But for those who seek, love and value the truth, for those who are unselfish and who care about our world and all of its inhabitants, the truth is here. It is plain to see, it can be confirmed through common sense, as well as scientific examination. The only remaining question is, as always, now that you know the truth, what will you do with it and about it?



October 12, 2009