Looking Closer and Deeper at the WCUFO


Dyson Devine Analyses and Debunks Another Failed Skeptical Attack on the WCUFO Photos




Macintosh HD:Users:michaelhorn:Desktop:image001.jpg



I’ve adjusted the size (but NOT the vertical and/or horizontal proportions) of the two images, above, until both are approximately 100mm across on my monitor. The image of the Plejaren spaceship-part is now approximately 100 x 18mm, but the (inverted) image of the plastic flowerpot dish is now approximately 100 x 27mm. Herr Peiniger's unhelpful, more acute, angle of the dish, in his original photo, makes the two contrivances appear marginally more alike, in their proportions, rather than less alike.


I’ve straightened the beamship image by 2 degrees, and cropped and stitched the two images to bring them closer together, so that the different proportions are more apparent.



Macintosh HD:Users:michaelhorn:Desktop:image002.jpg



Now, (above) I’ve squeezed the same stitched image horizontally by 50% in order to accentuate the very obvious difference in proportions. I have not altered the X and Y proportions at all in this simple analysis and invite the reader to do what I did and observe the two manifestly different proportions of the two manifestly different items.


Also, if you count the vertical rows of “starfish” designs on the front of the dish, (see above) between the two (of 8), forward-facing base-reinforcements, you get about 16. That makes a total of about 64. Although very indistinct in this low resolution reproduction, it seems there may be more separate vertical rows of “starfish” on the beamship, but they're pretty similar, BUT I count 5 "starfish" designs, in each vertical column of designs, on the spaceship and 4 on the flowerpot dish. See for yourself.


Conclusion: Close, but no cigar. This is very very typical of the whole of the Plejaren ET enlightenment methodology. They deliberately fool the vast majority in order to protect their psyches from the potentially devastating (only for them!) truth about the REAL extraterrestrial presence, and supply more than ample substantiating evidence for the tiny minority who look just a LITTLE deeper into things.


It is a valuable lesson in the need for thoroughness and thinking for oneself, as well as providing the required controversy.


Very wise/loving, these Plejaren, and not without a certain appealing sense of humour.


As to the brass shelf supports ...  to me, they look almost like those things on the Plejaren spaceship.



NOTE: The above is another clear, precise and accurate contribution to debunking the WCUFO debunkers. The first issue was the garbage can lid premise, i.e. that the base of the WCUFO was actually a plastic garbage can lid. Overlooked by the skeptics, of course, is the fact that it was Meier/FIGU that first pointed out the similarity of the lid, as shown in this article. And Meier naturally understood that the explanation provided to him by Ptaah would meet with derision. Of course, no skeptic has been able to duplicate the WCUFO using a garbage can lid, or anything else for that matter.


Several years ago, the skeptic, model maker and photogrpaher, Jeff Ritzmann, started to attempt to build a moodel but quickly quit, finding it impossible to make an even remotely accpetable, miniature version of the actually very large craft:


Ritzmann model



That's right, you're looking at the best and only attempt by any skeptic, "expert", etc. to duplicate the actual WCUFO(s) that Meier photographed (day and nighttime shots!) as well as videotaped. This shamefully pathetic effort was indeed the "best" that anyone has been able to do - despite all of their infantile, noisy claims about how "easy" it would be duplicate the WCUFO.


Then the issue of "a part that has fallen off of the WCUFO" was raised, by equally brilliant skeptics who, for reasons that defy explanation and logic, decided that an object seen on the WCUFO was somehow a "broken" piece that had fallen and, of course, such an obvious "mistake" wasn't noticed by Meier, who, after all only took 63 still irreproducible photos of the WCUFO, as well as the stunning WCUFO video. Now, is it really any wonder that humanity is in such a deep and desperate hole (of our own digging) when inept, incompetent know-it-alls fail to see not only the absolute impossibilty of Meier having hoaxed all of his abundant, still irreproducible physical evidence but to even notice the more important, prophetically accurate information that has unerringly warned us of one unpleasant, mainly human caused, disaster after another?


And no matter that we have skeptics who've had to retract their own claims and who have failed the challenges that they accepted. No, humanity as a whole appears to be simply too stupid to "get it", to catch on to the actual help that has been offered by a far more advanced and intellignet race of human bengs who must endure their own pain and frustration, watching us proudly and arrogantly destroying ourselves and our planetary home in our unrelentingly materialistic, suicidal self-destruction.


Truly, human greed and stupidity really take the...cake.