Confirming Meier’s Jupiter Information


Debunking the Incorrect Debunkers…Again



I am revisiting the Jupiter-Io information in the Billy Meier case because someone on astronomer Stuart Robbins' blog recently reffered to the skeptical attack posted at the IIG website in 2004


As the information below will show, point by point, Meier's publication of the Jupiter-Io information - including that Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system (the most important discovery of the Voyager mission) - was verifiably published long before "official discovery" by NASA.


Faced with this ironclad proof, Stuart Robbins still refused to even look at the information himself. Such is the level of prejudice, denial and religious fundamentalism of those who call themselves skeptics. It is clearly unscientific, to say the least.


Please also pay especial attention to points number 2. and 7. below, where the skeptic himself validates Meier's information. I had missed this the first time I saw the skeptical article, years ago. This alone means that the skeptics have actually confirmed Meier's accuracy.



The Real Question


In going over the skeptical attempt, once should ask why Ike42, a dedicated, anonymous skeptic – using the internet and a huge library – couldn’t find the other information that both corroborates and vindicates Meier?


After all, Ike42 himself says:


“My research resources were the internet and the Marriott Library at the University of Utah. I located most of the historical information using these databases:

JSTOR (Science journal)

LexisNexis Academic (major newspapers and magazines)

ProQuest (New York Times Historical archive)

EBSCO (others)”


Going through the Points


Let’s go through the points he raised, one by one. Since there is nothing significant in point 1. to discuss, pro or con, we'll look at…


2. 115th Contact: Miscellaneous Facts


“All of these facts are still believed to be true. All of them were reported in news articles during March 1979…”


Here Ike42 doesn’t dispute that Meier’s right, he simply tries to evade the issue by referring to unknown and unnamed sources, which he admits were dated after Meier was proven to have published the information!


Now don’t go rushing to the conclusion that he’s secretly on “our side”. He’s not. He’s just trying to be dismissive of nine specific scientific facts that Meier published before they were "officially discovered" - effectively validating Meier!


3. 115th Contact: Composition of Ring


“Michael Horn's article claims that the first time scientists reported that Jupiter's ring was made of small particles was August 1995. I found many articles before that. For example, the ring is reported to contain particles in all of these:


Aviation Week, 12 March 1979 [AW1]

New York Times, 1 April 1979 [NYT11]

New York Times, 12 July 1979 [NYT12]

New York Times, 31 July 1979 [NYT13]

Science, 23 November 1979 [Sci3]

This information is still believed to be true.”


… again, why – does he list sources verifiably dated after Meier was proven to have published the information? Stevens already had the information on March 9. The earliest date Ike42 mentions is March 12…the day of the “official announcement”.


We have to remember that Meier's information was first published on October 19, 1978, five months before the earliest date cited by Ike42.


4. 115th Contact: Amalthea


“The moon closest to Jupiter (Amalthea) ‘would only measure approximately 200 km in length, which I defined as a gigantic hen's egg.’"


Typical of the integrity characteristic of pseudo-scientific skeptics, Ike 42 didn’t include Meier’s actual quote (emphasis added), “I believe it was the moon closest to Jupiter, the name of which I do not remember any more.” Meier forgot which moon it was but “approximately 200 km in length” is still acceptable.


5. 115th Contact: Io's Ocean


Regarding Meier stating that Io once had water on its surface, Ike42 states, “Meier's incorrect information again matches incorrect information reported in the media.”


Really? What about this, "Computer models suggest Io formed in a region around Jupiter where water ice was plentiful. Io's heat, combined with the resulting possibility of liquid water, could have made life plausible.

'There must have been quite a lot of water on Io shortly after formation, judging from the amount of water ice on Europa and Ganymede,' said Schulze-Makuch"?

Couldn’t he find the true facts in the library and on the internet in 2004…as easily as he assumed Meier was getting them in 1979 from, well from…whom or what? Of course maybe the true facts weren't available on the internet in 2004. But they are now and they confirm the accuracy of Meier's information.


6. 115th Contact: Eruption Info


It’s almost too foolish to comment on. Meier gave approximate figures for a phenomenon that…wasn’t even known at the time he published them. It turns out that his approximations were certainly close enough.


7. 115th Contact: Io Plasma Torus


“If Jupiter's ring is what Meier meant, then the described composition is wrong. I have found no report that Jupiter's ring contains sulfur ions. The Io plasma torus, on the other hand, is thought to primarily consist of sulfur ions. This was widely reported in 1979 (and is still reported today)…”

I have skipped to the second reference that he included, which couldn’t be clearer but emphasis added anyway:


New York Times, 12 March 1979 [NYT8]

‘The extremely ionized sulfur particles found in the huge ring encircling Jupiter at the orbit of Io’*


So Ike42 absolutely contradicts himself and includes published evidence that…Meier was correct! And – again – it wasn’t published until the day of the “official announcement”.


8. 115th Contact: Source of Jupiter's Ring


Yes, contrary to Ike42’s assertions, Meier was also correct about material in Jupiter’s ring being composed of dust particles from volcanoes on Io, take a look: “It is also likely that volcanic particles from Io contribute to Jupiter's faint ring system.” (Search: for "Jupiter’s moons and rings"; see last sentence). And note that it’s already established that the volcanic particles from Io’s volcanoes indeed contain sulfur.


And there's even more information about it here:


“Although dust always is entering the solar system, it also is escaping, said Colwell. Research by CU's Horanyi in 1993 using Ulysses spacecraft data indicated that some of the microscopic dust particles originating from volcanoes on Jupiter's moon, Io, were traveling in streams at more than 100 miles per second. This allowed them not only to escape Jupiter's magnetic grip but to escape from the solar system as well, said Colwell.”


And notice the information here about the discovery in April of 1979, which also would have been impossible for Meier to have access to.


Glaring Omission


Ike42 seems to have omitted one hugely important fact, i,e, that Meier specifically stated - on October 19, 1978 - that Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system. This was not only confirmed by NASA five months later - on March 12, 1979 - but was announced as the MOST important discovery of the entire Voyager mission.




There is absolutely nothing credible or accurate about Ike42’s so-called “research”...except that he actually corroborates and validates Meier's information and just fails to notice it.


So is there any other conclusion that can logically be drawn other than that Meier got there first, with the help of the Plejaren?





Michael Horn

September 26, 2011